Friday, January 24, 2020

Southern Police Association Voices Opposition to Ralph Northam's 'Gun Confiscation Scheme'

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Southern Police Association Voices Opposition to Ralph Northam's 'Gun Confiscation Scheme'

The new Virginia state General Assembly is ramming a host of new gun control bills through committees despite the massive showing from pro-gun rights activists on Monday.

As the bills are making their way to a full vote on the floor, a police officer association voiced its opposition to the bills. Sean McGowan, executive director of the Southern States Police Benevolent Association (SSPBA), issued a statement stating they know law-abiding armed citizens are not a threat.

"Members of the law enforcement community throughout the South stand united with our fellow officers in Virginia in opposition to Governor Ralph Northam's gun confiscation scheme. We know that a well-armed, well-trained, law-abiding citizen is our best friend. And these are exactly the people New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg and Governor Ralph Northam want to disarm," McGowan said.

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'Show up to court with a toothbrush': ICE says sanctuary city officials should expect jail time if they ignore subpoenas

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U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is prepared to go to court with two "sanctuary cities," Denver, Colorado, and New York City, if they fail to provide personal information on illegal immigrants with criminal records released in each city instead of being transferred to ICE.

“We expect them to comply" with subpoenas for the information, said acting ICE Director Matt Albence at a press conference in Washington on Thursday.

"If they don’t comply, we’ll be working with DOJ to go to district court to force them to comply with the requirements,” Albence said, noting the rule in the U.S. Code that he said justified the move.

“The individuals that fail to comply can be held in contempt," he said. "They can show up to court with a toothbrush because they might not be going home that night. Because they could be jailed for failure to comply with a lawful order from a judge. That’s the route we’re going.”

For Democrats, It's All About Power

Islam, Offerings of.......

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PBS’s Poisonous Reconstruction Series


It’s not my race guilt, by the way, as a Vietnamese-American whose family paid the ultimate price in the two major wars of Indochina between 1945-1975. Just another reason why I love the Confederate South. The South was right. The South is still right.

Caught a tweet tonight from Professor Henry Louis Gates, the Executive Producer of this PBS mini-series on “Reconstruction.” He was jubilant that the series had won a Columbia/Dupont Award for Journalism. I checked out the other 2020 Award winners: NPR, CNN, Nation Magazine. All leftist outlets. NPR is high quality. Nation, depends on the writer. CNN is pretty worthless–Clinton News Network.

So, you know where the biases are today in mainstream media and its institutions.

Turley: The Dems Impeachment Process Will ‘Go Down as One of the Greatest Historic Blunders of a House of Congress’

 Turley: The Dems Impeachment Process Will 'Go Down as One of the Greatest Historic Blunders of a House of Congress'

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley appeared on CBS and offered his most biting criticism of the House Democrats’ efforts to impeach the President yet. Coming from someone who does not support and did not vote for President Trump, his comments are especially significant.

The CBS panel had been discussing the second Article of Impeachment on Thursday when Turley said, “I think that this is one where the House is completely unmoored by history and by the law. And I think that this will go down as one of the greatest historic blunders of a House of Congress.”

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Giuliani: I can't sit by and watch my country be sold out by Joe Biden

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Schumer Whiffs Impeachment: The Democratic leader succeeds only in unifying the Republican caucus.


Mr. Schumer nonetheless had an opportunity to do what Democrats keep pretending to do: Take the proceedings seriously. Had he reached out to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to work on an agreement—had he privately spoken of the need for the Senate to come together and publicly refrained from partisan jabs—he’d have had an audience. Republican senators—in particular those up for re-election or retiring—don’t want to be accused of bias. As of last weekend, enough GOP senators to matter were still on the fence about Democratic demands for more witnesses.

Not so much anymore. Mr. Schumer managed to annoy them, in particular with his first-day stunt of keeping the chamber in session until nearly 2 a.m., forcing vote after vote on witness motions that he knew would fail. Mr. McConnell’s organizing resolution already provided for these votes later in the process, making the Schumer motionathon nothing more than an inconvenient stunt.

He managed to offend Republicans too, by claiming they’ve already failed to “rise to their constitutional mandate,” are complicit in a “coverup” and don’t “want a fair trial.” He’s derided the president’s legal team and excoriated Republican witness proposals. He insulted his colleagues’ intelligence by arguing both that they need more evidence and that the case against Mr. Trump is already cut and dry. Reps. Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler haven’t helped, with their presumptuous lectures on the senators’ obligations and duties.

Mostly, Mr. Schumer’s partisan accusations and threats have further exposed for Republicans his real goal with this trial: becoming Senate majority leader. Mr. Schumer knows the trial will end with acquittal. His nonstop attacks on Republican integrity are designed to squeeze vulnerable senators and help his party pick up seats in states like Maine or Colorado.

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A Southerner’s Movie Guide, Part VI

“I was invited to preview the director’s cut of G&G in 2002 or 2003.  When several friends and I went out at the intermission, we were all streaming tears.  I was mostly deeply moved, and no less by the movie’s second half.  One scene that particularly moved me showed two slaves talking over a soldier’s coffin in camp.  One had been the slave of the now dead Confederate soldier.  The other asked him how he felt about freedom, did he plan to run away, etc.  The dialogue was precisely what you expect from slaves conflicted between love for the masters they had grown up with and desire for freedom.  Last line was the dead soldier’s slave saying, ‘I don’t know what I’m going to do now, but I know this much [tapping on the coffin], this Rebel’s in heaven.’  I bawled.  Then the movie came out.  The scene that had so moved me nowhere appeared, but instead had been substituted by the wretched sequence with Donzalea Abernathy, the slave in Fredericksburg, quoting a long and not pertinent passage out of Esther.  Not possible to tell you how disappointed and disgusted I was.  Fear struck Maxwell, it appears, over the impact of that scene and its truthfulness.”
8. The War for Southern Independence (continued): Fantasy and Fraud
Scorcese’s Gangs of New York (2002)

Martin Scorcese, in an interview, candidly described his Gangsof New York, as an “opera.”  He had been asked whether the event s portrayed were true to history.  I took his reply to mean that the events of the movie were selected and organized for dramatic emphasis and were not to be taken as literal factual record.

And, indeed, as a historical record of 19th-century New York, the film has many failings.  Nevertheless, it has provoked some useful discussion of the historical context – specifically for the light it sheds on the Lincolnite mythology of the Civil War era.  It seems that the accepted idea of the gloriously united North trampling out the wrathful grapes of slavery and treason is not so sound a picture of the real thing after all.