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20 Photos of Life in Vietnam in 1966–1967

 Saigoneer on Twitter: "[Photos] 20 Photos of Life in Vietnam in 1966–1967… "

An official army photographer? Many of his pictures are out of focus.

Motorbikes and buffalo carts, marching bands and xích lô.

It's a cliche at this point to remark on the rapidity of change in modern Saigon, but the introduction of new products, styles, trends and technologies isn't new. Rather, the city has been undergoing drastic alterations for decades. These photos taken in 1966 chronicle such transitions, exemplified by the variety of vehicles, clothing and even shopping experiences from different eras all occupying the same frame.

 Sergeant Peter "Rupy" Ruplenas was an official army photographer, and the American set his camera on a wide variety of subjects, including rural and urban daily life and the military presence. At the time, Saigon was home to wet markets and sleek pharmacies, the latest cars and rickety wooden homes perched precariously over waterways. They serve as a good reminder that the juxtaposition of modern and traditional we witness every day has long been a staple of the city.

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For some time now I have had a passion for classic films, in particular those films that portray sympathetically and with historical accuracy the Southland, and, more particularly, events of the War Between the States. I can remember going to the old Village Theater in Raleigh and, with my parents, seeing a re-screening of “Gone With the Wind.” And around that same time—about 1956—we also were able to view “Song of the South” before it was essentially banned by Disney—an early example of hysterical “wokeism” before being “woke” was the chic thing to be. (Note: Back on July 21, 2019, I listed in this column, later picked up by the Abbeville Institute, a Web site that offered fine, pristine DVD copies of “Song of the South,” but I warned then that the “cancel culture” totalitarians would most likely get around to purging it; as I searched for that site today, it had disappeared, been banned, just like I predicted.)

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No Indissoluble Union

 Judah Benjamin Mystery Man of the Confederacy: Neiman, S. I.:  Books

Before the war, Senator Judah P. Benjamin of Louisiana was insulted by a Boston newspaper which wrote: “We ask whether the Jews, having no country of their own, desire to put other nations in the same unhappy condition.”  He shrugged off anti-Semitic comments of other Northern critics as he did a reference to him as one of the “Israelites with Egyptian principles.”

Senator G.G. Vest of Kentucky quoted his response to a Senate opponent: “It is true that I am a Jew and when my ancestors were receiving their Ten Commandments from the immediate hand of the Deity, amidst the thunderings and lightning of Mount Sinai, the ancestors of the distinguished gentleman who is opposed to me were herding swine in the forest of Scandinavia.”

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Until Lambs Become Lions

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Right now, we are 80 million couch potatoes and keyboard warriors with rifles in our bedroom closets. This is not a force to be reckoned with.

We are locked in a zero-sum game rebellion of the elites, who are intent on fundamentally transforming America into an authoritarian state with a single ideology and ruling class. 

In order to defeat this rebellion, we need to understand the terrain we are operating on and the strategy and tactics of our enemy. Even more important, we need a strategy of our own to guide our struggle and return to a functional representative government, bounded by the Constitution with the power fully vested in the people. Only a few decades ago, American politics was driven by shared interests of prosperity and well-being aligned with a free constitutional republic. We need to drive from the American consciousness the current docile acceptance of the fact that America has a ruling class—or a ruling elite—and we must banish these terms to the trash heap of racial epithets and aristocratic garbage.

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GOP Insiders Warn Companies Woke Leftism Paving Way for Corporate-Free Populist Republican Party

 AP Photo/Lynne Sladky

A shift in the corporate world with big American companies embracing so-called “woke” leftist policies along with increased retirements among the old guard of the GOP is fueling a populist surge inside the Republican Party, a new memo from GOP insiders reveals. 

The memo from CGCN, a government affairs firm staffed by top GOP insiders, is titled: “The Party They’ll Get, Not the Party They Want.”

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Hitting Woke Herd Immunity?


We have become an absurd society obsessed with race but without any mechanism to develop a logical category of victimization and reparation.

Two recent polls suggest wokism is beginning to recede on a variety of fronts, from less trust in Black Lives Matter and more confidence in the police, to suspicion that the Capitol “insurrection” account is being used to unfairly suppress political expression while Antifa, increasingly, is seen as a terrorist organization whose violence has been ignored improperly by authorities.

There are tens of millions of Americans who either have been stung, or turned off, by McCarthyite wokeness (and thus have anti-wokeness antibodies). More have been vaccinated from its latest virulent strains by their own values of judging people as individuals, not as racial or gender collectives. So lots of Americans have developed peremptory defenses against it. The result is that daily there are ever-fewer who are susceptible to the woke pandemic. And it will thus begin to fade out—even as the virus desperately seeks to mutate and go after more institutions.

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Expert: Biden's tax hike 'would destroy economy'

tax increase

President Joe Biden is reportedly planning the first major tax hike in nearly three decades – a proposal one expert says couldn't come at a worse time.

According to Bloomberg, under consideration are: increasing the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28%; expanding the estate tax; boosting the capital-gains tax rate; and increasing the income tax rate on individuals earning more than $400,000/year. Analysis indicates it would raise $2.1 trillion over ten years – and it's viewed as an opportunity for the administration to fund key initiatives like infrastructure, climate change, and what Democrats contend are "inequities" in the tax system itself.

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Lt. Governor Mark Robinson launches new website to report 'indoctrination' in North Carolina public schools

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Teachers Compile List Of Parents Who Question Racial Curriculum, Plot War On Them

"Infiltrate... shut down their websites… expose these people publicly"

Video: GOP Senator Shows Illegal Migrants Streaming Across Southern Border

 Video: GOP Senator Shows Illegal Migrants Streaming Across Southern Border 

Disturbing footage shot from a helicopter by a sitting GOP Senator shows multiple groups of illegal migrants streaming across a Texas portion of the U.S.-Mexico border amid a growing national security crisis throughout the southern border region.

Recorded on an aerial ride along with some of America’s front line protectors, Sen. Roger Marshall can be seen pointing out various landmarks around the border region, including a thick patch of brush in Mexican territory that Border Patrol agents say is hiding spot and gathering point frequented by prospective illegal aliens – including unaccompanied children – and the human smuggling coyotes guiding them to the American border.]

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Psaki Claims Trump Left ‘Unworkable System’ on Border.


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May be a meme of 2 people and text that says 'I'm waiting for my interview Oprah! I have lots to say.'


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