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No Newt, No White Obama

The South is normally very patriotic. How they were seduced into voting for the slime-slithering newt (Newt Gingrich) is an amazing phenomenon. Ann Coulter says they seemed more impressed with witty word clips against Obama than with the prospects of actually beating him in 2012. With Newt, she said, you throw out the baby and keep the bath water.

So how did those grand old patriots of the South get snowed by the white-haired salamander? He’s not truly conservative at all. The only thing he has is a consistent record of double dealing and two-timing. At least Romney has made progress, politically. He has become more and more conservative. Newt has always been a profound moderate, jut like McCain. Newt, like his name, is a political amphibian, with very recent examples, like lobbying for home-wrecking, debt-exploding Freddie Mac and pocketing $1.6-8 million; like getting cozy with Pelosi over ‘global’ warming–supporting Al Gores “climate change” hoax and its job-killing intent. Need we mention his demonstrable inability to manage the most important human relationship–marriage? Yet we’re to believe he can manage the country? Sounds like another Clinton to me.

Three years ago, the majority of Americans elected an alien, lying, black African Communist Muslim traitor, and thought all would be well. Now it appears the notion that Americans might consider a twice-divorced conservative pretender, a true liberal, who can talk. Now we have a white boy, a transplant Southerner originally from Pennsylvania. He’s articulate, bright, clean…(but he looks like he might wear dirty socks). So, that’s it? You have to be able to out-talk Obama to win? You have to speak that Washington “dialek”? (As apposed to the Negro dialect.)

Who honestly thinks Barry Soetoro (Bari Shabbaz, Barak Hussein Obama, etc.) can talk? Who actually believes he has an IQ? This is a totally false fear Republicans have–that Obama is a deadly debater. He’s a entertainer, and mediocre at that. He’s black. That’s all. That’s what his presidency has all been about. It’s the only thing we know for sure about him, too.


Hundreds of APC`s on a train in Watsonville, CA


Meet your neighbors

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BBS guide

Telnet BBS Guide

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In the early 70's Internet access was a dial up to a bulletin Board. There were no quick responses and discussions were a stream of names and responses and you had to pluck out what you needed and go on. Kind of like a party line call only in text.

These BBS's are still there. They are open around the Nation and World for messages. Go to google and search for BBS guide.

While the internet is monitored by the DOD Cyber Corps these BBS may provide some prepared units a back door.

The other back door could be the use of extended AD-Hoc networks. (Google and be amazed at the people working on this as we read here). They have ideas and modified WIFI diagrams to make the back webs a solution for the future without a Geek degree.

If Signal Bns have access to these BBS's through a sympathetic straight guy and a modem on a phone line it may make all the difference in the world.

Perhaps if we began some links in the Back web today we could send warning in the future.

Lee-Jackson Dinner + Tom & his .58 Caliber

Bernhard Thuersam, Dixie and Cousin John.

When I first saw the entry, I thought it a .22.

Jackson’s Enormous Army Terrorizes North

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Birthday of Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson Observed:
Born at Clarksburg, Virginia, 21 January 1824

Jackson’s Enormous Army Terrorizes North:

“…Jackson set out in person for Winchester, traveling by a special train on the Winchester and Potomac Railroad. A gentleman who was with his relates a scene that ensued during the brief journey. At one of the wayside stations, a courier was seen galloping down from the direction of Winchester, and Jackson clutched at the dispatch which he brought. “What news?” he asked.

As [the courier] spoke his lips were firmly compressed, his face grew rigid, and his eyes fixed themselves apparently on some distant object. Then this preoccupation suddenly disappeared; he read the despatch which he held in his hand, tore it to pieces…and leaning forward, rested his forehead on his hands, and immediately fell asleep. He soon roused himself and, turning to the gentleman who furnishes these particulars, said:

“I am going to send you to Richmond for re-enforcements. I have just received a dispatch informing me of the advance of the enemy upon Front Royal, which is captured, and Fremont [with 25,000 men] is now advancing toward Wardensville. Thus, you see, I am nearly surrounded by a very large force.

“What is your own [plan], General?”

“To meet this attack I only have 15,000 effective men.”

“What will you do if they cut you off, General?” Jackson hesitated for a moment, and the coolly replied: “I will fall back upon Maryland for re-enforcements.”

Jackson was in earnest. If his retreat was cut off, he intended to advance into Maryland, and doubtless make his way straight to Baltimore and Washington, depending on the Southern sentiment in that portion of the State to bring him re-enforcements. The design was characteristic of his military genius, and its bold air of invasion probably surrounded it with more charms to the leader, who never lost sight of that policy.

That the [Northern] Government was apprehensive of some such movement is certain. The wildest rumors were prevalent in that country. It was said that Jackson had defeated all his opponents, had crossed the Potomac with an enormous army, and was then advancing on Washington. Terror reigned in the North.

We have seen that the “great force” at Jackson’s command was 15,000 men, and that a much larger force was about to close in on his rear. His position was critical in the extreme. Unless he moved with the greatest speed, and reached Strasburg before the junction of [Northern commanders] Fremont and Shields [4,000 men], his retreat would be cut off, and General McDowell, then at Front Royal [with 20,000 men], would achieve his design of “bagging Jackson.” To defeat the designs of the enemy, and extricate his forces, was the object upon which he now concentrated all his skill, nerve and generalship.

On the speed of the “foot cavalry” depended the safety of the army; and if the larger portion marched, as they seem to have done, from the vicinity of Harper’s Ferry to Strasburg, nearly fifty miles, between the afternoon of the 30th and the night of the 31st of May, it is one of the swiftest marches on record. Jackson arrived in time, just in time…[and then] determined to attack Fremont, and hold him in check. Jackson was now comparatively safe. He had realized the prayer which his great namesake of the “Hermitage” uttered for a friend – he had “triumphed over all his enemies.”

[Jackson] had flanked them at Front Royal, pursued them from Middletown, beaten them at Winchester, chased them to the Potomac, filled Washington with alarm; and now, when their forces were closing in upon his rear to intercept him, he had passed between them with his prisoners and stores, struck them heavily as he retired, and was moving toward the upper Valley.

He had captured 2300 prisoners, 100 cattle, 34,900 pounds of bacon, flour, salt, sugar, coffee, hard bread, and cheese, $125,185 worth of quartermasters stores, $25,000 worth of sutler stores, immense medical stores, 9354 small-arms, two pieces of artillery, many cavalry horses…These results had been achieved with the loss of 68 killed, 329 wounded, and 3 missing – a total loss of 400. In ending his report, Jackson proudly reported that the battle of Winchester was, “on our part, a battle without a straggler.”

(Life of Stonewall Jackson, John Esten Cooke, D. Appleton and Company, 1876, pp. 158-161)

Jackson’s Enormous Army Terrorizes North

Woman dies of heart attack caused by shock of waking up at her OWN funeral

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A woman died from a heart attack caused by shock after waking up to discover she had been declared dead - and was being prepared for burial.

As mourning relatives filed past her open coffin the supposedly dead woman suddenly woke up and started screaming as she realised where she was.

Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov, 49, had been wrongly declared deceased by doctors but died for real after hearing mourners saying prayers for her soul to be taken up to heaven in Kazan, Russia.


The Skipper

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A Legacy that will not Die

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My name is Louis Lombardi and this is my first post on Legal Insurrection. I am a graduate of Penn State University and my introductory post is on the passing of legendary football coach Joe Paterno. You can get a complete biography of me by clicking on my name in the other contributors section.

My family attended the women’s gymnastics meet on Penn State’s campus last night. The meet involved Penn State, Cornell, Alabama and Michigan State. During the meet, word spread through the stands that legendary football coach Joe Paterno was gravely ill. Being that the event was at Penn State, I naturally assumed that some sort of announcement would be made to keep Coach Paterno in our thoughts and prayers. What we got was silence; and it made me think, did the child abuse scandal wipe out sixty plus years of good will?

Joe Paterno passed away earlier today at the age of 85 and much of what he built over these many years has been called into question. Has his legacy gone to the great beyond with him?

Joe Paterno was extremely competitive and loved football. He did not just love football for the sake of the game but as a vehicle to prepare men for their future. He used the sport to teach and his success in this area is second to none. No other football program consistently graduated as many of their student athletes as Penn State. With the success of the football program in winning games and graduating students, he took his fame and money and rolled it back into the University. An example of his generosity is the $3 million dollars he donated to expand the school library, an amount of money that equaled over three years of his coaching salary (even after being relieved of his coaching duties, Coach Paterno donated $100,000.00 to the school). In addition to his own donations, he tirelessly raised funds on behalf of the University, bringing in untold millions. Penn State is a world class university and a big portion of the credit goes to Coach Paterno.

Joe Paterno was famous but he did not live an extravagant life style. He lived in the same house for over fifty years and till this day, his address and phone number are listed in the local phone book. Although easily one of the most famous football coaches of all time, he was paid less than most. Money did not drive him, teaching did and he taught through his football program.

Joe Paterno’s legacy is not his football teams’ wins and losses. If that was the case, the scandal that engulfed him and Penn State would surely consume it. Joe was about preparing men for the life that lay ahead and that legacy will live on through his players, who will in turn teach the next generation.

Death cannot erase this legacy, it will go on forever.


People who have repeatedly faced violence successfully, especially those who have done so in a professional capacity, understand that guns and gear are of tertiary importance. Even physical conditioning is secondary, to the critical importance of cultivation and continuous development of a proper mental attitude—combat mindset. That mindset is composed (in my opinion; definitions of combat mindset differ.—J.M.) of an unwavering—but well-founded—conviction in the effectiveness of your training and ability, an absolute willingness—even anticipation—to apply that training without hesitation, to kill bad people, and the intestinal fortitude to overcome any discomfort or obstacle in order to survive and succeed.

Combat mind-set implies on open-minded readiness to adapt to any effective method or skill that will increase your lethality on the battlefield. Unwavering conviction in your ability demands a “software-centric” approach to training and preparation. Even within the “dedicated, cold-dead hands three percent,” there are masses of gnu-owners who purchase a firearm at their local sporting goods store or gun shop, along with a box or two of ammunition, based on the advice of the inexperienced, minimum-wage clerk (or strangers on the internet forums…). Then, the firearm and ammunition gets tossed in a closet or drawer and is promptly forgotten. These people place absolute faith in the weapon, expecting it to solve their potential future problems. The firearm becomes a sort of magical talisman in their mind. This “hardware-centric” approach is the route of amateurs, the path to hell-fire and damnation.


We used to make a ramp at the end so that we would become airborne and sometimes might not even crash!:) On the evening of the first day of sledding, we would pour water down the path so that the next day we would have pure ice which really made it fast. I spent every day possible on Anderson's Hill which was good ways behind my house in Marshall, Virginia.


"You Can't Play With Johnny Anymore"
McCormick, The Tramp

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Blessing of the AKs


Anita, Yankees and Welbourne

Anita chasing the lyin', thievin' Yankees!:)
Anita at Welbourne.

Comment on ELECTION 2012: How Lame Stream Media Picks Presidential Candidates FOR US – Don’t Let This Happen!



I seriously feel that not only is the media extremely biased and promoting establishment vetted candidates, but the poll results are being fixed, just as will be the vote count in the general election. We just might get to hold the 2012 elections but even if we were to get a candidate (Ron Paul) in place to recover our country, the voter fraud will eliminate any possibility of Obummer loosing. I think that the polls are being manipulated now in order to set the people up, believing that this will be a close race. They (?) are continually reporting now on polls taken that show that Gingrich would loose to Obama by like 3% and Romney would loose to him by 2% and Paul would loose to him by 4%. They are lying pieces of you know what. I would guarantee you that if an absolutely honest election was held right now, excluding all the illegal votes in order to actually make it an honest election, Mickey Mouse would beat Obummer by a record breaking landslide.

This is the brainwashing and distraction that they will put in front of you. Ron Paul can’t beat Obummer so just forget about him. They are very afraid of him, as I am pretty sure that he is the one candidate that they do not have in their pocket. I will support and vote for him, I don’t care if he is dead when the election happens!


South Carolina, Ron Paul & The Lincoln Myth

With Tom Woods, Judge Napolitano, Thomas DiLorenzo and Jim Demint.

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WOW! The Shock of a New Paradigm

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