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[Canada] Education Minister: Catholic schools will be required to teach new sex ed program

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Ontario Catholic parents hoping their children attending a Catholic school will be spared an explicit sex-education curriculum that allegedly will teach their children about masturbation, to question their sexual identity as male or female, and about diverse family structures are out of luck.

Education Minister Liz Sandals stated on TVO’s The Agenda yesterday that Catholic schools will not be able to opt out of the curriculum being forced upon Ontario’s schools by lesbian Premier, Kathleen Wynne.

“There is one curriculum document, and it’s our expectation that all four systems [English and French Catholic, English and French public] will be using the same curriculum document,” she said.

Sandals said that while the Catholic school system will be able to provide “commentary” on the government-mandated sex-ed through its own family life program, it won’t be allowed to change anything and must “deliver” the sex-ed as written.

The North’s Damnable Bounty System

The Northern enlistment bounty system was notorious for corruption and graft as State agents from the North swarmed into the occupied South regions to obtain Negroes captured from plantations to fill State troop quotas. Seizing slaves in the South accomplished two goals: one, depriving the South of agricultural laborers, and two, obtaining new recruits to fill State quotas and avoid Lincoln’s conscription threat which would draft white Northern men. Predictably, much of the enlistment bonus for the new recruit remained in the agent’s hands.
Bernhard Thuersam,

The North’s Damnable Bounty System

“Ulysses S. Grant, general in chief of the Union armies, “was down on the Massachusetts idea of buying out of the draft by filling their quota . . . from among the [Negro] contrabands in Sherman’s army.” When Forbes defended the law, Grant answered that “Sherman’s head is level on that question. He knows he can get all these Negroes that are worth having anyhow and he prefers to get them that way rather than fill up the quota of a distant State and thus diminish the fruits of the draft.

General Lorenzo Thomas, charged by the federal government with raising Negro troops in the Mississippi Valley, complained that [State] agents were inducing soldiers of several Negro regiments stationed at Vicksburg to desert and enlist with them. General Napoleon J.T. Dana, commander of the military district of Vicksburg, charged that the agents were taking “diseased men, entirely unfit for the service.”

John C. Gray, a young officer from the Bay State, expressed horror at the way in which agents from Massachusetts implemented the [quota] law and asserted that such a system of recruitment brought the State “contempt and sneers.” According to Gray, “this traffic of New England towns in the bodies of wretched Negroes, bidding against each other for these miserable beings, who are deluded, and if some of my affidavits that I have in my office are true, tortured into military service, forms too good a justification against the Yankees.”

Albert Gallatin Browne, a former aid of Governor Andrew who was a Treasury agent at Hilton Head, South Carolina, also questioned the benefit that his home State received from the [troop quota] law. According to Browne, “The whole system is damnable. I can conceive of nothing worse on the coast of Africa. These men have been hunted like wild beasts and ruthlessly dragged from their families.” He informed Andrew that the men enlisted by Massachusetts agents got only a fraction of the [bounty] money promised them, the agents pocketing the remainder.”

(Cotton and Capital, Richard H. Abbott, UMass Press, 1991, page 135)

The US Retail Industry is Collapsing: Here’s Why You’re in Trouble

 The US Retail Industry is Collapsing

Shopping malls across America are going to look a whole lot emptier soon. An exodus of giant retailers is beginning with the announcement of hundreds of store closures and thousands of people newly unemployed.

The first of January, I broke with my usual tradition and wrote not about positive resolutions, but about the impending rockslide of the US economy. And “rockslide” is an apt word: as one thing starts rolling down the mountain, it will pick up other things until a veritable avalanche of other businesses and people are affected and rolling pell-mell right alongside.

Last year, we saw announcements of the expected closure of some retail giants. In February of 2013, Michael Snyder wrote on The Economic Collapse Blog that we would see the following:

Confederate Veteran cemetery vandalized


Members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans were horrified this week to find several historic grave sites dating back to the Civil War destroyed by vandals.

Sons of Confederate Veterans Louisiana Division Commander Thomas Taylor said vandals broke several gravestones at Tennille Cemetery in Monroe near the University of Louisiana at Monroe.

Several were the burial ground of children who died during the Civil War.

"You can see the marks on them where they beat them until they broke off," Taylor said.

The Truth about the Vietnam War


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132 Year-old Model 1873 found against a tree at Great Basin National Park.

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Who hasn't dreamed about finding an old, classic rifle leaning against a tree. Perhaps with a note attached to it telling the story. Well . . .


You have to wonder about the story behind the Model 1873 recently found leaning against a tree in Great Basin National Park. The Model 1873 is the iconic rifle in the great American westward expansion, and is referred to as "The Gun That Won the West."  So many people are trying to find the back story of this rifle. Was it just forgotten? Did something happen to it's owner. Did a hunter leave it intending to come back and find it, but never could.

Winchester staff writer, Scott Engen, gathered a few details provided by Nichole Andler, Chief of Interpretation at Great Basin National Park.

National Park Service finds an original Winchester Model 1873 in the wilds of Great Basin National Park.
Many of us harbor pipe dreams of running across an original Winchester Model 1873 rifle in the rafters of a dusty attic or tucked in the dark corner of old barn.

Recently employees of the National Park Service found an original Winchester Model 1873 rifle leaning against a gnarled juniper tree in a remote part of the sprawling Great Basin National Park in Nevada.

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Union appealing after Seattle cop suspended for racial slur ( Calling a black, boy!)

They have all lost their minds.

A white Seattle police officer was suspended for 15 days without pay after using racially-charged language while pursuing a black domestic violence suspect downtown.

The police union will appeal the punishment, calling it "too severe." Meanwhile, the department said the incident demonstrates that it is committed to holding officers accountable for their actions.

In-car video obtained by KIRO Radio shows Officer Jennifer Hunt pursuing a black male near Fourth Avenue and Union Street on October 7, 2013. The suspect, 32-year-old Kimo M. Warren, was being sought for a domestic violence incident.

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Rebuked by Graham, Duke University cancels bell tower broadcast of Muslim call to prayer

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“As Christianity is being excluded from the public square and followers of Islam are raping, butchering, and beheading Christians, Jews, and anyone who doesn’t submit to their Sharia Islamic law, Duke is promoting this in the name of religious pluralism,” said a post on Graham’s Facebook page.

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 In the face of biting criticism from conservative Christian evangelist Franklin Graham, Duke University dropped its plan Thursday to let Muslim students chant a weekly call to prayer from the Duke Chapel bell tower.

“Duke remains committed to fostering an inclusive, tolerant and welcoming campus for all of its students,” Michael Schoenfeld, vice president for public affairs, said in a news release. “However, it was clear that what was conceived as an effort to unify was not having the intended effect.”

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Arpaio Lawsuit Against Obama Amnesty Wins Accelerated Hearing


Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio's lawsuit challenging President Barack Obama's sweeping orders that protect millions of illegal aliens — dismissed by a federal judge last month — is back on the front burner, with an appeals court Wednesday ordering an accelerated hearing in the constitutional case.

Larry Klayman, Arpaio's lawyer and founder of the watchdog group Freedom Watch, had argued an expedited hearing schedule for an appeal was crucial to prevent the immigration orders from taking effect this spring.

"It is a big victory to Sheriff Arpaio and indeed the American people that the D.C. Circuit recognized the need for this case to be quickly resolved before Obama's unconstitutional amnesty program goes into full effect…" Klayman said in a statement.

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Lois Lerner Objected to IRS Deputy Director Visit to Cincinnati Office During Congressional Inquiries into Tea Party Targeting

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A new batch of emails show how IRS official Lois Lerner intentionally tried to stop inquiry about the IRS Targeting scheme back in April of 2012, and how the IRS was seeking to block congressional inquiry into the activity of the prior two years. 

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch today released a new batch of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) documents, including a series of emails from former IRS official Lois Lerner to then-Tax Exempt and Government Entities (TE/GE) Division Deputy Director Joseph H. Grant strongly objecting to his planned visit to the IRS Cincinnati office “smack dab in the middle” of congressional inquiries into the IRS targeting of conservative groups. Lerner also expresses concerns about a pending investigation by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) into the IRS’s handing of Tea Party applications.

SMACKED DOWN! School District Tries, Fails To Force Homeschoolers To Justify Religious Beliefs

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School district officials in a generally rural central Virginia county have decided not to try to force homeschooling parents and children to justify their religious beliefs to the satisfaction of the government.

The taxpayer-funded school board for the Goochland County Public Schools voted on Tuesday night to reverse course — at least partially — on a policy that had required children ages 14 and older to furnish local school bureaucrats with a statement concerning their religious beliefs.

The repeal came after hundreds of angry parents showed up at a school board meeting to show and voice their concerns, area CBS affiliate WTVR reports.

2 IDIOTS, 1 GUN SHOP: Police Officer Suing Gun Store After Shooting Off His Own Finger [VIDEO]


A former Kentucky police officer is suing a local gun store after he shot his finger off inside the store in a case of bad gun handling vs. horrible gun handling – plus a complete lack of personal responsibility.

According to a civil lawsuit, former Glasgow police officer Darrell Smith went to Barren Outdoors and asked to see a .380 caliber handgun.

An employee removed the gun from under the counter and handed it to Smith without checking to see if the gun was loaded.

Smith then takes the gun, likewise failing to check if the weapon was loaded, and holds it with one hand on the grip and the other hand near the muzzle. Smith says the gun “accidentally” went off (when he pulled the trigger), shooting off part of Smith’s index finger.

The Mississippi Burning – The Self-Inflicted Investigative Challenges Of The Jessica Lane Chambers Murder…

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By now most people are aware of our decision to stop analyzing and researching the Jessica Chambers murder. If not, well now you are.  That said, and because of the exhaustive previous research by all of you genuinely good truth-seekers, an explanation is warranted and deserved.

My apologies in advance for any length of explanation – And prior to explaining, allow me to assert a belief that investigators probably know who did it.

The problem is proving it.