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Mincing His Words As Always :) The Last Words Of Edmund Ruffin

"I here declare my unmitigated hatred to Yankee rule--to all political, social and business connection with the Yankees and to the Yankee race. Would that I could impress these sentiments, in their full force, on every living Southerner and bequeath them to every one yet to be born! May such sentiments be held universally in the outraged and down-trodden South, though in silence and stillness, until the now far-distant day shall arrive for just retribution for Yankee usurpation, oppression and atrocious outrages, and for deliverance and vengeance for the now ruined, subjugated and enslaved Southern States!

And now with my latest writing and utterance, and with what will be near my latest breath, I here repeat and would willingly proclaim my unmitigated hatred to Yankee rule--to all political, social and business connections with Yankees, and the perfidious, malignant and vile Yankee race."

Woman Shocked when a Man called her an “Infidel”

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Priceless, whether true or not. :) 


America’s ‘Fight For 15’ fast food worker protesters are unskilled at everything except playing victims… here’s how they can bully their way to $100 / hour while burning down their own communities

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 Fight for 15
Crybully Economics 101: The way to get paid to fix something is to first destroy it (or threaten to). The more credible the threat, the more you get paid.
We now have an economy where instead of young people going to college and learning skills that earn them decent money, they attend politically correct universities that teach crybully tactics to churn out "social justice warriors" who rely on "mob-onomics" to try to extort money out of local employers.

Welcome to the "Fight for 15" crybully protests which are largely focused on fast food workers who demand $15 / hour wages for the simple reason that they need 'mo money! What's the strategy for achieving such wages... do they boost their skills and value, then professionally negotiate with employers? Nope. They shout down their opponents and battle with police, believing that they alone have a unique generational right to bully their way to "economic justice" by demanding money be transferred out of the paper thin margins of small business owners and into their own pockets (so they can buy more pot, of course, 'cuz it's legal and everything).

Christian Student Expelled from College for Quoting the Bible on Facebook

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Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 11.28.48 PM

I kid you not.

I know that some of you likely read the title to this post and thought, “Ugh. Clickbait.” Sadly, the title is the opposite of clickbait, it is a completely accurate explanation of something that recently occurred to a student studying for their Master’s Degree at England’s Sheffield University.

In September of 2015, Mr. Felix Ngole was in the midst of his studies as a second-year masters student when he posted a message on his Facebook page offering support of the unjustly imprisoned American, Kim Davis. Ngole shared a post that said, “I stand with Kim Davis,” then commented on the Bible verse shared within the post. The verse came from the book of Leviticus and it calls homosexuality an “abomination.”

Then in November, the University told Ngole that he would need to attend a mandatory meeting with the school to discuss his Facebook post. At that meeting he was referred to a school committee which would rule on his “fitness” to continue in his coursework. That committee decided that Ngole was unfit because his actions had “transgressed boundaries which are not deemed appropriate for someone entering the social work profession.” Their decision meant his immediate expulsion from the school. After facing pushback for their decision, the committee said that it wasn’t based on Ngole’s beliefs, but on his decision to post them publicly.

More @ Eagle Rising

Louisiana delegates lash out at media: We're not with Cruz

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Unbound delegates in Louisiana are fuming over media reports that they have decided to back Ted Cruz over Donald Trump in the presidential GOP primary, calling them untrue.

Trump edged out Cruz in the Louisiana primary that was held March 5, though the margin was close enough that each candidate ended up taking 18 delegates.

But earlier this month, The Wall Street Journal and other media outlets reported that the five state party leaders who will attend the Republican convention, and the five delegates who were formerly pledged to Marco Rubio, were planning to throw their support to Cruz.

That would give Cruz a resounding delegates victory in the state despite losing to Trump by 4 points.
Trump promptly declared that he’d sue the state party and seek to have the delegates disqualified over what he described as a rigged process designed to block him from the nomination.

More @ The Hill

The Sovereign States

 va flag

This essay is the introduction to Mr. Kilpatrick’s The Sovereign States (Regnery, 1957).

AMONG the more melancholy aspects of the genteel world we live in is a slow decline in the enjoyment that men once found in the combat of ideas, free and unrestrained. Competition of any sort, indeed, seems to be regarded these days, in our schools and elsewhere, as somehow not in very good taste. Under the curious doctrines of the Fair Trade Act, vigorous salesmanship is “unfair,” and retailers are enjoined against discommoding their fellows. Mr. Stevenson’s criticism of the administration’s foreign policy, during the last presidential campaign, was not that the policies were so very wrong: They were not “bi-partisan.” With a few robust exceptions, our writers paint in pastels; our political scholars write a sort of ruffled-sleeve, harpsichord prose. We duel with soft pillows, or with buttoned foils; our ideas have lace on them; we are importuned to steer, with moderation, down the middle of the road.

These chamber music proprieties I acknowledge, simply to say, now, that the essay which follows should not be misunderstood. May it please the court, this is not a work of history; it is a work of advocacy. The intention is not primarily to inform, but to exhort. The aim is not to be objective; it is to be partisan.

I plead the cause of States’ rights.

Appalachian Messenger April 15, 2016

This week’s edition of the Appalachian Messenger has articles by:

Robert Gore
Panama Is Small Change

Sam Culper
Essential Elements of Community Security

Apollon Zamp
Modernity Has Not Been Kind to the Celt (Part 1)

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Alleged Brussels Terrorist Was Star Of Documentary About Successful Integration Of Immigrants

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Brussels Terrorist

The Syrian-origin Swedish passport holder arrested in Belgium last week for his involvement in the Brussels bomb attacks is a former poster boy for Sweden’s efforts at integrating migrants into their society.

Now accused of murder, and captured on CCTV cameras carrying bags which contained the explosive devices which killed 32 civilians, Islamist Osama Krayem had once been hailed as a model of integration. A former employee of the city of Malmo, at the age of 11 Osama starred in a documentary about migrants in Sweden.

More @ Breitbart

Zuckerberg Lectures Trump About Walls – Then Returns Home to Walled Off Compound

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zuckerberg home wall

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg lashed out at Donald Trump last week at the annual developers conference over his proposed border wall paid by Mexico.

Zuckerberg he heard “fearful voices calling for building walls” and halting immigration.

More with video @ The Gateway Pundit

“Whiteness” Month Features Child Indoctrination Training & Goal of Eliminating White People

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During a presentation entitled “Parents: The First Educators”, Portland Community College’s “whiteness history month” delves into the task of indoctrinating children at young ages.

First off, they finally actually define “whiteness”: “This is the definition of whiteness that didn’t really start until the early 90s, actually using the term ‘whiteness’ and white power. 

It’s an academic term used to describe the social and political construct of white identity and relates to race and cultural norms. It examines the systems of normalcy related to these privileges and advantages. So there are privileges and advantages to being white in this society. So this is a term, and this is the term that we use to investigate white power privilege here at PCC this month

More with videos @ Progressives Today



As “whiteness history month” progresses at Portland Community College, the question that has been posed over and over is “how do we dismantle whiteness?”

Well, during one of the sessions on Tuesday, April 12th, the speaker accidentally let it slip that getting rid of white people is the answer.

A participant began talking about her mom: “My mom is white, and she has three mixed race children, and uhmm, i was just thinking, like, just by having mixed race children, and like, having been married to a black man, in a lot of ways, she, like, gave up some of the white privilege.” To which the speaker answered “Right… And that kind of connects to my question, how can we dismantle white privilege

More with videos @ Progressives Today

The Invasion Of France

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Insurers warn losses from ObamaCare are unsustainable

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Health insurance companies are amplifying their warnings about the financial sustainability of the ObamaCare marketplaces as they seek approval for premium increases next year.

Insurers say they are losing money on their ObamaCare plans at a rapid rate, and some have begun to talk about dropping out of the marketplaces altogether.

“Something has to give,” said Larry Levitt, an expert on the health law at the Kaiser Family Foundation. “Either insurers will drop out or insurers will raise premiums.”

More @ The Hill

27,000 Pro-Communist New Yorkers Attend Bernie Sanders Rally Looking For More Free Stuff

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Bernie Sanders campaign message has resonated with millions of young activists, especially those who came of age during the Occupy movement.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Like a shark who smells blood in the water, far left Liberals after 8 years of Obama have gotten a snootful of ‘free stuff’, and they want more of it. A lot more. 

America’s young Democrats want full-on-Communism and nothing else will satisfy them. Hillary better get busy stealing more delegates because Bernie is absolutely gaining on her.

“Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!” came the chanting. When Brooklyn’s native son walked through the arch at Washington Square Park he was greeted by one of the largest crowds of his presidential campaign. Bernie Sanders, the 74-year-old socialist commie Democrat from Vermont, whose rabble-rousing campaign has unexpectedly complicated Hillary Clinton’s path to the party’s nomination, strode to the podium and looked out.

More with video @ Now The End Begins

VA Manager Says ‘Thank God’ They Don’t Have To Hire Veterans

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A Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hiring manager said in a sworn deposition “thank God” they don’t give veterans hiring preference for well-paying jobs.

The statement came when a VA dentistry chief was asked if being a veteran helps someone get a dentist job in the agency. His response was “not really. And thank God,” The Daily Caller News Foundation recently discovered in a court filing.

Being a scout master in the Boy Scouts would do more to help someone get a top job at the VA than serving in the armed forced, Dr. Gonzalo Solis Sanchez of the VA Caribbean Medical Center said.

He was speaking in a July 2014 deposition in an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint brought by a dentist who is a veteran.

The exchange about hiring practice follows:

Clinton Lied: Released Hillary phone transcript reveals Benghazi truth: ‘Attack had nothing to do with the film’

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Documents that the State Department released Thursday prove that Hillary Clinton was fully aware that the Benghazi attack was preplanned as early as the day after the compound was overrun by terrorists.

The conservative political watchdog group Judicial Watch obtained a transcript of telephone call between the then-secretary of state and then-Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Kandil.

“We know the attack in Libya had nothing to do with the film,” Clinton told Kandil. “It was a planned attack – not a protest.”

NFL Coach on Shooting Death of Former Player: ‘I Hate Guns’

 Saints couch Sean Payton. (Photo:

 Isn't there a rock somewhere you can slither under......?

New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton made no bones about his hatred of guns following the shooting death of his former player, Will Smith, who was killed following a suspected road-rage incident Saturday evening in the city’s Lower Garden District.

“I hate guns,” he told USA Today Sports in a phone interview. “I find myself leaning to the right on some issues. But on this issue, I can’t wrap my brain around it.”

Payton, who won the Super Bowl in 2010, seemed to not care if his comments on one’s Constitutional right to keep and bear arms offends football fans or Louisiana gun owners.

“So be it,” he said, when asked if those comments might make him unpopular amongst Bayou State residents.

“I’ve heard people argue that everybody needs a gun,” he said. “That’s madness. I know there are many kids who grow up in a” hunting environment. I get that. But there are places, like England, where even the cops don’t have guns.”

More @ Guns America

A Killer: “The Real ‘Gunsplainers’” NRA NRA

Tommy Robinson: Case Dismissed!



Congratulations and thanks y'all! 

Tommy Robinson appeared at Peterborough Magistrate’s Court this morning for his trial in the assault battery case against him. Seneca III was present in the gallery, and sent a series of brief emails on what happened, all of which arrived before I turned on my computer this morning.
Here’s the sequence of events in brief (times BST):

Those who hold Lenin, Trotsky, and Ho Chi Minh in anything other than contempt are dupes



Communism did kill, Courtois and his fellow historians demonstrate, with ruthless efficiency: 25 million in Russia during the Bolshevik and Stalinist eras, perhaps 65 million in China under the eyes of Mao Zedong, 2 million in Cambodia, millions more Africa, Eastern Europe, and Latin America–an astonishingly high toll of victims. This freely expressed penchant for homicide, Courtois maintains, was no accident, but an integral trait of a philosophy, and a practical politics, that promised to erase class distinctions by erasing classes and the living humans that populated them.

Courtois and his contributors document Communism’s crimes in numbing detail, moving from country to country, revolution to revolution. The figures they offer will likely provoke argument, if not among cliometricians then among the ideologically inclined. So, too, will Courtois’s suggestion that those who hold Lenin, Trotsky, and Ho Chi Minh in anything other than contempt are dupes, witting or not, of a murderous school of thought–one that, while in retreat around the world, still has many adherents. A thought-provoking work of history and social criticism, The Black Book of Communism fully merits the broadest possible readership and discussion.

It Used To Be Called Patriotism

Via III Percent Patriots

This week, SU-24 fighter-bombers buzzed a U.S. destroyer in the Baltic Sea. The Russian planes carried no missiles or bombs.

Message: What are you Americans doing here?

In the South China Sea, U.S. planes overfly, and U.S. warships sail inside, the territorial limits of islets claimed by Beijing.

In South Korea, U.S. forces conduct annual military exercises as warnings to a North Korea that is testing nuclear warheads and long-range missiles that can reach the United States.

U.S. warships based in Bahrain confront Iranian subs and missile boats in the Gulf. In January, a U.S. Navy skiff ran aground on an Iranian island. Iran let the 10 U.S. sailors go within 24 hours.

But bellicose demands for U.S. retaliation had already begun.

Yet, in each of these regions, it is not U.S. vital interests that are threatened, but the interests of allies who will not man up to their own defense duties, preferring to lay them off on Uncle Sam.

Most Interesting: Here is the Scoop on sudden Fox/Megyn peace with Trump.

Via Mike "Here is the reason not seen.It is spelled KOCH and pronounced as in coke.

1. Megyn Kelly and Trump met for an hour in trump's NY office today and apparently made peace. This was probably suggested by Fox.

2. Trump is surging in NY, PA,, MD, CN and WV polls, while Cruz is doing poorly and running behind Kasich in several. National Fox GOP poll shows Trump up again to 45, with Cruz dropping 11 points, perhaps related to Colorado Convention uproar, although it was not his fault Colorado had a Convention. His remarks on "NY values" are also coming home to roost. He is now 18 points behind Trump at 27. Kasich is picking up most of his lost and is only 2 points behind at 25.

3. Polls also show Bernie is showing Clinton weaknesses and driving up her negatives.

Bernie, however, is locked out of nomination by super delegates and that is going to hurt Clinton in general election.

4. KOCH bros. decide to split from Stop Trump to favorable to Trump and will probably be using their big PAC money against Clinton and for Trump. A lot of the Stop Trump is apparently following KOCH lead.

5. Establishment thinking beginning to rule out suicidal stop Trump even if he is near 1237 Convention votes.

6.KOCH bros. are libertarian on immigration and much more big business enterprise than small business oriented. they have just decided that Trump is probably going to win the GOP nomination and trying to stop him would now be a trainwreck.

7. Bottom line 24/7 anti-Trump stops at Fox and probably moderates at some others.

Koch objective is to STOP Clinton."



It’s impossible to explain to a Yankee what “tacky” is.  They simply have no word for it up north, but my God, do they ever need one.      

–Pat Conroy


The Citadel considers first-ever uniform exception: allowing a Muslim hijab

Via Billy "The last bastion of the South`s noble & honorable military schools falls (may) to political correctness."

The Citadel is considering a request from an admitted student that she be allowed to wear a hijab in keeping with her Muslim faith, a move that would be an unprecedented exception to the school’s longstanding uniform requirements.

If the request for the traditional Muslim hair covering is granted, it apparently would be the first exception made to the Citadel’s uniform, which all cadets at the storied public military college in South Carolina are required to wear at nearly all times. (At beaches, for example, college rules stipulate that, “Cadets will change into appropriate swimwear upon arrival and change back into uniform when departing.”) A spokeswoman said that to her knowledge, in its nearly 175-year history, the school has never granted a religious, or other, accommodation that resulted in a change to the uniform.

As word spread on social media, students, alumni and others responded strongly to the idea of an exception being made at an institution where uniformity, discipline and adherence to rules are defining values, where loyalty to the corps is paramount and individual preferences are trivial.