Saturday, October 19, 2013

Mexican Consulate plans Saturday, Oct. 19, Asheville visit to aid immigrants

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More than 24,000 Mexicans live in Western North Carolina, according to the Consulate General of Mexico's Raleigh, N.C., office. Nearly 9,000 of them live in Buncombe County, and about 8,500 in Henderson County. For the past three years, the Consulate has brought its office to Asheville so that these legal immigrants can get help with a variety of needs.

“Without the proper identification, people who have immigrated to this country from Mexico cannot even get a library card, let alone utilities or a bank account,” says Carolina McCready, co-director of the nonprofit El Centro of Henderson County. To overcome such barriers and help meet vital identification needs in the local Mexican community, El Centro is hosting a visit from the Mexican Consulate on Saturday, Oct. 19, from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. at the WNC AG Center in the Expo Building.

Transgender boy invades girls' bathroom

School warns of punishment for teens who report harassment, complain 

Girls at a Colorado high school are being forced to allow an older boy to use their bathrooms as the result of a policy of transgender accommodation, and the girls say they are being threatened with punishment if their complaints don’t stop.

The debate is happening at Florence High School in Florence, Colo., located near Colorado Springs. Parents of several girls are seeking a legal remedy after their daughters were required to share bathrooms with a male who maintains his true gender identity is that of a woman.

“First of all, it’s our position that a teenage boy’s presence into the bathroom for teenage girls is inherently harassing,” said Matthew McReynolds, staff attorney at the Pacific Justice Institute, who is representing the families of the girls involved. “It’s inherently violative of their privacy rights. It’s also intimidating when you have a boy like this, who is not a freshman, going in there with younger freshman girls. They feel violated. They feel intimidated, and that’s been expressed to us.”

The girls further allege the boy has made sexually harassing comments in that setting.

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Ruger announces SR-762 battle rifle


Ruger has just announced that they’ve expanded their piston AR line to include a 8.6 lbs. 7.62  battle rifle called the SR-762.

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR) is pleased to announce the new Ruger® SR-762™, bringing the .308 Win./7.62 NATO cartridge to the popular SR-556® family of rifles. The SR-762™ offers the downrange authority of the .308 cartridge in a two-stage, piston-driven rifle that runs cooler and cleaner than traditional gas-driven AR-style rifles.

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Great Anti-McAuliffe Ad Changes Minds

I’ve got the audio of the television ad that ran for a while in the Virginia governor’s race. The ad was put together for Ken Cuccinelli. It was put together by an independent group of people who were fed up with liberalism. They’re fed up with the Democrat Party. They’re actually fed up with the fact that Republicans don’t run these kinds of ads. I don’t remember the name of the group. It’s five guys that did this.

I think they’re New Yorkers, and they’re just fed up, and they’re upset. Now, they’re not upset at Cuccinelli. Cuccinelli is a great pugilist. He does fight back. That’s why this group put the ad together. But I think the ad hasn’t run in a while, and it may be a question of money. But I have audio of the ad. Well, I watched it on television, watched the video, and I decided that even though the graphics that support the audio aren’t here, I wanted you to hear it anyway, because they’ve researched this ad.

They focus-grouped this ad among voters in Virginia, and it causes a massive change of intention to vote from McAuliffe to Cuccinelli. Massive. In some cases, eight-point swings. McAuliffe ends up minus four after this ad and Cuccinelli ends up plus four. In some cases, it’s a bigger swing than that, so here’s the ad. There’s no moderation here, there’s no bipartisanship, there’s no appeal to getting along. This ad basically says to Terry McAuliffe and the Democrat Party, “We’re not gonna let you Detroit us. We’re not gonna let you turn Virginia into every place else you’ve run into the ground.”

Thought nothing could be worse than getting killed in the trenches?

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 Walking wounded: British soldiers walking back from the front line to receive treatment

A haunting book lays bare, as never before, the blood-soaked days when the wounded envied the dead

    Soldiers in the First World War suffered horrific wounds in battle

    They were treated in unsanitary conditions by overstretched doctors

    Many of the men would die on their painful journey to Britain

    Wounded, a new book by Emily Mayhew, tells the awful story of the injured and their carers in The Great War

Tending the wounded on the Somme in World War I, Nurse Winifred Kenyon stumbled on a godsend to help with the grim job she had to do - tiny muslin bags filled with sweet-smelling lavender, which she pinned to the pillows of the worst cases.

Though the little bags had been sent to the Front in error (the soldiers should have been sent small drawstring bags to hold their few possessions), Nurse Kenyon found the sweet smell seemed to calm soldiers hovering close to death and remind them of home.

It also disguised from them the stench of the gangrene and rot in their own shattered bodies.

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The 7 Types of American Politicians

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1. DEMOCRAT: The Anti-American Marxist Subversive
The Marxist radical is out to destroy America and remake it into a totalitarian welfare state. This vile, degenerae psychopath knows exactly what he wants and pursues his goal with relentless and ruthless fanaticism.
Examples: Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton
2. DEMOCRAT:The Careerist Crook