Monday, July 15, 2019

U.S. Dept. of Justice To Those Complicit In Epstein’s Alleged Conduct: Come Forward Before We Come To You

Via Busted Knuckles

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United States prosecutors are encouraging anyone complicit in, or have information about billionaire and alleged child molester Jeffery Epstein’s conduct to come forward. The Department of Justice’s call targeted politicians, celebrities, socialites and anyone who may have witnessed or know of questionable behavior.

Mr. Epstein kept a notorious black book and private jet manifests that contained a long list of names who he either met or partied with. The list also contained names of alleged victims. Now, armed with warrants to search Mr. Epstein’s properties, the U.S. prosecutors sought to send a clear message: Provide information to us before we contact you.


  1. Not so long ago on a message board in 'the day':

  2. Given the decades-long lack of prosecution of high visibility suspects which continues to this day, I think those for whom this is intended will rather call the DOJ's bluff. Even when they feel the heat coming down on themselves, they'll likely have a scapegoat at the ready.


  3. Let it brew for a week or two. The rats are sniffing the bait and weighing their options. Some of them will bite, others may play possum for a while. But they too will bite, if they are smart.

  4. They might find it difficult to get there hands on Prince Andrew more's the pity. He's a really loathsome piece of work all round but as a son of the Queen and a brother of the future King Charles III, who himself is a rather thick tree hugging, Muslim loving adulterer I'm not holding out any hope.