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Dated: UNC Chapel Hill’s chief diversity officer earns 38% more than N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory

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This is a higher education bubble alert if ever there was one. Can someone explain to me in what world it makes sense that Taffye Benson Clayton, UNC-Chapel Hill’s chief diversity officer, earns 38 percent more than North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory?
Mind boggling, isn’t it?

And yet, the News & Observer’s public employee salary database shows McCrory’s annual salary at $142,265 annually, while Clayton’s salary comes in at $195,700.

This chasm was pointed out this week by the good folks at the Pope Center for Higher Education, who went on to point out the costly diversity madness doesn’t stop there. (Keep in mind, this info is in advance of an upcoming vote on a proposed UNC salary range increase …)

The Mind of the Old South


A review of All Clever Men, Who Make Their Own Way: Critical Discourse in the Old South, edited with an introduction by Michael O’Brien. Fayetteville: University of Arkansas Press. 1982. 456 pages.

The intellectual history of the South is yet to be written. This assertion bootlegs two assumptions that do not go unchallenged. The first is that there is something called the South distinct enough to have a history. There are those who, from a variety of standpoints, dispute this premise. Some seem to feel that the South is evil and that therefore it is best treated as spurious and unreal, a kind of temporary aberration from the norm of a progressive democratic universe. For others the South is intangible, dubiously quantifiable, and therefore we should concern ourselves with other things about which we can make more reliable, scientific generalizations. These challenges would seem to be overruled by common sense. The South must be in some sense a historical reality— millions have for generations acted as though it were, and even today, hundreds of presumptively sane people throughout the globe are devoting careers to studying it.

There Will Be Blood: Left Prepares For War After Berkeley Beat Down: “Combat Training, Better Equipment, Guns…”

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Last week Trump supporters and leftist social justice warriors met on the political field of battle in Berkeley, California. Words were exchanged, as were punches. And while an alt-right leader was punched in the face, by all accounts even the social justice warriors admit that they got a major beat-down.

This prompted a reddit discussion among the left’s tolerant resistance movement, with many asking how they can more effectively go to war against anyone who disagrees with their social, political, and economic views.

The anti-Trump protesters at the rally were ill-prepared for what they came to Berkeley to confront and now they are trying to figure out ways to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

In short, as predicted, they are turning to militancy and mob action by mobilizing individuals and groups to attend combat training seminars, acquiring better equipment like baseball bats and helmets, and of course, if things really go bad… guns.

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Jazz in Yerevan, Armenia

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Richard Spencer's Full Speech at Auburn University

How Western Civilization Could Collapse

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The political economist Benjamin Friedman once compared modern Western society to a stable bicycle whose wheels are kept spinning by economic growth. Should that forward-propelling motion slow or cease, the pillars that define our society – democracy, individual liberties, social tolerance and more – would begin to teeter. Our world would become an increasingly ugly place, one defined by a scramble over limited resources and a rejection of anyone outside of our immediate group.

Should we find no way to get the wheels back in motion, we’d eventually face total societal collapse.

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Auburn: Letter from Provost and Chief Diversity Officer regarding Spencer event

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Apr 18, 2017

Dear Auburn Family,

Over the past week, Auburn University has faced attempts by uninvited, unaffiliated, off-campus groups and individuals to provoke conflict that is divisive and disruptive to our campus environment. Whether it's offensive rhetoric, offensive flyers around campus, or inappropriate remarks on social media, we will not allow the efforts of individuals or groups to undermine Auburn's core values of inclusion and diversity and challenge the ideals personified by the Auburn Creed.

Auburn University supports the rights and privileges afforded by the First Amendment. However, when the tenets of free speech are overshadowed by threats to the safety of our students, faculty, and staff, we have a responsibility to protect our campus and the men and women who unite our academic community. The decision to cancel the Richard Spencer event last week was informed by leadership from all of the university's shared governance groups and the Auburn Police Division, all of whom articulated legitimate concerns for the safety and security of our campus.

This afternoon, a federal judge ruled that Auburn must allow Spencer to speak in the Foy Auditorium tonight. It is now more important than ever that we respond in a way that is peaceful, respectful, and maintains civil discourse. We are aware that various campus groups have planned events for this evening. Please know that additional security measures are being taken by the Auburn Police Division to uphold the safety of our community.

The Provost's Office will support requests from faculty and students to miss classes this evening.

Timothy R. Boosinger,
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Taffye Benson Clayton
Associate Provost and Vice President for Inclusion and Diversity