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NC: Gun bills filed; more coming

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Another group of guns bills have been filed in the state Senate, making it likely that this session will revisit social issues -- an abortion bill has also been filed – in addition to the bigger themes of jobs and the economy.

Sen. Jeff Tarte, a Republican from Cornelius, has filed three of the gun bills.

Senate Bill 708 would create a new secret class of concealed weapons permit-holders, giving them the authority to carry handguns anywhere that law enforcement officers can, including into any place that posts a sign prohibiting concealed firearms.

Those qualified to carry the new “homeland security permits” would be given badges. They would have to undergo advanced training and other additional requirements that would have to be written by the state. The public would not be able to find out who has been given the permits.

San Paulo, Brazil: One of our Confederate ancestors <> Roberto is in The SCV there and is a descendant of the Cullen family

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Cullen A Pippen A Co NC 1st Inf Died Camp Fayetteville

Mario Cezar Miletta's photo.

Cops Makes False Arrest of White Girl’s Black Boyfriend… All So She Can Ask Him To School Dance

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Takes all kinds, I guess.

Rare WBTS Era Photos

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Coles Island (Image source: Osborn & Durbec's Southern Stereoscopic & Photographic Depot/Library of Congress) 
Coles Island

 Southern artillery militia, Charleston (Image source: Osborn & Durbec's Southern Stereoscopic & Photographic Depot/Library of Congress)
 Southern artillery militia, Charleston

 Fort Moultrie (Image source: Osborn & Durbec's Southern Stereoscopic & Photographic Depot/Library of Congress) 
Fort Moultrie
 Plantation workshops (Image source: Osborn & Durbec's Southern Stereoscopic & Photographic Depot/Library of Congress) 
Plantation workshops

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ISIS Caught Couple Having Sex, Stoned To Death

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GRAPHIC: ISIS Caught Couple Having Sex, What They Did About It Was SICK

An unwed couple accused of allegedly “fornicating” without being married by the Islamic State terrorist group (ISIS) was delivered a twisted punishment by the barbarians in front of a large crowd of onlookers.

Images that emerged from Iraq show the blindfolded couple being led into the street in Mosul by masked militants, then receiving a brutal sentence as one of the men read off their charges, according to MailOnline. Pictures show piles of stones laid out in the road, awaiting to be hurled at the defenseless couple until they die from the repeated blows, all while young children and women gather around the area to witness the vicious punishment.

Co-Pilot of Germanwings Airbus Was MUSLIM CONVERT …’Hero of Islamic State’

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lubitz facebook muslim page

A German news website claims Andreas Lubitz was a Muslim convert. reported:

According to Michael Mannheimer, a writer for German PI-News, Germany now has its own 9/11, thanks to the convert to Islam, Andreas Lubitz.

Translation from German:

All evidence indicates that the copilot of Airbus machine in his six-months break during his training as a pilot in Germanwings, converted to Islam and subsequently either by the order of “radical”, ie. devout Muslims , or received the order from the book of terror, the Quran, on his own accord decided to carry out this mass murder. As a radical mosque in Bremen is in the center of the investigation, in which the convert was staying often, it can be assumed that he – as Mohammed Atta, in the attack against New York – received his instructions directly from the immediate vicinity of the mosque.

Pro-gunners Squeak Out a 2-0 Victory in the Senate


-- Rubio & Jordan introduce bill to repeal D.C. gun ban

ACTION: Contact your Senators and Representative.  Ask them to cosponsor the GOA-backed Rubio/Jordan bill (S. 874/H.R. 1701).

Victory over Choke Point and United Nations!

We had hoped that a newly invigorated Senate Republican majority would have been a little more enthusiastic.  But, in the end, we squeaked out a couple of victories on the Budget Resolution last week -- and blocked the Bloomberg brigade from ever getting to first base.

First, thanks to Senator Mike Crapo (R-ID).  Senator Crapo was able to add a committee amendment to choke the anti-gun Operation Choke Point.  And the “Bloomberglers” didn't even try to take it out on the floor. 

As you remember, Operation Choke Point is being used to try to convince banks to shut off credit to gun dealers and manufacturers. But we expect the Crapo amendment will probably put one final stake in the heart of that vampire.

Second, thanks to Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK).  An Inhofe floor amendment to shut down the UN Arms Trade Treaty passed the Senate by a vote of 59-41.

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Obama supports 20% reduction in military retirement pay

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Just Hunky dory.....Probably cuts disability also.  Actually I might go for that as long as I don't pay ANY taxes whatsoever.


President Obama said Monday he supports the recommendations of a military commission that would reduce the size of traditional military retirement pay by about 20 percent and offer a new defined-contribution benefit for troops who leave before 20 years of service.

Class warfare dominant theme in Obama’s Birmingham speech deriding short-term loans

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Naw, who woulda thunk.......................

President Barack Obama spoke to a raucous crowd in the Lawson State Community College gym in Birmingham on Thursday, drawing deafening cheers from students and faculty members as he came to the stage to deliver his remarks.

The president started by issuing rare praise to Congress, commending House Speaker John Boehner and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for bringing their deeply fractured caucuses together to pass the so called “doc fix,” which a CNN report describes as a “permanent fix” for Medicare reimbursement for doctors. Conservative groups warned that the bill could drive the country $500 billion further into debt, but it ultimately garnered wide bi-partisan support, passing by a vote of 392-37.

Mr. Obama also touted his plan to provide “free” community college to high school graduates around the country, a proposal that drew head-nods from many of the college students in attendance, but eye-rolls from conservatives who note that taxpayers will ultimately cover the costs.

Confederate flag causes stir during Diversity Week


A flag flap has created a stir at Windsor High School during the school's Diversity Week.

The rights of students to be able to fly flags of their choosing on school property became a discussion point after a student came to school on Tuesday flying a Confederate flag off the back of his truck.

After the flag was removed by a school administrator, a group of students took issue with the decision and responded by showing up to school the following day flying a variety of different flags, including American flags, a Confederate flag, a "Don't Tread On Me" flag and a Georgia state flag, from their vehicles.

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Concealed Carry Permit Holder Stops Gunman During Attempted Mass Shooting

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 AP Photo/David Goldman

On March 22 a man who opened fire on children and adults in a Philadelphia barbershop was shot and killed by a citizen with a concealed carry permit.

The armed citizen had been walking by the barbershop when he heard gunshots. He ran inside and shot the gunman.

According NBC Philadelphia, the incident arose after two men got into a fight in the barbershop. An unnamed 40-year-old man fought with another customer then pulled out a gun and started shooting.

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In regard to duty, let me, in conclusion of this hasty letter, inform you that nearly a hundred years ago there was a day of remarkable gloom and darkness -- still known as "the dark day" -- a day when the light of the sun was slowly extinguished, as if by an eclipse.

The Legislature of Connecticut was in session, and as its members saw the unexpected and unaccountable darkness coming on, they shared in general awe and terror. It was supposed by many that the last day -- the day of judgment -- had come. Some one, in the consternation of the hour, moved an adjournment.

Then there arose an old Puritan legislator, Davenport, of Stamford, and said that, if the last day had come, he desired to be found at his place doing his duty, and therefore moved that candles be brought in, so that the House could proceed with its duty

There was quietness in that man's mind, the quietness of heavenly wisdom and inflexible willingness to obey present duty. Duty, then, is the sublimest word in our language. Do your duty in all things like the old Puritan. You cannot do more; you should never wish to do less. Never let your mother or me wear one gray hair for any lack of duty on your part. 


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This is our song written by myself, Donna Nolan-Wilson, Greg Wilson and Barbara Sharp about Vietnam Veterans and the lack of respect they were shown when they returned home. You can pick up the DVD of this song as well Purple Heart and Second Son at Amazon: You can also download this song at Amazon:

This song was written with an 18 year old soldier named Bobby. He did not return home. He gave his life in Vietnam.

This song was inspired by Bobby Dale Swindell. He was a SGT - E5 - Army - Selective Service in the 25th Infantry Division. 24 year old single, Caucasian, Male born on December 1, 1941. He was from Dallas, Texas. His length of service was supposed to be 2 years. His tour of duty began on April 16th, 1966 and he became a casualty of war on May 17th, 1966 in South Vietnam. He died as a result of Hostile fire, ground casualty and other explosive device. His body was recovered. His religion was Baptist. "Duty Called and He Answered"

Ammo Test: Remington’s Ultimate Defense 38 Special +P

 For this test, I decided to use a snub-nose revolver, a Ruger LCR 357.
 For this test, I decided to use a snub-nose revolver, a Ruger LCR 357.

 I use Speer LE .357 158 GR HP in my LCR.

For the first couple episodes of the Great GunsAmerica Ammo Adventure, we looked at some interesting rifle rounds: the new Sig Sauer 300 Blackout Match Subsonic and Doubletap’s new 6.8 Remington SPC 90 grain Bonded Defense. They’re both really interesting, and if you consider the results, high-performance rifle cartridges. Now it’s time to drift into every day carry territory. For the next few episodes, we’ll take a close look at really common caliber options that make up a large proportion of concealed carry firearms.

This week’s feature is the Remington Ultimate Defense 38 Special +P 125 grain. If you look at the new Ultimate Defense bullets, they might seem familiar. They share the design of the famous Golden Saber projectiles. One difference you may encounter in the product family is that Remington is developing some loads optimized for short barrel handguns. Projectiles for the Compact Handgun loads are intended to expand more easily at lower velocities generated from shorter barrel guns.

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Ready or Not

A nice handheld flamethrower?

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Every time I'm sipping wine with tortured tech types, they always explain to me that this is a mobile world.

Some things, though, are still a touch cumbersome. Flamethrowers, for example.

How delightful then that Monday sees the launch of the XM42. This nifty little thing claims to be the "the world's first commercially available handheld flamethrower."

You've always wanted one of those, haven't you? To attack those pesky garden weeds, for example. And to generally feel a little better about yourself.

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The Bear and the Community Organizer

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Vladimir Putin scheduled the war to retake the Baltic States – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – for the first half of the last Final Four college basketball game. He anticipated, correctly, that the President’s focus would be on his brackets instead of Russia’s plan to recapture its former glory.

The signs were all there – prior aggression in Georgia, the invasion of Ukraine, the unscheduled “maneuvers” in both Russia and Belarus adjacent to the panicking Baltic States’ borders, the provocative military flights into their airspace and that of nearby Sweden. And the administration, fixated on pushing through its domestic agenda and a legacy-building nuclear deal with Iran at all costs, ignored them.

A week before, the Secretary of State had said in an interview that, “Russia has a legitimate interest in Eastern Europe that we in the West are bound to respect.” Putin had taken that as tacit validation of a Russian sphere of influence over its former subject states.

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A former Department of Justice prosecutor, now heading a public-interest watchdog group, filed a RICO-related civil lawsuit against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former President Bill Clinton and their lucrative family foundation. The lawsuit filed on March 24 before the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida alleges that the Clintons and their foundation committed criminal violations under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO).

The attorney, Larry Klayman, reported that the RICO lawsuit accuses the Clintons of engaging in a criminal enterprise during the last 10 years with the goal of enriching themselves personally.

Secession Makes More Sense Than Article V Convention of States

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Why the “Convention of States” Project won’t work
…but secession will

The latest craze throughout many Tea Party groups is to support the notion that our Constitution should be changed. This ill-conceived idea didn’t just come from Mark Levin’s book, the “Liberty Amendments.” It has been planned for decades and has been pushed by, both, the left and the right since the 1970’s.

In order to achieve the ultimate goals of the globalist movement, the Constitutional re-writers must transform our existing form of government (a Republic). Remember, Obama used the words “fundamentally transformed” and Michael Farris calls it, “structurally changed.” The effort began with the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations in 1964 and is recently pushed through several Non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) such as ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council), on the right, and their counterpart on the left, the National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL).

The last push for an Article V convention was done by the left (in 1995) and was supported by ALEC…now it’s being sold to the other side with ALEC at the helm.

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Kill the Kulaks

The Gruesome Story of a Murdered Tennessee Couple You May Have Never Heard – But That You Will Never Forget

Why have America’s leading organs of influence decided to demonize white, Christian men as the most uniquely evil group in the history of the world? Why is it necessary for students, especially of that ethnic group, to unpack their invisible knapsacks?

The answer is that these men are routinely targeted for politically-empowered looting, usually by their own wives, with the assistance of the state. This looting would not be morally palatable without a pervasive myth of uniquely white male evil. It would otherwise trip the moral alarms that might otherwise come up when dissolving a family for personal gain.

The growth in anti-white-male op-eds in influential magazines makes more sense when you look at the real lives of middle class men, which are often marked by either divorce or threatened divorce, which typically involves an enormous transfer of valuable assets from the man to his ex-wife. This expropriation would have been regarded as execrable even just 50 years ago, but with the assistance of a powerful guilt-myth, it goes down much easier.