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Is it just me or has the news specifically the web site has gone silent in open opposition of Obama. Is this the settlement Rupert reached with the US agencies in regards to the wire taps? For the past week or so there has been plenty of new out there for the Obama's miscreants yet Fox news corp. is silent. Even some of the shows have toned down the rhetoric in regards to the current administration.

A few out there are still fighting the good fight but it looks to me Fox news has now bowed out. If I were Rupert I would sell Fox news to a trusted friend for a dollar so they might continue the real news and just not fluff pieces.

My Great Uncle Lt. Henry Clay Koonce

Koonce is my surname, as my aunt adopted me after my mother died at 28 when I was 13 months old.

(My G, G Grandfather) Emanuel Frederick Bryan Koonce

Tuscaroras And (My Family)


"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial Commission" Link

North Carolina Patriots of ’61 -

Lt. Henry Clay Koonce of Jones County

Born 29 August 1842 at Cypress Creek in Jones County, Koonce was the son of John Speight and Harriet Caroline Parsons Koonce. Henry Clay Koonce’s occupation prior to the war was farming, at age 19 he enlisted in “Koonce’s State Guerillas” organized in late April 1862 by Captain Francis Duval Koonce, a law professor [and perhaps kin] from Onslow County. The company included men from Jones and Onslow Counties and was mustered into State service at Jones County on 22 July 1862, with orders to “operate east of the Wilmington & Weldon Rail Road between the Neuse and Cape Fear rivers” to protect the rail line from enemy marauders.

In late September 1862 the company was assigned to the 59th North Carolina Regiment, which shortly thereafter became Company K, 61st North Carolina. The 61st saw much action around Richmond and Petersburg, and ended the war in North Carolina at the defenses of Wilmington and Bentonville.

Henry Clay Koonce served North Carolina with several others of the same name in Company K: Lt. Simon Everett Koonce and Private Edward B. Koonce from Onslow; and Gabriel F. Koonce, Isaac Koonce, and William Koonce, all three of Jones County and holding the rank of private.

Koonce was appointed First Lieutenant of his company on 29 April 1862 and was reported to be in command of the unit from late November-December 1862 through at least late June 1864. He suffered a wound in his left leg at the battle of Fort Harrison, Virginia on 30 September, 1864, and lost this limb to amputation at Richmond. He was furloughed for 60 days in late November and probably ended the war as an injured reserve, and the State issued a prosthesis to replace his lost leg after the war.

Koonce married Susan Thompson on 13 March 1865, a union which produced Fanny, Lola, Arthur, Henry Clay, Jr., and J.B. Living in Cypress Creek most of his life, records indicate that by 1880 he had relocated his family to Kenansville in Duplin County.

Source: Genealogy online; North Carolina Troops 161-1865, A Roster.

Socialism, Imperialism, Fascism To Obamaism

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Youcef Nadarkhani: Two things you can do to help

Cry Beloved Country
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After having run through the Iranian appeals process, Youcef Nadarkhani has received a final sentence of death from the 11th Chamber of The Assize Court of the Province of Gilan, according to reports that our State Department is taking very seriously. The original execution order, handed down in September, 2010, mandated that:

. . . the above-mentioned person as an apostate will be executed by being hanged until somehow his soul is taken from him.

Though the trial court found no evidence that Nadarkhani had ever practiced Islam, he has been sentenced to death for being an apostate–that is, for renouncing Islam (can you really renounce a faith you never practiced?) and converting to Christianity.

HuffPo blogger and one-time presidential candidate Gary Hart manages to turn a post entitled “The Plight of Youcef Nadarkhani” into a warning against “the religious right” in America. “Religious orthodoxy,” according to Hart,

exhibits an almost demented insistence on conformity and intolerance toward political dissent.

We all know, of course, that “religious right” is code for “conservative Christians.” But, incredibly, it seems to go right over the top of Hart’s head that he’s using the apparently imminent execution of a conservative Christian in Iran to rail against–that’s right–conservative Christians in America.


I suggest that you and I use Nadarkhani’s apparently immiment execution to stand, instead, each in our own small way, for religious freedom in the world.

Here are two things you can do:

  1. Last week, Rep. Joe Pitts (R-PA) introduced a resolution (H.Res. 556) in the House condemning Iran for violating Nadarkhani’s human and religious rights, and calling for his immediate release. Go here to sign a petition urging Members of Congress to pass this resolution.
  2. Go here to email the Chief Justice of Iran, asking him to intervene in Nadarkhani’s case.

Both of these website ask for your name, address and email (and the first one will also ask for a contribution) but both also give you the opportunity to opt out of their mailing lists (and you don’t have to give anything!).

It’s time for every Who in Whoville to stand up and say that it’s wrong to deprive this man of his liberty or his life because of his faith.

In Germany they came first for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the incurably sick, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t sick. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time no one was left to speak up.

–Martin Niemöller

The "Assassination Option"

What lies ahead for America, the West, and humanity is not paradise, but pain and destruction. A looming hyper-inflationary financial crisis, a world war, a global economic collapse, and a transnational fascist police state are threatening to destroy the social and political fabric of Western civilization.

This is the greatest political crisis that the West has ever faced. Government leaders are walking on pins and needles, hoping to avoid a transnational political revolution against the international banks that defrauded American taxpayers and the taxpayers of other nations.

Financial and political analysts such as Gerald Celente, Paul Craig Roberts, Lew Rockwell, Max Keiser, Alex Jones, and many others predict that there will be vast political and social changes in the near future. Such sweeping changes will be the natural consequence of the 21st century intellectual revolution which has deconstructed totalitarian government myths and narratives.

Most people realize that the global war on terror and global warming myths have been created for the purposes of mass manipulation and political control of the world. The shameless power-seekers in government and the corporate world can only maintain the credibility of these civilizational myths by enforcing widespread political censorship, which is impossible in the Age of the Internet.

So far, very few political leaders have emerged to speak for the global political awakening and spearhead the global political and monetary revolution. The man who has been carrying the torch for the longest time and has the greatest amount of political energy behind him is Ron Paul.

Ron Paul is no longer a lone voice in the political wilderness.

Why worry?


Liberal Pandemonium

This is the strangest thing I've ever seen, I do believe.


Feast your eyes on Lee Leffingwell, the mayor of Austin. He’s up for re-election this year and has filmed one hella strange campaign ad to persuade 17% of the populace who actually bother to vote.

Living in a liberal city run by elected officials motivated by wet dreams of high-speed rail, cloth grocery sacks, million dollar benches for bums and bike share programs (full of stolen ten speeds six weeks after inception) damps my enthusiasm for climbing on the Obama, Evil (possibly muslim) Socialist Overlord in charge of the End of America as We Know It bandwagon.


Burn The Quran!

Who do you think you are?

But, but, but black people didn't/couldn't own slaves. I mean they would have never done this and this hogwash about them being sold in Africa by their black brethren is just more Neo-Confederate lies, dontcha' know.......?:)

Via Old Virginia Blog

Blair is shocked to discover that his freed African-American ancestor owned his own slaves.

The "recovery" Chart of the Day

Judicial Watch Sues Obama Justice Department for Records Related to Justice Kagan’s Role in Obamacare Discussions While Serving as Solicitor General

Judicial Watch, the organization that investigates and fights government corruption, announced today that it filed a lawsuit against the Obama Department of Justice (DOJ) seeking access to records related to U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Elena Kagan’s role in Obamacare discussions while she served as President Obama’s Solicitor General (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Justice (No. 1:12 –cv-00277)).

Previous documents uncovered by Judicial Watch have raised concerns about whether Justice Kagan should recuse herself from considering the Obamacare litigation when it goes before the High Court in March 2012.

Pursuant to its original Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request submitted to the DOJ’s Office of Information Policy and the Office of Solicitor General on December 7, 2011, Judicial Watch seeks access to the following information to help to determine if Justice Kagan and her top deputies participated in Obamacare meetings and phone calls:

All calendars, schedules, phone logs and agenda for each of the following individuals: (1) Elena Kagan; (2) Neal Katyal; (3) Edwin Kneedler; (4) Malcolm Stewart; and (5) Michael Dreeben.


Germany rejects demand to stop castrating sex criminals as part of their punishment

Germany is rejecting demands from an EU body that it should stop surgically castrating sex criminals - a practice that dates back to the Nazis - because it is ‘degrading’.

Defying Brussels, the German government said it intends to carry on with the practice citing low re-offending rates among sex criminals who had opted to have the procedure.

It pointed out the results of a 1997 study that tracked the history of 104 sexual offenders 'who subjected themselves to castration in the decade between 1970 and 1980. Their reoffending rate was three per cent,' the German authorities explained, 'as opposed to 46 per cent for a control group.'



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I am over caring one whit what happens to the subhuman koranimals who inhabit Afghanistan – or any place else for that matter! Newt has it right:

So does Ron Paul… bring our kids home. All they have done for the women and children of these religious fanatics is totally unappreciated. There is nothing in that miserable tribal wasteland worth another drop of American blood, or another dime of our tax money. Let’s get out of the Taliban’s way, so these mindless fools get the government they so richly deserve.

Then, let’s figure out how to consign the mindless Apologist-in-Chief to the future he so richly deserves… what a reprehensible fool… ◄Dave►

Busted — For an Imaginary Gun

Like the announcer stated, he thought it was an Onion piece.

Via Gates of Vienna

Navy Seeking More Minority SEALs

This will lead to lower entrance standards and easier training, sad to say.

Via Tom

In nature, most seals are black, with relatively few white ones. The Navy's SEALs have exactly the opposite problem -- they're overwhelmingly white, with hardly any blacks. So they're trying to do something about it.

It's a fundamental challenge in a democracy with an all-volunteer force: recruits may be drawn from all segments of society, but elite military units -- and none is more elite these days than the SEALs, following their dispatch of Osama bin Laden last May -- tend to draw from small pools of talent. For the SEALs, that includes athletic young men who are smart and good in the water. For whatever reason, that has led to an overwhelmingly white SEAL force. (PHOTOS: Navy SEALs in Action)

Say the SEALs:


The "Poor?"

Via III Percent Patriots

.........who are the poor?

To qualify, a family of four in 2010 needed to earn less than $22,314. Some 46 million Americans, 15 percent of the population, qualified.

And in what squalor were America's poor forced to live?

Well, 99 percent had a refrigerator and stove, two-thirds had a plasma TV, a DVD player and access to cable or satellite, 43 percent were on the Internet, half had a video game system like PlayStation or Xbox.

Three-fourths of the poor had a car or truck, nine in 10 a microwave, 80 percent had air conditioning. In 1970, only 36 percent of the U.S. population enjoyed air conditioning.

Is That the Kind of Social Action We Want Our Students to Learn?

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You’ve heard the joke, probably, about the student who was issued a free condom by his school, and then was expelled when he got caught praying for an opportunity to use it. May be not a joke but a sad reality. The public school system has become a tool for training the children in wickedness and immorality; but decency, righteousness, and honesty never go unpunished.

About 30 students staged a boycott at Austwell-Tivoli Junior High School in Tivoli, Texas. They boycotted the school cafeteria by bringing their own lunches from home. They protested against the school-imposed menu; for more choices and healthier alternatives.

You would expect that the school authorities would react violently against the revolt. After all, in other places, food Nazis in the public confiscate lunches from home and force the student to eat nuggets and other unhealthy foods; and then send the tabs to the parents. Michelle Obama’s food fascism (“No Child’s Behind Left Alone”) is enforced zealously through the Department of Education. (Michelle Obama’s behind is obviously excluded from the program, judging by the evolution of it in the last three years.) Students who bring lunches from home, and boycott the food Nazism; why, this is such a good opportunity to bring the full force of the nutrition laws on a defenseless population. The thing deserves at least a SWAT team, if not a whole special forces division.

Strangely, though, the school authorities are happy with it, and they even commend the students for organizing the boycott. Why is that?

The answer is that the school cafeteria lunches the students protest against are actually free lunches. They are not paid by the students but by the school district, that is, by the tax payers.

So, in fact, the students are protesting for more and better free lunch. Like good little socialists. They are not protesting against being forced to eat those lunches; but that they are not given freely what they want, and more of it.

That explains why there was no SWAT team or special forces putting down the revolt. The “boycott” is actually a training in leftist social action. It’s not about freedom, it’s about looting the taxpayer.

No wonder the school authorities are happy. The public schools work. Oh, yes.

Stand With Dr. Ron Paul and Support Art Robinson for Congress!


Dr. Robinson of the Robinson Homeschool Curriculum that we use. He lost to the 20 some year liberal incumbent last time, but he's not going to give up. He is a Patriot.