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AFI's 100 Years, 100 Movie Quotes (Musical Montage)

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School Principal Privately Admits What 'Anti-racist' Curriculum Is Doing to White Kids

 School Principal Privately Admits What 'Anti-racist' Curriculum Is Doing to White Kids

The head of an elite private school in New York City privately admitted to a teacher that the institution is “demonizing white people for being born."

The call between math teacher Paul Rossi, who was later relieved of his duties after publicly criticizing the school’s anti-racist orthodoxy, and George Davidson, head of Grace Church School, took place on March 2. The two discussed wokeness at the school and how it’s affecting white students.

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Oklahoma drivers now have immunity from hitting rioters in streets under new law signed by Gov. Stitt

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt signed legislation Wednesday that will protect drivers who injure or kill demonstrators while attempting to escape a riot, in addition to increasing penalties for individuals who intentionally block roadways.

“We are sending a message today in Oklahoma that rioters who threaten law abiding citizens’ safety will not be tolerated. I remain unequivocally committed to protecting every Oklahoman’s First Amendment right to peacefully protest as well as their right to feel safe in their community,” Stitt said, according to CNN.

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United Daughters of the Confederacy sues to stop removal of monument


A statue of a Confederate soldier stands outside a courthouse in Owensboro, Ky.

A group claiming it owns a Confederate statue located on a courthouse lawn in Owensboro, Ky., has filed a lawsuit against Daviess County to stop the memorial from being relocated. 

The Kentucky Division of the United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the Daviess Fiscal Court over ownership of a 121-year old bronze statue of a Confederate soldier that stands outside the courthouse. 

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The Fall of Saigon in Three Albums



Fox News Host Asks Dr. Carson If Biden Is Legitimate President, Here’s Carson’s Response

Dr. Ben Carson has been one of  President Trump’s most loyal cabinet members.

In Dr. Carson’s latest interview with Fox News, host Neil Cavuto asked Dr. Carson if he believed if President Trump “was robbed” of the 2020 election.

Carson agreed that Trump was robbed and said that the 2020 election is “certainly worthy of investigation”.

That wasn’t it though, Carson went on to say “what disturbs me is when people say you can’t even talk about that” and made a metaphor saying “it’s like you stole the cookies from the cookie jar and say nobody can talk about the cookie jar”.

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Biden’s Climate Requirements: Cut 90% of Red Meat From Diet; Americans Can Only Eat One Burger Per Month

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Joe Biden on Friday pledged to cut the US’s carbon emissions at least 50% by 2030.

Some of the climate requirements are going to mean big changes for Americans.

Biden’s ambitious plan could mean Americans will be forced to cut 90% of red meat from their diets which equates to about one average-sized hamburger per month.

Americans may also be forced to purchase a $55,000 electric vehicle under Biden’s Marxist climate plan.

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The Knight of Melrose


Ah! My Lord Arthur, whither shall I go?
Where shall I hide my forehead and my eyes?
For now I see the true old times are dead…
        Tennyson, from Idylls of the King

My grandfather loved Tennessee Walking Horses, a breed so named for their beautiful run-walk, a gait which they carry in place of the trot found in other breeds. It is like a magic carpet ride, and it is a gift from Heaven. Grandaddy would go to Shelbyville, Tennessee to see about them when he could find time to get away from his medical practice in the little town of Cameron, in Calhoun County, South Carolina. Grandaddy had a dapple gray in the paddock out back named Traveler,(sic Traveller) after General Lee’s famous charger. We’d bring him apples, but you had to hold it in your palm with your hand wide open flat so he wouldn’t nip your fingers. We were barefooted most of the time, and if we didn’t watch out when we climbed up on the fence, he would try to nip our toes.

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