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People Walk Out on Obama at Virginia Rally

I do believe y'all are going down for the long count.



When your opening act is an accused rapist and molester of women, a man who lied to a grand jury and was convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice, a man who actually stood in the Rose Garden of the White House and lied as follows:

But I want to say one thing to the American people. I want you to listen to me. I'm going to say this again: I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky. I never told anybody to lie, not a single time -- never. These allegations are false. And I need to go back to work for the American people.

When that man is your opening act, and then you climb on stage as President of the United States and people walk out halfway through your speech three days before the vote for your reelection, that’s not good.

But that’s what happened yesterday to Barack Obama in Virginia. Famous liar, womanizer, and accused rapist Bill Clinton kept the audience in their seats, but as Obama was speaking, many people had had enough; they got up and left so they could beat the parking lot traffic.

As Charlie Spiering of the Washington Examiner tweeted:

Wow. Steady stream of cold people trotting towards the exit in the middle of Obama's speech.

And even Obama’s hot air wasn’t enough to hold them.

Comment on: Russian circus performer beats himself to death



AnonymousNovember 4, 2012 9:30 PM
I believe I know what happened. And this is an incredible twist to this story.

I am a major journalist in Acapulco, and I know I got this story straight.

There is a white American woman who is an illegal immigrant, meth dealer, the whole 9 yards who has been fingering American men as child molesters in Acapulco. So the police are doing random checks of identity, looking for people who meet the descriptions she gives. This man's description matches. And this man was not a child molester.

Most likely, the Acapulco police thought they had a child molester, and beat him to death as a result. I have had plenty of contact with Mari Zecchino, who is a pathological liar who will do anything to create a story to get people to give her money, and pointing out American men and calling them child molesters is one of them. Most likely this poor chap spoke to her when she was selling jewelry in front of Sanborns near the zocalo, and he ended up paying for it with his life.

Marie Zecchino even pointed ME out as a child molester and sent the police after me, when I stopped giving her money as a result of her sob stories. Once I pulled support, which I did after witnessing her dealing drugs, she flipped out and wanted me dead. Fortunately she never got my real identity nor does she have her address, but she did indeed get the police after me for no reason at all.

With this poor chap actually working with children, he would have been a prime target,

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Defiant To The End

Sir, I wish I had had the privilege of shaking your hand.

The Last Words Of South Vietnamese Colonel Ho Ngoc:  
"Down with the Communists.  Long live Vietnam."

"The river was running red with blood.": THE 62nd BORDER RANGER CIDG CAMP LE-KHANH (POLEI-KLENG)

This piece confirms most of the events as penned in Kontum: The Battle To Save South Vietnam 1972, 2011 by LTC Thomas P. McKenna pages 154 - 157 Chapter 13 Cut Off and Surrounded and so much so, that I wonder if some of the latter has been borrowed from the former.  I took the liberty of cleaning up some of the translation, though it is still far from perfect, but I think sufficient the way it stands.

Polei Kleng is the name of a hill, 22km northwest of Kontum, the further most city in the central highlands of south Vietnam.  In June 1966, US Special Forces built a CIDG (Civilian Irregular Defense Group) camp on the hill top and named it Polei Kleng (A-241).  The Vietnamese called it Le Khanh This camp functioned as a blockage to stop the enemy expansion and pressure into the city of Kontum.  On the 31st of August 1970, the camp was transferred and converted to the 62nd Border Ranger battalion and placed under the command of the ARVN Ranger High Command.

        During the Easter Offensive, the NVA launched a massive attack, crossing the three-border (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia) area, destroying the RVN 22nd  division and captured the town Tan Canh, Dakto.  The Airborne defensive line around the hills in the southwest of Tan Canh collapsed. Camp Le Khanh was the last resistance outpost against the advancing NVA forces into the city of Kontum, therefore the communists must flatten the camp at all costs.

    Within one week, the NVA bombarded thousands of 82mm, 122mm shells into the camp.  On the 7th of May, they increased the level of bombardment from 8:00pm until midnight, then attacked from the eastern flank.  The rangers held their positions, pushing back many waves of attacks.  Until 6:00am, the communists stopped their attack for regrouping, leaving more than 300 dead around the defensive perimeter of the CIDG camp.

        An hour later, after realigning their forces, the NVA mounted a new attack with a shower of artillery shells, then 20 T-54 tanks led the way for the infantry assault.  Even exhausted from fighting continuously for many hours, the rangers prepared with M-72 rocket launchers and waited. They knocked out five T-54 tanks with the ARVN artillery close support, again the enemy had to retreat temporarily.  According to captured documents, the communists selected camp Le Khanh for the commemoration of the victory at Dien Bien Phu where they defeated the French in 1954.

        Until the 20th day of the fight, the rangers of the 62nd lived under ground and in the trenches to avoid enemy bombardments.  From this time, the hill top of Polei Kleng and the surrounding hills were no longer a beautiful area with the artistic scenario of the highlands.  Camp Le Khanh was pounded by NVA artillery into fragments, the ammunition storage got hit and burned, the Tactical Operation Center (TOC) collapsed. Col. Nguyen Van Duong commander of the Rangers in MR-II worried for the fate of the 62nd  border Ranger battalion.

        -  Can you men hang on ?

        - We are still fighting, Maj. Buu Chuyen, the battalion commander replied.

        In reality, the situation was critical, the 62nd  Ranger and camp Le Khanh could have been overrun at anytime. US jets was called in to support the extraction of the American advisory team.  From that moment, the Rangers knew that they had to stand on their own feet ... The burden was much heavier than it has been ... There were about 300 Montagnard women and children in the camp.

        The 62nd continued to fight, the lightly wounded men returned to their positions.  Women also carried guns, and helped in guarding, distributing ammunition and medication ... At night, the flares lighten the sky over Camp Le Khanh. On the ground, it was devastation, the atmosphere of death. The smell of the decomposed corpses mixed with the smell of gun smoke increased the horror of the scene.


        After the 20th day, the situation became worse, and the fate of the battalion was sealed.  There were not any other alternative to save the defenders, the high command of MR-II allowed the Rangers of camp Le-Khanh to decide their own destiny.  The communication with outsiders became more difficult, most bunkers with antena-292 (umbrella) got hit by SKZ-57, 75mm, fired directly from communists captured hills surrounding Le-Khanh.  On the 25th day, the Commander Maj. Buu Chuyen conferred with the executive officer Capt. Phan Thai Binh and decided to retreat.  They did not want to become POWs, eventhough they knew for sure that death was waiting for the men of the 62nd just outside the barb wires.

        The Rangers quietly prepare for the last fight with their families members.  At 4:00am, mixed in the bombardment of the enemy, the rangers used bangalores to blow away the defensive barb wires outside bunker numbered 13 then moved out into the darkness of the night.  Lt. Kchong, the Montagnard led the 1st company moved out first, then the group of Maj. Chuyen and his commanding post (CP) followed, this group went to the east.  Capt. Binh with the remaining Rangers, took the women and children out last and  headed north.  The split up to avoid casualties in case the enemy caught them on the evacuation.

        Meanwhile, observation airplane Bird-Dog L-19 which covered the sky of Le-Khanh still made contact with the ground forces.

- Nam-Binh (code name of Capt. Binh)! Where are you ?

        - I just got out ...

        - Their tanks were inside the camp... crowded like ants !

        - Drop the bombs on them quickly!

        - Understand! Will see!

        A squadron of jets was called in to bomb the NVA troops and their tanks inside camp Le Khanh.  The communists thought that they already crushed the 62nd battalion.  This time camp Le-Khanh was a sea of fire, but the Rangers lost contact with the L-19.  It got hit by a SA-7 (portable personnel heat seeking) missile. A white parachute blossomed in the sky.

        They walked about five kilometers and because of the women and children, their movement was slow.  The enemy was on their tail, everyone tried harder to keep up with the group.  Only two more kilometers away, they would reach the Po-Ko river (Dak Poko, the Montagnard in Kontum province called river Dak).  Crossing the river meant survivival, the friendly units and the commanders including Col. Duong, commander of the rangers in MR-II were waiting anxiously on the other bank.

        There were sounds of gun fire exchanged in the direction of Maj. Chuyen.  Captain Binh held the hand set (combinet) of the radio PRC-25.

        - Are you OK?

        - They surrounded us!

        - Do you need help?

        - No! Keep moving your way! Do it quickly!

        Those were the last words which the two top men of the battalion exchanged ... Now the turn of Capt. Binh and his group, they were surrounded, the enemy gun fired from everywhere.  Everyone must keep moving if they want to live, Capt. Binh directed his men to return fire and continued to move with their backs  toward the bank of the Po Ko river ... they must leave their fallen or wounded comrades behind ... the Rangers still had to care for the children and women.

        At the river’s bank, the water leveled just above the mouth in the dry season.  Capt. Binh and the remaining Rangers fanned out along the river edge to hold off the enemy to allow women to carry children and wounded soldiers across the river first.  Stopped by the valiant Rangers, the communists fired their 82mm mortars on the stream where people were trying to cross.  Many people were killed from this shelling. The Po-Ko river stained with blood ... Action were still going on at the bank,when  a Montagnard woman with a baby attached was killed by a bullet and the baby still clinked to his death mother and sucking.  Capt. Binh directed one Ranger to cut off the baby sack from the mother then took him to the other bank first.

        Reaching the other bank, Capt. Binh was embraced by Col. Duong.  When the battalion split there were more than 300 people including women and children, only 97 successfully arrived at the other bank of the Po-Ko river.  The others were killed, captured or got lost in the jungle.  Surviving women, children and wounded soldiers were taken back to the city of Kontum. Capt. Binh and his Rangers requested to stay and wait for the returning comrades at the river’s bank.

       The enemy artillery still shelled across the river, the determined rangers stretched out along the bank and waited for the lost Rangers.  Three dayspassed, but there was nothing new ... sadness, hopelessness, the night came, it was cold and foggy and formed a layer above the surface of the river ... There were noises from the river ... one, two, three then four men in black appeared then walked directly toward the rangers position.  Everyone held their breaths, with guns ready they asked softly.

        - Who ?

        - Ranger...

        - ...!

        Everyone left their hiding places ran to the four men and embraced them even though their uniforms were very wet.  Those four were in the group of Maj. Chuyen, they said that the major was wounded and captured.  When they led him to their headquarters, Major Chuyen refused their orders, so they killed him.

   The story of the 62nd Ranger battalion and camp Le Khanh ended here. After April 30th 1975, Capt. Phan Thai Binh was sent to labor camp in North Vietnam for 11 years.  He and his family were brought to the US in October 1993, now living in Los Angeles.  He brought with him an old stained picture that he had hid, a memory of the day he was decorated for his valor at the headquarters of the II-Corps ARVN / MR-II in Pleiku.


        By the end of 1973, the 62nd combined with the 95th (Ben Het CIDG camp), and the 88th (Dak Pek CIDG camp) to form the 22nd Rangers Group.  This group was the main defensive force of  Kontum province (the further most province) in the central highland.  On the faithful Sunday 16th of March 1975, the 22nd group was the last regular unit which moved out of the province to rejoin other *Rangers group in Pleiku for the fateful journey which began the fall of south Vietnam.

*700 of the 7,000 Rangers survived, as well as 20,000 of the 60,000 ARVN and 100,000 of the 400,000 civilians. The horror. I believe the picture below is related to "A pregnant lady" – abandoned by her lover to face her fate


  From the book: ‘Chinh Chien Dieu Linh’ by Kieu My Duyen, California, 1994
  Dallas, 06-03-1995
   Hieu D. Vu

Destroying the Christian Sense of Place


An excellent summation of the religious differences between and antebellum South and North from Chronicles, the magazine of American culture. See

Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Destroying the Christian Sense of Place:

“A study of [Southern] Christian civilization on the North American continent offers a way to reestablish a Christian sense of place, and we should set aside the intellectual arrogance that makes some of us think that we are superior to those who went before us.

Southerners lived on their land and in community, interdependent with their neighbors. They knew that their unchanging religious tradition gave meaning to life and destiny. Their society gauges how far we have fallen away from a Christian sense of place and reveals how much our culture has surrendered to a narcissistic and hedonist sense of self that engenders peoples’ obsession for individual freedom of choice, unconstrained by any source of authority outside themselves. The insatiable demand for such choice, regardless of how it may adversely affect others, added to the increased mobility of our society, has made us rootless and placeless.

To compare our culture with that of the antebellum South, we need to look at the theological changes that occurred in New England and the other Northern States. Those changes opened the way for the emergence of a gnostic distortion of Christianity, which inevitably spawned a secular humanism that, in turn, transformed the culture of the North and has subsequently become the state religion of the United States.

The traditional conservative religious and practice of the Southern people wove into their society the firm faith that the One God revealed and experienced in the Holy Trinity is the Father of all Creation. They believed that God’s law was revealed completely in the Holy Bible. They believed that the Holy Spirit of this One Triune God welded into a unified society all of the Southern people: the planter, the businessman, the tenant farmer, the small farmer, the frontiersman, and the slave.

Most Southerners believed, quite correctly, that the people of New England (and, generally, of the North) had rejected traditional Christianity, which they had inherited from their Pilgrim and Puritan ancestors. In the three decades before Lincoln’s armies invaded and pillaged the South, a steady stream of New England intellectuals went to Europe where they studied and embraced….radical and revolutionary ideas [regarding Christianity and government].

The elitist New England intellectuals were convinced that Southern biblical Christianity should be suppressed because it was a stumbling block to the progress of mankind. They declared that virtue and salvation were attainable through education and social reform rather through adherence to a traditional Christian religious belief. They advocated an unrestrained freedom of choice, guaranteed by the man-made laws of the state, which would supplant the biblical laws of God.

Many New England clergymen imbibed the ideology of the radical European theologians and philosophers who invented the “scientific” analysis of the Bible, cast aside the divine inspiration of the Holy Scriptures, and came to believe the doctrine of the Trinity was false, that Jesus was not divine, that men and women are not miserable sinners who needed a Savior.

There was indeed a profound difference in theology between the North and the South in antebellum America. The Northern intellectual leadership preached a heretical Social Gospel. The South held on to a robust, traditional, Trinitarian Christianity. The North experimented with a philosophy of ethical culture under the guise of religion.

Antebellum Southerners were well aware of what we today call “secular humanism.” Boldly, they declared it a heresy, a gnostic distortion of Christianity. It is the eclectic summation of a rootless, placeless, individualistic American experiment with utopianism, Unitarianism, Transcendentalism, and Jacobinism. Secular humanism destroys the Christian sense of place. It presupposes that a better world can be achieved without God’s love, mercy and judgment.

The War Between the States and the North’s determination to destroy the Southern homeland as well as her culture during the Reconstruction Era (which is still going on) could not completely eradicate her sense of place. The South was and remains the Bible Belt. Her religious legacy gives all Americans a chance of regaining a Christian sense of place, which is the only guarantee of a stable civilization.”

(A Southern Legacy, The Christian Sense of Place (excerpt), Fr. Alister Anderson, Chronicles Magazine, December 2004, pp. 20-21.

Issa wants answers on costly White House dinners

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House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa today demanded that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton turn over documents concerning what he called "excessively lavish" spending for official White House state dinners.

Issa also released a video titled "All the President's Parties" comparing President Obama's promises to cut wasteful federal spending with examples of extravagance drawn from the dinners for foreign dignitaries.

"During these tough economic times, Americans are reining in their spending wherever possible," Issa said in the Nov. 1 letter to Clinton, citing recent reporting by The Washington Examiner. "The executive branch should be mindful of this. Reports of excessively lavish events, however, indicate the opposite." (See the complete letter in the embedded viewer beneath this story.)
The Examiner reported on Oct. 26 that a May 2010 Obama state dinner for Mexican President Felipe Calderón cost nearly $1 million, or $4,700 per attendee. Three other Obama state dinners since 2009 cost half a million or more, according to official documents cited by the newspaper.
A special concert stage was erected in a massive walled tent on the South Lawn where singer Beyoncé entertained guests for the Calderon dinner. Private trolleys ferried guests from the White House to the tent, and a celebrity chef was brought in from Chicago to prepare a special menu for the event.

Another huge Confederate Battle Flag raised

Heh!  More complaints,  more go up.:)

Photo: To all,
The Battle Flag was hoisted Saturday AM by Early Camp Chief Engineer Butch Fox so any panic incurred has been resolved. Flag was in need of minor repairs.
If anyone reports the pole missing then we will become nervous.
Today is the Birthday of our namesake Jubal A. Early. Born on this date in the year 1816. Early served with distinction and honor, 2nd Corp, Army of Northern Virginia.
Mike Herring
Commanding Officer
Gen. Jubal A. Early Camp 556


The Battle Flag was hoisted Saturday AM by Early Camp Chief Engineer Butch Fox so any panic incurred has been resolved. Flag was in need of minor repairs.

If anyone reports the pole missing then we will become nervous.

Today is the Birthday of our namesake Jubal A. Early. Born on this date in the year 1816. Early served with distinction and honor, 2nd Corp, Army of Northern Virginia.

Mike Herring
Commanding Officer
Gen. Jubal A. Early Camp 556

Mattel Tommy Gun commercial

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Half of College Grads Lack Degree-Worthy Jobs



Enrollment at American community colleges and four-year universities appears to be declining, and one economist attributes the drop largely to a lower “rate of return on college investments.”

That is, college graduates are increasingly finding it difficult to land jobs that actually require the college degree they spent so much time and money to obtain.

Richard Vedder, who directs the Center for College Affordability and Productivity and teaches economics at Ohio University, discloses that higher education enrollment is predicted to be lower this year than a year ago. In Ohio, for example, the University System is showing a 5.9 percent decline, and some community colleges around the country are showing a double-digit drop.

Several reasons have been suggested for the drop-off, Vedder says. Some cite the fact that the population of 18-year-olds is in decline, but the drop “isn’t large enough to explain the big enrollment decreases,” he observes.

The tightening of federal financial assistance to students has been cited as well, and Vedder acknowledges that this “might be of some importance at schools with large economically disadvantaged populations.”

Also, colleges could be pricing themselves out of the market. College costs have soared faster than the rate of inflation over the past four decades and student-loan debt has reached the $1 trillion mark.

“Last and possibly most important, concern appears to be rising about the rate of return on college investments,” Vedder, who is also an adjunct scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, writes in an article that appeared on

“One estimate is that as many as 53 percent of recent college graduates are either unemployed or have relatively low-paying, low-skilled jobs.”

He points out that 40 percent of adult Americans have at least an associate degree, yet a smaller percentage of jobs have historically been filled by new college graduates.

Also, the number of graduates has been growing faster than the number of high-paying jobs. Most of the jobs predicted to see the most growth in the next decade require less than formal higher education.

President Obama has made expanding access to higher education one of his main re-election themes.

But Vedder concludes: “If the proponents of near-universal higher education get their way, in another couple of decades more than half of adults will be college graduates — and by definition some of them will be in jobs that pay below average.

“The higher education establishment will then claim that in our complex world, post-graduate degrees are vital: a master’s in janitorial science, for example. Isn’t this over-credentialization leading to a huge waste of scarce human resources?”

Papers Blast Obama Over Benghazi & Chris Wallace Sends Axelrod reeling over Benghazi

The lead editorials in the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal today offer stinging critiques of the Obama administration’s handling of Benghazi.
The Post notes that what happened in Benghazi “increasingly looks like a major security failure” and argues, “sooner or later the administration must answer questions” about that failure and “the policies that led to it.” 
Why was there a security failure at the consulate, and how did U.S. forces in Libya and outside the country respond to the emergency? The result is a host of unanswered questions.

    David Axelrod was in the unfortunate position again today of having to defend the Obama administration’s unwillingness to answer questions about Benghazi. He did so by…not answering questions about Benghazi. On Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace pressed Axelrod on whether the President knew about the earlier attacks on the Benghazi consulate and requests for enhanced security. Axelrod responded, in part: 
    I mean, I’m not in the White House, I’m not privy to all the discussions, but I can tell you this: this President is 100 percent committed to the people he sends overseas personally to represent this country. His the one who met those coffins when they came home, so any suggestion that he would not take the necessary steps to protect them, make some decision not to protect them, is just nonsense.
    More @ NRO

Seems the tide is turning


Liberal White Guilt

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B17 Bomber Gas Station

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Russell Means: Renegade, Patriot, Freedom Fighter


Confined to a barren prison camp in Washington, the displaced Paiute Indians were dying. The Interior Department had promised to send rations, but they never arrived. After being exposed to the elements during the winter of 1880, fifty-eight of them had died – including thirty children --  and many more were seriously ill. 
James Wilbur, the pious fraud who served as Indian Agent at Fort Simcoe, wouldn’t exert himself to see that his prisoners were cared for, and wouldn’t permit them to migrate to more hospitable surroundings.
Sarah Winnemucca, daughter of the renowned Paiute chief of the same name, had gone to Washington to lobby Interior Secretary Carl Schurz for relief. In May she returned with a written promise that the department would arrange for the Paiutes to relocate to Lovelock, Nevada, where they could at least obtain food. When she arrived in Yakima, however, Sarah was informed that Wilbur had received no instructions from Washington.
Sarah called a public meeting in which she recited, in detail, the broken promises that had been made to her. In short order Sarah was summoned to a second meeting with Wilbur, who intended to slap her down for impudently assuming that a promise to an Indian meant something.
“Your people were content here until you came back and stirred them up,” Wilbur insisted, condescendingly rebuking Sarah of “putting the devil into their heads.”
That accusation came from a well-fed hypocrite who – in the classic “Indian Ring” tradition – was growing wealthy by embezzling money and supplies promised to the pitiful, dying people over whom he presided. 

What Your Booze Says About Your Politics

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2 Charts That Explain What Your Food Says About Your Politics


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I thought I had posted this before, but did not find it with a search.

Obama Friendly “Fieldworks” Registers Hitler to Vote in Ohio

Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and the starting lineup of the Dallas Cowboys, including Quarterback Tony Romo, were names that ACORN workers attempted to register to vote during the 2008 presidential election.

The ensuing outrage sparked a voter registration fraud scandal that helped lead to the activist group’s demise, and put new focus on the integrity of third-party voter registration efforts during Presidential elections.

Now, four years later, the name: John Adolf Hitler, was one of those turned in on a voter registration form collected by another group in Cincinnati, according to the Hamilton County Board of Elections.
“It’s certainly not a joke. In Ohio, that kind of activity is a felony,” says Alex Triantafilou, an Elections Board member who also serves as the Chairman of the county’s Republican party.

“Any person who would engage in that kind of conduct with something as serious to our democracy as voting, is highly irresponsible and potentially criminal…We have someone doctoring registrations, and the next step would be a serious move toward fraudulent voting. We are worried about it.”
The listing, “Adolf Hitler, John…666 Heltz…la,” puts his supposed residence in Los Angeles.
It was part of a batch of roughly 200 voter registrations that election officials say were flagged as possibly fraudulent, forged, or duplicated by the group that collected them, FieldWorks, a private Washington, D.C. based firm.

FieldWorks, says it works largely with Democratic candidates, causes and progressive organizations collecting signatures for voter registration or ballot initiatives across the country.

More @ Clash Daily

NAACP Takes Over Houston Polling Station, Advocates for President Obama

Friday afternoon at an early polling place located at 6719 W. Montgomery Road in Houston, NAACP members were seen advocating for President Barack Obama according to volunteer poll watchers on location at the time.

According to Eve Rockford, a poll watcher trained by voter integrity group True the Vote, three NAACP members showed up to the 139 precinct location with 50 cases of bottled water and began handing bottles out to people standing in line. While wearing NAACP labeled clothing, members were "stirring the crowd" and talking to voters about flying to Ohio to promote President Barack Obama.

After watching what was occurring, Rockford approached Polling Supervisor Rose Cochran about what she was seeing.

"I went to the polling supervisor and let her know that it was not appropriate that they were in the building handing out water. She ignored me. I repeated my statement. She told me that she would handle it. She did nothing. I then went to the assistant supervisor and he stood up, walked over to another table and then sat down. I then walked into the waiting room and they were reloading another dolly with more cases of water," Rockford said in a True the Vote incident report.

After handing out water and advocating for President Obama, the NAACP members started handpicking and moving people to the front of a long voting line inside the polling place according to the incident report. After multiple complaints from voters about the line cutting, Rockford received a phone call from downtown telling her to “stand down.”

More @ Townhall

Security officials on the ground in Libya challenge CIA account

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Despite a carefully narrated version of events rolled out late this week by the CIA claiming agents jumped into action as soon as they were notified of calls for help in Benghazi, security officials on the ground say calls for help went out considerably earlier -- and signs of an attack were mounting even before that.

The accounts, from foreign and American security officials in and around Benghazi at the time of the attack, indicate there was in fact a significant lag between when the threat started to show itself and help started to arrive.

According to the CIA, the first calls for assistance came at 9:40 p.m. local time from a senior State Department official at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, to the CIA annex about a mile away.
But according to multiple people on the ground that night, the Blue Mountain Security manager, who was in charge of the local force hired to guard the consulate perimeter, made calls on both two-way radios and cell phones to colleagues in Benghazi warning of problems at least an hour earlier. Those calls allegedly went to local security contractors who say that the CIA annex was also notified much earlier than 9:40 p.m. U.S. military intelligence also told Fox News that armed militia was gathering up to three hours before the attack began.

One source said the Blue Mountain Security chief seemed "distraught" and said "the situation here is very serious, we have a problem." He also said that even without these phone and radio calls, it was clear to everyone in the security community on the ground in Benghazi much earlier than 9:40 p.m. that fighters were gathering in preparation for an attack.

How Do You Kill 11 Million People?

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