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Is This Appropriate Sex Ed for 5 Year Olds? & Rand Paul At His Best!

"The UK is completely insane.

The Daily Mail reports:

Explicit cartoons, films and books have been cleared for use to teach sex education to schoolchildren as young as five.

A disturbing dossier exposes a wide range of graphic resources recommended for primary school lessons.

The shocking material – promoted by local councils and even the BBC – teaches youngsters about adult language and sexual intercourse.

Here's one piece that's been cleared for the little ones."
From the same site.

Rand Paul Takes on "Pro-Choice" Busybodies

Top 10 Weird Houses

Arms List


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"The US is the world’s most indebted nation and is trying to bail itself out by printing money, thus monetizing the debt. The world knows it and many are concerned because of their large holdings of US securities. The printing of money would force up interest rates (long bond rates are already rising), thus putting more strain on the US and global economies. A debt downgrade of US debt could follow, and the looming debt battle in Congress could see a US debt default in the worst case. Any or all of these events could lead to chaotic conditions in the US and a break down in the social, political and economic order."
-- David Chapman

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Distortions of the truth

In view of how they have categorised these four "white" sexual predators, it would be interesting to see Florida's wider ethnic crime statistics.

"And let the South rise again!"

David Yeagley

A Quick Commentary on Current Events

"I recently finished composing a kind of magnum opus, a monster sonata for piano solo. It is in the printing process, and I will soon list it on, my less than professional music site. I am also working furiously on my law suit, with, I would say, inadequate funding. It is also springtime, and there will be plenty of yard and house work to do.

In other words, I’m a bit behind on the blogging bit. So, I thought I’d simply make some quick comments on the major stories."

Will Congress Lay the Groundwork for Gun Confiscation?

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GOA Alert

Within the next 90 days, Congress will vote on whether to reauthorize legislation to specifically allow the government potential access to millions of gun records (4473’s).

Section 215 of the PATRIOT Act, which must be reauthorized soon, is of particular concern.

This section allows the FBI to seize business records -- including the 4473 forms that gun buyers fill out. The only significant caveat is that the FBI must claim that the seizure of records is needed pursuant to “an authorized investigation.”

But since a secret court is required to rubber-stamp the government’s request (unless it fails to make even a specious case), the FBI can easily abuse its authority. The Inspector General found that, between 2003 and 2006, the FBI may have violated the law over 6,000 times with respect to their authority under various provisions of the PATRIOT Act.

So just imagine that it’s your gun records that have been seized. Under such circumstances, the gun dealer is specifically prohibited, under penalty of law, from telling you that the FBI has confiscated the records of your firearms purchases. Under the PATRIOT Act, any limitations on the use of the seized records shall be at the sole discretion of the Department of Justice.

Talk about the fox guarding the hen house!

It is imperative that Congress protect gun owners from rogue government agents who would abuse their authority to register gun owners.

We’ve already seen the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives attempt to register gun owners recently when they tried to require certain gun dealers to report anyone who, within a five day period, tried to purchase two or more semi-automatic rifles (that are .22 caliber or greater and can accept a detachable magazine).

Historically, gun registration has been a prelude to gun confiscation, as documented by the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership almost 20 years ago. They showed how several foreign governments in the Twentieth Century had used gun control -- and quite often gun registration -- to confiscate firearms. In each case, such confiscation was a prelude to genocide.

ACTION: Contact your two senators and insist that any language to reauthorize Section 215 also contain language to protect 4473’s from the Obama administration’s scrutiny. You can use the Gun Owners Legislative Action Center at to send your legislators the pre-written e-mail message below.

New video: NPR was going to accept Muslim Education Action Center donation and hide it from the government

New video released Thursday afternoon indicates National Public Radio intended to accept a $5 million donation from fictitious Muslim Brotherhood front group Muslim Education Action Center (MEAC) Trust – and that the publicly funded radio network might have helped MEAC make the donation anonymously to protect it from a federal government audit.

When a man posing as Ibrahim Kasaam asked, “It sounded like you were saying NPR would be able to shield us from a government audit, is that correct?” NPR’s senior director of institutional giving, Betsy Liley, responded, “I think that is the case, especially if you are anonymous. I can inquire about that.” According to conservative James O’Keefe, whose Project Veritas organization conducted the NPR sting organization, the man posing as Kasaam made two follow-up phone calls to Liley after their lunch.

CBS's Sharyl Attkisson (Gunwalker) On Laura Ingraham's Radio Show

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James Micajah Mayo

Colonel Nathan Mayo Sr. was my 3x grandfather and Talitha Mayo Pippen was his granddaughter. There is also a picture of her and her daughter, Talitha Malvina Lucretia Pippen, in the The Seven Blackbirds video to the right. Additionally I have a picture of her husband, as well as side by side pictures of Colonel Mayo and Joseph John Pippen who was Talitha's wife.

James Micajah Mayo’ father was Thomas Mayo, his grandfather Micajah Mayo and his great grandfather Nathan Mayo Sr. Nathan Mayo Sr. was a Colonel in the Martin County NC Militia during the Revolutionary War, an early settler, landholder, and statesman from Edgecombe County NC. Micajah Mayo was a Captain during the War of 1812 for the Martin County NC Militia.

His mother Mary Williams Bryan was a descendant of Lord Hugh Bryan, another early settler and landholder of Edgecombe County NC.

He was raised on the Mayo farm, later known as the “Land” and eventually was called “Cutchin Farm” which was about three miles east of Whitakers, NC on State Route 33.

James Micajah studied law at the University of Virginia in 1859 and 1860. In October of 1861, following the outbreak of the Civil War, he was appointed to the rank of Captain in the Confederate States Army and organized the North Carolina 2nd Artillery Regiment, Company F (AKA North Carolina 36th regiment, Company F), nicknamed “The Pamlico Artillery”.

On March 14, 1862, at the Battle of New Bern, NC, his company defended Fort Ellis on the Neuse River about for miles south of New Bern.

(Today the Brinson Memorial School sits on the site of the former fort). The fort contained eight guns. When the union troops broke through the confederate defenses south of Fort Ellis, Mayo was ordered to destroy his guns and the ammunition magazine which contained over 3000 pounds of powder and 500 loaded shells, so that they would not fall into the hands of the enemy. He sent his men out of danger, placed the powder “trail” to the explosives and lit it himself. It was reported the the explosion was the largest and loudest of the entire battle.

Unfortunately, Captain Mayo was not far enough away from the magazine when it ignited and he was severally injured. It was estimated that he was thrown as far as one hundred feet by the blast. Both of his legs were broken, his flesh and eyes badly burned and he was reported as “killed” by some observers. That night he was found by Major W. B. Lowell of the Connecticut 11th who had him moved through Union lines to a hospital where he was treated by Dr. Whitcomb. As a captured Southerner under the doctors care , he slowly recovered and eventually regained his eyesight. Major Lowell visited him frequently, wrote letters to his mother, read and played the violin for him. After five months he was well enough to travel. General Burnside arranged for a special escort to return Captain James M. Mayo back to his home in Edgecombe County.

He re-enlisted in September of 1862 in the North Carolina 4th Calvary (North Carolina 59th Regiment) as a Field Officer, appointed to the rank of Major October 7, 1862. His unit first saw service in North Carolina and Sothern Virginia. In May of 1863, his unit was placed under the command of Brigadier General Beverly Robertson.

At the Battle of Upperville Virginia on June 21, 1863, leading a charge against Union Forces which ended in hand-to-hand combat, he was captured a second time. He was sent to Old Capital Prison in Washington DC and on August 8, 1853, transferred to Johnson Island Military Prison, Lake Erie, Sandusky, Ohio where he remained until February 24, 1865, and was then transferred to City Point, Virginia for exchange. On March 3, 1865 he was admitted to a hospital in Richmond, Virginia.

While a Prisoner of War at Johnson Island he ket a detailed diary of the day-to-day event of prison life. The first of two volumes, covering the period from August 7, 1863 through March 10, 1864, is in the Library of Congress, Manuscript Division, and is stated to be one of the best accounts of prison life written by either Yankee or Rebel. A second volume, covering the period from March 1864 to his release in February 1865, has been lost.

An interesting event while a POW was the recommendation mad in November 1864, by Colonel Ferbee, Commanding Officer of the North Carolina 4th Calvary Regiment, to the Army General Staff that Major Mayo be promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. The curt reply to the request states simply “No vacancy exist”.

Following the war, he returned to Edgecombe County where he practiced law serving as administrator, executor, guardian, ect., of numerous wills and estates.
On October 8, 1868, he married Florence Lyon, a resident of Edgecombe County and twelve years his junior. The union bore eight children, five of whom were still living in the 1960’s. One, Nathan Mayo, at the time of his death in 1960, had the distinction of being the longest serving elected official (Commissioner of Agriculture, State of Florida) in the United States. (37 years).
About 1886 he moved his family to Ocala, Florida. He became what today would be called a “Land Speculator” and an officer of a budding railroad line promoting its services. One story is that when a panhandle county was looking for a new site as its county seat, it was suggested that if Mayo would run a railroad line to a certain location within the county, the developer would name the place “Mayo.” True or not, the county seat of Lafayette County Florida, is named Mayo. In front of the courthouse is a Florida Department of State Heritage Site Marker commemorating naming the town for the Confederate Soldier.

In Florence, SC, on the morning of June 12, 1897, while crossing a railroad track, he was struck by a train and died of his injuries about three hours later. Newspapers in Florence and Columbia, SC, Tarboro and Raleigh, NC, and Ocala, Florida, carried the news of his death. He was buried in a small family cemetery on the old Mayo Farm, east of Whitaker, NC. No grave marker was erected at the time of his burial.
James Micajah Mayo

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“Quantitative Easing” Request

Dear Friend,

In this Congress, I serve as Vice Chairman of the Domestic Monetary Policy Subcommittee in the House of Representatives. Our oversight responsibilities include reviewing the activities of the Federal Reserve System.

Next Thursday, March 17th, the Domestic Monetary Policy Subcommittee will hold a hearing at 10AM on the topic of Monetary Policy and Rising Prices. The three witnesses currently scheduled to testify are:

Prof. Joe Salerno, Pace University -
Jim Grant, Grant’s Interest Rate Observer -
Lewis Lehrman, investment banker and former member of President Reagan’s Gold Commission -

As you know, the Federal Reserve has been printing massive amounts of money as part of a policy they call “Quantitative Easing”. By June, the Fed will have printed roughly $2 trillion over the last two years. The Fed’s money printing is driving up prices for gas, groceries and bills of all kinds for businesses and working families. I strongly disagree with the Fed’s policy; printing money to drive up prices is hurting consumers, and it’s no way to create jobs.

This is why I want to hear from you. I would love it if you would provide me with examples of what you see happening with your bills in the real world, so that I can share them with the committee. Also, if you have ideas for specific questions you would like me to pose to the witnesses, I would love those as well.

Prior to the last Subcommittee hearing over a thousand people wrote me with questions, and I was able to use many of them over the course of the hearing. While time did not allow me to use all of the questions, or to relay all of the personal stories that people shared, my staff and I read every single one and their sentiments were shared with committee staff and officials.
If you have a moment, please email me through my website with your thoughts and questions for the witnesses at next week’s hearing. Please do not reply to this email, as my website is the best way for me to receive email from Eastern North Carolinians. Thanks in advance for your help. I look forward to hearing from you.



Walter B. Jones
Member of Congress (NC-03)

"SI Swimsuit Model Julie Henderson Kisses An FN SCAR"

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"Mission No. 77": U.S.- Funded False Flag Terrorism in Egypt

An hour before the bomb went off, government security personnel assigned to guard the church quietly withdrew, despite official assurances that the force would be on hand until the end of the worship service. No explanation was given for this oddly timed dereliction of duty. After the bombing, a group of Muslim radicals quickly materialized to taunt the terrified and infuriated Christian victims with chants of "Allah akbar."

"Leftists Flood Twitter With Death Threats Against WI Gov. Scott Walker After Union Vote"

See more HERE.

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"Attorney General Eric Holder Tap Dances Around Gunwalker Scandal"

Bloody hands, my boy.

Photo via TL In Exile

Video via The Truth About Guns

DOJ: 80% Of All Terror Convictions Involved Islam

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"More than 80 percent of all convictions tied to international terrorist groups and homegrown terrorism since 9/11 involve defendants driven by a radical Islamist agenda, a review of Department of Justice statistics shows.

Though Muslims represent about 1 percent of the American population, they constitute defendants in 186 of the 228 cases DOJ lists."

Jihad by Deception and Infiltration

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"I probably have enough on this subject for several more articles, and some of it is absolutely frightening.

There is in Hendersonville, a Muslim couple, restaurant owners from Jordan, giving presentations on Islam primarily to liberal CHURCHES. Their presentation is constructed almost verbatim along CAIR talking points--Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance, all these criticisms are untrue and islamophobic racism, etc., etc.

At a recent talk here by former FBI Agent and Marine officer John Guandolo, someone asked how so many people were taken in by the propaganda that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. He gave an answer that I was just thinking as he spoke.

It went something like this: The advocates of multiculturalsim, relativism, secularism, postmodernism, and mindless diversitism have done a good job on Americans for several generations, primarily using the subversion techniques of Cold War totalitarian Communism. They are also well established in government, media, and educational institutions. He further pointed out that what made people so vulnerable to these harmful philosophies is that millions of nominal or biblically uninformed Chrstians do not know or are only vaguely familiar with the founding doctrines of their own churches. Not really knowing Christianity and influenced by postmodern ideas about truth, they cannot distinguish between truth and many forms of spiritual and philosophical error.

I was amazed by his perception, with which I agree"



The Muslim Brotherhood in America

Mike Scruggs

In 1979, Abdurahman Alamoudi immigrated to the United States from Eritrea, a small nation on the Red Sea, just north of Ethiopia. Eleven years later, he founded the American Muslim Council (AMC) with the help of the Muslim Brotherhood. He became a U.S. citizen in 1996. His involvement with nearly two-dozen other Muslim organizations in the U.S and Saudi financial resources soon thrust him into prominence as an influential spokesman for Muslim-Americans.

This was his entry into the Clinton administration. In 1995, he helped President Clinton and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) develop federal guidelines for “Religious Expression in Public Schools.” During 1995 and 1996. Alamoudi and 23 other Muslim leaders met with President Clinton and Vice President Gore on several occasions. Later, Hillary Clinton asked the AMC to help her create a guest list for a Ramadan dinner at the White House.

This led to Alamoudi taking the lead role in establishing a Muslim Chaplain Program for the Department of Defense. Subsequently, he became the final certifying authority for Muslim chaplains serving in the U.S. Armed Services. He retained this influential position until 1998. One of his appointed Chaplains, James Yee, was arrested in 2003 for supporting the jihadists imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Alamoudi's influence did not stop with the Clinton administration. In 1998, he provided $20,000 to help Republican Grover Norquist, the founder of Americans for Tax Reform,

establish the Islamic Free Market Institute (better known as the Islamic Institute or II). Norquist served as Chairman of the Board, while Alamoudi's chief deputy, Khaled Suffuri was made its Executive Director. The Islamic Institute thereafter quickly became a Muslim Brotherhood front organization. Despite Norquist's early reputation as a conservative, he has since distinguished himself as an advocate of amnesty for 12 million illegal immigrants.

As a further result of Alamoudi's connections to Muslim-Americans and his connections with the Islamic Free Market Institute, he and several other Muslim Brotherhood operatives were invited to meet with then Texas Governor George W. Bush in the governor's mansion. Suffuri was designated as Bush's Coordinator for Muslim outreach for the Bush presidential campaign of 2000.

Following the election, Suhail Khan, a member of the Islamic Institute's board of directors with many Muslim Brotherhood connections, was made the gatekeeper for the Muslim community and the White House Office of Public Liaison. This put the Muslim Brotherhood in a position of considerable influence in shaping the Bush administration's

understanding of the nature of Islam and U.S. defense and foreign policy following the

9/11 attacks on New York and the Pentagon in Washington.

In October 2000, however Alamoudi was filmed at an anti-Israel rally where his support for the terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah was recorded. . In 2003, Alamoudi was arrested at the Heathrow Airport near London, carrying $340,000 given to him by Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi for the assassination of King Faud of Saudi Arabia and Jihad against the United States. Further investigation after his extradition to the United States revealed that he was a senior financier of al-Qaeda. He is now serving a 23-year prison sentence.

Following Alamoudi's sentencing, responsibility for the Muslim Chaplain selection and training was transferred to the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)--the largest Muslim Brotherhood front in the United States. Khaled Saffuri was also active in Muslim-support operations is Bosnia and was a partner in Jack Abermoff's' firm that lobbied for Islamic banks. Although he claims innocence, Norquist's reputation was also damaged by the scandal. Abvermoff is now serving a prison sentence on criminal felony charges. Suhail Khan is presently the Senior Fellow for Muslim-Christian understanding at the Institute for Global Engagement. Although he has been a prominent member of the American Conservative Union, he and Norquist were recently accused by conservative activist Pamella Geller of close associations with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Suhail Khan, Grover Norquist, and his Kuwaiti born wife, Samah Norquist, were prominent advocates of building a mosque near 9/11 ground zero. In the Islamic Law doctrine of “Sacred Space” this would have been a symbol of Muslim dominance.

The Muslim Brotherhood is the most powerful Muslim political organization in the world. Its motto is “Allah is our objective; the Prophet is our leader; the Koran is our law; Jihad is our way; dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.” Their modern operating philosophy is often called “civilizational Jihad or stealth Jihad. They typically work by deception and subversion until they are strong enough to take power and enforce their dominance by the sword. Hamas and Islamic Jihad are two of their terrorist branches. They have also had considerable influence over al-Qaeda. Oil money, especially from Saudi Arabia, is one of their most powerful resources for propaganda, bribery, and corrupting political, civil, business, and church leaders.

The words of many American political and academic leaders indicate that their understanding of Islam is extremely flawed and heavily influenced by the deceptive practices of the Muslim Brotherhood's stealth Jihad. Anyone who calls Islam a religion of peace and tolerance has been terribly misled. Scores of Muslim Brotherhood front organizations, such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), are involved in promulgating this subversive propaganda campaign and providing financial support to Hamas.

The influence of the Muslim Brotherhood on the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations is embarrassing, but the Obama administration's deliberate blindness to the connection between the Islamic doctrine of Jihad and terrorism bodes ill for American security. As to stealth Jihad, the Obama administration's dedication to mindless multiculturalism leaves us defenseless.

Teaching of Composition Now a Dumbed-Down Enterprise

Socialist Evolution

“Over the course of the last 30 to 40 years, composition teaching has been taken over by a kind of cadre of theorists who keep coming up with new, different sorts of social science-based ideas of how students learn. They have banished literature from the writing classroom. So instead of teaching composition being a practice that older, more experienced writers share with young novices in the field, it’s become almost a sort of pseudo-scientific discipline in which they’re manipulated into learning how to do things according to the scheme that the theorists have developed.

The way we’re teaching freshmen composition, we are basically steeping the students in the world they’re already in, the student world of texting and twittering and pop culture and that kind of thing, so they’re trapped in it. They never get out of it. It’s as if they are being kept in an extended childhood, insofar as the content of their texting and their Facebook pages and so on.

If all you’ve ever read are popular accounts of emerging issues - and it doesn’t matter if it’s someone on the left or right – if all you know is what people are saying right now with a specific political agenda, you don’t know the sources of Western civilization, Western politics, morals, religion, that these current commentators and politicians are trying to reinforce, change, make an impact of some kind on. So [the student] can’t really bring a learned judgment to it. If you haven’t read Plato’s Republic and Aristotle’s Politics and Cicero’s speeches and people like Locke and Hobbes, people like Edmund Burke, then you don’t have a basis for deciding between [national political candidates].

In order to be educated, you have to share a common fund of knowledge, an outlook, a set of skills, with other educated men and women.”

R.V. Young is a professor of English at North Carolina State University.

The lost art of teaching English composition

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