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2 of 3 students want whites 're-educated' on racism: Survey shows plenty of support for the racist rules of Critical Race Theory

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                                         The civilian job market eagerly await.

In what has to be considered an indicator of the success or failure of colleges in America today, a new poll shows a large majority – some 66% – of college students hold the belief that "racism is so rooted in America that whites need to be 're-educated' on the issue."

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SSG Laszlo Rabel Medal of Honor Recipient

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Staff Sergeant Laszlo Rabel was born in Budapest in 1939 and escaped from Hungary after participating in the failed 1956 revolution against Soviet-backed Hungarian Communist forces. Rabel lost several family members and friends in the uprising and he eventually made it across the border into Austria and found refuge in the United States. 
Rabel settled in Minnesota and enlisted in the Army in 1966 at the age of 27. Staff Sergeant Rabel was awarded the Medal of Honor.
Staff Sergeant Lazlo Rabel, United States Army, distinguished himself by conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity while serving as leader of Team Delta, 74th Infantry Detachment (Long Range Patrol), 173d Airborne Brigade, in Binh Dinh Province, Republic of Vietnam on 13 November 1968.
At 1000 hours on this date, Team Delta was in a defensive perimeter conducting reconnaissance of enemy trail networks when a member of the team detected enemy movement to the front.
As Sergeant Rabel and a comrade prepared to clear the area, he heard an incoming grenade as it landed in the midst of the team's perimeter. With complete disregard for his own life, Sergeant Rabel threw himself on the grenade and, covering it with his body, received the complete impact of the immediate explosion.
Through his indomitable courage, complete disregard for his own safety and profound concern for his fellow soldiers, Sergeant Rabel averted the loss of life and injury to the other members of Team Delta.
By his conspicuous gallantry at the cost of his own life in the highest traditions of the military service, Staff Sergeant Rabel has reflected great credit upon himself, his unit, and the United States Army.

"Our new 4 star admiral of health. How can ANYONE doubt what we as a nation have become?"

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WATCH: Here Are The Faces Of The Military Men Who Are Potentially Being Lost Due To The Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandate (VIDEO)

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At a time when our country is going through a very apparent inflation crisis, you would think that the Biden administration would want more workers not less. However, the vaccine mandates that Biden is pushing, which many agree are unconstitutional, are affecting everyone from hospital workers to military members.

Several military members have made a video stating their names, the jobs they do in their service, and where they have been deployed. These are the faces of the men who will likely be separated from the Military.

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Woman Raped on Philadelphia Train as Bystanders Watched and Did Nothing, Stunned Police Say

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CEASE AND DESIST: Twitter Page Highlighting Pelosi’s Insider Trading Issued A Warning

Nancy and Paul Pelosi Making Millions in Stock Trades in Companies She Actively Regulates

Riddle me this, how does one achieve 69% annualized returns?

Those who are familiar with trading and investing know that a 20% ROI is incredible, and during his heyday legendary investor Warren Buffett averaged returns of over 30%.

Today that return is far closer to 20%, and Buffett is far and wide considered the greatest investor of all time.

So my question is this: how does a sitting member of Congress beat out Warren Buffett’s ROI by almost a 4x margin?

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Biden’s Boat Parade: Trucker Shortage Exacerbating U.S. Port Congestion


The breakdown of the supply chains vital to our economy is finally capturing the public attention. Despite Joe Biden's executive order last week, the Port of Los Angeles is not yet operating 24 hours per day, according to analysts at Bank of America, and on Tuesday there were nearly 100 container ships at anchor waiting to get into port there and at the Port of Long Beach.

They may be waiting a while. As we reported at Bretibart News today, there are still 20,000 fewer truckers in the U.S. than there were pre-pandemic. Many truckers who lost their jobs in the initial shutdown appear not to have returned to work. As a result, the average wait time for containers offloaded at the LA and Long Beach ports is five to six days, twice as long as normal. That leaves the dockyards overcrowded, leaving ships with no place to offload.

Keeping the ports open longer may not fix things. For one thing, not only are more truckers needed, shipping companies will need to recruit truckers willing to work a 3 a.m. to 8 a.m. shift. That's going to be difficult and expensive to do while so many other employers are on a hiring spree. Recall that there were over 10 million open jobs at the end of August. What's more, there will need to be workers at warehouses to unload trucks at off-hours. Hard at any time. Probably impossible in a labor shortage.

This global disruption puts more strain on smaller companies than larger ones. The biggest retailers charter their own container ships and have more leverage with rail and truck companies to move product across the country. It is the smaller importers who will be strained the most. That will be particularly punishing during the holiday season, when many retailers depend on huge sales volumes to put them into profitability for the year.

Alex Marlow & John Carney
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General Keith Kellogg

General Keith Kellogg has written a sweeping and powerful account of the Trump Presidency. He spent four years with me in the White House and in the 2016 Campaign for the Presidency. His narrative is factual and indisputable. Unlike other Fakers and Slimeballs that write fictional books without knowing me or virtually anything about me, The General knew me and my administration well, and he was there for every major National Security decision. Finally we have a real and inside account of our very successful four years. An incredible read published today. I strongly recommend this important book that will set a historic standard. Go get War By Other Means by General Keith Kellogg—it’s really good! 

~~Donald J. Trump

The Collapsing American Military & Polls Show Mounting Support for State Secessions

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After America Collapses, What Comes Next? 2013 


The US military is in a state of rapid decline. The huge budget goes largely into “cost overruns” or profits for the armaments industry and results in costly but second class weapon systems. The main problem, however, is the morale of US troops.

The white male troops, the backbone of the Army, Air Force, and Navy are forced to take “racial sensitivity training,” that is, they are indoctrinated that they are racists and misogynists and have to reconsider their alleged attitudes toward “preferred minorities” and females. This makes it difficult for white officers to discipline black and female troops. Blacks can claim “racism,” and women can allege “sexual harassment.”

Simultaneously, promotions for white men are on hold for the purpose of achieving “balance” by promoting blacks and women. In other words, promotions are not on the basis of merit but on the basis of race and gender. White male troops are unlikely to respect officers promoted for these reasons.

Dan Goure and David T. Pyne have raised valid questions about how well the US would fare in a military conflict with Russia and China. Not well they conclude. See this, and this.

Possibly the articles by Dan Goure and David T. Pyne are sincere concerns of military analysts worried about Washinton’s unrealistic hubris. Also possibly Goure and Pyne are consultants to defense firms and are lobbying for an even larger military budget. Nevertheless, both are correct that Washington is no match for Russia and China and is spread too thin in its ambitions to be a match for anyone. Nevertheless, the real military problem for the US is completely different from what they think.

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Polls Show Mounting Support for State Secessions

Biden Flying Underage Migrants Into NY in the Dead of Night

 Migrants seen after getting off a plane in Westchester.

Planeloads of underage migrants are being flown secretly into suburban New York in an effort by President Biden’s administration to quietly resettle them across the region, The Post has learned.

The charter flights originate in Texas, where the ongoing border crisis has overwhelmed local immigration officials, and have been underway since at least August, according to sources familiar with the matter.

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