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The difference between when I grew up and today, sad to say

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Couple having sex against window fall to their deaths: report

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A couple in China are believed to have fallen to their deaths when a window they were having sex against gave way.

 Well, if you've got to go.......


The Chinese couple allegedly held each other tight as they fell out of their apartment building in Wuhan. 

A steamy lovemaking session turned tragic after a couple in China reportedly fell out of a window to their deaths, The Sun reports.

The lovebirds from Wuhan, central China, were having sex against a glass pane when the poorly constructed window broke under the weight of their passion.

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Administrator Of Ban Islam Responds To Threats

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Cambodian orphans donate to help Alberta flood victims

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 Cambodian orphans donate to help Alberta flood victims

He should not have accepted this, but thanked them very much.  Those poor orphans have no idea how well off Canadians are.  I'm appalled he would even consider it and I've spent many a moon in Cambodia.  Disgraceful. He should be ashamed.


‘It’s humbling,’ says foundation founder Paul Brandt

They are children who have no home of their own, let alone cherished material possessions. When the wife of their prime minister came to visit recently, they were thrilled when she gifted each one the equivalent of about $12 Cdn.

On Wednesday, those children handed over half of their new windfall to the Paul Brandt Build It Forward Foundation, specifying that they wanted the money to go to victims of the Alberta floods. Together with donations from orphanage staff, the final tally came in at $900 — impressive from children of any socioeconomic background.

Here It Is – The Difference Between The Right And The Left

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Largest Straw Purchase of Guns in History Goes Uninvestigated, Phoenix Mayor, Council & Police All Complicit

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 Gun Buy Back

The only image available of the guns is this one from a newspaper, The Arizona Republic, credited to a TV station, Channel 12 News, the local NBC affiliate. The one relic on the right looks like a replica, most of the guns appear old and cheap, some are incomplete, including one in a baggie in the upper right. Nothing appears labeled or controlled, a good model could simply walk and who would know, maybe that’s why there are none visible. If there is any accountability for the 2,000 anonymously purchased items, it is a mystery. By rough count, at the city’s going purchase price, that’s about $3,300 worth of guns pictured right there. Note the difference between this caption and the one published.

Was Bloomberg’s Out-Of-State $200,000 Involved?
The whole program was filled with feel-good hoaxes that “are doing zero percent for public safety.” -Phoenix Law Enforcement Association Someone anonymously provided $200,000, to buy 2,000 guns in Phoenix, AZ of May 2013, using $100 grocery gift cards as the money. If it was billionaire mayor Michael Bloomberg as the well-founded rumors suggest, he would have had to do it anonymously, and wash the money pretty good, because it’s illegal to buy guns like that across state lines. Buying 2,000 guns that way would be 2,000 federal and state felonies. Giving money to someone else to buy guns for you — knowing you can’t buy them yourself – would be a “straw purchase,” something mayor Bloomberg knows is strictly illegal, since he has been fighting against straw buyers publicly for a long time. We don’t know who put up the cash and he sure isn’t saying. The crime doesn’t require that the true buyer ultimately receive the guns, just that the money moves through a knowing straw man The broadcast and print “” media promoted the buyback event, proclaimed it good, spewed hyperbole about taking guns off the street, making us safer, disarming criminals, saving children. At last, something good was being done about all those nasty guns. You couldn’t miss the fanfare, it was even on billboards. But there was no mention how that was paid for?
These guns were never “on the street”
of course, with its dirty ghetto connotation, they were in closets and drawers in folks’ homes. That’s just anti-gun racism that bigots like to sling at gun nuts, their “” word for you. But I digress.
Somebody wrote the check that provided the money that was given to the perpetrators that bought the guns in the Phoenix gun buyback. It doesn’t matter who. And it’s really a buy up, you can’t buy back something you never owned in the first place.  


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Buybacks Aid Gun Owners

What would tyranny look like in America? Look around.

“The Dead of North-Carolina” -- Governor John W. Ellis

The following is excerpted from a memorial address by Governor John W. Ellis, probably in 1859, extolling the patriotic virtue of those who had given their lives in defense of the Old North State, and whose precious legacy was defended with the call to arms in May of 1861. 

They have reared to themselves a monument that mocks the regal splendor of marble, and the durability of perennial brass. 

That monument is the soil that gave us birth, and the liberties that surround our lives; the political privileges we enjoy, and this edifice to God, at whose altars we are permitted to bow with freedom of conscience and devotion.

It rises from the earth round and about us, till its summit is lost in the heavens; and there it will stand till the reign of reason is debased and overthrown, and the slaves grovels where now the freeman stands.

To whom can I appeal with more propriety than the freemen of Mecklenburgh, to know when, if ever, that day shall come?

Truly, standing here as I do, at the end of seventy-three years of experience, -- when I see rising star after star in rapid succession, and increasing brilliancy, in that sky of my country’s glory, where once it was all dark, -- when I look upon this assembly, advancing in all the virtues that adorn a Christian people, and see them preserving the original gifts of liberty with the freshness or morning, I am prompted to exclaim, Never! Never shall that hour come!  No! 

Not until the bountiful heavens shall melt from above our heads, and the earth pass from under our feet; till nature gives signs of decay, and the “sun shall slumber in the clouds, forgetful of the voice of the morning.”
“When earth’s cities have no sound or tread,
And ships are drifting with the dead, 
To shores where all is dumb.”
Till when, ever as our own Yadkin and Catawba roll their currents to the mighty ocean, the rippling song of their waters will be blended with the anthems of freemen, swelling with the praises of the past, the blessings of the present, and the prospects of the future!” 

(North Carolina Reader, Number III, C.H. Wiley, A.S. Barnes & Burr, 1860, pp 280-281)

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Virginia wants to borrow a captured Confederate flag. Minnesota's governor says no, it would be a sacrilege.


........Confederate President Jefferson Davis....... according to the Roanoke Times, said that banners belong to the captors, by "all known military precedents."


Next week marks the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, but it appears, somehow, there is still some bad blood between a pair of Northern and Southern states.

Here's the controversy: The Minnesota Historical Society has a Confederate flag in its possession, captured from a Virginia regiment during the last day of the battle. For the sake of the anniversary, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell asked Minnesota to loan it to them (McDonnell is the governor who had declared April 2010 "Confederate History Month" at the behest of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, but then apologized for not mentioning slavery in the proclamation.) Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton's response to the request was simple: No way.

As he told a crowd of reporters and Civil War reenactors earlier this week:
The governor of Virginia earlier this year requested that the flag be loaned, quote, unquote, to Virginia to commemorate--it doesn't quite strike me as something they would want to commemorate, but we declined that invitation.

It was taken in a battle at the cost of the blood of all these Minnesotans. And I think it would be a sacrilege to return it to them. It was something that was earned through the incredible courage and valor of men who gave their lives and risked their lives to obtain it. And, as far as I'm concerned, it's a closed subject.

Senators Ask if NSA Collected Gun Data

 James Clapper / AP

Senators are questioning whether the National Security Agency collected bulk data on more than just Americans’ phone records, such as firearm and book purchases.

A bipartisan group of 26 senators, led by Sen. Ron Wyden (D., Ore.) asked Director of National Intelligence James Clapper to detail the scope and limits of the National Security Agency’s surveillance activities in a letter released Friday.

“We are concerned that by depending on secret interpretations of the PATRIOT Act that differed from an intuitive reading of the statute, this program essentially relied for years on a secret body of law,” the senators wrote in the letter.

The NSA’s surveillance program has come under intense scrutiny following a leak revealing the agency harvested the phone metadata of millions of American citizens.

New Louisiana law related to gun owners outrages First Amendment advocates

A new Louisiana press law related to gun owners has created outrage among journalists and First Amendment advocates around the country.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal signed a bill last week penalizing those who publish the names of individuals who own or have applied for a concealed handgun permit with potential jail sentences of six months and fines of $10,000.

An identity may only be released if a concealed handgun carrier is charged with a felony offense involving the use of a firearm.

Editor Peter Kovacs of Baton Rogue’s The Advocate said that while he doesn’t see his pape publishing a list like the New York paper The Journal News did, there is no place for such legislation.

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Russians Be All Up in Snowden's Laptop - Releases NSA Data

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Middle Finger News Service
Moscow Correspondent

Alexander Putin, in a further attempt to embarrass the child emperor on safari, has now made public some of the NSA records taken from Edward Snowden's hard drive which trace communications from within the White House. Here is some examples released:

Phone Record
September 11, 2012
From: Pentagon, Office of the Secretary of Defense
To: Oval Office

Content: Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta phones President Barack Obama to inform him of attack on U.S. facility in Benghazi. POTUS indicates concern and asks to remain updated. SecDef is forced to repeat several key details and notes that POTUS seems distracted. POTUS responds that he is constructing fantasy basketball team and asks SecDef if he wants in. SecDef politely declines and pledges to continue delivering updates. POTUS lets him know there’s a good chance those updates will go to voice mail.

Detroit represents the implosion of the blue states model

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Detroit has been on a collision course with reality and now reality is here.  Detroit is bankrupt and on its last leg financially.  There was time that Detroit was one of our bigger cities but over the past half century, the population has decreased by more than half.  There is nothing left but a hallowed out city which resembles a third world hell hole than a real America City.  I remember being in Detroit in the 80’s and being five blocks from the convention center.  I asked a hotel employee best path to walk and he looked me with a stern look, “Take a cab.”  I told him, “Hey it is only five blocks, can’t be that long,” and he responded, “You may not make it alive.”  I took a cab.  

A friend of mine mentioned to me that while she was asleep on a business trip  a couple of years ago, a thief came in to steal a piece of the furnace from her hotel room. She felt she was lucky to be alive and She told her company “No more trips to Detroit”

Bill May Allow Korean M1 Garand Rifles and Carbines to Finally Return to the U.S.

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 A large number of M1 Garand rifles exported to South Korea several decades ago may be able to return to the U.S. with the introduction of a new bill by Representative Cynthia Lummis (R-Wyoming).

 A release on the congresswoman’s website read:

 On Tuesday U.S. Representative Cynthia Lummis (R-Wyo) introduced H.R. 2247, the Collectible Firearms Protection Act. The bill reverses a State Department decision to block the importation of historic M1 Garand rifles and M1 carbines from South Korea. Originally furnished by the United States to South Korea for military purposes over 50 years ago, the rifles are widely sought collectors’ items and among the most popular rifles in marksmanship competitions.

The rifles are perfectly legal to manufacture and sell in the United States and like all firearm imports would be subject to the federal rules and regulations governing retail firearm sales. A similar sale from South Korea was approved during the Reagan Administration. The current State Department’s interference with the sale runs counter to the intent of Congress, which on two prior occasions amended the law to allow for this kind of transaction.

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Want a Brand New Vintage Chevy? ( 50 with less than 10 miles)

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House Republicans propose plan for concealed weapons in school zones


Two dozen House Republicans proposed legislation on Thursday that would allow off-duty and retired police officers to carry concealed weapons in school zones to help protection children from attacks.

Supporters of the Police Officers Protecting Children Act, H.R. 2541, say the bill would give schools the ability to seek this added layer of protection from random acts of violence, like the one that claimed the lives of 20 children last year in Newtown, Conn.

"This common-sense bill addresses a question on all of our minds: how do we keep our children safe?," said Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-Mo.), the lead sponsor of the bill. "These dedicated men and women of law enforcement should not be barred from providing an extra layer of security for our schools just because they are off the clock or have retired from active service to their communities."

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Prosecution Witness: Trayvon On Top of Zimmerman, Punching 'Ground and Pound' Style


On Friday, in testimony devastating to the prosecution’s case against George Zimmerman in his murder trial for the killing of Trayvon Martin, prosecution witness John Good stated that Martin was on top of Zimmerman, beating him  mixed martial arts style – Good used the term “ground and pound” -- before Zimmerman shot him. 

According to Good, he thought Zimmerman was shouting help as Martin beat him. “That’s what it looked like,” he stated. “It looked like there were strikes being thrown, punches being thrown.”

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Birmingham News claimed SCLC was paying Communist

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 shuttlesworth king.JPG


JUNE 29, 1963 -- The Birmingham News reported on this day in 1963 that despite having said payments to union leader Hunter Pitts "Jack" O'Dell stopped in 1962, he remained on the Southern Christian Leadership Conference payroll.

O'Dell, the article also claimed, remained affiliated with the Communist Party.

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. told The News O'Dell was not a Communist although he had in the past "associated with communists."

Breaking News: Gay prostitution ring revealed at Vatican



I have used them for NamSouth for years and have had but few problems which were taken care of immediately.


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CIA Agents Were Embedded With NYPD And Had “No Limits”

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 You'd think they could come up with a better story that this.

According to a recently declassified Inspector General report the CIA embedded four intelligence officers inside the New York Police Department even though an Executive Order and the National Security Act of 1947 explicitly forbid the CIA from conducting domestic surveillance. The report, completed in 2011, says that officers believed there were no limitations on their activities and the scope of their work went beyond foreign intelligence.
Four Central Intelligence Agency officers were embedded with the New York Police Department in the decade after Sept. 11, 2001, including one official who helped conduct surveillance operations in the United States, according to a newly disclosed C.I.A. inspector general’s report.
That officer believed there were “no limitations” on his activities, the report said, because he was on an unpaid leave of absence, and thus exempt from the prohibition against domestic spying by members of the C.I.A.

Welcome to Mayors Against Illegal Guns

  Mayors for Illegal Guns

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