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The secret behind Obama's 'order': President accused of 'sleight of hand' to protect self from impeachment

A Tale of Two Tyrants

Did President Obama just set up Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson to be a candidate for impeachment instead of himself if conservatives convince the Republican majorities in the House and the Senate that his “executive actions” on immigration are unconstitutional?

The inquiry begins with the question: Where are the executive orders Obama supposedly signed to permit up to 5 million parents of young illegal aliens to remain in the United States for three years?

The White House appears to have engaged in administrative sleight of hand, changing U.S. immigration law not by executive order but by a memorandum “exercising prosecutorial discretion” Johnson signed the day of Obama’s Nov. 20 nationwide address that so far has not been filed in the Federal Register.

Tom Fitton, president of Washington-based watchdog institution Judicial Watch, told WND in an interview the legal status of Johnson’s memo is a serious constitutional question that deserves to be adjudicated.

“The entire implementing authority involves a memorandum published by DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson that changes the immigration law, directing federal money to be spent that has not been appropriated by Congress,” he said.

“In my view, there is a serious question whether Jeh Johnson should be impeached for taking this action, and a criminal investigation should be initiated to determine how and why federal funds are being misappropriated,” he declared.

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Poor Kids in Baltimore Have It Worse Than Those in Nigeria

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When a teenager from East Baltimore was asked to describe his neighborhood, he spoke of “big rats going around in people’s trash, vacant houses full of squatters and needles on the ground.” A young woman in New Delhi, asked the same question, described the dirt and the “dirty water found lying on the roads,” while a young man in Ibadan, a large city in Nigeria, spoke of the smell of urine and streets “littered with paper and other refuse.”

All three teenagers live in the poorest neighborhoods in their communities and were surveyed as part of the “WAVE” study, a global research project that examines the well-being of adolescents in vulnerable environments around the world. Led by Dr. Kristen Mmari, an assistant professor at Johns Hopkins Department of Population, Family and Reproductive Health, the survey assessed health challenges faced by 2,400 15- to 19-year-olds from impoverished areas in Baltimore, Shanghai, Johannesburg, Ibadan and New Delhi, as well as their perceptions of their environments.

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Huckabee: Obama Asked 'Thugs and Rioters' to WH for Ferguson Meeting

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee on Wednesday ripped into President Barack Obama's post-Ferguson summit, saying "thugs and rioters and mob members" were invited to the White House "to sit down and have a conversation."

"When people are breaking the law, they don't get an invitation to the White House. They ought to be getting an invitation to the big house," Huckabee said on "America's Forum" on Newsmax TV.

"And this is not about race," he added. "This is about law and order."

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Living Skeletons Defending Petersburg

General Robert F. Hoke proved to be one of Lee’s most capable commanders. Hoke was detached to his home State of North Carolina where he liberated Plymouth from enemy occupation in April 1864, and very nearly accomplished the same at New Bern.  Sent by Lee to defend Fort Fisher from enemy attack in late 1864, Hoke’s veteran division effectively opposed the enemy march on Wilmington, forcing them into wide flanking movements.  Read more at:
Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"Unsurpassed Valor, Courage and Devotion to Liberty"
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Living Skeletons Defending Petersburg

“After the Union disaster at “the Crater,” the armies returned to three weeks of uneventful trench warfare. During the first twenty days of August [1864], “nothing occurred with us to break the monotony in the trenches, such as it was,” according to [General Johnson] Hagood.  [General Alfred H.] Colquitt’s brigade was permanently returned to Hoke on August 2.

On August 19, [Colquitt’s, Hagood’s and General Thomas L. Clingman’s brigades were assigned to General William Mahone] in Lee’s unsuccessful three-day effort to dislodge the Federals from the Weldon and Petersburg Railroad.  Of the 681 officers and men Hagood sent into the battle, only 292 emerged unscathed.  General Clingman was seriously wounded in the leg on the first day of the engagement and was lost to Hoke for the remainder of the war.

Because of deadly attrition and the casualties sustained on August 21, Hagood asked that he be allowed to take his survivors “to some quiet camp where rest and access to water might recruit their physical condition.” His request was granted by Lee.

When the 740 frail soldiers of his command emerged from the Petersburg trenches on August 20, they represented just a third of the complement that had entered the works sixty-seven days earlier.  The brigade inspector was delighted when a local citizen offered his forty-acre estate in nearby Chesterfield County for a camp site.

In mid-September, Hoke was granted permission to pull his other weary brigades from the trenches and take them to the utopia being enjoyed by Hagood’s men. Of the twenty-two hundred soldiers on hand when Brigadier-General [James G.] Martin put his soldiers in the trenches, seven hundred “living skeletons” scrambled out under the command of General [William W.] Kirkland on Thursday, September 15.

For ten days, Hoke and the worn and jaded men of his division enjoyed overdue pleasures. In a letter to his sister, Lieutenant Edward J. Williams of the Thirty-first North Carolina expressed the excitement that abounded: “The most pleasant topic amongst us . . . is that we are at last clear of the ditches, shells, & [bales] of every description & are lying at ease on a beautiful hillside washing our faces at least once per day and no work to do. Since the 15 of June we have held a portion of the works in front of Petersburg & have never been relieved until now.”

The brief respite from war ended all too soon on September 28, when the men returned to the trenches. As a climax to the period of rest and relaxation, the division was honored with a grand review by General Lee . . . dressed in full uniform with a yellow sash, was atop Traveller as he rode past the remnants of Hoke’s four brigades.”

(General Robert F. Hoke, Lee’s Modest Warrior, Daniel W. Broadfoot, John F. Blair, 1996, pp. 218-219)

Make a Lamp From a Can of Sardines and a Twig

Watch How Network Reporter Acts as 10-Year-Old Handles Her Favorite Guns — Then Wait for the Girl’s Response

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Image: ABC News screen capture

The ABC News profile of ten-year-old Shyanne Roberts, a young firearms enthusiast, seemingly raised the blood pressure of the reporter covering the story.

In the video, which started out as a report on the recent growth of women gun owners and shooters, Shyanne is shown handling several different firearms, from a shotgun, to a semi-automatic rifle to a 9mm handgun. ABC’s Reena Ninan called her “one of the shooting world’s youngest rising female stars.”

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NC: Poll: Should sales of military-style weapons be restricted?

It's from Asheville, so need help of course.

Charles Barkley: 'We Black People, We Have a Lot of Crooks'


The color of somone's skin never seems to come up in the U.S. unless it's in a negative way, former NBA star Charles Barkley told CNN Tuesday, saying he finds it "ridiculous" when people believe white police officers set out to shoot African-Americans.

"We never discuss race in this country until something bad happens," Barkley told CNN's Brooke Baldwin Tuesday, and even then, "everybody wants to protect their own tribe, whether they are right or wrong."

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Police Officer Won’t Be Indicted in Chokehold Death of New York Man

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Eric Garner was accused of selling untaxed cigarettes in Staten Island, New York, Thursday. He resisted arrest, causing police officers to force him to the ground. He later died. (Image source: YouTube)

A lawyer says a grand jury in New York City has declined to indict a white police officer on criminal charges in the chokehold death of an unarmed black man in July. Jonathon Moore, an attorney for the victim’s family, said Wednesday he was told there would be no indictment of Officer Daniel Pantaleo in the death of 43-year-old.

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Comment on 'Hands Up, Don't Shoot!' Oh, Bite My Ass, You F***...

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 Here's something to consider; Could it be possible that Michael Brown's death has nothing to do with "racism"? That Brown was black and the officer was white was a coincidence and the outcome would have been the same regardless of race? That the incident was contrived as racial by people with an agenda to push? I've noticed how the pictures posted of Brown were of him in his graduation gown. Also if you are 18 years of age, you are legally considered to be an adult and NOT a child, and as such fully responsible for your actions. It seems to me that the mantra of "Black lives matter" has some exceptions, as in, it does NOT apply if you talking about black on black violence/murders or the high percent of black babies being aborted. Nobody talks about the racism in the charge of "acting white" if a black kid wants to study hard to get good grades in school. I am speaking from personal experience here; we had a black teenager baby sit our kids, told us of the crap she took from her peers for "acting white" cause she wanted to get good grades in high school, so she could get into a good college.

As I see it, all of the social ills and problems in the black community are entirely of their own making and due to breaking of one if not several of the Ten Commandments. White racism/privilege, my ass. We are too damn busy working for a living, raising a family, trying to make ends meet, and enjoying our interests to spend the time and effort to be racist. I also highly resent the notion that because I am white I don't appreciate and enjoy those who are different than me. And yes I HAVE been discriminated against because of my race, gender and when I was a GI.


Cooke: In Defense of ‘Antigovernment Militias’

Our friend Charles C.W. Cooke at National Review Online noted much the of the same coverage we did regarding the presence of Oath Keeper volunteers in Ferguson, Missouri. The local police and Missouri National Guard failed to protect more than 20 businesses from looters and arsonists on the first night of rioting after a grand jury declined to prosecute police officer Darren Wilson for justifiably shooting robbery suspect Michael Brown, and so a group of Oath Keeper volunteers came to town to protect businesses in the most riot-prone areas.

The Oath Keepers did such a good job that they were then threatened with arrest on trumped-up charges if the didn’t leave.

Cooke notes of the absurdity:

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St. Louis’ Bosnian community sees hammer murder as hate crime

 "Bosnians right now have an impression that this was a hate crime."
- Sadik Kukic, president of St. Louis' Bosnian chamber of commerc
Insistence by St. Louis officials that the beating death of a Bosnian man was not a hate crime is being met with skepticism and anger, according to leaders of the city's 70,000-strong Bosnian community, and the victim's brother is calling on authorities to "investigate every possible motive."

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GOP opposes amnesty 'because Obama is black': Gowdy blasts witness for accusation of racial motive

'Hands Up, Don't Shoot!' Oh, Bite My Ass, You F****** Discriminatory Assholes

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Since the Ferguson Police Department announced that it will investigate charges against Michael Brown's step-father, Louis Head, due to inciting a riot, the 'Cover-Blacks'-Asses for Criminal Behaviour' have come out in force:
'I think he was expressing a sentiment that a lot of folks in that crowd felt,' said St Louis Alderman Antonio French.
I don’t fvcking care. Unlike the following incidents, only Head managed to incite a bloody riot…
1) On 11 August 2014, a black police officer shot and killed an unarmed, 20 year-old white man by the name of Dillon Young as he was leaving a 7-11 in Salt Lake City.
He was cleared.
No grand jury.
No charges.
No concern shown by Obama, Holder, Sharpton, or the Congressional Black Caucus.
No media coverage.
No riots.

Ignorance of the law


One of the pivotal court cases restricting the rights of Americans was the 1934 US vs. Miller. It’s quite obvious from the evidence that Miller had no idea that he was breaking that specific law at the time he was arrested with a short-barreled shotgun. Moreover, the arrest was for a different transgression, and gun charges were added onto it.

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