Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Country, My Ass

Let's request it on a radio station near you that already has it from the list he furnishes.
Listen to it.

Constitution, Bill Of Rights, Founding Fathers,

Changing Odds

If the idiot Republican establishment can merely avoid falling over their own feet and embrace the anti-government mood instead of attempting to tamp it down, they'll clean up. But never underestimate Republican self-destruction."

Fishing Is Good All Over

"No doubt that fall in our neck of the woods is a great time to catch fish, but my inbox is rather full, with great reports from all over, with end-of-summer fishing success stories, too. For a while this summer, it was flounder or nothing, but now other fish are showing up everywhere.

Glenn Beck: Beggar-In-Chief

"....... failure to mention uncomfortable truths like, to take a random sample:

* the impossibility of continuing federal entitlements at anything like their present levels;
* the radical reduction in public services and public employment that would follow if tax rates were lowered to the degree Beck and his supporters claim to wish;
* the mad folly of giving settlement visas to a million foreigners a year when unemployment stands at ten percent;
* the doubleplus-mad folly of permitting illegal settlement of millions of Mexican and Central American peasants to form a permanent new underclass making huge new demands on government services;
* the gross and pointless squandering of public monies on crackpot schemes of education reform;
* the certainly and inevitably nation-destroying effect of permitting public employees to unionize;
* the impossibility of effective law enforcement without racial profiling;
* the absurdity of waging war not to crush and demoralize the enemy, but to transform his nation into 1955 Oklahoma.
* the infantile narcissism of believing that all life’s ills have a remedy in law;
* the contradiction inherent in wishing for a health-care system that (a) has no socialist component, or only a modest one, while (b) providing every known treatment or level of care to every condition for everyone;
* the doubleplus contradiction inherent in the previous bullet point when the genome can be cheaply and rapidly sequenced." More HERE.

*Hamp, SWR.

An Interview With T. Warren On Indians, Confederates & Governments

A most excellent interview conducted by the Palmetto Patriot who recorded the first link below with "T" whose visit to my home is recorded in the link below that.

Excellent, New Sam Davis Youth Camp Video

It's Been A Long Hard Road 2010 Tour, Cape Carteret, NC