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A History Lesson for Ted Cruz

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I am always annoyed when a conservative political leader attacks Southern heritage. I don’t know why because with the present-day crop of cowardly politicians, it is becoming routine, but I am.

Unwittingly or not, these modern day Scalawags adopt the “politically correct” line, even though they know (or should know) that political correctness is nothing more than a euphemism for cultural Marxism.

Recently, the courageous governor of Tennessee, Bill Lee, swam against the politically correct stream, obeyed state law, and issued a proclamation calling for a day of observance in honor of Nathan Bedford Forrest as well as commemorating Confederate Decoration Day and Robert E. Lee Day. Governor Lee also stated that he would not be a party to “whitewashing history” by ripping down the bust of Forrest in the Tennessee State Capitol.

John Yeamans Did Not Foresee . . .

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British colonial administrator John Yeamans (1611-1674) served as governor of the Province of Carolina and founded the first permanent settlement in April 1670. He imported 200 African slaves from the Barbados to work his plantation, thus inaugurating the slavery in North America which former Confederate Attorney-General George Davis lamented 200 years later.  Davis was an eminent mid-nineteenth-century Wilmington attorney and acclaimed orator. Edward Everett of Massachusetts considered Davis to have “no peer in eloquence and logic.”   The Great American Political Divide

John Yeamans Did Not Foresee . . .

“[But] we recall the fact that it was not until after the slave traders of the North had received full value of their human merchandise from their Southern brethren that our neighbors [to the North] began to realize the enormity of the institution.

And yet our people who were impoverished by its downfall would not, if they could, deprive the Negro of his freedom.

With reference to the introduction of slavery into Carolina by the Colonial Governor, Yeamans, from Barbados in 1671, the late, lamented George Davis said:

“This seems to be an announcement of a very commonplace fact: but it was the little cloud no bigger than a man’s hand. It was the most portentous event of all our early history. For he carried with him from Barbados his Negro slaves; and that was the first introduction of African slavery into Carolina.

If, as he sat by the camp-fire in that lonely Southern wilderness, he could have gazed with prophetic vision down the vista a two hundred years, and seen the stormy and tragic end of that of which he was then so quietly inaugurating the beginning, must he not have exclaimed with Ophelia, as she beheld the wreck of her heart’s young love: “ ‘O, woe is me! To have seen what I have seen, see what I see’ “!

(Tales and Traditions of the Lower Cape Fear, James Sprunt, LeGwin Brothers Printers, 1896)

What Is Your Battle Plan?

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 Army of Northern Virginia - Gettysburg

Monday is July 4th. For most people that means some barbeque, some family time, some fireworks, appropriately displayed by the local governmental unit, of course, and a bit of reflection on what patriotism means. Yeah, we know that some men and women made sacrifices to create this monstrosity of a nation, but they had good intentions. All I can do is reflect on the idea that were the founders here today, they would be doing what I have been doing for ten years and that is standing in astonishment at the absolute disregard for liberty by those charged with the obligation to secure it. These people are insane and we are insane for letting them believe that they run anything.

It seems as if time has stood still since the first violation of our republic. Now, I am not going to argue with anyone about when that actually happened, because the first time it happens to YOU is the first time it happens. When it comes home to you, when you realize it for what it is, an assault on your nation, what you hold dear, then it becomes real.

The first time I felt it for what it was, was the day they passed Obamacare. Maybe that was because I was so invested in preventing it. I had tried to move mountains to prevent it. I had gone to DC and confronted my representative (at least her staff) I had created a 501c4. I had raised money and was betrayed by PayPal, who refused to release the funds and refused to discuss their refusal. My REPUBLICAN Secretary of State refused to recognize my organization, though I had clearly pointed out that it was a 501c4 not a 501c3. They, the IRS destroyed my organization and within weeks had an agent in the office of the company I owned threatening me like some mob leg-breaker.

I knew it for what it WAS.

So, here we are ten years later. If they think I am going away, they are fools. But, now it includes all of you and what I am asking is what is your battleplan?

Do you have  one?

The election of 2020 is a line of demarcation. It needs to be recognized for what it is. One way or the other. Like it or not,ready for it, or not, WE are the next patriots into the breach. If you cannot handle it, it is time to fess up to that fact and stand back. What I am saying is that November 4th 2020 is the date all of you have been asking about. What I have come to understand over my years involved in this movement, is that no one really means what they say. The few that I know of who do mean what they say need to be ready. I will not ask for volunteers. I will not expect anything of anyone. A lot of what I have been writing in these newsletters has been treading water, waiting for events to develop, to give guidance. Now, it is here and we either act like patriots and do what patriots must, or we shrink from the obligation and turn our backs on our nation. Nothing will change that ultimate outcome, it is already written in the annals of history, was written a thousand years ago. I have made the case a thousand times. Justification is not in question; heart is in question. Very simply, the collectivists are going to make a huge bid for the nation in 2020. The issues are on the table. Nothing is hidden. What is your battleplan?

Texas will go blue in 2020. They have been working a long time on this. Florida will probably go blue as well. They think that if they cheat the vote, continue the propaganda and appeal to democracy that we will be cowed. We are not a democracy; we are a republic. Our rights are not up for a vote. Our rights are not conditional upon the agreement of the majority. Our rights are given by God and only God can take them away by making us less than men. We have been asked these questions for years. It is time to start answering them. Get your affairs in order. Make plans for succession of your property. Prepare to live without a job. We have all been given enough time to arrange these things.

You need to be a warrior. Our fight is for the God-given rights of individuals.

Nothing else restores the nation. Nothing else satisfies the charter The message that needs to reside in the hearts of patriots is that the collectivists can change the votes; they can import new voters; they can riig the Supreme Court; they can obliterate the electoral college; they can educate new Americans to hate freedom and love the state, but they cannot do this unless we allow it with our silence, with our inaction. It is time to start doing the hard things in preparation for the day when you will either The newsletter is available by sending an email to and placing in the subject line newsletter or subscribe. The books and film are available via links at or

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Jeffrey Epstein’s Ties to Clinton, and His Questionable Source of Wealth

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A protester holding a sign of Jeffrey Epstein in front of the federal courthouse in New York City on July 8, 2019. (Stephanie Keith/Getty Images)

While media focus on Trump, larger questions remain about Epstein’s finances and ties to Bill Clinton

Jeffrey Epstein was arrested on July 6 after landing at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey upon his return from a trip to France. Epstein was previously indicted in 2007 on charges he abused underage girls, but reached a controversial plea deal, in which he served only 13 months in a low-security facility that allowed him to work from his office each day.

Epstein now faces federal charges of sex trafficking and conspiracy to commit sex trafficking that may lead to him spending the rest of his life in prison. DOJ officials have indicated that they expect the charges against Epstein to expand as they delve further into the case. Attorney General William Barr has said he will not recuse himself from the newly opened Epstein case, although he “will remain recused from any retrospective review” of Epstein’s earlier case in Florida.

Karma and the Death of the 8th Richest Man Who Ever Lived


Muammar Mohammed Abu Minyar Gaddafi was born in either 1942 or 1943 to illiterate Bedouin parents who maintained no birth records. Rising from unimaginable poverty Gaddafi eventually amassed enough wealth to become the eighth richest person in human history. The sordid state in which he both entered and left the world stands in stark relief against the opulent splendor of his time in the sun.

Gaddafi’s early education was grueling. He slept in a mosque and walked twenty miles on weekends to visit his parents. He finished his first six years of school in four. He was popular in school despite his humble upbringing, and many of his earliest school chums received plum government positions when later he came to power.

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The 6 things you can do to SAVE Tommy’s life.

All good.

It's clear TPTB want this "meddlesome" person gone.

G-d protect Tommy... and G-d protect all of Western Civilization.

What to do with a M-1 Drill Rifle


The M1 rifle is an iconic piece of American history. These days they are getting harder to come by, while at the same time being in higher demand while becoming more and more expensive. Being a history buff, and somewhat frugal with my projects means that the idea of obtaining an original M1 to modify or tinker with or build on is not an acceptable option.

Original production M1 receivers are getting expensive and hard to find. Commercial M1 receivers can sometimes be found, but they’re not exactly growing on trees either. And not every commercial M1 receiver has been made to spec. So what’s a builder to do? Enter the drill rifle.

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26th North Carolina: The Three Days of Gettysburg: From 800 to 92 Men.

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On Tuesday, July 9, my wife and I attended “North Carolina and Gettysburg,” one of the presentations during the first-ever Adult Summer Reading Program at the Kinston-Lenoir County Public Library. The focus is “Rediscovering the Civil War.”
The reading program has been a collaborative effort between the public library and the CSS Neuse Civil War Interpretative Center. Andy Bennett of the Interpretative Center gave a presentation and led the discussion that centered on the 26th North Carolina Infantry, the unit that suffered the greatest causalities at Gettysburg. Andy told the story in compelling detail about some of the combatants to “put a face” on what soldiers endured during the war.
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Trump Shares Lindsey Graham’s Description of AOC and Allies: ‘A Bunch of Communists’

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President Donald Trump boards Air Force One departing from Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland on July 12, 2019. (Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images)

President Donald Trump continued his barrage of attacks against radical Democratic Congresswomen on July 15, sharing a denouncement by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.).

“We all know that AOC and this crowd are a bunch of Communists, they hate Israel, they hate our own Country, they’re calling the guards along our Border (the Border Patrol Agents) Concentration Camp Guards, they accuse people who support Israel as doing it for the Benjamin’s,” Trump wrote on Twitter, sharing a lengthy quote by Graham, one of his top allies in the Senate.

U.S. Dept. of Justice To Those Complicit In Epstein’s Alleged Conduct: Come Forward Before We Come To You

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United States prosecutors are encouraging anyone complicit in, or have information about billionaire and alleged child molester Jeffery Epstein’s conduct to come forward. The Department of Justice’s call targeted politicians, celebrities, socialites and anyone who may have witnessed or know of questionable behavior.

Mr. Epstein kept a notorious black book and private jet manifests that contained a long list of names who he either met or partied with. The list also contained names of alleged victims. Now, armed with warrants to search Mr. Epstein’s properties, the U.S. prosecutors sought to send a clear message: Provide information to us before we contact you.