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"Some info on LaVoy"

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The FBI says that LaVoy reached twice for a 9mm gun inside his jacket on the left hip area. However, LaVoy carried a revolver on his right hip in a holster. The video shows that LaVoy’s jacket was closed at the time he was shot. Why would a right-handed man who carries a revolver openly on his right hip choose to leave his holster behind and instead hide another man’s 9mm gun on the inside of a jacket around his left hip? It’s as preposterous as the FBI’s thoroughly debunked claim that federal agents did not start the fires that burned 80+ men, women and children alive at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas.

The FBI is lying. LaVoy’s vehicle was shot at one time at the first stop when Ryan put his hands and head out the window to speak to the feds. LaVoy’s vehicle was shot at several times as he drove away to seek the help and protection from the Grant County Sheriff. LaVoy’s windshield was shot from the front by an agent who jumped out in front of the vehicle at the second stop.

LaVoy was transporting an 18 year old girl with him who was visiting with her family to sing gospel music at the town hall they were traveling to. To save her, Shawna and Ryan Bundy, LaVoy jumped out of the vehicle with his hands in the air. He yelled out that if they were going to shoot someone, to shoot him. With his hands in the air, that is exactly what they did.

The first shot struck him on the left side of his body. His body began to buckle and his hands went down to the wound but he was ordered to put his hands back in the air. He tried to do so, but naturally returned his hands back to the wound. He turned and pointed at the vehicle, yelling out that there were women in it. Rushing up behind him, another agent put a laser pointer on LaVoy and shot him in the face. He was still moving on the ground when they shot him three more times.

It was cold-blooded murder. And the American people will not forget it. LaVoy is a martyr for the cause of justice and liberty. We will not stop fighting for our freedom. Harney County Oregon is our Bunker Hill. This is only the beginning.

Citizens for Constitutional Freedom

WASP Injection Knife

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As divers, we all know what the effects of compressed gas are underwater. Our training teaches us that our lungs would burst from over-inflation if we held our breath and rose to the surface. This principle is key to the effectiveness of the WASP Injection System.

This weapon injects a freezing cold ball of compressed gas, approximately the size of a basketball, at 800psi nearly instantly. The effects of this injection will drop many of the world's largest land predators. The effects of the compressed gas not only cause over-inflation during ascent when used underwater, but also freezes all tissues and organs surrounding the point of injection on land or at sea.

When used underwater, the injected gas carries the predator to the surface BEFORE blood is released into the water. Thus giving the diver added protection by diverting other potential predators to the surface.

Military and Tactical

More @ Knife Center

Britain’s Splendid Decision

Though lost in their effective propaganda against Germany in WWII, it was the British who commenced the indiscriminate bombing of civilians on May 11, 1940, as they “dispatched eighteen Whitley bombers against railway installations in western Germany, breaching what had been regarded by many as a fundamental rule of civilized warfare, that hostilities must only be waged against the enemy forces.”Bernhard Thuersam,   The Great American Political Divide

Britain’s Splendid Decision

“During the war, the Nazi Party punished severely – often by death – any written or spoken violation of the “Parole Endsieg,” of that “word” or “slogan” of confidence in “the final victory.” Germany, however, was not the only nation with a “Parole Endsieg,” nor with prohibitions against the expression of anything contrary to it. Although the British did not resort to severe punishment of violations, Great Britain did have its own “Parole Endsieg,” its own words that would contribute to final victory.

Part of that propaganda was the widespread dissemination of the belief that Germany had initiated the bombing of cites and civilians well behind the lines of combat at the front. Indeed, it was this belief that made the metaphor of the of the reversed newsreel – of German bombers that had initiated the bombing war over civilian targets receding as the Allied bombers increased their attacks over German cities – work most completely as effective metaphor and propaganda.

It was not until April 1944, when J.M. Spaight, former principal secretary of the British Air ministry, was permitted to publish his book, “Bombing Vindicated,” that the British and Allied public in general learned that it was Britain and not Germany that had initiated “the strategic bombing offensive” – the large-scale bombing of civilian targets. Spaight writes:

“Because we were doubtful about the psychological effect of propagandist distortion of the truth that it was we [British] who started the strategic bombing offensive, we have shrunk from giving our great decision of May 11, 1940, the publicity it deserved. That, surely, was a mistake. It was a splendid decision. It was as heroic, as self-sacrificing, as Russia’s decision to adopt her policy of “scorched earth” [against Germany]. “

Some would argue that Hitler followed [the rule of not bombing noncombatants] by using the Luftwaffe against cities only in support of ground forces already at the gates of those cities.

Although it might be argued that communications and arms manufacturing centers had always been considered legitimate targets in warfare, Spaight’s statement and the fact that British bombardment was not in support of any invading or retreating ground force seems to indicate that some in Britain thought they were breaking new ground with such attacks from the air.

Thus, what Britain’s “splendid decision” had also achieved was to introduce a new kind of terrorism into an already terrible war: the Allied airmen, who ostensibly were trying to hit factories to slow down munitions production, but who more often hit civilian homes, came to be known to the German civilians who had to suffer that indiscriminate area bombing as Der Terrorflieger, or “terror fliers.”

(Wolfsangel, A German City on Trial, 1945-48, Augusto Nigro, Brassey’s Inc., 2000, pp. 3-5)

Former Obama Fundraiser Don Peebles: “I Think Donald Trump Is Poised to Win it All” (VIDEO)

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Businessman Don Peebles was an Obama fundraiser but has been critical of Democrats due to their leftward lurch.

On Sunday Peebles told Neil Cavuto that Trump is poised to win.

Why Scholars Love to Hate Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson 3 

Henry Wiencek’s Master of the Mountain (2012), which depicted Jefferson as a greedy and racist slave-owner, sold well but was given an ambivalent reception. Though the book has been fairly well received by the general public,its author has been censured severely by Jeffersonian scholars who too have written of Jefferson as a greedy, racist slave-owner. Why are the jackals, feasting on the carcass of Thomas Jefferson, turning away from the carcass and toward another jackal? Is not the carcass of Jefferson, a large man even in the eyes of most bashers, large enough for another jackal?

Annette Gordon-Reed lambasted Wiencek, whose motive, she asserted, was unadulterated hatred. “Henry Wiencek is not at all conflicted. He loathes Thomas Jefferson. … His attempted takedown of the man, the third president appears as a demonic figure warped one summer day by a sudden discovery that being a slaveholder could pay.” She continues:

ISIS Beheads 14 Year-Old Boy in Front of Parents… For Missing Prayers

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isis boy

ARA News reported:

Extremists of the Islamic State (ISIS) beheaded on Saturday a Syrian teenager in the northern city of Jarablus after accusing him of apostasy.

The 14-year-old boy was arrested by ISIS militants for missing Friday prayers at the central mosque of Jarablus, where pro-ISIS preachers usually deliver speeches promoting the group’s alleged Caliphate.

Speaking to ARA News in Jarablus, civil rights activist Nasser Taljbini reported that the ISIS-led Sharia Court order the militants to behead the boy in public.

VIDEO=> Germans Turn on Merkel – Jeer and Boo Chancellor in Neubrandenburg

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Danish Girl Faces Charges For Fighting Off Rapist

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A teenage girl in Denmark says she was attacked Wednesday night by a "dark-skinned" English-speaking man. She claims he knocked her to the ground, unbuttoned her pants and tried to undress her totally.

The Local DK reports that the 17-year-old girl was able to thwart her attacker using pepper spray, but now she is the one facing legal trouble as it's "illegal to possess and use pepper spray" in Denmark.
"So she will likely be charged for that," police spokesman Knud Kirsten told TV Syd

A German Girl Describes Life Under the Islamic Invasion

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Who Was Lavoy Finicum?

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Like lots of other folks I kept my eye on the situation at the wildlife refuge near Burns, Oregon. I had my doubts that the occupation of the wildlife refuge was something the Sagebrush Warriors should have engaged in. I don’t question their intent or their integrity but I kind of felt this was one battle they should have passed up. It seems like all it did was to give the feds a chance to get even for being made to look so bad at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada in April of 2014. And you have to know, with their current Marxist mindset the feds will not just get mad, they will get even and then some.

Freedom’s Cry: In Memoriam LaVoy Finicum

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 We are our father's daughters.

Made to honor and show our love to our Dad

Killing Cowboys: Death in the West


 Robert LaVoy Finucum is dead, gunned down in the winter snows of Oregon. Max Alexander has provided the best early commentary yet on the shooting. Finicum unceremoniously joins an impressive corpse-pile sponsored by the law enforcement complex in the US. The FBI Orcs were kind enough to release a snuff film apparently showing his murder from a hovering aircraft.

I leave it to other observers to examine the actual shooting footage and arrive at their own conclusions.

All of this may be the whimpering dénouement to the ill-planned stand-off with the Feds at the allegedly Federal Malheur Wildlife Refuge created in 1908 by the progressive Teddy Roosevelt to protect bird plumage from being filched by hunters to provide for the men’s and women’s hat industry in turn of the century America. Not a big concern right now.

The Feds, of course, never left as is their wont. Whether one reads the real history or watches the new crop of media such as Hell on Wheels which captured the bloodthirsty nature of all government in its outstanding fourth season. I would also recommend a viewing of my favorite Kirk Douglas movie, Lonely Are the Brave. Penned by that curmudgeonly anarchist, Ed Abbey.

More @ Zero Gov

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The Appalachian Messenger – January 29, 2016

This week’s edition of the Appalachian Messenger has articles by:

Robert Gore
The Apple Will Drop

Fran Porretto
Principles Versus Power

Matt Bracken
The Alienork Way, Part 1 of 2

Click here for the January 29, 2016 edition.

NC: North Carolina authorities say a woman shot and killed a man who had broken into her home


North Carolina authorities say a woman shot and killed a man who had broken into her home.

The Fayetteville Observer reports ( the shooting occurred Friday morning at a home in Robeson County.

Maj. Anthony Thompson is a spokesman for the Robeson County Sheriff's Office. He said the woman had left home to run an errand, and when she returned, she saw an unfamiliar Jeep parked in her driveway.

More @ WRAL

Fire Bombing Japanese Civilians

Despite military press releases and public statements that the US was not indiscriminately bombing civilian populations, the fact was that the nighttime incendiary bombing of Japanese cities was a weapon of area destruction, not precision bombing of industrial targets. The incendiary raids “destroyed homes, hospitals and schools, as well as factories, and killed lots of people, mainly women, children, and old men.”  The waging of war upon defenseless civilians is perhaps the most lasting legacy of Lincoln and W.T. Sherman.
Bernhard Thuersam,  The Great American Political Divide

Fire Bombing Japanese Civilians

“General [Hap] Arnold needed results. [General] Larry Norstad had made that very clear. In effect he said: “You go ahead and get [bombing] results, or you’ll be fired.”

. . . Let’s see: we could load [the bombers] with E-46 clusters. Drop them to explode at about two thousand feet, say, or twenty-five hundred. Then each of those would release thirty-eight of the M-69 incendiary bombs . . . Could use both napalm and phosphorous. Those napalm M-47’s. They say that ninety percent of the structures in Tokyo are built of wood [and all sources] say that the same. Very flimsy construction.

Bringing those [B-29’s] all the way down from thirty thousand feet to about nine or even five thousand. A lot of people will tell me that flesh and blood can’t stand it. So if we go in low – at night, singly, not in formation – I think we’ll surprise the Japs. At least for a short period of time . . . But if this first attack is successful, we’ll run another, right quick. Say, twenty-four hours afterward. Two days at the most. And then maybe another.

With at least three hundred planes we can get a good concentration. No matter how you slice it, you’re going to kill an awful lot of civilians. Thousands and thousands . . . We’re at war with Japan. Do you want to kill Japanese, or would you rather have Americans killed? Crank her up, let’s go.

Drafts from the Tokyo fires bounced our planes into the sky like ping-pong balls. A B-29 coming in after the flames were really on the tear would get caught in one of those searing updrafts. According to the Tokyo fire chief, the situation was out of control within thirty minutes. It was like an explosive forest fire in a dry pine woods. The racing flames engulfed ninety-five fire engines and killed on hundred and twenty-five firemen . . . [and] burning up nearly sixteen square miles of the world’s largest city.

If it hadn’t been for that big river curving through the metropolitan area, a lot more of the city would have gone. About a fourth of all the buildings in Tokyo went up in smoke that night anyway. More than two hundred and sixty seven thousand buildings. No other air attack of the war, either in Japan or in Europe, was so destructive of life and property.

Let’s go back and consult Major Boyle for the final time, and hear what he has to say in his Air Force [magazine] article: “The ten-day fire blitz of Japan was a turning point. The panic-stricken [survivors] began an exodus from the major cities . . . “

(Mission with LeMay, My Story; Gen. Curtis E. LeMay with MacKinlay Kantor, excerpts, pp. 347; 352-355)

Burns Oregon

There are always reasons not to do things and I know how a good many people in this community of patriots feel about protests and rallies, but there comes a time when numbers matter. The murder of LaVoy Finicum should not be allowed to go silently by. The Pacific Patriots Network has put out a peaceful call to action in Burns Oregon, a call to action that I will honor, because it calls for authorities who perpetrated murder and were involved in a conspiracy to commit murder to be held accountable.

"Suggested talking point and mantra-like slogan for all your assorted internet chatter"

Via Northwest Net
"The FBI sent 100 agents in 40 armored vehicles to murder one man in Oregon, but they haven't even interviewed Hillary Clinton yet."

Head of Glenn Beck’s Media Empire Quits as The Blaze Burns Down

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 Good riddance to bad rubbish, Tyrant Lincoln lover.

Kraig Kitchin will stay with the company, but resigned from the top job after friction with fellow Beck executive Jonathan Schreiber. A ‘mass exodus’ of staff may follow.
In what knowledgeable observers say is a sign of increasing turmoil in Glenn Beck’s troubled media empire, Beck’s longtime mentor and corporate executive, Kraig Kitchin, has quit as CEO of The Blaze.
Kitchin’s replacement, Stewart Padveen, a digital startup entrepreneur who joined Beck’s company last summer, will be the fourth leader of The Blaze since late 2014.

Stockholm pogrom: Crowd of masked men hunt and beat up non-Swedes

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© Eloy Alonso
Dozens of masked man went on an anti-immigrant rampage in Stockholm in an apparent retaliation for the stabbing death of a young Swedish woman at a refugee center earlier this week, local media reported. 
The crowd of some 40 to 50 people went on a violent spree on Friday night at around 9 p.m. local time in and around the Swedish capital’s main railroad station, according to the Aftonbladet daily.

They were beating up anyone who didn’t look like ethnic Swede. The attackers were wearing black balaclavas and armbands, the video obtained by the tabloid showed.

More @ RT

1862: The Confederates Strike Back

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In the late summer of 1862, after a series of victories culminating in the Union Army’s rout at Second Manassas, General Lee and his commanders meet with President Davis and Secretary of State Judah Benjamin near that blood-soaked battleground to arrange a highly controversial and risky campaign for the fall. General Lee agrees to divide his Army of Northern Virginia by sending his most trusted general, Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, to Kentucky with three Divisions by railcars to Knoxville, Tennessee. Jackson’s Corps is ordered to march into Kentucky and meet with two other Confederate armies, those of Braxton Bragg and Kirby Smith, to secure that state for the Confederacy.

In 1862 The Confederates Strike Back, author Kevin Carroll offers a fictional work of military history that envisions what might have happened if commanders at the time had made other choices. The story journeys through a series of hypothetical historical events once the Battle of Second Manassas is complete.

Laced with military strategy, tactical maneuvering, and unforeseen complications caused by the fog of war, 1862 The Confederates Strike Back is complete with details on orders of battle that were accurate in late summer of 1862. It presents a realistic and plausible alternative to the historical events as they occurred. Can General Lee hold on and buy the time Jackson needs to complete his mission and return to Virginia? Will the risky strategy backfire on the South? Will the Confederacy achieve Independence?

                                                          @ Southern Republic

The Finicum Execution: Zoomed In at 50% Speed and can be played at 1080p HD

NavyJack1/30/2016 at 7:36 am
Max, Here is a version that is zoomed in and can be played at 1080p HD. It repeats the killing sequence 4 times:

LaVoy Points Out the Person that Takes the First Shot At Him

Via Reb Bill "Y'all, let me warn you that this is a very graphic and disturbing video and it clearly shows that what the young lady who was an eye-witness to the fedrul gestapo murder of Mr.Finicum says in her audio interview is true.! This was cold blooded murder. The message is clear; if anyone now dares to challenge any issue of constitutionality and stand up for liberty and what is right, this is the treatment they can expect from the Nazi's in the Wolfschanze on the Potomac.

 Think about if this would have been your father, husband, or grandfather. This heinous act cannot be allowed to go unpunished. Any one of the various gestapo bureaucracies (IRS, BLM, FBI, CIA, BATF, DHS, ad nauseum) is capable of these same terrorist tactics against any of us who choose to dissent or disagree with "official Nazi government policy" no matter if we are in the right or not, and the Constitution be damned. If this gestapo murder of this quiet, liberty loving, innocent, descendant of two native American tribes and a husband, father and grandfather of a patriotic American family does not touch you, then you are living with your head in the sand."

The Ambush and Murder of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum

Where are the Oath Keepers?  Where is the perimeter other groups openly told the FBI that they were establishing to “prevent another Waco?”  The evidence indicates that at least a few such persons were no friends of liberty, and were accomplices to the murder of LaVoy.

In the end, here is the truth.  The government could have, but didn’t prevent this.  The 3 Percenters could have, but didn’t prevent this.  The Oath Keepers, the Pacific Patriots Network and other militia groups, could have but didn’t prevent this.  Without assigning blame – it is undeniable that blood has been spilled, as a significant group of Americans from all over this country attempted to stand in resistance to tyranny.

More than 60 years ago, the great scholar and Constitutional advocate J. Reuben Clark warned that “we stand in danger of losing our liberties, and that once lost, only blood will bring them back.” He also warned, “I say to you that the price of liberty is and always has been blood, human blood, and if our liberties are lost, we shall never regain them except at the price of blood.”  Once again, tragically, we are paying in blood and the loss of liberties from those who stood.


On January 26, 2015 the FBI and Oregon State Police ambushed and murdered Robert “LaVoy” Finicum.  Based upon two personal eye-witness accounts, it is clear that the stories being widely circulated are false (due to laziness, misguided motives, or wickedness) and the truth should interest the friends of liberty, and those who want to know the actual fate of LaVoy and how our government agents acted yesterday.

I had just been to visit and interview LaVoy, Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy, and Shawna Cox the day before, and had only left the refuge yesterday morning in the very early hours.  I hadn’t gone there to be an occupier or to participate, I had gone there to see the truth for myself and to talk with Ryan and Ammon.  I saw that reporters like Julie Turkewitz for the New York Times had just walked right up to the Refuge and encountered no problems with law enforcement or the occupiers.  So, I wondered whether a Free Capitalist might do the same thing.

I made contact with Ryan Bundy, and at his and Ammon’s invitation, I cautiously headed up.  With a friend I drove through the night and we arrived in the very early hours of the morning.  LaVoy was the first person to greet us, and throughout the day showed us around, introduced us, and talked about all that was going on. I left after a long day, without even staying the night in Oregon, just after my last interview on with Ammon.   Shawna Cox was the last person I hugged.

Comment on FBI Drone Footage of Shooting

Yep, the stagger and grab of the midsection is a definite gunshot hitting home, and I've seen it enough times be sure. Its clear enough that he is shot three times .

The first two don't bring him down, but you can see his body flynching at the impact of each hit, and after the second his head goes about quickly, searching for the new threat.

The first shot is from the shooter in front of him at the edge of the road, which happens as the zoom of the drone's camera is changing. But the second and third shots come from the shooter behind him in the trees. You can tell because he is looking around for the source of the second shot, but never even sees that individual before the third shot drops him. He's still alive at that point, still waving his arm to indicate surrender and/or plead for help.

And they leave him to bleed out in the snow, even though he is obviously no longer a threat. It's rather obscene.

IOW, you are witnessing an assasination - he was killed in cold blood, shot by multiple assailants; one of whom is a cowardly bastard, repeatedly shooting an unarmed man from behind, at close range.

And where was medical aid? I'm sure there were med units on-scene. Those Federales never run such an op without preparing for the possibility that one of their own will be shot, so there is always at least one ambulance very nearby.

After reviewing this, I can say with full confidence that this requires proper redress. There is no question but that the shoot is unnecessary by FBI standards, and further constitutes a criminal act on the part of both shooters, and also whoever was the agent in charge.

It is MURDER because not only was he shot when it was not necesary; but also because he was denied medical care after he was no longer a threat, which ensured his death.

There's a very fine line between a justified shoot and a purposeful MURDER, and these agents/officers crossed that line by quite a ways.

American Tech Workers Defiant as GOP Lawmakers Push to Expand Foreign Labor Programs

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In 2014, the Northeast Utilities Company in Connecticut — now known as Eversource Energy — allegedly laid off around 200 of its American tech workers and replaced them with low-wage foreigners admitted on H-1B guest worker visas.

Now a photo has emerged depicted the workers’ final, silent patriotic protest — silent because the workers reportedly were forced to sign non-disparagement agreements to shield their employer.
The image depicts the display of American flags around cubicles of the company’s IT department — circulated by trade magazine ComputerWorld — before the Americans were replaced with foreign labor.

The powerful image seems to have taken on fresh significance in light of the news that American tech workers have launched their discrimination lawsuit against Florida Disney. Like Northeast Utilities, Disney similarly laid off scores of American workers — Sen. Marco Rubio's (R-FL) constituents
and replaced them with low-wage foreign laborers.

More @ Breitbart

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Finland plans to boot out 20,000 refugees

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Finland is the latest country to announce plans to boot out migrants, with plans to send 20,000 packing.

The Finnish government is set to deport two thirds of the 32,000 asylum seekers it received last year whose applications have been turned down.

More than 20,000 of Finland's asylum-seekers are from Iraq.

The announcement comes after Sweden said it would send 80,000 asylum seekers back to their home countries on chartered flights.

More @ Fox

Your Kids Are Learning Sharia While Teachers Smile

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Ruining Americans children began back in 2009.  What started out as a phony federal program to increase education standards for our children, rapidly transformed in to a standard set of principles and teachings in an effort to numb the minds and character of our most precious resource, the children of America.

 More @ MSFP News

McAuliffe retreats on carry-permit reciprocity, restores agreements with 25 states

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Image result for McAuliffe commie

Just five weeks after Virginia’s attorney general unilaterally severed carry-permit reciprocity with 25 states, Governor Terry McAuliffe has reversed course, reinstating the reciprocal relationships.  The Washington Post’s Jenna Portnoy frames this as a trade of concessions between Republicans and Democrats on the issue, but it’s a full retreat with a threadbare political cover:

More @ Hot Air

Kalashnikov cranking up AK-47 factory in Florida

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Image result for Kalashnikov AK-47s, now made in Florida


The famous Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifles have been made in frigid Moscow since their inception 69 years ago. Soon, they'll be made in sunny Florida, too.

Kalashnikov USA has been approved by the city of Pompano Beach to assemble guns there.

More with video @ CNN

Sherman’s War of Terror
 Excellent book and $16.85 in hardback @ Amazon.  Guaranteed to get your gander up! :)

Despite claiming malice toward none and charity for all, the following is what Abraham Lincoln authorized and unleashed upon the American South. Young Jane Dickinson Cowan lived in Sherman’s path near Laurinburg, North Carolina, and later wrote: “My mother had a spoon in which she was mixing medicine for her sick children snatched from her, and she was obliged to mix it in her hand and put it into their mouths with her finger. They pulled the rings from her fingers as she was holding in her lap, and kicked the cradle in which the other one was lying, with the remark, “That one is dead already.” The unnecessary killing of the animals was most assuredly done to starve the South.Bernhard Thuersam,  The Great American Political Divide

Sherman’s War of Terror

“Like most Northerners, William T. Sherman profoundly misunderstood Southern “Unionism.” Upon entering North Carolina he issued an order to Brig. Gen. Judson Kilpatrick that the cavalry chief “deal as moderately, and fairly by North Carolinians as possible, and fan the flame of discord already subsisting between them and their proud cousins of South Carolina.

Sherman’s admonition to deal “moderately” was generally ignored, and he must have quickly realized that these people were not about to embrace his Union. “Poor North Carolina will have a hard time,” the general wrote privately after a month in the State, “for we sweep the country like a swarm of locusts. Thousands of people may perish, but they now realize that war means something else than vain glory and boasting.”

Monroe and Wadesboro were among the first to “have a hard time” at the hands of Kilpatrick’s troopers. Episcopal bishop of North Carolina, Thomas Atkinson, was threatened with death if he did not give up his watch, horse and possessions. Another Anson County man was robbed of his watch and money, and the next band of Federals to arrive at his home demanded the very same items [and] killed him when he could not produce them.

At a nearby home Yankees chopped furniture to pieces with an axe and scattered feathers from pillows on a bedroom floor and then poured buckets of molasses and stirred thoroughly. Ten wagons filled with unlucky refugees were overtaken and their possessions captured.

Anson County native Esther Alden grieved about the suffering of her neighbors as well over what the Yankees did to the animals:

“It is like some horrid nightmare. When I shut my eyes I see nothing but creatures and human beings in agony. The poor suffering horses! Some fortunately dead and out of their misery, others groaning in death pains, some with disabled limbs freely hobbling about to glean a blade of grass; the cows and oxen slaughtered and left to rot! I counted eight beautiful calves lying dead in one pen; many times we saw two or three lying dead side by side!”

In Fayetteville the Yankees destroyed one thousand horses and mules they had no use for. There were two killing grounds: one a field on the bank of the Cape Fear River, the other a corral in town. It took hours to kill them all. Trying to run, some of the terrified animals plunged into the river. Most were left where they fell, with no effort made by the Federals to dispose of the carcasses as the troops abandoned the town.

A dozen miles outside Fayetteville, at the home of Duncan Murchison, Kilpatrick’s cavalrymen charged into the bedroom of a small girl desperately sick with typhoid. They were looking for items to steal but found nothing . . . Seventy year-old Mr. Murchison was dragged to the swamp and assaulted while vandals destroyed furniture, slashed family portraits, and poured molasses into the piano. The little girl died while the troopers were still in her home. Federal horses left a little uneaten corn on the ground, for that was all the family had to live on after the invaders moved on.”

(War Crimes Against Southern Civilians, Walter Brian Cisco, Pelican Publishing Company, 2007, pp. 163-165)

The Great Policy of Liberation: 1865 and 1945

 Image result for Mission with LeMay

The relatively untold story of the looting of post-WWII Germany is told in Kenneth D. Alford’s “The Spoils of World War Two.” The author writes of Major General Harry J. Collins of the 42nd Rainbow Division, and the standing joke at the time that his battle strategy was “one man fighting, two men looting, and three men painting rainbows.” Collins lived comfortably in a liberated 15th century Prielau Castle in Austria, as did General Mark Clark in Vienna.  The looting of the American South was well underway in mid-1862 as Northern ships brought troops to occupied North Carolina, and returned laden with furniture, art, jewelry and libraries.
Bernhard Thuersam,   The Great American Political Divide

The Great Policy of Liberation

“[I thought] it would take the Germans a hundred years just to dig out of their debris. But they had new cities set up on the old bombed-out sites within five or six years from the time they began. Not everything they did was for the best.

If war’s destruction got rid of a lot of ancient ugliness, as well as wiping out a lot of ancient beauty, the builders demonstrated the usual lack of taste which we show and which other nations show in their embracing of the modern. There are some gosh-awful Hollywood-type-alleged-American-Californian buildings and store fronts adorning the German streets today.

The Germans lost a certain identity, a certain originality and national flavor, when they performed the new building. But the roofs don’t leak; there is heat in the winter.

[My wife and I took over the stripped Henkell] house in Wiesbaden . . . [Gen. Omar] Bradley’s troops had descended on it in the first place, when we invaded Germany in 1945, and I should like to have seen the mansion originally. Folks talked enthusiastically of the objets d’art – rugs, statuary, paintings, everything else. I regret to state in all honesty that, in 1945, when these [American troops] left the house . . . they backed up their trucks and took anything they wanted along. This was the great policy of so-called liberation. It went on all over Germany. Seems rather shocking now to consider it, and it even seemed a little shocking to certain people at the time.

When we arrived in Wiesbaden we met up with a handsome servant, a man in his late twenties, who bowed deeply and greeted us in perfect English: “Good morning, sir and madam. I am so happy you have arrived safely. I am glad to serve you. I am an American bastard.” He was the post-World War I illegitimate son of a German girl; his father was an American.”

(Mission with LeMay, My Story; Gen. Curtis E. LeMay with MacKinlay Kantor, pp. 405-406; 408-409)

Finicum: "This whole takedown was very badly planned and executed, unless it was done to achieve this very effect"

Via comment by Tone Deaf on LaVoy Finicum was shot first and appears put his a...":

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"It was not necessary, and the group were on their way to a meeting they had arranged with a Constitutional Sheriff, which was a lie and a trap"
"....... has anyone considered that 1) He has already been fired upon as he crashed the vehicle into the snowbank and 2) could he have in fact been injured in some way by one of those shots?"
 "......if he was shot before he was tasered, he had his hands up and basically was given no quarter."
 "I cannot see any justification for Finicums death"
"You no longer live in the country that was created in 1781. That Constitutional Republic, based on rightful liberty and equality before the law, no longer exists. You live in a a lawless banana republic, where might is right and there will never be justice."

There has been a lot already stated about this video over the interwebz. I have some comments on it, which originated in my disagreement with a commenter on the forum post about this HERE. The forum comments about the video start on page 2 of the thread, after the video (below) is posted. My primary disagreement was with very disparaging comments made about the account given by Victoria, who was in the white truck with Finicum as this situation developed.

My primary point is that you can only get so much out of viewing this video. There is much that you can’t see, and the internet has been alive with speculation, including about the mindset / thought processes of the individuals involved, primarily with what Finicum may or may not be thinking as he is killed. That is not analysis, but speculation. Since I commented on the forum post last night, I have had an opportunity to view the video on my computer screen, rather than my phone. It is still not the best, and it is blurry in many cases, and there is much that cannot be seen. Definitive answers need to wait on any audio / ground camera footage that may or may not be released.

You need to understand that this situation was a surprise, developed very fast, and was dynamic, violent and sudden. Lots of things can happen to people’s perceptions, to tunnel vision, problems with distance estimation, slowing of time, all sorts. It is easy to sit back and quarterback it from your keyboard, but it is for these reasons that I do not dismiss the statement by Victoria. It seems to corroborate fairly closely with the video, and where it doesn’t, it is easily explained by perception, terror, and inexperience. For example, the statement that Finicum was shot on his knees with his hands up: If Victoria was able to see him from the vehicle at the point he was shot, he was actually knee deep in snow, with his hands up. From her perspective, and her altered perception, this could well have been perceived as him being kneeling.

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Convoy Heads into Oregon Refuge, Including Heavily Armed Vehicles

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2014 H1B Visa Reports: Top 100 H1B Visa Sponsors

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SubReports: Visa Status | Job Title | Occupation | Industry | Work City | Work State

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84Salesforce.Com362 $124,089
85Sbase Technologies359 $55,472
86Dell Usa358 $102,490
87Diaspark357 $65,145

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Tyranny, Defiance, and the Death of LaVoy Finicum

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LaVoy Finicum, who was shot at a roadblock by Oregon State Troopers and left to bleed to death in the snow, was not a violent criminal. He and his colleagues from the group calling itself Citizens for Constitutional Freedom were traveling to John Day, Oregon to organize political resistance to federal control over lands in the western United States.
After trying to run the roadblock, Finicum plowed his vehicle into a snowbank. He exited with his hands in the air, staggering in the snow before making a motion with his right hand that the FBI claims was an effort to grab a handgun. Another possibility is that Finicum, as some witnesses claim, was shot while his hands were raised in a posture of surrender, and that his subsequent movements were involuntary. 
The carefully planned ambush, which displayed detailed intelligence regarding the plans of Finicum and his friends, was a joint operation between the FBI and the Oregon State Police. It was was not carried out in defense of persons or property, but to enforce the will of those in control of the Regime. Finicum, a 55-year-old rancher from Arizona, had become the subject of a federal warrant after renouncing his grazing contract with the Washington-based usurpers who control range lands in that state

"My slowed down version of the LaVoy murder"

By Bert

 el martini: it is obvious that they do not want to release the audio because it will incriminate them as firing while the hands were still up. Victoria Sharps testimony clearly states that there was a shot followed by a pause, followed by multiple shots. The best thing to do is listen to her testimony while watching the unedited version of film simultaneously

Victoria Sharp Testimony with Video of LaVoy Murder Slow Motion

Grenade Hurled At Refugee Shelter As 40% Of Germans Tell Merkel To Resign

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On Thursday evening we detailed the dramatic increase in Google search queries for gun permits in Germany. Specifically, since January 1, the number of Germans Googling “gun permits” has risen more than 1,000%.

Meanwhile, sales of non-lethal weapons such as tear gas pistols have skyrocketed, as Germans look to protect themselves against what many see as a hostile foreign invasion.

But while most Germans are (for now) content to counter the perceived threat from hostile migrants with non-lethal arms, at least one citizen on Friday decided to deploy a more deadly weapon in the “battle” to preserve German society: a grenade.

Unknown assailants hurled a hand grenade at a shelter for asylum seekers in southern Germany on Friday but the device did not explode and no one was injured,” AFP reports. “Police in Villingen-Schwenningen said about 20 residents of the shelter were temporarily evacuated but were able to return to their rooms in the early morning hours.”

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Crisis Actors Used to Discredit Militia?

Via comment by Quartermain on "Edited Version of FBI Video of Joint FBI and OSP O...":

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Oregon Militia Asked to Sign Talent Release Video

Apparently the FBI was live streaming a parallel "militia encampment" in Burns Oregon.  At 1.20 min, the  "patriots" are asked to sign talent releases.
In the pre-dawn hours of January 27, a wispy-bearded 20-something calling himself David began a series of live stream Youtube broadcasts from the Oregon standoff scene.
Ammon Bundy and other core members had been arrested that day. LaVoy Finicum had been shot dead. David claimed to number among the last remaining patriots occupying the federal sanctuary. As he and others repeated over and over, the "pussies" had all fled home.
The banter was rife with profanity. David and company chain-smoked cigarettes while vociferously professing their Christian faith and values.
With manic bravado, David gloated about his impending death. He broke into cockeyed, wing-nut "Christian Identity"-esque rants about "the false Jews" and "the true Israelites".
Something was wrong with this picture. I grew up in a Christian family in the Western United States. I grew up among noble and sober men who taught me how to comport myself with guns. The men in these live stream broadcasts were nothing like the sort that would face imminent violent death in the name of ideals. 
They struck me instead as posers. Ignorant, erratic, schizoid clowns.
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