Monday, August 20, 2018

Comey DELETED Obama’s Name From Hillary Hacked Emails Report


Former FBI director James Comey is vulnerable to a possible obstruction of justice charge for his conduct in the Hillary Clinton email investigation. Comey deleted Barack Obama’s name from the Bureau’s report to conceal Obama’s knowledge of the illegal server, and also deleted evidence that Clinton’s emails were hacked by foreign adversaries.

Larry McDonald on the New World Order

Via comment by Anonymous on The Last republican President"Considering Reagan's staunch anti-Communist stance, it seemed then that the incident was really played down, as I recall.
That was in Sept 1983 if my memory serves me right. I read later that it was feared by the political establishment that McDonald may run for President. As you can see in this old "Crossfire" interview, several months before his demise, with Pat Buchanan and Tom Braden, Dr. McDonald could handle himself extremely well with tough interrogators from both sides. As a presidential candidate, his articulate and intelligent communication capability would be quite dangerous to the political establishment."

'Silent Sam' torn down by commies at UNC

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Silent Sam down_1534814844666.JPG.jpg 

Several hundred people gathered on the University of North Carolina's campus Monday night to protest the "Silent Sam" statue.

Protesters knocked down the statue around 9:20 p.m. Monday.

Fall semester classes begin Tuesday at UNC.

Protestors were calling for the statue's immediate removal. One student vowed to wear a noose around his neck until it was taken down.

UNC Police told CBS 17 that one person who attended the rally was arrested and charged with resisting arrest.

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How migrant invasion has changed the German city of Boostedt

Venezuela's massive currency devaluation is a 'scam' — and does 'nothing' to ease its economic crisis, analysts say

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Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro talks to the media after a meeting for signing an agreement on guarantees for the vote at the National Electoral Council (CNE) headquarters in Caracas, Venezuela March 2, 2018.
  •  In a radical attempt to end a prolonged period of economic turmoil in the oil-rich, but cash-poor nation, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced Friday that his socialist administration would issue new banknotes after lopping five zeroes off the beleaguered bolivar.
  • "I want the country to recover and I have the formula. Trust me," Maduro said in a speech broadcast on state television Friday evening.
  • The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has predicted inflation in the country will exceed 1 million percent this year.
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Dad Dares Daughter To Knock Off Dude's MAGA Hat For 100 Bucks

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Fame Confederate monument vandalized

Via comment by Reborn on Judge rules Confederate statues that were taken do...'Fame' Confederate monument was defaced recently. Erected by the United Daughters of the Confederacy in 1905. We need morelynchings to set the record straight. The land was deeded tothe United Daughters of the Confederacy:


Around 2 a.m. on Saturday morning, Salisbury Police was called to the Fame Confederate monument at the corner of Church and Innes streets after a report of vandalism. Sometime during the nighttime hours, white paint had been thrown on the statue. No other details were immediately available.

Join Us In Dallas, Texas, November 10, 2018: The Revival of Secession and State Nullification

TOPIC: The secession of 15 states from the Soviet Union in 1991 was the greatest peaceful revolution in modern history. Secession and decentralist movements are firmly entrenched throughout Europe. Discourse of secession and state interposition to federal tyranny is now mainstream in America on the left and right. Are we witnessing a paradigm shift away from runaway centralization? Join us for a thoughtful discussion of secession and the prospects for decentralization in the United States.

The Last republican President

Americana resident Jim Jones stands with then-Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter alongside a commemorative monument at the Americana cemetery. Carter made the visit in 1972.  Notice the Confederate insignia and names of the original ninety-four settlers of Americana etched in the based on the monument. (Photographer unknown)

Jimmy Carter may have been the last Jeffersonian to be president. A recent article in the Washington Post labeled him the “Un-Celebrity President.” In either case, Carter is a reflection of a people and a place. He is the most authentic man elected president since Calvin Coolidge, and like Coolidge a true Christian gentleman.

CBS Evening News: Trump and Charlottesville

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Mission of Peace and Goodwill Comes to Naught

 Image result for Southern Historical Society Papers,

The prime object in establishing the Constitution in 1787 was to insure domestic tranquility, and even the New York Tribune itself editorialized in November and December 1860 that: “We hold with Jefferson to the inalienable right of communities to alter or abolish forms of government that have become oppressive or injurious . . . we insist on letting them go in peace.” New York, in its ratification of the Constitution in 1787, expressly reserved the right to secede should it determine the need. The author below rightly sums up the Southern peace initiatives: “Well might the Southern leaders have adopted for their own the language of the Psalmist, “I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war.” It is then clear the immediate cause of the war was the Republican Party, and its refusal to pursue peaceful solutions.
Bernhard Thuersam,   The Great American Political Divide

Mission of Peace and Goodwill Comes to Naught

“Nor did [President Jefferson Davis] content himself with mere words of peace. He acted promptly on the resolution from Congress and appointed three commissioners from our government to the government of the United States. “These commissioners,” says Mr. Stephens, “were clothed with plenary powers to open negotiations for the settlement of all matters of joint property, forts, arsenals, arms, or property of any kind within the limits of the Confederate States, and all joint liabilities with their former associates, upon principles of right, justice, equity and good faith.”

Let me ask, could anything have been fairer?

These commissioners promptly proceeded on their way. A few days after the inauguration of Mr. Lincoln at Washington they formally notified his Secretary of State, Mr. Seward, that “the President, Congress and people of the Confederate States earnestly desire a peaceful solution” of pending questions between the two governments.

Suffice it to say that it was through no fault of these commissioners, or of the people and government they represented, that their mission of peace and goodwill to their late allies of the North came to naught.

Yet another effort for peace was made from a Southern official quarter in those portentous, ominous months following the sectional victory at the polls in November 1860. The Border Southern States were yet within the old union, hoping against hope for continued union, peace and justice. Among these Border States was Virginia, the oldest, most powerful of them all. By unanimous vote of her Legislature all the States of the union were invited to send delegates to a conference, to devise a plan for preserving harmony and constitutional union.

This conference met in Washington, February 4, 1861, the very day on which the Congress of the seceded Cotton States assembled in Montgomery. The demands or suggestions of the South in this Peace Congress were only that constitutional obligations should be observed by all parties; nay, that certain concessions to the North would be agreed to, by means of constitutional amendment, if only the constitution, as thus amended, might be obeyed.

This did not suit commissioners from the Northern States, as was bluntly stated by one of them, then and there. Salmon P. Chase, of Ohio, who was slated for a portfolio in Lincoln’s cabinet, and therefore spoke at least quasi ex cathedra. So the Peace Congress proved of no avail.

We find a similar situation in the Congress of the United States at its regular session that winter. Of the condition there Mr. Pollard says, in his book “The Lost Cause”: “It is remarkable that of all the compromises proposed in this Congress for preserving the peace of the country, none came from the Northern men; they came from the South and were defeated by the North.”

(Living Confederate Principles, Lloyd T. Everett, Southern Historical Society Papers, No. II, Volume XL, September 1915; Broadfoot Publishing Co., 1991, excerpts pp. 26-28)

Gewehr 98 Mauser – The Cutting Edge Bolt Action


 My Groundhog rifle. :)

The Gewehr 98 Mauser rifle is one of the most historically significant and technically influential firearms in history. In one variant or another, it armed men on both sides of two world wars and continues to be seen in conflicts around the world to this day. Rifle actions are still being based on it or using its features.The Gewehr 98 was the first Mauser rifle to feature the famous large ring action.

It had some changes from earlier designs. It proved to be a very rugged action, and some commercial actions today are still being based upon it. The Model 98 introduced cock on opening, which was considered to be preferable. The idea being that it would not require as much effort to chamber a round as the shooter wouldn’t have to cock the action when closing the bolt. In dirty conditions, as battlefields tend to be, it was thought that this would be advantageous. It also had some extra safety features in the event of a pierced primer, which was not an infrequent event at that point in time.

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British Govt Appears to BACK ‘Land Reforms’ Aimed at Dispossessing South Africa’s White Minority

 South Africa

Theresa May’s government appears to be backing the Soviet-style policy of “land expropriation without compensation” aimed at dispossessing South Africa’s white farmers.

Breitbart London has seen a letter written by Harriet Baldwin MP, Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), to Sir Paul Beresford MP, who enquired what the government’s stance on the policy was on behalf of a concerned constituent.

“The British government understands the need for land reform in South Africa”, Baldwin asserted, adding that they “welcomed” promises from President Cyril Ramaphosa that “the process of land [re]distribution would be orderly within South African laws” and be carried out “without negatively affecting economic growth, agricultural production and food security”.

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