Saturday, January 30, 2016

LaVoy Points Out the Person that Takes the First Shot At Him

Via Reb Bill "Y'all, let me warn you that this is a very graphic and disturbing video and it clearly shows that what the young lady who was an eye-witness to the fedrul gestapo murder of Mr.Finicum says in her audio interview is true.! This was cold blooded murder. The message is clear; if anyone now dares to challenge any issue of constitutionality and stand up for liberty and what is right, this is the treatment they can expect from the Nazi's in the Wolfschanze on the Potomac.

 Think about if this would have been your father, husband, or grandfather. This heinous act cannot be allowed to go unpunished. Any one of the various gestapo bureaucracies (IRS, BLM, FBI, CIA, BATF, DHS, ad nauseum) is capable of these same terrorist tactics against any of us who choose to dissent or disagree with "official Nazi government policy" no matter if we are in the right or not, and the Constitution be damned. If this gestapo murder of this quiet, liberty loving, innocent, descendant of two native American tribes and a husband, father and grandfather of a patriotic American family does not touch you, then you are living with your head in the sand."


  1. When do you think they will release his body to his family?

    Paul C

  2. ...and do not expect the 'system' to police or investigate its own. One more incident of a closed system planned, supported and covered by its own. This is the country you (and me) are living in today and it will not change until????

    1. As Max said:

      "You no longer live in the country that was created in 1781. That Constitutional Republic, based on rightful liberty and equality before the law, no longer exists. You live in a a lawless banana republic, where might is right and there will never be justice."

  3. I want the names of these OSPs.