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The Carolina Dog, oldest breed in North America today, originated more than 10,000 years ago in East Asia

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The Carolina Dog (Swamp Dog, Native Dog, Old Yeller Dog, Ol’ Yaller, Yellow Dog, Native American Dog, Southern Aboriginal Dog) or American Dingo (American Pariah, American Pariah Dog, Dixie Dingo, Southern Dingo) is an ancient landrace dog or a pariah dog that originated more than 10.000 years ago in East Asia.

According to some DNA studies, this breed is actually a direct descendant of the original Asian Pariah Dogs, whose ancestors were the Asian wolves. So, this is definitely one of the oldest and most primitive dogs in the world. Based on its appearance, many experts believed that the American Pariah is the close relative of the Australian Dingo and the New Guinea Singing Dog, but a new study of this breed’s mDNA haplotypes confirmed that there is no direct genetic relationship between them.

However, another, more recent genetic study confirmed that the breed definitely originated in East Asia, so there’s still a possibility that these three landraces are somehow related. With all that being said, you probably wonder, how this breed ended up in the North America then? Well, this happened some 8.000 years ago when the primitive Paleolithic men reached America through the Bearing Strait crossing. Their pariah dogs accompanied them at this long and perilous journey that led them through West America all the way down to the Southeast of the continent. The American Dingo is actually the direct descendant of these dogs, together with the Basketmaker Dog and the Kentucky Shell Heap Dog, which are now extinct unfortunately.

Roanoke man was last real son of a Confederate veteran

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Civil War Children

Calvin Crane, a Roanoke man who died Sunday at 102, was believed to have been the last living son of a Confederate veteran in the United States — and by that, we mean a real son of a Confederate veteran.

Crane’s father, James Antony Crane, was a Confederate soldier from Pittsylvania County, who served during the Civil War with Ringgold Battery, Company B of the 13th Battalion, Virginia Light Artillery.

 He served through the end of the war in 1865, married twice, fathered 21 children and died around 1918, when Calvin was barely a year old. Calvin never knew much about the man, except that he liked to hunt and that he was old when Calvin was born.

Mass Barbecue is the Invasive Species of Our Culinary Times


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From the colonial era well into the 20th century, large public barbecues were an institution across the South, from the Chesapeake eventually to Texas. Although these occasions could be linked to campaigns or celebrations of one kind or another, they could also be just an excuse for people to get together, to eat and perhaps to drink, dance, and gamble, as well. (George Washington won eight shillings playing cards at an Alexandria barbecue in 1769.) Often whole communities turned out.

When New Bern, North Carolina, held a barbecue to celebrate the Treaty of Paris, a Spanish visitor marveled that “there was a barbecue (a roast pig) and a barrel of rum, from which the leading officials and citizens of the region promiscuously ate and drank with the meanest and lowest kind of people, holding hands and drinking from the same cup.” He added, “It is impossible to imagine, without seeing it, a more purely democratic gathering.” A white Alabamian claimed in the 1820s that at barbecues sometimes even “slavery forgot its chain” and “the tawny sons of Africa danced, sung, and balloeed [sic].” (He denounced these scenes of “unbounded license” and called for their abolition, but nobody paid attention.)

Baltimore Restaurant Accused Of Racism After Posting This Dress Code

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A soon-to-be opened restaurant in Baltimore is being called racist because it posted a sign with one specific message: the restaurant has a dress code.

The Choptank, which alerted prospective customers that it will be "opening soon" on its website, posted a dress code listing some items that would be unacceptable to wear on its premises, including:
Excessively baggy clothing
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Why do elected officials embrace the same Islam that wants to destroy them?

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I am truly puzzled by what is going on in this increasingly dark world.  On the one hand, all kinds of Islamic associations and groups in places such as Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, and Sweden demand not only to be treated like everyone else, which they are, but granted special privileges — such as application of sharia law.  Yet Muslim governments — even in those semi-moderate countries such as Turkey and Egypt — systematically discriminate against non-Muslims. I fail to see the justice of this in the 21st century...or are we still wallowing in the Dark Ages?

I Name Thee Foxhole

We were digging holes to plant Paw Paw's and upon digging the first, he dove in, looking over the top occasionally until he came back out.  Evidently there were no Yankees on the horizon! :)



My Carolina Dogs have found the home of some small critter, probably a chipmunk or squirrel. There were acorns that fell out first thing. It is the inside of a large long dead pine tree that is leaning against another tree. The critter did not get caught and has alot more area excavated up inside the tree. Carolina Dogs have strong prey drive and will work tirelessly to figure out how to get to their prey. 

Trump Administration Planning to ‘End Catch and Release at the Southwest Border’

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trump at border wall

President Donald Trump and a top immigration official said the administration is working on ending so-called “catch and release” at the southern border of the United States, with the goal of shutting it down by early October.

Mark Morgan, commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, told reporters late on Sept. 18 that the administration is “confident that in a couple of weeks we’re going to be able to end catch and release at the southwest border.”