Monday, July 15, 2019

What to do with a M-1 Drill Rifle


The M1 rifle is an iconic piece of American history. These days they are getting harder to come by, while at the same time being in higher demand while becoming more and more expensive. Being a history buff, and somewhat frugal with my projects means that the idea of obtaining an original M1 to modify or tinker with or build on is not an acceptable option.

Original production M1 receivers are getting expensive and hard to find. Commercial M1 receivers can sometimes be found, but they’re not exactly growing on trees either. And not every commercial M1 receiver has been made to spec. So what’s a builder to do? Enter the drill rifle.

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  1. What UTTER BULL S***. Somebody wants to revive the "re-weld's are safe to shoot" Idea. Those receivers are so out of spec after being subjected to multiple welding's, that that it is impossible to manufacture a working, safe firearm out of one. The IDIOT that came up with this needs to be held liable for every person injured from this moronic idea. Let me say this one more time: THOSE REWELD RECEIVERS CAN NEVER BE MADE SAFE TO SHOOT. AT SOME POINT ANY OR ALL OF THEM WILL BLOW UP. The person who wrote that needs a good flogging.---Ray

    1. The person who wrote that needs a good flogging.-

      50 lashes with a wet noodle.....:)