Monday, February 3, 2020

Game On: Lindsey Graham Says They Will Call the ‘Whistle-Blower’ to Testify

Via Billy

Game On: Lindsey Graham Says They Will Call the 'Whistle-Blower' to Testify

If Democrats thought the consequences of their partisan impeachment push were just going to dissipate, that may not be happening.

Sen. Lindsey Graham announced today that the Senate Intel Committee will call the “whistle-blower” (heavily indicated to be Obama administration apparatchik Eric Ciaramella) to answer questions about how this entire ordeal got started.

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  1. it's that look when a guy's vibrating butt plug has a battery failure and he gets a cold piss shot to the heart.

  2. We already all know what has happened. No new investigations are needed. Until I see someone getting stuffed into the back of a squad car, nothing has changed.


  3. Oh the democrats are gonna have a hiss fit over this one! I hope they tell this "whistle-blower" that if he lied or withheld evidence or testimony that Epstein's cell awaits him...

    1. that Epstein's cell awaits him...

      Grinning ear to ear.

  4. Well perhaps he will be Epsteined first.

  5. He may very well end up testifying. What we will learn is that he has 5th amendment rights he is unwilling to out the real plans and or leaders that he reports too. Our entire system of government and all our employees need an enema.