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Questions For Brock Townsend From England

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Revolutionary War Distorted As Is WBTS

(the29thtn, SWR. "My response was to write an unfair history of the Revolutionary War to show how easy it is to manipulate and distort real facts to make good people look like evil racist slavers." BT)

"It is an undeniable fact that the American Revolution was nothing more than an attempt by wealthy American elites to maintain their influence and power. The vast majority of American Revolutionary leaders were wealthy. It's also a fact that many were slave owners.

The colonies had long benefited from their ties to England and the English King. The colonies had grown in great prosperity and the power of England's navy gave them great freedom to trade across Britain’s vast domains.

British attempts to bring smuggling in line and the need to raise revenue to recoup the costs of the recent French and Indian war, which was fought in defense of the ungrateful colonies, were a threat to these wealthy individuals.

For taxes of just a few cents, often less, these ungrateful thugs who refused to pay their fair share committed acts of violence and depravity. Mobs were stirred up to assault government officers. Many were beaten and some were killed. British attempts to maintain order against these illegal mobs were met by further abuses. The mobs were trained and given weapons until the militias nearly formed an army which could overturn an ancient government which only defended it's right to exist. Anarchy could only be the result of such logic.

Anti-slavery sentiment had long been building in England, but in America much of the booming economy was dependent on slave labor. The economic engine of much of New England was dependent on the slave trade, which England's antipathy toward could threaten.

As the rebels got out of hand in 1775, Lord Dunmore threatened to emancipate the slaves in America if the colonists did not cease their activities and accept government dictates. After the Revolution exploded in Virginia, Dunmore fled with his forces in Williamsburg after issuing the following Emancipation Proclamation

By His Excellency the Right Honorable JOHN Earl of DUNMORE, His Majesty's Lieutenant and Governor General of the Colony and Dominion of VIRGINIA, and Vice Admiral of the same.


As I have ever entertained Hopes, that an Accommodation might have taken Place between GREAT-BRITAIN and this Colony, without being compelled by my Duty to this most disagreeable but now absolutely necessary Step, rendered so by a Body of armed Men unlawfully assembled, firing on His MAJESTY'S Tenders, and the formation of an Army, and that Army now on their March to attack his MAJESTY'S Troops and destroy the well disposed subjects of the Colony. To defeat such treasonable Purposes, and that all such Traitors, and their Abettors, may be brought to Justice, and that the Peace, and good Order of this Colony may be again restored, which the ordinary Course of the Civil Law is unable to effect; I have thought fit to issue this my Proclamation, hereby declaring, that until the aforesaid good Purpose can be obtained, I do in Virtue of the Power and Authority to ME given, by His MAJESTY, determine to execute Martial Law, and cause the same to be executed throughout this Colony: and to ****** the Peace and good Order may the sooner be restored, I do require every Person capable of bearing Arms, to resort to His MAJESTY'S STANDARD, or be looked upon as Traitors to His MAJESTY'S Crown and Government, and thereby become liable to the Penalty the Law inflicts upon such Offenses; such as forfeiture of Life, confiscation of Lands, &. &. And I do hereby further declare all indented Servants, Negroes, or others, (appertaining to Rebels,) free that are able and willing to bear Arms, they joining His MAJESTY'S Troops as soon as may be, foe the more speedily reducing this Colony to a proper Sense of their Duty, to His MAJESTY'S Crown and Dignity. I do further order, and require, all His MAJESTY'S Liege Subjects, to retain their Quitrents, or any other Taxes due or that may become due, in their own Custody, till such a Time as Peace may be again restored to this at present most unhappy Country, or demanded of them for their former salutary Purposes, by Officers properly ***** to receive the same.

GIVEN under my Hand on board the Ship WILLIAM by Norfolk, the 7th Day of November in the SIXTEENTH Year of His MAJESTY'S Reign.


(GOD save the KING.)

After this point the war became one to liberate slaves. Throughout the entire war, the British provided safety to slaves who undertook their own liberation. It is believed that over the course of the war up to 100,000 slaves were freed by the British. Dunmore moved with his forces toward the loyal town of Norfolk, while burning plantations and liberating slaves along the way. Historians are unsure how many slaves were murdered or returned to servitude by brutal American slavers after the annihilation of Dunmore's army at the battle of Great Bridge on December 9, 1775.

One has to look no further than the founding documents themselves to see Americans proclaim openly that their principle concern was slavery. Only foolish American apologists would dare argue that they had any other intention than the preservation of their own wealth and slavery. It is an undeniable fact that the last and most important cause given for breaking with their king was the subornation of Africans and Indians. The Deceleration of Independence itself proclaims that the colonies seek independence because, “He (the king) has excited domestic insurrections amongst us (liberated our slaves), and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.” The racism and hatred seeps from the page.

Had English arms proven victorious slavery would have ended once and for all in America, and the colonists would continued the divine and unbreakable connection with their King and parliament. We can only imagine the glories this continued union might have obtained."

The Police Cover-Up Continues

"There is no question that the police are lying. The fact that the man was shot five times in the back, and that an ambulance driver saw them take Scott's holstered weapon out of his waistband and put it on the ground, is enough to condemn them of not only an unlawful and lethal shooting, but obstruction of justice as well."

An Open Letter To The Atlanta History Center

"I recently toured your exhibit on Abraham Lincoln entitled With Malice Toward None. Both the exhibit and the related brochure contain a number of historical errors.

The exhibit claims that Lincoln did everything to avoid war. He could have easily prevented war by removing Federal troops from South Carolina property. He left them there to provoke the South into firing the first shot. South Carolina had sent agents to Washington for the purpose of negotiating a troop removal, but Lincoln would not agree to that. Lincoln placed a naval blockade on the ports of North Carolina while that state was still in the Union. Naval blockade is an act of war. Lincoln could have ended the Civil War at any time by bringing his troops home.

On page 7 of the brochure you say that Lincoln was a single-issue candidate for high office. I am curious to know what that issue was because it wasn’t slavery. Lincoln stated unequivocally in his 1861 Inaugural Address that he wasn’t going to free the slaves. You made a vague statement to this effect in your brochure.

On page 10 you say that Lincoln treated secession as an artificial crisis manufactured by designing Southern politicians. The Southern States were paying about 85% of all revenues collected by the Federal Government. Congress was controlled by the Northern States and that is where most of the money was being spent. The South wanted free trade with England and France without the burden of high import tariffs.

The New England States were the first to consider secession in the early 19th Century. Our Declaration of Independence establishes the right of secession as the founding principle of this country. Peaceful secessions have occurred throughout history. In 1905 Norway seceded from Sweden and not a shot was fired.

On page 12 you mention Lincoln’s attack on slavery. There was no attack on slavery. The Emancipation Proclamation did not even free the slaves in the border states where Lincoln had political control. Lincoln’s father-in-law and Ulysses S. Grant’s wife owned slaves throughout the war.

On page 17 you said that Ulysses S. Grant and William T. Sherman were men who understood the brutality of war. I can’t argue with this one. In his General Order number 11, Grant instructed his troops to arrest and deport all Jews in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Mississippi. Sherman charged 700 female mill workers in the Atlanta area with treason for making cloth for the Confederate Army. These women were herded into rail cars like cattle and shipped to Indiana. Few ever returned. A large number of slaves following behind Sherman’s troops were allowed to drown in Ebenezer Creek in South Georgia. The Union Army murdered, tortured, raped, and robbed tens of thousands of civilians. Union prison camps were worse than Andersonville. Thousands of Northerners were imprisoned without a trial for speaking out against Lincoln’s invasion of the South. One of them was the grandson of Francis Scott Key. The behavior of the Union Army under Lincoln is the most shameful page in American history.

Pages 23 and 24 deal with the Union Pacific Railroad which Lincoln built with public funds. The eastern terminus of this railroad just happened to be on land that Lincoln had recently purchased. Lincoln scholar Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo describes this project as the mother of all political payoffs. Many prominent Republicans cashed in on construction contracts. General Sherman led a campaign of ethnic genocide against the Native Americans of the Great Plains in order to clear the way for this railroad. I noticed that the Union Pacific Corporation gave generous support for your Lincoln exhibit.

So why can’t we tell the truth about Abe Lincoln? His ties to European socialists have been documented. Our Federal Government, public schools, and news media are almost completely controlled by the socialist left. Lincoln’s mercantilist policies make him a convenient hero for fans of big government. The myth that Lincoln freed the slaves protects him from too much scrutiny. No one wants to be called a racist for excoriating Abe.

This country is long overdue for an honest debate on Lincoln and the Civil War. Would the Atlanta History Center be interested in making this a reality?"

Joe Jordan
Smyrna, GA

Palestinian Activist Speaks At Obama’s Church

The mainstream press widely reported that President Barack Obama attended church in Washington on Sunday, Sept. 19, only the third time he has worshiped publicly since taking office.

What got little notice was that immediately following Obama and his family’s attendance at St. John’s Episcopal Church, a pro-Palestinian activist delivered an address at the same church.

After the 9 a.m. service Obama attended, an “Adult Forum” was held at St. John’s, and Ziad Asali, founder and president of the American Task Force on Palestine (ATFP), took the podium. His message, according to Israel Today, amounted to a demand for Israel “to surrender its biblical heartland for a phony ‘peace.’”

“Asali and the ATFP pretend to want a lasting two-state solution to the conflict, but also advocate the demographic destruction of the Jewish state by supporting the demand that Israel open its gates to millions of so-called ‘Palestinian refugees,’” Israel Today pointed out.

“Asali draws moral equivalency between Palestinian terrorism and Israeli counter-terrorism operations.”

The ATFP reportedly calls for the re-admittance of not only the relatively few remaining survivors who were among the 725,000 original Palestinian refugees, but also more than 5 million of their descendants. “The right of return is an integral part of international humanitarian law and cannot be renounced by any parties,” the ATFP has stated.

Israel Today observed: “Perhaps unsurprisingly, the U.S. mainstream media ignored the fact that a Muslim with a thinly-veiled anti-Israel message was preaching on the day that the Obama family attended church for only the third time in the past year.

“Presidents and their staffs don’t schedule things on a whim, and they don’t show up at the same place as someone like Asali by mere coincidence.



How the civil War (Sic) Turned the World Upside Down for Southern Children tells how
Union soldiers "wreaked havoc on the South,...were very cruel even to the children, destroying food , furniture, and possessions of families, threatening children with violence, even sexual assault, often in front of other family members, ...brandishing whips and pistols, ...tearing up school books, taking away blankets...spitting in preserves...pouring ketchup on paintings..."

Union depredations were also committed against slave children, with soldiers demanding that they sing and dance..."
Topsy-Turvy: How the civil War Turned the World Upside Down for Southern Children

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Southerners Point To Rhode Island’s Record

"The British Royal African Company was the chief culprit in populating North America and the West Indies with African slaves. Despite being near bankrupt from high expenses, it was considered too big to fail and received government subsidy. The Southern States inherited this British colonial labor system which after the Revolution was set on a potential track to abolition, but the advent of Massachusetts tinkerer Eli Whitney’s invention in the mid 1790’s and the rise of New England cotton mills perpetuated slavery."

Hoof & Mouth Disease Strikes Biden Again

Tea Party ‘Best Thing’ for Democrats

Vice President Joe Biden says victories by tea party candidates have encouraged him and he believes the conservative movement could inspire Democrats to turn out and vote in November.

“Maybe the best thing to happen to us is the tea party wins,” Biden said Thursday at a fundraiser in Chevy Chase, Md.

“Maybe it’ll shake some of our constituency out of their lethargy.”

He also brushed aside assertions that the Republicans will take control of Congress in the November elections, The Hill newspaper reported.

“I guarantee you we’re going to have a majority in the House and a majority in the Senate,” he declared. “I absolutely believe that.”

He conceded that voters are “angry against whoever is in power,” but added that Democrats “have a heck of a record, a heck of a positive record to run on.”


He also said he's second in line for the Presidency........Open mouth, insert foot........