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Comment on 'A Fig for the Constitution'

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Guys Trying to Get Themselves Killed: John Randolph and Henry Clay

 A Fig for the Constitution


"Paper constitutions raise smiles upon the faces of those who have observed their results." 

-- Herbert Spencer

The key to the restraint of government can only be an armed, vigilant, and freedom-loving people. If the people lack sufficient arms, or are unaware of what's being done to them and its probable consequences, or are unattached to individual liberty as a sacred right and principle, they will fail to restrain the depredations of the State, whether by unwillingness or inability. That's why the totalitarians always:
1. Target the educational and communications sectors of a nation first and foremost;
2. Strive to divide the people, setting some against others;
3. Forbid the private ownership of weapons.

It could hardly be simpler...yet it appears too complex for most Americans of today.

Fast Money (Good)


On a late November evening in 1970, I rolled into the “Big Easy” on an L&N freight with my pockets jingling. Hitching a ride to Canal Street – and letting the morrow “take thought for the things of itself,” as the Scriptures say – I checked into the Sheraton Delta Hotel, got myself cleaned up, then indulged myself in a supper consisting of Cornish hen, mushrooms stuffed with crabmeat, and hearts-of-palm salad – all washed down with a bottle of Beaujolais. Next, I went down to Bourbon Street to see if I could find any way to spend the rest of my paycheck.

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A War of Conquest, Not Philanthropy


 Circa 1865

Fearing slave rebellion from its highly concentrated black population, the South wanted free access to the Territories to lessen this; the North wanted to restrict black people to the South and open the Territories to white-only immigration. A great irony of history is the blame the American South receives for African slavery: the South did not bring the black man to America, British and New England slave ships did after purchasing their human cargoes from African chieftains.

A War of Conquest, Not Philanthropy

“The initial sympathy of the British people for the North because of the belief that the South had seceded to set up a slave state and that the North stood for freedom of the slave was soon to be destroyed, and a strong conviction arose that the freedom of the slave was not an issue in the war. One can hardly escape the logic of events which forced this conclusion upon the English mind.

During the winter of [early] 1861, it will be recalled, numerous compromises of the American troubles were discussed, the most important of which was the Crittenden compromises conceding a permanent share of the territories to slavery. The Economist upon hearing of such proposals spoke of the measures as iniquitous, and was not willing to believe that Lincoln would yield to them.

But the final disillusionment came when in his inaugural address Lincoln said: “I have no purpose, directly or indirectly, to interfere with the institution of slavery in the States where is exists . . . I believe I have no lawful right to do so and I have no intention to do so. “

This was, in truth, the death knell of British sympathy based upon the moral righteousness of the Northern cause. If freedom was not the cause, then what was it?

The Economist late in the summer of 1861 pronounced a little stronger upon the issue of the war: It was not for freeing the slave on the part of the North or preserving slavery on the part of the South, but was for dominion and power on the part of the one and the right of self-government on the part of the other.

After Lincoln’s message to Congress, which was as tender of the rights of slavery as had been in his inaugural, the Economist was completely convinced, if there had been any doubts, that Lincoln and the North would be more than glad to continue or restore the old Federal union on the basis of slavery and all its abuses if the South would only return.

The inevitable conclusion was that the war was “a war of conquest and not of philanthropy.”

(King Cotton Diplomacy: Foreign Relations of the Confederate States of America, Frank L. Owsley, University of Chicago Press, 1931, pp. 187-188)

Cycles of History Ignored – Kristallnacht in Amerika

The right to own private property that cannot be arbitrarily regulated or confiscated by the government is the moral and constitutional basis for individual freedom

Historians have incessantly warned us not to disregard the lessons of history lest we repeat failures that could have been avoided.  That indisputable admonition is commonly found in childhood parables, writings of scholars, clever sayings of gurus, and advice from our parents and elders.  Nevertheless, humanity has habitually and often flagrantly ignored the obvious realities of past misdeeds regardless of how costly or disastrous. 

A true retrospective examination of mankind’s history, however, teaches us a valuable lesson.  Not everyone disregards the past.  Evil never sleeps.

After the end of World War I, Europe was in turmoil.  The rise of Communism in Russia under the leadership of Lenin and Stalin led to similar uprisings among socialist groups in Europe.  Initially, German culture prospered under the progressive policies of the Weimar Republic, but competing extremist groups, a starving populace, and eventually the Great Depression created political conditions ripe for Hitler’s rise to power in 1933.

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Vietnamese Food Today: TET - Vietnamese New Year

'Corner Car' Larry

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Trump lawyers eye acquittal as defense makes case

Trump lawyers: Impeachment is political vengeance

Anyone ‘Investigated’ for Terrorism Would Be Banned from Owning Firearms Under Sen. Rubio’s Bill

Sen. Marco Rubio has reintroduced a bill that would suspend the Second Amendment rights of anyone who has been investigated for terrorism in the previous ten years.

Like so-called “red flag” laws, the legislation does not require that a person be convicted of a crime. Instead, it allows the FBI to petition a court to suspend a person’s gun rights for an indefinite amount of time if that person has been “the subject of a terrorism investigation by any Federal department or agency.”

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Ted Cruz: Everyone knows there is 'no chance' Trump will be convicted +


Glaring Hole In Trump Impeachment?

According to Senator Mike Lee of Utah, a specific exchange he had with Jamie Raskin reveals a glaring error in the House case against President Trump.

The K.O. Punch!

President Trump did NOT incite the violence on January 6th, and we all know that, but Democrats love political theatre, so here we are.

According to Senator Mike Lee, a specific exchange he had with Jamie Raskin on the house floor is proof positive that this case has no merit.

Democrats are clowning around as always, and simply trying to push America’s drama button.

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Here’s The Full List of All Retailers Who Have Cut Ties With Mike Lindell’s MyPillow


After reading this list you might not want to stay away from some of these places.

Mike Lindell who is the CEO of MyPillow has been one of President Trump’s most faithful supporters and as a result, the cancel mob has been trying to completely destroy his business.

These last couple of weeks, while most people have been quiet about the election fraud that occurred during the 2020 election, Lindell has been very outspoken on exposing the lies.

As a result, several businesses have cut ties with Lindell and will no longer sell his products.

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Ted Cruz: Everyone knows there is 'no chance' Trump will be convicted

Nikki Haley breaks with Trump: 'We shouldn't have followed him'


No surprise here after her Confederate Flag  switch.

 Via John "She just cut her own political throat unless she switches parties to become the Dem she is at heart.It's past time we turn on them.  They are no better than the Soviet-style libernazi Democrats who put American last in all things.

No more GOP for me.   


How about, Thee?"



Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley issued stunning remarks breaking with former President Trump, telling Politico in an interview published Friday that she believes he “let us down.” 

“We need to acknowledge he let us down,” Haley, who served in her ambassador role under Trump, said. “He went down a path he shouldn’t have, and we shouldn’t have followed him, and we shouldn’t have listened to him. And we can’t let that ever happen again.”

Haley’s remarks are her strongest yet against the former president in the aftermath of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot and come as Trump's legal team is set to present its defense of Trump on Friday in his second Senate impeachment trial.

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Nikki Haley criticizes Trump and says he has no future in the GOP

Don't think so.