Monday, February 3, 2020

Game On: Lindsey Graham Says They Will Call the ‘Whistle-Blower’ to Testify

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Game On: Lindsey Graham Says They Will Call the 'Whistle-Blower' to Testify

If Democrats thought the consequences of their partisan impeachment push were just going to dissipate, that may not be happening.

Sen. Lindsey Graham announced today that the Senate Intel Committee will call the “whistle-blower” (heavily indicated to be Obama administration apparatchik Eric Ciaramella) to answer questions about how this entire ordeal got started.

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WATCH: Trump Predicts Downfall Of Top Democrat; Highlights ‘Revolution’ In U.S.

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‘Walls Are Closing In’ on the Democrats

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Buy stock in popcorn companies in anticipation of the entertainment to come.

 On Friday, as I and about 456,874 other people predicted, the Senate voted against calling yet more witnesses in the make-believe, 100 percent certified partisan impeachment fiasco run by the Democrats and their media cheerleaders.

That vote brought this lucrative entertainment to an end, de facto if not de jure. The official, signed-sealed-and-delivered end will come Wednesday, we’re told, when the Senate will vote on whether to acquit the president of the two charges on which he was impeached by the House. Spoiler alert: They will.

Virginia Governor Northam versus Robert E. Lee: Advancing Neo-Marxism and Identity Politics by Erasing Southern Heritage

 Robert E. Lee - Gallant soldier, true Christian, and true American patriot
 Robert E. Lee - Gallant soldier, true Christian, and true American patriot

In December, Two Virginia U.S. House Representatives, Jennifer Wexton and Donald McEachin, added momentum to replacing Lee’s statue in the Statuary Hall:

“As Virginians we have a responsibility not only to learn from but also confront our history. As part of this responsibility, we must strive for more complete telling of history by raising up the voices, stories, and memories of minorities and people of color.”  

In a press release, Wexton revealed her limited knowledge of Civil War issues and distorted belief in a common false narrative on the Civil War—that it was all about slavery, and there were no significant Northern political and economic abuses of power.

“Virginia’s decision to donate the statue of Lee was a part of a national effort to rewrite the history of the South’s secession and recalibrate the image of Confederate leaders.”

Democrats' Total Failure and Utter Humiliation Delights All Real Americans

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 Democrats' Total Failure and Utter Humiliation Delights All Real Americans

Now that the Democrats’ dream of stealing the 2016 election through the power of MSNBCNN-fueled outrage, and through plots by fussy lib bureaucrats, lies in ruins, some people might argue that we should be gracious in our total victory and not mock the stinging pain that accompanied this latest agonizing failure. Some people are sissies. Hoist a stein overflowing with the tears of these losers and chug chug chug away.

Then tap another keg. This party is finally getting started, and it’s going to rage on until January 2025.

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Second Amendment Sanctuaries – Gamechanger?

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The Second Amendment sanctuary movement has served notice to legislators and gained the kind of momentum that demands mainstream media attention. Enrollment is expanding across the nation and the signal it’s sending is clear. Law-abiding citizens are no longer willing to silently surrender their constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms—even if officials serving in their state legislature are.

There are no signs of slowing, either. A January report by The Hill indicated at least 131 counties nationwide declared themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries in December alone. January’s total was up to 83 when the story appeared. Gun bloggers and pro-2A supporters began sharing the story links, organizing for the cause online and on social media. A comprehensive Wikipedia list of enrollees is staggering.

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After success in Virginia, group spending money to push for NC gun laws

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A group that spent millions of dollars in Virginia to help flip the legislature is planning to spend money in North Carolina aimed at the General Assembly and gun laws.

All 170 seats in the state House and Senate are up for election this year.

The Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund, the political arm of Everytown for Gun Safety, is spending $250,000 on a digital ad campaign to pressure the General Assembly to pass gun safety legislation like a red flag bill proposed in the 2019 session by Democratic state lawmakers.

Air Tickets+

If you buy a ticket from Expedia you can cancel it within 24 hours with no charge.  If you still aren't positive in say 23 hours more, you can cancel the original ticket and re-buy with no penalty and another 24 hours to decide. I've done this 3 times and am still stuck in Mexico instead of Vietnam. :(

Censorship 7 U.K. Cities Cancel Franklin Graham For Crime Of Believing The Bible

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7 U.K. Cities Cancel Franklin Graham For Crime Of Believing The Bible

Evangelist Franklin Graham certainly fits the criteria for leftist outrage target. Not only has he notably defended President Trump, Graham also believes the Bible and wants to share it with the world.

It’s no surprise, then, that Graham has once again fallen victim to the intolerance of a leftist horde well-versed in silencing any voice with which they disagree. This time, it’s Britain’s Liverpool Labour LGBT Network leading the charge by pressuring its city’s local government to cancel Graham’s upcoming speaking engagement. Terrified of straying out of favor with those who can summon placards and protest, Liverpool’s ACC conference center duly agreed to pull the plug.

Senate, Do not Acquit! Instead, Render Null & Void Ab Initio As Defective Impeachment!

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Two principles in law nullify, make voidable, and void, a defective and unconstitutional impeachment. As if it never happened!
*Ab Initio - ” translates as “from the beginning.” (Initio is a form of the noun initium, meaning “beginning,” which gave rise to such English words as initial, initiate, and initiative.) Ab also used as an adjective meaning “starting from or based on first principles”...

The Impeachment Was Defective Because The Process Was Defective From The Beginning


It is also defined with abuse of rights (“the revelation of the true facts or the illegality of the conduct makes the situation illegal ab initio (from the very beginning),” and not (necessarily) at the point when the illegal/wrongful behavior was discovered or occurred.” Ab Initio renders defective documents and process non-existent, voidable and voided (”...A contract or agreement is voidable when it contains flaws sufficient to invalidate the terms of the contract.” As if it never existed.

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What did General Beauregard Lee predict?

Georgia’s Gen. Beauregard Lee may be more accurate, boasting a 60% accuracy, according to Politifact.

On Sunday, General Lee saw his shadow, predicting six more weeks of winter.

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Top Nazi Leader's Car - Extraordinary Barn Find

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