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Should We Buy Speaker Boehner Some Balls?

Via comment by Sioux on GOA will score support of the Boehner-Pelosi bill

Our friend Erick Erickson of Red State set off an amusing avalanche of double entendre in conservative cyberspace by posting an article in which he ridiculed Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner by saying, “I guess Barack Obama took John Boehner’s balls because Boehner is playing with the President’s balls instead of his own,” and then offering a link through which readers could send Boehner some “Blue Bullet balls” from Amazon.

After the 13-year-old part of our brain got done laughing at Erickson’s locker room humor, we got to thinking more seriously about the problem of Speaker Boehner’s apparent lack of fortitude in the face of President Obama’s unconstitutional plan to grant amnesty to illegal aliens and other instances where the Speaker appeared to cave-in to Obama, such as on the massive growth in spending during the past six years, and the concurrent growth in the national debt.

And it struck us that in reality Boehner has actually shown plenty of masculine fortitude and has faced down opponents on numerous occasions – the problem is those opponents are always conservatives, not President Obama and the Democrats.

NC: Lee and Jackson Banquet

Via Cousin John
 2012: Bernhard, Dixie and Cousin John

6:00 pm on Saturday January 17, 2015

King’s BBQ Restaurant on US 70 East in Kinston, NC

To celebrate the birthdays of Generals Robert E. Lee & Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson

For all who cherish the memory of these two Southern heroes

The Goldsboro Rifles Camp, The Dr. B. T. Person Camp, and the Smithfield Light Infantry Camp are hosting a Lee & Jackson Banquet. You are invited to come and help us celebrate the birthdays of these two great men and Confederate leaders. It is General Lee’s 208th and General Jackson’s 191st birthday.

Our speakers, yes, I did say “speakers” this year will be James Ronald and Walter Donald Kennedy. They were born and reared in Mississippi. Each furthered his education in Louisiana with Donald continuing his in Charlotte, NC.

They are best known for their bestselling book The South Was Right!. The Kennedy's have written six other books, Why Not Freedom! America's Revolt Against Big Government, Was Jefferson Davis Right?, Reclaiming Liberty (Ron), Myths of American Slavery (Donnie), Red Republicans and Lincoln's Marxist (Donnie and Al Benson), A View of the Constitution (William Rawle, 1825), and Nullifying Tyranny.

The meal will be family style as it has been the last few years. One thing that will not be like it has been and I regret to have to report is the cost. We have not had to increase the price for several years but this year we have to increase to $15/person. I hope we can hold it at this for a few more years.

Please feel free to pass this along to anyone that you think might like to attend. You don’t have to belong to the SCV to be a part of this celebration.

We will be having a silent auction to raise money for upkeep of the Gen. Joseph E. Johnston monument site at Bentonville. If you have something to donate, please bring it. All donations will be greatly appreciated and they do not have to be something concerning history or the war, just anything you think someone else might buy.

As it has been in years past, please send your reservation to: Allen Aycock 1128 Aycock Dairy Farm Road, Fremont, NC along with your check for $15.00 per person made out to Allen Aycock. Please mail it so that we will have it by January 10, 2015 so that we can relay a head count to the restaurant.

For questions, you may email me at or call me at 919-778-9565. Glenn Fields

Congress gives Native American lands to foreign mining company with new NDAA

Via comment by Anonymous on Utah to seize own land from government, challenge ...

Nothing to see here, no filthy lucre touched any congressman's hands, just move on.........

Congress is poised to give a foreign mining company 2,400 acres of national forest in Arizona that is cherished ancestral homeland to Apache natives. Controversially, the measure is attached to annual legislation that funds the US Defense Department.

This week, the House and Senate Armed Services Committees quietly attached a provision to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that would mandate the handover of a large tract of Tonto National Forest to Resolution Copper, a subsidiary of the Australian-English mining company Rio Tinto, which co-owns with Iran a uranium mine in Africa and which is 10-percent-owned by China.

10 Southern Pictures 1906 - 1960

Amelia County, Virginia, in the early 1960s. Sunday dinner at the Miller house, with the farm of Marvin and Thelma Warriner in the background.

Afterburner w/ Bill Whittle -- Lights Out! How We Could Lose Everything

Via Sioux

Shocking Revelation: Former Police Chief Kessler Admits to Working For Feds to Flush Out 2nd Amendment Supporters


I was warned, by a mutual acquaintance, long ago that former Police Chief Mark Kessler could not be trusted. But, even so, I could not have imagined that Chief Mark Kessler was working for the federal government.

Any 2nd Amendment supporter will know and remember Mark Kessler by his videos. He is a no-holds barred and highly controversial figure, consistently calling out the left and leaving no doubt about where he stands on issues of the second amendment.

More with video @ D.C. Clothesline

St. Louis Police Investigating Possible Hate Crime After Armed Black Males Allegedly Drag Bosnian Woman Out of Her Car

Via Joe

KMOX file photo.

Police are investigating a possible hate crime in St. Louis after three black males reportedly dragged a 26-year-old white, Bosnian woman from her car before assaulting and attempting to rob her early on Friday, CBS St. Louis reports.

The woman was driving at around 5:30 a.m. when three black males in their late-teens to early-20s walked out in front of her vehicle, the police report states. She first attempted to steer her vehicle around the teens, but she stopped after the men allegedly brandished a gun.

One of the suspects allegedly struck the woman’s windshield with a crowbar before the gang of suspects reportedly dragged her from the car and threw her to the ground. The men then allegedly kicked her and went through her purse, but they didn’t find anything they were looking for.

The three suspects asked the woman if she was Bosnian, leading investigators to probe the case as a potential hate crime, police said.

All of the suspects fled the scene of the crime and remain at large.

More @ The Blaze

Supreme Court to rule on Confederate Flag license plates

Via Bill

The Supreme Court already has heard a case this fall about a busted brake light. Why not vanity license plates?

The justices agreed to decide Friday whether Texas' denial of a specialty license plate featuring the Confederate flag was an infringement on free speech.

In doing so, the court held in abeyance another case in which North Carolina approved a "Choose Life" license plate but denied one defending a woman's right to choose.

The cases present two issues that have come up repeatedly in lower courts: Do vanity plates speak for the government that issues them or the driver that displays them? And does the First Amendment say anything goes -- or require equal treatment?

More @ USA Today

Yankee Slave Traders Dividing Arab Families
 ( Moro, Omoro, and Morrow)

In their zeal to load human cargo bound for the New World, New England slavers on Africa’s coast often caught competing Arab slave traders in raids on barracoons. Antebellum North Carolina Governor John Owen (see purchased an Arab in Charleston named “Moro” who had been well educated prior to capture, and like S’Quash below, considered himself above Negro slaves. The author was the son of General Rufus Barringer, and nephew of General Daniel Harvey Hill.
Bernhard Thuersam,

Yankee Slave Traders Dividing Arab Families

“The abolition of the slave trade was voted by the United States Congress in 1790, but the importation of slaves was prolonged by the votes of Massachusetts and South Carolina. North Carolina, which was never at heart a slave State, had always carried a tariff on Negroes. However, the law was finally passed in 1804, to become effective January 1, 1808, that no more slaves were to be imported.

[North Carolinian Robert McDowell travelled to Charleston to purchase slaves off a New England slaver, selecting a large black man who] . . . was a commanding figure. His clear-cut, aquiline features were extremely dark, like a Moor, and his straight black hair and beard, matted and foul from neglect, were not kinky. He was obviously not a Negro. “I will take him,” said Mr. McDowell. “What is his nationality?”

“To tell the truth, I don’t know,” answered the captain . . . ”But I’ve always thought some slave dealer was settling an old score.”

The potential truth of this statement has been borne out by history. With the approaching close of the slave trade, far more ships appeared on the Guinea Coast than could possibly be provided with cargo; so the slave traders made raids upon the slave barracks or barracoons. In doing so, they got a number of Arabs, themselves slave traders, and their wives, concubines, and children. At the last minute, it was “The devil take the hindmost.”

To avoid recrimination and to render the captives less dangerous, the Yankee slave traders divided these Arab families up amongst their various ships, and S’Quash fell to this trader. It was a terrible fate, but no more or less than his system had meted out to others. It was in the final settlement a case of “Winner take all.”

Nine miles out on the King’s Highway, the mile post, which should have carried the Roman numeral IX, had been damaged and replaced with a simple 9, an Arabic numeral. The captive stopped the wagon and held out his hands, showing five fingers of one hand and four of the other, a total of nine, thus proving he could read Arabic and understand at least simple arithmetic, no mean achievement for a slave.

To make a long story short, S’Quash, as he was called in a phonetic effort at his real name, was an Arab of a family long engaged in the slave trade; he had the advantages of travel and education of his day and class in that he had been to Cairo and could read Greek as well as Arabic. Whatever his past, he definitely threw in his lot with the ruling class [and] assigned to . . . the “big house” in order to acquire some English and the pattern of living in this strange land.

He held himself completely aloof from the Negro slaves and would neither live nor mate with them, staying in a hut by himself. [He learned a nearby plantation held] a Dinka Negress and asked permission to marry her. The famous tribe of Dinkas . . . came from what is now called Anglo-Egyptian Soudan [and] . . . In their subtle Arabic caste system she was eligible as a wife and was purchased by [the master] at a substantial figure, $3000, which was a top price.

[Many years later after the War], I was questioned by one of [my] cousins about a queer picture in the attic, “not quite white and quite colored” and did I know anything about it? It was the portrait of S’Quash, and since no one else wanted it, I sent for [S’Quash descendant] Harvey and gave it to him, saying, “Harvey, you should have this for I am sure you are the only Negro in the United States who has the portrait of his great-grandfather who was an Arab slave trader.”

(The Natural Bent, The Memoirs of Dr. Paul B. Barringer, UNC Press, 1949, pp. 10-15)

Job Search Article Aggregate 

GOA will score support of the Boehner-Pelosi bill as an anti-gun vote.

You have let Washington know that you oppose giving Barack Obama a blank check until September 30, 2015 and, in doing so, that you oppose Congress setting gun policy in a long-term, Harry Reid-drafted appropriations bill.

And Washington has heard you, loud and clear.

According to Neil Munro of the Daily Caller, House Speaker John Boehner is now faced with "snowballing opposition" to his plan of passing a ten-month carte blanche funding bill for the government, crafted by Harry Reid on the Senate side and by a House that has a lot more Democrats than it will have after January 6.

The Boehner abomination is called the “Cromnibus” -- a combination of the initials for "continuing resolution" (CR) and "omnibus."  This monstrosity would do nothing to stop the implementation of the anti-gun ObamaCare law (which Republicans said they opposed).

And, while the “Cromnibus” will probably stop some gun-related Obama abuses (such as implementation of the UN Arms Trade Treaty), it is not expected to address problems like ATF's routine copying of a dealer's 4473's in connection with a routine annual inspection. Nor will it defund much of Obama’s anti-gun agenda.

Is it any wonder that liberal anti-gun Democrats like Rep. James Moran (D-VA) have embraced the Boehner approach?

Now, in a move that is the political equivalent of treason, Boehner is countering hemorrhaging support among Republicans by asking Nancy Pelosi to provide the votes necessary for passage. Given that the “Cromnibus” will define virtually all government discretionary spending and policy for the next ten months, this is like turning over control of Congress to the Democrats for 37.5% of a congressional term.

But pro-gun forces are countering Boehner's perfidy tit-for-tat.  The Chairman of Gun Owners of America has promised that GOA will score support of the Boehner-Pelosi bill as an anti-gun vote.

Said GOA’s Tim Macy:  “If we had wanted Democrats to control Congress, we would have voted for them.  Instead, we give Boehner a 247-vote majority, only to have him cede control to Pelosi, Reid, and Obama over every important decision for the next ten months.”

GOA has even raised the issue of whether a Speaker who has more regard for the minority than his own caucus should continue in his position.

ACTION:  Contact your Representative.  Tell him or her that support of the Boehner-Pelosi deal will be considered an anti-gun vote.

Repost: Warriors deserve such. Age: 13; Sex: Boy; Occupation: VC hunter

I just received comments from a Vietnamese on this post and thought I would put it up again.

Ta Thai Manh, at 15 the youngest member of the Vietnamese Rangers, smokes a cigarette as he waits for transportation to take him to an aid station after he was wounded in action in the Cholon section of Saigon May 6th. The youngster has another distinction besides his age: in March he was given a medal for helping capture seven Viet Cong. 

 I can't find any more information after this one above when he was 15.  Be nice to find out he made it another 5 years and was alive and well.

Comments below.

NEW Design: The BRUTAL Liberty Tree

Ex-South Carolina police chief indicted in 2011 shooting death of unarmed man

Via LH


A white former police chief in Eutawville, South Carolina, has been indicted on a murder charge in the 2011 shooting death of an unarmed black man he was trying to arrest, according to records released on Thursday.

The indictment of ex-chief Richard Combs came on Wednesday, the Orangeburg County Clerk of Court said, on the heels of decisions by grand juries in New York City and Missouri not to indict white police officers involved in deaths of unarmed black men this year.

More @ Yahoo

Anglican Bishop Wants Koran Read at Prince Charles' Coronation
 Dead Christian Children in Syria

Coming to England?

We are learning that Lord Harries of Pentregarth, a retired Anglican Bishop of Oxford, said that at Prince Charles’ coronation would include a reading from the Koran. Such “a gesture at the traditionally Anglican service would be ‘creative’ and make Muslims feel ‘embraced’ by the nation.”

Embraced by the nation? The Muslims want to turn Great Britain into an Islamic State. Unfortunately, Prince Charles has already capitulated to a form of religious egalitarianism that makes embracing what the whacko bishop is proposing attractive to him:

They chopped all their heads off' : Anglican priest recounts ISIS mayhem against Christian children


An Anglican priest known as the “vicar of Baghdad” for his work in war-torn Iraq has recounted atrocities inflicted on Christian children by ISIS, the Muslim jihadist army that has declared the creation of an Islamic caliphate in parts of Iraq and Syria.

“They chopped all their heads off,” Andrew White told the Christian Broadcasting Network in an interview.

More with video @ WND

Gun Manufacturers Compete as Army Announces It Will Pick a New Pistol

Via Joe
Photo credit: Shutterstock

Gun manufacturers are now vying for a potentially decades-long coveted contract with the Department of Defense.

The Beretta M9 has been the Pentagon’s go-to pistol for nearly 30 years. The federal contract has helped Beretta sell 600,000 guns, most of which were used by the U.S. Army. The company is still contracted to sell 20,000 more pistols.

More @ The Blaze

Sheriff David Clarke: Obama, Holder Join Sharpton in Race-Baiting


The African-American sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisc., sharply criticized President Barack Obama and outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder on Newsmax TV Thursday, saying both have failed to speak and act impartially in two polarizing cases in which black men died in confrontations with white police officers.

More with video @ Newsmax

Denver Police Officer Crushed by Vehicle During School “Mike Brown Walkout” – Students Cheered, Yelling: “Hit Him Again, Hit Him Again”….

Via  Sioux

Liberal Indoctrination generates gleeful exhibition of hatred – A police officer remains in critical condition as a result of a Denver High School student #Ferguson protest walkout. Four officers responded to students marching down the street, as the officers tried to protect the students from traffic a motorist slammed into the police.

One officer was horrifically injured as his body was run over and dragged by a vehicle. Details now surface of the protesting students cheering the injury and chanting “hit him again, hit him again” while marching around the fallen officers. (video included below)

Breitbart investigation: Lena Dunham’s story of rape by campus Republican ‘evaporated into pixie dust’

Via Joe

While promoting her memoir, “Not That Kind of Girl,” feminist and 2012 Glamour “Woman of the Year” Lena Dunham found herself in the awkward position of apologizing for her “comic use” of the term “sexual predator.”

If you recall, it was in a particularly disturbing passage that Dunham referred to herself as a young girl acting as a sexual predator. In the meantime, mainstream and feminist media lauded a chapter in which Dunham recounted a college rape by Barry, “a mustachioed campus Republican” in purple cowboy boots, as “a must-read.”

So now why is the book back in the news?’s John Nolte today writes that after a month-long investigation:
… Breitbart News could not find a Republican named Barry who attended Oberlin during Dunham’s time there who came anywhere close to matching her description of him. In fact, we could not find anyone who remembered any Oberlin Republican who matched Dunham’s colorful description.
Under scrutiny, Dunham’s rape story didn’t just fall apart; it evaporated into pixie dust and blew away.
More @ Twitchy

Can't believe they approved this for distribution

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