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Ever wonder how a hawk with a huge wing span can fly through the forest without hitting the trees?

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Probably homeschooled

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South Korean "Super Gun" packs hi-tech killing power onto a human target three klicks away

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Female Member of Israeli Parliament Obliterates John Kerry: You will "cause the whole region to spin out of control"

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Now, this is speaking truth to power:

In letter publicized to the press, Shaked attacks US pressure to release terrorists: "You are putting me and my children's lives at risk"

Bayit Yehudi MK Ayelet Shaked has released a scathing open letter to US Secretary of State John Kerry, for pushing the Israeli government to release convicted terrorist murderers...

"In light of the current situation that you have brought about, I feel that I cannot be bound by the restraints of 'politically correct' wording, and I therefore will allow myself to convey my following message to you in the most straightforward fashion... By forcing Israel to capitulate to terrorism by releasing murdering terrorists with so much blood on their hands that the US would never dream of releasing if it was their own citizens murdered – you are not only being extremely hypocritical, but are actually dabbling in experimentation and gambling, by putting me and my children's lives at risk..."

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Shoot Down Obamacare: Lee, Rubio, Cruz, Paul, Thune and Jindal


Many Republicans who are eyeing a run for president in 2016 are backing an all-or-nothing plan to defund ObamaCare.

More than half a dozen possible GOP White House candidates support that strategy while a handful are calling for a more nuanced approach to defunding or repealing the healthcare law. Another five are dodging questions and a couple others are not signaling one way or another.

In short, some are willing to go to the brink and beyond of a government shutdown to defund ObamaCare. But it’s far from unanimous.

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Police officer saves the life of a suicidal woman by handcuffing himself to her and throwing away the key


  •  The desperate woman had climbed to the top of a bill board in Beijing, China
  • Police arrived to try and talk her down, but then took more drastic action
  • As the woman hung from the ledge, an officer handcuffed himself to herThis is the heart-stopping moment a police officer saves the life of a suicidal woman by handcuffing himself to her and throwing away the key.

    The desperate woman had climbed to the top of a bill board on a concrete wall in Beijing, China.

    But her plight quickly attracted the attention of bystanders and police arrived to try and talk her down.

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  • Oklahoma Anti-Sharia Law Thrown Out by Federal Judge


    America we have problems. Oklahoma has a reputation for perhaps being the “reddest” state in the nation, and it does not seem to matter. On Thursday, Oklahoma’s anti-Sharia legislation was thrown out and ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge, Vicki Miles-LaGrange, in Oklahoma City.

    Tulsa World reports:
    An Oklahoma constitutional amendment that would bar the state’s courts from considering or using Sharia law was ruled unconstitutional Thursday by a federal judge in Oklahoma City. In finding the law in violation of the U.S. Constitution’s Establishment Clause, U.S. District Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange issued a permanent injunction prohibiting the certification of the results of the state question that put the Sharia law ban into the state constitution. “While the public has an interest in the will of the voters being carried out, the Court finds that the public has a more profound and long-term interest in upholding an individual’s constitutional rights,” the judge wrote.

    Diamond Gusset Jeans: 100% American Made

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    Exclusive - Rand Paul Extended Interview

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    Egyptian Army warns Obama: “Supporting terrorism in Egypt is OUR red line”

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    According to a report titled “Sisi to Pentagon: We will not turn back, sovereignty is a red line,” published in Watan newspaper, Egyptian Maj. Gen. Muhammad al-’Assar has just issued a strongly worded letter to the Pentagon, on behalf of the Egyptian military council, saying, among other things, “We will not retreat from fighting terrorism; the military does not run, for the [Egyptian] republic has leadership, and our message is clear: we will not allow red lines to be crossed.

    Raymond Ibrahim  Military sources reportedly told Watan news that contact with the Obama Regime has completely ceased, though it remains open with the Pentagon, “which informed the Egyptian side of its fears concerning [Egypt's] closeness to Russia.


    Regarding U.S. president Barrack Obama’s cancelation of joint military exercises with Egypt, criticism of the military’s crackdown on the Brotherhood, and threats of cutting U.S. aid to Egypt, Watanreported military sources as saying, “The American decision will not influence the course drawn by popular will” — a reference to the fact that the overwhelming majority of Egyptians reject Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood — and that “the military does not accept any external dictates and will not permit any nation to support terrorism in Egypt,” a reference to the fact that U.S. support for the Brotherhood is support for terrorism.

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    Back when the world was sane

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    We had John Deere's, but had one old Farmall which went on forever.

    ACORN Resurrected: Obama Administration Giving $200,000 Housing Grant To Rebrand An ACORN Affiliate Despite Federal Ban

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    The Obama Administration has given a $200,000 Housing Grant to rebrand an ACORN affiliate despite a Federal Ban on funding ACORN.

     Judicial Watch reports the following:

    Judicial Watch, announced today that it has obtained documents from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) revealing that on February 12, 2013, HUD Assistant Secretary for Office of Housing Counseling Sarah Gerecke may have violated federal law by requesting that $201,222.07 be transferred from the account of the defunct Affordable Housing Centers of America (AHCOA), an ACORN spin-off, to HUD intermediary Mission for Peace “to specifically pay for the activities of former AHCOA affiliates.”

    Skull-Stomping Sacred Cows….Again: Unconventional Warfare and the Modern Militia Movement

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    My esteemed colleague, and I write that without a hint of sarcasm, who posts under the pseudonym “Lizard Farmer,” is back from a lengthy hiatus, and *his first commentary back elicited negativity in numerous places, most notably from the elder statesman of the III%, Mike Vanderboegh. I don’t typically take the time to comment on other authors’ blog articles, attempting to focus on my own efforts to impart information, and stay outside the fray of virtual personality clashes.

    There are only two reasons that I am posting an article commenting on this particular article. Number one, I think there was a misunderstanding when Mike V. read LizardFarmer’s article, concerning his intent (although it’s entirely possible that I’ve misunderstood LizardFarmer’s intent as well) and message, and number two, LizardFarmer cited my blog in his article. Finally, it’s a chance to say welcome back to LizardFarmer (okay, actually that’s three reasons….)

    To begin with, while this will take some explanation for some readers (actually it probably won’t. This part is addressed to the dumbasses who “read” the blogs by scanning the title and first paragraph, then proceed to comment on it without actually having a god-damned clue what the fuck the article is actually about. I swear to the Gods, I’m going to start writing articles about SUT, but titling them “Fuzzy Pink Elephants Raiding Your Underwear Drawer!”), I agree with the basic premise behind LizardFarmer’s article. That may come as a shock to some because I teach a small-unit patrolling class in rural environments. For anyone who’s ever actually taken that class however, or who actually reads the articles I post on this blog, it probably won’t, because as I’ve recited ad nauseum, the fundamentals are the fundamentals and apply regardless of the environment. If you know and have mastered the fundamentals, the rest of it comes easy, based on specific environmental demands.

    Egypt considers outlawing Muslim Brotherhood

    Egyptian authorities are considering disbanding the Muslim Brotherhood group, a government spokesman said Saturday, once again outlawing a group that held the pinnacle of government power just more than a month earlier.

    The announcement comes after security forces broke up two sit-in protests this week by those calling for the reinstatement of President Mohammed Morsi, a Brotherhood leader deposed in a July 3 coup. The clashes killed more than 600 people that day and sparked protests and violence that killed 173 people Friday alone.

    Cabinet spokesman Sherif Shawki said that Prime Minister Hazem el-Beblawi, who leads the military-backed government, assigned the Ministry of Social Solidarity to study the legal possibilities of dissolving the group. He didn't elaborate.

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    "Boycott The Butler"


    Lee Daniels, director and producer of the film The Butler did a Q&A with Politico’s Patrick Gavin.
    The film has already become a target for Vietnam-era veterans and their supporters because Jane Fonda was cast as First Lady Nancy Reagan.

    Fonda’s activism against the Vietnam War and her vitriolic attacks on U.S. troops as well as her praise for repressive government systems made her quite possibly the worst choice in the universe to play President Ronald Reagan’s wife.

    Was Fonda deliberately cast in the role as an insult?

    If an actress stands for most of what Reagan was against, Fonda is the poster femme.

    When Rednecks Attack.


    This image is important because this is the image media outlets such as The Los Angles Times put out with attempts to sway the ignorant into taking away your constitutional rights. The goal of the image is to scream overweight stupid Redneck. A man child with barely an IQ above a child’s food size clutching his gun while wearing his pajamas in his trusty confederate hat.

    The connection you are suppose to make is that serious people can not be for owning guns and thus the government should forcibly go to every trailer park in America and forcibly take the guns from these idiot hillbillies. Never mind the fact the artist gave credit to his beast for knowing who Pol Pot, Stalin and Hitler were. Because I can assure you the average young person whom this is suppose make laugh are clueless of the wrath (other than hollywood Hitler) these men had on the populations they controlled. Let alone the women and minorities this is meant to scare.

    Duck Dynasty Star Kicked Out of Trump Hotel


    Duck Dynasty star Jase Robertson was kicked out of New York City's Trump International Hotel after a staff member apparently thought he was homeless. Robertson laughed it off and said he was the victim of "facial profiling."

    Robertson and other members of his family were in New York City promoting the fourth season of their hit A&E reality show. The network put the family up in the swanky hotel across from Central Park.

    Apparently one Trump International Hotel staff member was not accustomed to seeing a fully bearded guest wearing camouflage pants.

    "I asked them where the bathroom was and he said, 'Right this way, sir,'" Robertson told the hosts of the television show 'Live with Kelly and Michael.' "He said, 'Right this way, sir.' He walked me outside, pointed down the road and said, 'Good luck.'"

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    Warren Zevon & Jackson Browne - Frank & Jesse James

    Quantrill's Black Flag/Jesse-Frank James/Three Black Members

    Was Quantrill a hero or a war criminal?

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     plus eight more if you search NamSouth


    A question and answer with Tony R. Mullis, an associate professor of military history at the Command and Staff College at Fort Leavenworth. This month is the 150th anniversary of William Quantrill’s raid on Lawrence, Kansas.

    Quantrill is seen as a great villain in Lawrence and something of a folk hero in Missouri. How do you appraise Quantrill, as a historian?

    Your question pretty much sets the parameters of Quantrill.

    When you read the literature he is either romanticized as a great Southern patriot or demonized. The reality is probably somewhere in between. With a lot of historical figures, it is as much how they are remembered as what actually happened. And if you live in Lawrence or you live in Columbia, there is a world of difference in how you interpret things as they relate to Quantrill.

    For your presentation at the library you prepared an “8/21 Commission Report,” an allusion to 9/11. Was Quantrill’s raid on Lawrence an act of terror?

    That is a critical question. Normally, an act of terror has a political purpose behind it. That is a debate with Quantrill. Was he out to achieve Confederate independence, or was it a crime?

    Most of his supporters — and there is some justification for this — see him as a partisan taking the war to the enemy in Kansas, Lawrence being a symbol of abolitionism and a symbol of Jayhawker nation, if you will.

    Harvard Study: Military Should Embrace Openly Transgendered Troops

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      On travesty after another.  The next step will be animals, I assume.

    A study soon to be published by the Harvard Kennedy School of Government’s  LGBTQ Policy Journal is recommending “additional changes to military policies in order to allow transgender people to serve openly and with honor.”

    The study is just one of a slew of research projects undertaken by academics in an attempt to pressure the U.S. Armed Services into allowing individuals who do not currently qualify to serve under the military medical code to join their ranks.

    Individuals with certain “psychosexual conditions”- including “transsexualism, exhibitionism, transvestism, voyeurism, and other paraphilias” – are currently banned from military service, and can be dishonorably discharged if their sexual proclivities are discovered.

    NC: Illegal Alien Students Demand Lower College Tuition

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    Dozens of undocumented students at Wake Technical Community College are pushing for changes to a policy that requires them to pay out-of-state tuition. The students are forced to pay the out-of-state fees, which are nearly four times the cost of in-state tuition, even if they graduated from a North Carolina high school and have been living in the state for some time. Five students were arrested at Thursday's protest after repeated warnings to leave the campus. Wake Tech officials said the group didn't file the proper paperwork to protest at the college. The five individuals, ranging in age from 17-27, are all charged with second-degree trespassing. Meanwhile, undocumented students moved their demonstration to the highway demanding equal tuition rights.

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    Lee County NAACP Misguided in Fight Against Robert E. Lee Portrait

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    The Lee County, Florida chapter of the NAACP has decided to wage a crusade against a Robert E. Lee portrait that hangs in the commission chambers. Lee County NAACP president James Muwakkil said the portrait of the Confederate general is “a symbol of racism and division,” and that the NAACP will picket Lee County.

    However, the charge of racism and division is extremely misguided when one critically examines Lee’s life and record in the mid-nineteenth century.

    It must be noted that Lee was no wild-eyed secessionist, had no desire to break up the Union, and shuddered at the thought of fighting fellow Americans. In a letter to his sister on April 20, 1861 explaining why he resigned from his army commission, Lee wrote:
    With all my devotion to the Union and the feeling of loyalty and duty of an American citizen, I have not been able to make up my mind to raise my hand against my relatives, my children, my home. I have therefore resigned my commission in the Army, and save in defense of my native State, with the sincere hope that my poor services may never be needed, I hope I may never be called on to draw my sword. I know you will blame me; but you must think as kindly of me as you can, and believe that I have endeavored to do what I thought right.

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    Overpasses For Impeachment: Stand With Us!

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    Poll: Should the portrait of Gen. Robert E. Lee be removed from the Lee County Commission chambers?

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    1. Yes.
    2. No.
    3. This is not an issue that concerns me.
    4. Other.

    Egyptians See Life Worse Now Than Before Mubarak's Fall

     Egypt in Transition

     Imagine the percent now.

    This article is the third in a series based on results from Gallup's polling in Egypt two weeks before former President Mohamed Morsi was deposed in July 2013.
    WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Most Egyptians interviewed shortly before President Mohamed Morsi was removed from office -- and before the recent bloodshed -- said their country was worse off then than it was before President Hosni Mubarak resigned in 2011. Eighty percent of Egyptians saw their country as worse off, and half believed their country will still be worse off in five years.

    As Turmoil Rises, Employment Opportunities Remain Elusive

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    President Rand Paul Watch out, he's becoming a better politician every day

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    It was the first time in recent memory that the Iowa GOP Lincoln Day Dinner sold out nearly two weeks in advance, and it was on the strength of its headliner, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, who, in turn, was invited on the strength of his 13-hour filibuster against the Obama administration’s use of drones. During the happy hour at a small Cedar Rapids hotel, local donors stood in line to have their pictures taken with Paul, almost completely ignoring their own congressmen, Representative Steve King and Senator Chuck Grassley. They had come to see Paul, and he got a standing ovation before he even started talking.

    Paul began in stand-up mode, describing a recent trip to New York in which he had driven by the Federal Reserve—the crowd booed on cue—to find it blocked by police cars. “We go up to the police, and we ask what’s going on, and they say the Federal Reserve has been robbed. And we said, really?!” Paul said, his voice nearly cracking in mock disbelief. “They said, ‘Yeah, but we caught the thieves. They got in front of the safe, they had the big safe open, but they were perplexed. They were flummoxed. They didn’t know what to do with minus sixteen trillion dollars!’ ”

    U.S. Army Buys Nearly 600,000 Soviet AK-47 Magazines

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     U.S. Army Buys Nearly 600,000 Soviet AK 47 Magazines 081613c5galaxy

    The U.S. Army is buying almost 600,000 Soviet AK-47 magazines, enough to hold nearly 18,000,000 rounds of 7.62x39mm ammo which is not standard-issue for either the U.S. military or NATO.

    A U.S. Army solicitation on the Federal Business Opportunities site asks for approximately 592,825 new AK 30-round magazines.

    The solicitation even refers to the magazines as being for “non-standard weapons.”

    More specifically, they are for the AK-47 designed by the Soviet Union at the start of the Cold War, which is now commonly used by opposition forces in proxy wars around the world.

    This magazine order is an astronomical amount.

    Assuming an individual, unloaded magazine weight of 0.95 pounds, all of these magazines combined weigh more than the operating weight of a Lockheed Martin C-5 Galaxy, one of the largest aircraft in the world.

    The C-5 Galaxy wouldn’t even be able to carry all of these magazines. Two trips would be necessary.

    PVT BRYAN JACKSON BUCK # 1769 Peletier NC August 2013 SCV Meeting Program

    Very informative. Mr Burnette is also a guide at Fort Macon.

    Program:  "The Guns of Gettysburg"
    An overview of the infantry and cavalry weapons used by Confederate and Union forces at  the battle of Gettysburg. 
    Speaker:    David Burnette, Secretary, SCV Camp 1597.