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The Virginia Flaggers: Lexington Update-Countdown: 7 Days


A week from today, the Va Flaggers will gather in Lexington for the Lee-Jackson holiday. Friday, January 16th is the Virginia State Holiday for Lee-Jackson Day, and Saturday, January 17th is officially recognized as Lee-Jackson Day in Lexington. The Virginia Flaggers will flag the town of Lexington for action taken by City Council to ban ALL flags from city light pole flag stands, rather than allow the flags of Lee and Jackson to fly for the week leading up to the State holiday, AND Washington and LEE University for actions taken by President Kenneth Ruscio to desecrate the LEE Chapel by removing battle flags from the Lee Mausoleum in response to the demands of 6 agitators/students.

Since the City Council of Lexington, Virginia voted to ban ALL flags (except the US, State and non-existent City flags) from flying on city light pole flag stands, rather than allow the flags of Lee and Jackson to fly for several days leading up to the Virginia State Lee-Jackson Holiday, the Virginia Flaggers have called for a FULL BOYCOTT of Lexington, Virginia. When we gather for the upcoming holiday and events, we ask that all participants make their arrangements for lodging, eating, entertainment and shopping OUTSIDE of the town limits. The map below provides an outline of the town boundaries. Please join us in making sure that the town that has turned its back on Lee and Jackson and its rich Confederate heritage, does not profit from what could have been a windfall of much needed revenue.

Behead all those who say Islam is violent!

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Don’t worry, Obama’s on the job.” Now there’s a statement capable of freezing your very marrow.
On Thursday, White House press secretary Josh Earnest announced that the Obama administration would prioritize fighting Islamophobia in the aftermath of the terrorist attack onCharlie Hebdo in France. Never mind that most Westerners aren’t Islamophobic, but rather GettingShotInTheFaceForExpressingMyOpinion-Phobic.
The real problem, according to the Obama administration, is lack of leadership in defending Islam:
There are some individuals that are using a peaceful religion and grossly distorting it, and trying to use its tenets to inspire people around the globe to carry out acts of violence. And we have enjoyed significant success in enlisting leaders in the Muslim community, like I said, both in the United States and around the world to condemn that kind of messaging, to condemn those efforts to radicalize individuals, and to be clear about what the tenets of Islam actually are.  And we’re going to redouble those efforts in the days and weeks ahead.
This, of course, is not the first time the Obama administration has discovered a duty to illuminate the inherent beauty and wonder of Islam. Over and over again, the Obama administration, in high culturally imperialist dudgeon, has attempted to explain to the world the true meaning of Islam.
No need; we can look to the “Religion” of “Peace” itself for all the explanation we’ll ever need.

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"It’s either them, the Muslims, or us, the Europeans".

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France will hesitate on the day after the attack against satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, and its leaders will say a few words of grief and threaten the Muslim world.

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 The Muslim occupation of Europe


DHS's border drones prove ineffective

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Unmanned aerial vehicles have become a mainstay for surveillance operations by the U.S. military. However, a new audit suggests that for border surveillance, they are a flop.

Customs and Border Patrol drones such as Predator-B, which have been guarding the U.S. border for eight years, have proven ineffective, according to a report by DHS's Office of Inspector General. As a result, the IG suggests the department's request for additional funding for the program is not warranted.

US School Forces Girls (Who participate) to Follow Islamic Dress Code on Field Trip


A school district in Colorado is coming under the wrath of the community for telling school girls that they may have to submit to sharia-compliant rules regarding covering their heads and ankles on a field trip to a Muslim mosque.

According to WND, Douglas County School District confirmed that such Islamic law will be enforced on the trip.

Rocky Heights Middle School (RHMS) Principal Mike Loitz appeared on January 6, 2015 on KNUS 710 radio and was interviewed about the trip.

Peter Boyles of KNUS reported on the rules the school system issued to students in order to notify parents, which were as follows:

The Paralysis of Europe

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 The Paralysis of Europe

The massacre in Paris of the staff of the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo was an act of terrorism, but also a successful act of war in the clash of civilizations between Islamism and the West.

Nor were we lacking for warning signs.

In 1989, Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa, a license to kill author Salman Rushdie for his anti-Muslim novel “Satanic Verses.”

Danish cartoons of the Prophet with his turban in the shape of a bomb caused riots across the Middle East. Charlie Hebdo published them. The vulgarian Theo Van Gogh was carved up alive on a street in Amsterdam for insulting Islam in his 10-minute film “Submission.”

Have we not known that millions of Muslims now take their faith so seriously they will die for it, and kill for it? Mock and insult Islam.

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‘Death from cancer the best’: UK doctor under fire over calls not to ‘waste’ money on tumors cure

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 A cancer cell (Image from

I have beaten the Big C twice so far, once in 1974 while still in Vietnam and once more in 1995 when it returned, so I have had 40 years more of life adding three more daughters (5 total) because of Cobalt and operations. What a blithering idiot.


A former British Medical Journal (BMJ) editor has stated that cancer is the best form of death and it is preferable to other options, saying that attempts to cure it could potentially lead to a “more horrible” death.

“Let’s stop wasting billions trying to cure cancer,” Dr Richard Smith wrote in a BMJ blog. He referenced other potential causes of death to outline why he deemed cancer to be the most preferable.
“The long, slow death from dementia may be the most awful as you are slowly erased,” he stated, adding that “death from organ failure—respiratory, cardiac, or kidney—will have you far too much in hospital and in the hands of doctors.”

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Uncensored Raid on hostage taker Porte de Vincennes

‘Taken 3’ won’t succeed without gun owner patronage

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 "Taken 3" premiere in NYC: Will Liam Neeson's career as a "geriaction hero" end here, when his target audience realizes he wants to see their rights taken away?

Liam Neeson will once more portray a “hero” who uses guns in the third and presumably final installment of his “Taken” series opening Friday. While a (fluctuating) “Tomatometer” score of 21 percent (at this writing) and no small number of snarky pans from critics don’t bode well for the opening weekend box office, gun owners have another reason for staying away: Why give aid and comfort to an avowed enemy of the right to keep and bear arms?

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Connecticut teen with cancer must undergo chemotherapy treatment, court rules

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Connecticut's Supreme Court has ruled a 17-year-old girl with cancer must receive chemotherapy even though she no longer wants the treatment.

The court rejected the request of the girl, identified as Cassandra C. because she does not want to reveal her last name, to make her own decisions regarding her medical care even though she won't turn 18 until September, reports CBS News.

According to the Associated Press, the case centered on whether the girl is mature enough to determine how to treat her Hodgkin lymphoma, with which she was diagnosed last September. Several other states recognize the mature minor doctrine.

She, with her mother, Jackie Fortin, of Windsor Locks, Conn., had fought against the six-month course of chemotherapy, the AP reports.

CBS reports the family searched for alternative treatments but a judge ordered Cassandra to undergo chemotherapy. She ran away from home after two treatments, and the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF) placed place her in protective custody, according to CBS.

She is confined in a room at Connecticut Children's Medical Center in Hartford, where she's being forced to undergo chemotherapy, which doctors said would give her an 85 percent chance of survival, reports the AP. Without it, they said, there was a near certainty of death within two years.
In a column in the Hartford Courant, Cassandra says the ordeal has been emotionally harrowing.

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Cut the Crap: The problem is islam, and it has to be exterminated. Period.

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 “100 lashes if you don’t die laughing!”

 12 killed for this horrendous cartoon, seems reasonable.................


So, a little review for those of you who may be new.

1.  Islam is a political system, NOT a religion, and unless and until humanity wakes the hell up and STOPS referring to it as a religion, there is no hope.  Islam is a hyper-aggressive, militaristic, expansionist, totalitarian political system designed to create a super-rich micro-oligarchical ruling class with a massive, destitute, genetically handicapped underclass below.  The paper-thin faux-religious facade was a conscious, specific con from the very beginning – much like Mormonism and Scientology – a pure racket using borrowed and piggy-backed religious motifs to lend credibility to a massive, loosely-knit network of crime syndicate cells.

Here is a quote from Osama bin Laden that sums it all up: 

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Cartel Members Are Eating the Hearts of Victims

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In this Nov. 5 photo, armed men from to a self-defense group create a checkpoint in the town of Las Colonias, Mexico. Several communities have created their own self-defense groups after a pseudo-religious cartel, known as the “Knights Templar,” has for years demanded protection payments from cattlemen, lime growers and other businesses. The groups say they are free of the cartel in several municipalities of the Tierra Caliente, or “Hot Land,” which earned its moniker for the scorching weather but whose name has also come to signify criminal activity. (AP Photo/Dario Lopez-Mills)

A new report by Reuters is downright disturbing: Members of a prominent Mexican drug cartel are eating the hearts of their victims.

The reports cites a government official, who said the tactic is meant to weed out those trying to infiltrate the Knights Templar cartel.

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Army Officially Announces It’s Rejection of Beretta M9A3

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It looks like the Army will be getting a whole new pistol system sometime in the foreseeable future.
The Army has been considering an upgrade to its aging arsenal of Beretta M9 pistols and it looks like a new version of that pistol will not be the way they go.

According to

SA: Murder: Unnamed white man found tied by his hands with cables to shark-nets at Fish Hoek holiday resort

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FISH HOEK, SOUTH AFRICA - SAPS captain Frederick van Wyk told the news media that an unnamed white man's body was found tied to the floaters of the shark nets by his hands. The body was spotted at around 10h20 on Friday Jan 2 2015 by shark-spotters. The police's diving unit retrieved the man's body from the ocean.

Fox’s Gutfeld to U.S. Media: You Are Not Charlie, You’re Cowards + Bill Maher on Terrorism and the Charlie Hebdo Attack

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French Police Kill Suspects in Charlie Hebdo Attack

 Members of the French police evacuate hostages after launching the assault at a kosher grocery store in Porte de Vincennes, eastern Paris, on Friday. At least two people were shot dead at the Jewish supermarket where five people were being held.

French police killed three gunmen who rampaged in and out of the French capital this week, ending a three-day spree of violence that shocked the nation.

Police launched simultaneous assaults Friday on gunmen who held hostages at two locations on the outskirts of Paris, and appeared to operate as a network.

As the multifront battle climaxed, police killed Said and Chérif Kouachi—the two gunmen suspected of Wednesday’s attack on French magazine Charlie Hebdo. A hostage held by the brothers in the building north of Paris was rescued alive in the police raid, according to police officers familiar with the matter.

At Porte de Vincennes, on the eastern edge of Paris, police also raided a kosher grocery store where another gunman, Amedy Coulibaly, had taken several people hostage. Mr. Coulibaly, who police believe was connected to the Kouachi brothers, was killed in the assault.

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