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NO! S.1689 reduces funding to states which offer Confederate Flag license plates

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S.1689 - A bill to amend title 23, United States Code, to reduce the funding available for a State under the national highway performance program and the surface transportation program if the State issues a license plate that contains an image of a flag of the Confederate States of America, including the Battle Flag of the Confederate States of America.

Update: NC: Four Thousand Rally In Support of Confederate Monument In Alamance County

4,000 rally to defend Confederate monument dedicated to fallen loved ones

"Just got back from the meeting a little bit ago. We hand delivered 8200+ petition signatures. The commissioners surprised me tonight. Before anyone could get up and talk about the monument, the commissioners held a vote to keep or move the monument. It was passed 5-0 to keep the monument. They did let the speakers have their say though."


Florida Police Might Regret What They Did to 1 Open Carrier


It’s always going to problem when a person is exercising their constitutional right and the police come in and try and make an example of them.

It’s even worse when that right is protected by state and local ordinances as well.

Which is exactly why Tampa Bay, FL police are looking a lawsuit in the face. writes

Summertime by 13 Year Old Abby Ward

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My nomination for the rant of the year...:)

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Guaranteed I'll win the Bue Ribbon! :)

TruthandFreedom has commented on your story "The Confederate Battle Flag: The Struggle for Historical Truth":



Dearest Governor Haley,

You are a prime example of either the product of the Board of Education in their quest to dumb down America or the political system working full bore in its agenda to destroy America through public corruption. Thus, quite clear and simple are you corrupt, or just plain stupid? How can you represent South Carolina when you lack any knowledge of its history? If your answer is to claim stupidity, where did you attend school? Were you taught the skewed version of the Civil War by the Board of Education? If your claim is not stupidity then you were clearly bought and paid for, or blackmailed to bring down the Confederate Flag! In either case; this action should disqualify you from holding any public office! 


THE Civil War was not about SLAVERY! As proof of this one only has to look at the facts that Lin coln attempted to author his version of the 13th amendment which proposed that “No amendment shall be made to the Constitution which will authorize or give Congress the power to abolish or interfere within any state with the domestic institutions thereof, including that a person's held to labor or service by laws of said State.†Thus, why would the Southern States, South Carolina included, wish to secede from the Union over slavery? The only thing the South had to do was accept Lincoln’s 13th Amendment which would have guaranteed the continuation of slavery! Hence, why would the South go to war over slavery when Lincoln was in full support of continuing slavery? To further support the issue, one can be find in the resolution passed with overwhelming support by the U.S. Congress of July 23, 1861, “The War is waged by the government of the United States not in the spirit of conquest or subjugation, nor for the purpose of overthrowing or interfering with the rights or institutions of the states, but to defend and protect the Union.†So, who is right? Is the US Congress declaration of war against the South in an attempt to force them not to secede from this federal tyranny as shown through numerous documents, or was it about slavery despite saying actually the opposite? Can you tell me of one, just one, ship that flew a Confederate Flag and was used to transport slaves? That’s right you won’t find one! However, you will find that many of these ships flew the: British Flag, Dutch Flag, Spanish Flag, Portuguese Flag and even our wonderful United States government Flag. Thus, if any flag of the US was associated with slavery, it was the U.S. Flag! YET, NO ONE SEEMS TO BE TRYING TO BAN THAT ARE THEY? In fact take a look at the following flag pictures and tell me which one blacks would find more offensive!

By the way, can you tell that the pictures of Dylan with the Confederate Flags were photo shopped? Amazingly can you tell me who provided the photos? Would you be surprised that it was by the same person who funded the Fergusen Riots? Yes, once again this fighting between individuals, namely black and whites, is by none other than George Soros. He just happens to be the main financial power behind the SPLC, Southern Poverty Law Center that magically had these produced in less than 12 hours from the noted incident. One should also note that for a person like Dylan who supposedly hated blacks, he had many black friends on his Facebook account.
Please answer the following questions:
Explain why cops would holster their guns prior to approaching the (car door) of what is supposed to be a mass murderer.
Explain why cops would open the front door of the police car, until one cops tells another that he needs to be put into one of the back seats, then finally a back door of the car for Dylan to be placed is opened.
Explain why as heard from the conversation between the cops and dispatch that the car was actually in the location as told to them by the news agency. << seems to be an ongoing case of news media knowing everything before it takes place…. Just like Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing and 9/11 News Media was first call to Sandy hook shooting, 9/11 news states WTC falling 20 minutes before it happens, Boston Bombing – the guy promoted to run FEMA following the event was caught on video telling everyone to stay calm that a bombing drill would be taking place in five minutes, and now the media was the one to call in the car and its whereabouts to the police – not the FBI or other federal agency….. REALLY? IS ANY OF THIS REALLY BELIEVABLE TO YOU? ARE YOU SUCH A FOOL THAT YOU WILL BELIEVE ANYTHING YOUR TOLD?
See attached video
Explain why a person w ho is supposedly a racist and killed 9 persons due to race magically had numerous BLACK friends on his Facebook account.
Explain how magically this event just happens to take place at the same time as the South Carolina legislators are trying to pass legislation to ban and bring down the Confederate flag. I’m sorry but I don’t believe in miraculous events just happening to take place when there is at the same time legislation that needs a little pushing to get accepted to pass certain legislation, just like the convenient gun legislation that was sitting ready to try and be jammed through due to the fake Sandy hook shooting, and just like the legislation to SPY ON ALL AMERICANS AND GO INVADE IRAQ FOLLOWING GOVERNMENT INVOLVED ATTACK ON ITS OWN CITIZENS . HOW CONVENIENT THESE EVENTS SEEM TO TAKE PLACE WHEN THERE SEEMS TO BE A NUDGE TO GET ACCEPTANCE BY POLITICIANS TO PASS LEGISLATION!!!!
Explain who magically made these photos available to the public! Could it be the SPLC, Southern Poverty Law Center, which is magically backed by the same person who was paying for rioters in Fergusen. Yes, the wonderful George Soros!
Who took these photos? They weren’t selfies!
Also compare the photos of the build of the person arrested verses the build of the person sitting on the car. One is 5’9†around 120-125 pounds, yet, clearly the person arrested in the car has a build of around 6’ and 150-170 pounds. I would notice this first hand as I have a son who is 5’9†-5’10†and actually weighs 120-125 pounds.
Why was there no video of Dylan leaving the church?
Why was there no video of Dylan’s car leaving the church and a copy of the license plate number revealed?
Why was there no Biological Hazmat Team called into clean up the horrific blood from the deaths?
Why was the church not cordoned off as a crime scene? And magically within 5 days the church is back open for services? REALLY?
Now explain who turned off the video after Dylan roof entered the church.
Next explain why someone would kill all but one! And then this contradicts that there were actually two persons that were taken to the hospital; and then again later 3! Wh at the person counting those going to the hospital were lacking a first grade education where they could count to five without getting the number confused?
Next explain why magically around the same time there just happened to be an active shooter threat instructor training program being done by DHS/FEMA, just like the Boston Bombing, Sandy Hook, and even 9/11. COINCIDENCE?
Now explain why if he was truly a mass murderer would the cops take Dylan Roof out to Burger King, or even buy him a meal after arresting him depending on which story one believes, because he told them he was hungry.
Explain why someone would drive so far to do this t o this specific church and legislator when there are numerous black churches closer to his home in Lexington SC, and why would he not do this during a service where 100’s could be there to kill? This church magically was having a service in which only 12 persons were present? NOT LIKELY if this was such a historical church as stated!
Explain why if he had 6 months of planning, there wasn’t much planning involved and magically he was arrested within 24 hours. How and who found him again? How did they know who he was, his name etc. in less than just a few hours with no license plate, no nothing other than the supposed photo?
Again 6 months of planning and he had no plan to change vehicles or even clothes seen at the event, nor change of hair color, or even plan on money needed to eat while on the road? Likewise, that many shot at close range and no blood on his clothes? REALLY? This story reeks of planned propaganda, a payoff of 29 million to the families and a long vacation to the Bahama’s as newly made millionaires!
Last but not least:
U.S. to fast track $29 million to help Charleston shooting victims' families
Reuters ^ | June 19, 2015
Posted on ‎6‎/‎27‎/‎2015‎ ‎1‎:‎04‎:‎41‎ ‎PM by grundle
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Justice Department will fast track the sending of $29 million to South Carolina to help families of victims of the mass murder of nine churchgoers at a historic black church in Charleston, a Justice Department spokesman said on Friday.
Really what makes their deaths worth millions, when over 40 black persons are killed per week in Chicago? If you’re black and killed by a white person your family should be paid millions! Was there money fast tracked by the Justice Department to pay Kathryn Steinle’s family 3.2 million for being killed by one of Barry Soetoros illegal aliens? Why NOT? Where did the DOJ just happen to magically have 29 million dollars on hand for this event? Was anyone really killed or was everyone provided new identities and a couple million for playing their part in this Charleston production?
Now let’s cover one final fact of why he would leave one black person alive to say hey…it was him and he did it because he hated blacks! Really? If one truly hated blacks he would have left a message stating as such, not fabricated by news agencies and federal agencies! He would have left a message and sure as hell wouldn’t leave a black person alive if his goal was to kill blacks. Likewise, with 6 months of planning as stated… he could have went to a Sunday Service and killed a good 50-100, as his intention according to the media was to take his own life after the killings! Just not believable! Six months of planning I would easily know if there were surveillance cameras, how to disable them, and take any video evidence with me. Let us not also note that there are plenty of black churches around his own city where he lived! However, we are to believe he drov e a couple hours to a church in Charleston, that mind you just happens to be conducting another DHS active shooter drill like that of sandy hook. The fact is the government needed some people killed or faked their deaths for a political agenda! Try not to kill too many or a majority of people will ask too many UNANSWERED QUESTIONS; kill too little it won’t be a hard enough impact on emotions to get the legislation passed! If the goal was to kill blacks then one would have kept killing more, not just 9 then stop and flee!

Now let us look at the history and facts of slavery and the Confederate Flag. Lincoln launched his war to force the South to submit to the same taxation from the Federalists, as that of which the original 13 colonies fought to free themselves from the British rule. Next is the fact that not only had the slave trade to the New World ended in 1808; there was only a small fraction of Southerners who even owned slaves. However, since the Board of Educations’ inception, the United States history has been re-written numerous times and indoctrinated on the masses over decades to believe the Civil War was about SLAVERY. The truth is the North, “THE FEDEREALISTS†, feared the South and their right to secede, as the North could not retain POWER without the taxes being forced on the South. Saying the South did not have the right to secede from the corruption and tyranny they saw playing out by the leaders in the Northern states is like saying that America did not have the right to secede from the British due to their government tyranny and taxation on the colonies! Lincoln in truth was a DUMB patsy for the rich elites, and when they found out that Lincoln was finally going to take a stand against them and their corrupt and illegal establishment of a system to continue taxing the Americas for the British ruling class, was when he was assassinated. Immediately following his execution the British ruling class finall y attained their goal with the establishment of Washington DC and the illegal US CORPORATION of 1871. Don’t take my word on it, research the Act of 1871. The civil war accomplished the agenda of the British ruling class to continue their ability to tax the American people to this given day! Yes, ever since we have continued to pay taxes to the British ruling elites. By these greedy, corrupt, and sick individuals who have never seen human beings as nothing more than “chattel to be bought, sold, and killed (culled) at their enjoyment!! If you don’t believe me research it! Queen Beatrice was even found calling a majority of the population as “useless eaters†and even was quoted as stating that it was almost time for the “GREAT CULLIING†to begin.
We continue to see stories leaked about these rich sycophants being involved with occults, pedophilia, and sex slave market. So again, tell me the Confederate Flag stood for SLAVERY, IT DID NOT! The Confederate Flag stood and will stand again when people awaken to the truth that it stood and stands for TAKING A STAND AGAINST OPPRESSION and TYRANNY! The Civil War was in-truth brought about by the rich elitists to ensure their establishment of illegal control over the masses, while at the same time establishing a separate court where this new CORPORATION could not be sued or held accountable to “THE PEOPLE!†These sycophants had to destroy the economy to force the others who were not compliant with their agenda to accept financial assistance by these elites for which the American colonies would be beholden to for eternity. First came the destruction of the country by enticing confrontation among races, social classes, and religious sects which was followed by construction and then in steps these same sycophants to be accepted as the great saviors of everyone from that which they had controlled to make happen unknown to the public. Next, establish funding by this ruling sycophant c lass to rebuild the nation through their financial assistance. Next, control those who represent the masses to ensure that all illegal laws incepted and pushed onto the public is for the benefit of the ruling elites. This is what we have continued to see to this day, and we just happen to rename it from instituted slavery to NATION BUILDING. We continue to see this, this very day! Every single country that these sycophants have taken control of through what is today called the (IMF) International Monetary Fund, was incepted by them to install complete control. We have seen this same game plan play out, time and time again, country after country, as they fall prey to these predators of what today we call the Banking System and the ruling Cabal. Amazingly look at our own illegal FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM which is not only unconstitutional but also illegal, as they had no authority to produce fake money at no cost to them and then lend it to Americans and be paid back with things of worth. This was why our country’s monetary system was to be based and backed by gold and precious metals. Thus, two presidents who were going to end this illegal system were amazingly assassinated, ie both Lincoln and JF Kennedy.
Guess what two major countries these criminal sycophants have yet to control by establishing their banking system into is? If you guessed Syria and Iran you would be correct! The same two countries that the US wants destroyed!! The US has been portrayed over and over as great liberators of countries while in truth these countries have become beholden to these same banking elites who take their orders from the sycophants that the US itself has found itself beholding to. They control the laws that ensure the party system which are both controlled by these criminals through bribery, extortion, and blackmail. This is why the American people have birth certificates that are in-truth bonds of indentured servitude which are then bought and sold by one’ s projected worth of what they will earn over their lifetime. Check out your own birth certificate, this stuff just can’t be made up! This is what the “GREAT CULLING†is all about and why the Board of Education works hard for their masters to keep the masses dumbed down! An intelligent society who has a thirst for knowledge and truth is a danger to these criminals! The masses are awakening and learning in part because of the internet and this has brought great fear to these “RULERS†as they know without the elimination of the masses to that of a controllable number their very own lives for their past and present actions (crimes against humanity) are endangered by an enlightened masses. This is why now they have their pawns in Congress and the Senate working hard at taking control of the INTERNET, as they already control the propaganda media which is owned in its entirety by only six families. That’s right all the media print and visual in the US is controlled by only 6 families!
One last issue that must be addressed on the issue of the Confederate Flag and the issue of slavery is the statistics of slavery. The NORTH had 20-33% of all slaves in the US from 1861-1865, and despite the end of the Civil War the north continued to own slaves until the 1880’s. In truth the slave trade was ended in 1808 but it was the invention of the cotton gin and other agriculture technical improvements that brought about the end of slavery as it was cheaper not to house and feed 100 slaves to do a job that could now be done with a handful of paid persons (seasonally) and equipment. This is what today is known as the cost-benefit factor of doing business. Thus, if the Civil War was about the north fighting to free the slaves then why were there even slaves in the North? Next, why did over 300,000 slaves fight for the south during the Civil War? Let us not also forget that 2% of the slave market was in-fact owned by other blacks and that back in Afr ica tribes and even tribal leaders from the same tribe were capturing those they feared would relinquish them from their ruling class and selling them to the slave traders at huge profits to them (the blacks of Africa) ie..they were bought and sold by their own race! Likewise, nearing the end of the war when Lincoln finally decided to try and push through the Emancipation Proclamation that everyone points to is a joke on his real stance and beliefs (read his own leaders between himself and leaders of other countries). When Lincoln introduced this legislation many Northern soldiers deserted the battlefield. Likewise, known fact is that the Emancipation proclamation only freed slaves owned by the South, not slaves owned by those in the North. There is even the fact that a year into the war, President Lincoln wrote a letter to the New York Tribune stating, “If I could save the Union without freeing any slave, I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves, I wo uld do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone, I would also do that.†Lincoln also was a lifelong advocate of sending every last black person in the U.S. back to Africa, Haiti, or Central America; just as long as it was anywhere but in the United States.
According to the U.S. census, in South Carolina in 1830, about a fourth of the NEGRO slave masters owned 10 or more slaves. Likewise, according to economic historian Stanley Engerman, "In Charleston, South Carolina about 42 percent of free blacks owned slaves in 1850, and about 64 percent of these slaveholders were women." Greed, in other words, was gender-blind. As more proof that blacks were every bit entwined with the buying and selling of slaves one only needs to read William Ellison's fascinating story as told by Michael Johnson and James L. Roark in their book, Black Masters: A Free Family of Color in the Old South. At his death on the eve of the Civil War, Ellison was weal thier than nine out of 10 white people in South Carolina. He was born in 1790 as a slave on a plantation in the Fairfield District of the state, far up country from Charleston. In 1816, at the age of 26, he bought his own freedom, and soon bought his wife and their child. In 1822, he opened his own cotton gin, and soon became quite wealthy. By his death in 1860, he owned 900 acres of land and 63 slaves. Thomas J. Pressly, using Woodson's statistics, calculated that 54 (or about 1 percent) of these black slave owners in 1830 owned between 20 and 84 slaves; 172 (about 4 percent) owned between 10 to 19 slaves; and 3,550 (about 94 percent) each owned between 1 and 9 slaves. Crucially, 42 percent owned just one slave. By the 1850’s blacks owned 2% of all the slaves in the South as shown by the Census Bureau. Pressly also shows that the percentage of free black slave owners as the total number of free black heads of families was quite high in several states, namely 43 percent in South Carolina, 40 percent in Louisiana, 26 percent in Mississippi, 25 percent in Alabama and 20 percent in Georgia. That’s right 43% of all freed blacks in South Carolina owned slaves themselves.

ALABAMA 964,201 435,080 96,603 529,121 33,730 35% 45%
ARKANSAS 435,450 111,115 57,244 324,335 11,481 20% 26%
FLORIDA 140,424 61,745 15,090 78,679 5,152 34% 44%
GEORGIA 1,057,286 462,198 109,919 595,088 41,084 37% 44%
LOUISIANA 708,002 331,726 74,725 376,276 22,033 29% 47%
MISSISSIPPI 791,305 436,631 63,015 354,674 30,943 49% 55%
NEBRASKA 28,841 15 5,931 28,826 6 0% 0%
NORTH CAROLINA 992,622 331,059 125,090 661,563 34,658 28% 33%
SOUTH CAROLINA 703,708 402,406 58,642 301,302 26,701 46% 57%
TENNESSEE 1,109,801 275,719 149,335 834,082 36,844 25% 25%
TEXAS 604,215 182,566 76,781 421,649 21,878 28% 30%
VIRGINIA 1,596,318 490,865 201,523 1,105,453 52,128 26% 31%

CALIFORNIA 379,985 0 98,767 379,994 0 0% 0%
CONNECTICUT 460,138 0 94,831 460,147 0 0% 0%
DELAWARE 112,216 1,798 18,966 110,418 587 3% 2%
ILLINOIS 1,711,942 0 315,539 1,711,942 0 0% 0%
INDIANA 1,350,419 0 248,664 1,350,419 0 0% 0%
IOWA 674,904 0 124,098 674,904 0 0% 0%
KANSAS 107,206 2 21,912 107,206 2 0% 0%
KENTUCKY 1,155,684 225,483 166,321 930,201 28,645 23% 20%
MAINE 628,270 0 120,683 628,270 0 0% 0%
MARYLAND 687,049 87,189 110,278 599,860 13,783 12% 13%
MASSACHUSETTS 1,231,057 0 251,287 1,231,057 0 0% 0%
MICHIGAN 749,104 0 144,761 749,104 0 0% 0%
MINNESOTA 172,014 0 37,319 172,014 0 0% 0%
MISSOURI 1,182,012 114,931 192,073 1,067,081 24,320 13% 10%
NEVADA 6,848 0 2,027 6,857 0 0% 0%
NEW HAMPSHIRE 326,064 0 69,018 326,064 0 0% 0%
NEW JERSEY 672,035 0 130,348 672,035 0 0% 0%
NEW YORK 3,880,726 0 758,420 3,880,726 0 0% 0%
OHIO 2,339,502 0 434,134 2,339,502 0 0% 0%
OREGON 52,456 0 11,063 52,456 0 0% 0%
PENNSYLVANIA 2,906,206 0 524,558 2,906,206 0 0% 0%
RHODE ISLAND 174,611 0 35,209 174,611 0 0% 0%
VERMONT 315,089 0 63,781 315,089 0 0% 0%
WISCONSIN 775,872 0 147,473 775,872 0 0% 0%


TOTAL # OF SLAVES: 3,521,125

TOTAL # OF SLAVES: 858,802

TOTAL NUMBER OF SLAVES 1861-1865: 4,379,927


316,638 - 6,333 = 310,305 WHITE SLAVE OWNERS IN THE


Thus, accordingly the North had 20% of the slave market according to the stats I used which were conservative. Other stats dictate that as much as 30% of all slaves were owned by the North and that 5% of all slaves were owned by other African Americans. If the north was so against slavery why did they not immediately free their slaves?
Why did many blacks fight on behalf of the Confederacy if it was about slavery?
So as we can see the premise that the Confederate Flag represents slavery is totally in error. In fact one can make the inference that the flag that represented slavery was the US flag; as it was this flag that flew on many US maritime ships that transported the slaves during the slave trade!
So again I find the premise or even hypothesis of the Confederate Flag to represent hatred and slavery of blacks completely erroneous.

Now that we have established facts, not emotion but FACTS, and numerous unanswered questions that anyone with half a brain would want to have knowledge about prior to making a brash unsubstantiated decision on in referencing the removal of a symbol of heritage, and not to mention its historical importance in the fight against tyranny from public viewing/display. Thus, one is left to ask “were you dumbed down through the board of education and their indoctrination propaganda, or are you just corrupt and getting paid off or blackmailed into your chosen action?

My daddy always said “If you believe everything, you’ll fall for anything!â€
Start with facts and base an action on truth and fully answered questions rather than on emotions!

FACT: The first black slave in the Continental USA was owned by another black! That’s right the first black slave was “John Casor†and the Slave owner was “Anthony Johnson.†It was a White Man “Robert Parker†w ho offered John Casor employment. Anthony Johnson sued Robert Parker in the North Hampton court of 1654!

By the way I myself am from Washington State originally and have taken up residence in the South for the last 20 + years after leaving military service where I worked as an Intelligence Analyst, so I guess I would be considered a Yankee! Also of note I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat as I find them both to be the same party for the rich and corporations, not to mention the thief of civil liberties!
I patiently await your answers to my questions. Likewise, these answers or lack of answers to them will be made available to the propaganda media, Main Stream Media, and numerous internet sites that focus on disseminating truth and real facts to the public.
I thank you for your time and assistance on learning how one could turn their back on the heritage of the South and its fight against tyranny! If you can prove and even answer these questions fully then I would gladly admit publicly that I was wrong about you either being just plain stupid or corrupt for your action taken against your own state and heritage! However, if you cannot then my assumption must stand as correct! In either case if found incompetent on the knowledge of Southern History, or just plain corrupt, both should call for your immediate removal from office, as you have either proven yourself incompetent or too corrupt to truly represent “The People†of all colors in an honest way!

Ps. Could you also explain to South Carolinians why you let these sick sycophants dump chemicals on South Carolinians via planes (chemtrails)? How sick you must be that you are complicit in these actions against South Carolinians and humanity in general!


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‘No Comment': NBC Covers Up Evidence of Immigration Crime Wave

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 Image result for Meet The Press, Chuck Todd

Tomorrow, the Judiciary Committee will hear testimony from Americans who lost loved ones to criminal alien violence. On Sunday’s Meet The Press, Chuck Todd made a declaration that would surprise these devastated families: “We couldn’t find a single study that links violent crime and immigration.”

Apparently neither Mr. Todd nor his research staff ever thought to look up the government’s own 2011 report on criminal alien activity, published by the Government Accountability Office.

Breitbart News emailed Mr. Todd and his show to ask why the government’s own data, and a great deal more information, which would have disproven Mr. Todd’s sweeping declaration, was omitted.  A staff aid to Mr. Todd replied: “no comment.”

More @ Breitbart


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Anthony Hervey Update

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“I want the Birmingham Parks and Recreations board to know that they are ultimately responsible for this tragedy,” said Ginger Barbee, an attorney for the group that sponsored the event. “If they had not voted to remove the monument, this young, heroic black man would still be alive. They have caused so much racial division in a great city which has had very few racial issues since the Civil Rights movement. Anthony Hervey gave his life for something he believed in, reaching across racial lines to preserve history and protect our Constitutional rights… Our prayers go out to his family during this time. He will be remembered.”

Pentagon Tells Military Recruiters ‘No Guns’ Allowed at Centers – “CLOSE THE BLINDS” for Protection (VIDEO)

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Pentagon Refuses to Arm Military Recruiters – Tells Them to “Close the Blinds”
Army chief of staff Gen. Ray Odierno said on Friday he has no plans to arm recruiters or add security patrols to military recruitment centers in the wake of the Islamist terror attacks on unarmed, unguarded military offices in Chattanooga, Tennessee on Thursday. Odierno basically said he doesn’t trust his troops to handle their weapons properly.

Also on Friday, the Marine Corps ordered recruiters to not wear their uniforms at work for ‘force protection.’

Today the Pentagon added this–

Military recruiters are being told to “close the blinds” for added safety.

Gretchen Carlson reported:


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From Book 3, chapter 3 of 1984 by G. Orwell:

" ​Now I will tell you the answer to my question. It is this. The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power. Not wealth or luxury or long life or happiness: only power, pure power. What pure power means you will understand presently. We are different from all the oligarchies of the past, in that we know what we are doing. All the others, even those who resembled ourselves, were cowards and hypocrites. The German Nazis and the Russian Communists came very close to us in their methods, but they never had the courage to recognize their own motives. 
They pretended, perhaps they even believed, that they had seized power unwillingly and for a limited time, and that just round the corner there lay a paradise where human beings would be free and equal. We are not like that. 
We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means, it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power. Now do you begin to understand me?"

This gun control tactic is hard to shoot down

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FOUGHT TILL THE END - A Vietnamese machine gunner lies dead in his foxhole with hundreds of shells surrounding him. The knee-deep spent shells are silent proof that he fought to his death when Viet Cong overran his position at the Michelin Rubber Plantation, 45 miles northwest of Saigon. The battleground was retaken today and over a hundred corpses recovered.


Gee, what a great idea.......................

The only argument to be made against background checks is the misguided notion that the government is trying to compile a list of gun owners. But five federal laws ban the creation of such a national registry.

We hope voters get behind the Background Check Initiative. If we are proven wrong, and at some point the feds come after gun owners in a nationwide dragnet, we assume word will spread quickly and people can bury their guns in their backyards or stick them in a storage unit. Until then, let’s start saving more lives.

More nonsense @ Vegas Inc

Feds Get the Power to Seize Medical Records on 'Fishing Expedition' Investigations with No Subpoena from a Judge

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While focusing their resources and political energy on the NSA’s mass collection of metadata, privacy advocates have neglected the most dangerous institutionalized violations of the Fourth Amendment: administrative subpoenas.

Now a United States District Court judge in Texas has ruled for the Drug Enforcement Agency that an administrative subpoena may be used to search medical records. It was inevitable, given the march towards illegally nullifying the Fourth Amendment through use of these judge-less bureaucrat warrants authorized by Congress.

Action Today Please: NC Bill S-22 The Historic Artifact Management and Patriotism Act

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Image result for NC  Historic Artifact Management and Patriotism Act
The NC House of Representatives will be voting on Bill S-22, The Historic Artifact Management and Patriotism Act on Tuesday.
Please call or email your representative and encourage him to vote yes. Mention the 4,000 people who attended a rally in Alamance county this Saturday in support of their county's monument.  This is a case of the silent majority finally making their voice heard, and they vote!
Go to North Carolina House of Representatives to find the contact information on your representative.  

NC: Four Thousand Rally In Support of Confederate Monument In Alamance County

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4,000 rally to defend Confederate monument dedicated to fallen loved ones

One of my favorite quotes about North Carolina comes from James C. Cobb’s The South and America Since World War II and goes something like this: “You’re not in the United States anymore.

This is North Carolina.”

Note: Sadly, North Carolina isn’t what it used to be, but still

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Anthony Hervey Dead: Chased, Car Rolled In Mississippi & Monumental Dixie

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 RIP, Anthony Hervey

It has been confirmed that Anthony Hervey died in the car wreck.

When I was in Oxford, MS last August, I personally witnessed the vitriol that was directed largely toward Anthony Hervey, who has been physically attacked for his beliefs in the past. I also saw part of the exchange between an irate group of local blacks and HK Edgerton in Birmingham yesterday. I mentioned that in my article earlier. I never thought it would go to the level of stalking someone after they left the event, running them off the road in another state, maybe even killing them.

The Jackson Clarion Ledger has picked up the story:

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Daddy's little rebel

Driving to Birmingham from St. Louis, we didn’t arrive at the “Monumental Dixie” rally in Linn Park until around 12:30 PM. Thus, we only saw the very tail end of the event. Hundreds of people had been there earlier in the day, but the crowd was smaller when we arrived due to the brutal heat and humidity. The Alabama Flaggers had a health scare and were forced to leave early.

When we finally got there, HK Edgerton had the microphone and was in the middle of giving his familiar “I am the flag” speech, which I had seen before in Columbia, SC and Oxford, MS. At first glance, the event looked and sounded like every other pro-Confederate rally hosted by the Heritage movement I had ever seen.

It was a very hot day in mid-July in Birmingham. I reached down to grab a bottled water and a slice of watermelon.

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