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The Examiner and Journal of Political Economy: Devoted to the Advancement of the Cause of State Rights and Free Trade

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"The States united to maintain the independence of each, not the sovereignty or supreme power of the General Government, that being merely the agent of the States."

---Extracts from a Speech on the Question of admitting Missouri into the Union. Delivered in Congress, the seventh of February, 1820, by Louis M'Lane, Representative from the State of Delaware.

"This Union, as I shall presently show, is nothing more than a compact between the States which compose it, and the General Government.

"The fundamental principle of this, and of every other republican government, is, that the sovereign power resides, and is inherent in the people, and not in the government. The sovereign power is the right of the people to unite together for objects of their mutual safety and advantage, and to establish a public authority to order and direct what is to be done by each in relation to the end of the association. Upon the principle of our Government, all the sovereignty is in the people; they are the fountain whence it flows and the General Government has no more power than what the people have delegated to it for federal purposes. In the establishment of public authority, a greater or less portion of power may be delegated by the people, by voluntary engagements; but whatever may be the power delegated, the sovereignty is not impaired, since it was by their will, and may be recalled or modified by the same will, when the ends and objects of their association require it.

"All governments are instituted for the protection of this right in the people. Before the formation of the Union, the people of each State were sovereign and independent; they had exercised their sovereignty in the formation of State constitutions and governments; they not only retained all power not given to those governments by their constitutions, but they possessed the right of altering and changing their constitutions at will. In virtue of this sovereign power, the people of the old States consented to form a compact of Union, for their mutual safety and equality of rights, and they consented to vest in the Government of the Union certain powers; the better to guarantee to the people the enjoyment of the remainder. The powers of the General Government are therefore limited; and all the power not delegated remains with the States, as far as their constitutions give it, and with the people. In all other respects, the States and the people are as completely sovereign as they were before the Union.

"The powers of the General Government are purely federal; they are neither national nor municipal; the rights of the people in their State Governments are both national and municipal. The jurisdiction of the Federal Government extends to the connections, intercourse, and commerce of the republic with foreign States and Governments, and with each other as sovereign independent States. But the administration of their local concerns, the regulation of their domestic relations, the rights of property, together with the whole routine of municipal regulations, belong to the States and the people."

The Attack on Marco Bassani


You may remember a meme circulating widely after the U.S. presidential election last November with a picture of Kamala Harris and the following comment: “She will be an inspiration to young girls by showing that if you sleep with the right powerfully connected men then you too can play second fiddle to a man with dementia. It’s basically a Cinderella story.”

The political theorist and historian Marco Bassani, Professor of History of Political Theory at the Universit√† Statale di Milano, was one of many who reposted the meme on a personal social media page. When this was brought to the attention of his university, the administration initiated disciplinary proceedings that finally reached a conclusion this past week after over six months. The verdict, reported in the Italian news, was that Prof. Bassani was found guilty of sharing “sexist and highly offensive content, not only toward the directly interested party but toward the entire female gender.” As punishment, his university teaching and salary were suspended for one month.

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Scarce Confederate Rigdon, Ansley & Co. C.S.A. Single Action Revolver



Opening Bid:
$10,000** w/ Buyer's Premium (BP) : $12,500.00

Serial no. 2280 [lever latch, lever, barrel, frame triggerguard, cylinder and butt], .36 caliber, 7 1/2-inch octagonal / round barrel with fixed front sight. Blued finish. Top of barrel marked: C.S.A. Brass gripstraps. 12 stop cylinder. Smooth walnut one-piece grip. W to the left side of the triggerguard. According to Confederate Longarms and Pistols, A Pictorial Study by Hill & Anthony, "Charles H. Rigdon started after the Leech & Rigdon firm was disbanded. The first production was to complete approximately 500 Leech & Rigdon revolvers. The barrels were marked "Leech & Rigdon". Then Rigdon started manufacturing his improved revolver with the 12 stop slot cylinder. The 12 stop cylinder was copied from Manhattan Arms. Co. The serial number range was from 1500 to 2500. From 1700 and up, barrels were marked C.S.A." Flayderman's Guide also notes, "these were made from 1864-1865, with a quantity of around 1,000."

Condition: Very good. Finish primarily a dark grey patina with noticeable signs of handling wear, age and patches of pitting. Dings and scuffs present to wood. Action rotates, but needs adjustment. Moderately pitted bore. 

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China Releases Video Targeting TGP Contributor Lawrence Sellin, PhD, Due to His Work Uncovering the Role of China’s Military in the COVID-19 Crisis (VIDEO)

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 We must be right over the target because China is now attacking TGP contributor Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. 

China released a video where Col. Sellin is the target due to his reports identifying the connections between China’s military and the origins of the China coronavirus (COVID-19). 

TGP contributor Dr. Lawrence Sellin is the target of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  The government of the People’s Republic of China, the CCP, has released an official video attacking Colonel Sellin.

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Cotton: We Might Have to Hold up Defense Funding to Pass Ban on Critical Race Theory in Military

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On Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Ingraham Angle,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) stated that Senate Republicans might have to hold up defense spending to pass his bill banning the military from teaching critical race theory.

After Cotton brought up the CRT ban legislation, host Laura Ingraham asked, “[Y]ou can prevent the funding of this with the Republican votes. Because plenty of Democrats don’t want to give any increase in spending to the military. So, if you guys hold up the funding, they’re suddenly going to listen. Will you do that?”

Cotton responded, “That may be a step we have to take, Laura, but I wouldn’t say that we can’t get that passed either. Remember, the defense bill passes every year. It has passed every year for 60 years. We have an open amendment process in the committee and on the floor. I think there may be one or two Democrats who don’t think that we should be teaching our troops that the most important thing about them is the color of their skin rather than their ability to help save the lives of the men and women to the right and to their left.”