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A Canadian Cousin: "Heritage Not Hate" Confederate Flag Run Sept. 5th!


His run was successful, but hasn't updated the post yet.

Whew! Fate works in funny ways....just when I'd given up hope, my Heritage Not Hate license plate borders and Confederate flags showed up! From what I have seen and heard, September 5th/2015 seems to be a favorable day to fly a Confederate Flag. There are many honorable and legitimate organizations in the Southern United States that will make an honest effort to have educational and peaceful rallies.

 So in support of the Confederate Flag and the efforts put forth in the South, I'm going for a wee drive tomorrow. The route on September 5th/2015 will cover roughly 500 kilometers, and start in southern Saskatchewan. I'll tour the circular freeway called "Ring Road" in Regina Saskatchewan a time or two starting about 9:00 AM. I'll then drive to Saskatoon and tour their circular freeway called "Circle Drive" a time or two in early afternoon. This will effectively flag the two busiest freeways of the two largest cities in Saskatchewan.   

Muslim migrant from North Africa Brutally Rapes 7 Year-Old White Girl (VIDEO)

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The girl was with her mother in the park in Chemnitz, Germany, when a Muslim man dragged her into the bush, held her mouth shut and brutally raped the little girl.

After he finished the rape, he let the girl go and left the crime scene running. It happened quick that the mother did not even notice anything. She first realized it when the seven year old girl came crying to her.

Judah P. Benjamin: Able Statesman, Forgotten Patriot

judah p benjamin

10. "I will never be taken alive."
Judah P. Benjamin, Secretary of State, CSA to Dr. Moses Hoge 

If you showed the average American pictures of famous figures from Confederate States of America, there is a good chance many would recognize Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee. Pressed further, some may even identify Alexander Stephens. All were influential men, and important to the establishment and development of the Confederacy. However, none of them assisted the Confederate cause in the same way Judah Philip Benjamin did.

In many ways, Benjamin defied the prevailing myths about the Confederacy. A Jew who was born to British parents on the island of St. Croix, Benjamin emerged from humble means to become one of the most prominent figures in the Confederate government. His wisdom was unparalleled, he was very respected by his peers, and many of his viewpoints were entirely prophetic. Still, he is now all but forgotten.

Trains between Denmark and Germany halted amid refugee crisis

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 © Marko Djurica

Train services between Denmark and Germany have been stopped because of exceptional passport checks at border, introduced amid the worsening refugee crisis, according to a statement by Denmark's state owned train operator DSB. 
Passport checks at the German-Danish border, as well as in the Danish towns of Padborg and Rodby, led to “long delays” in international rail services on Wednesday, DSB said.

 About 100 migrants, who arrived to the Danish port city of Rodby from Germany, *refused to leave the train, having no wish to be registered in the country according to the EU rules, Danish police spokeswoman Anne Soe told AP. *Aw, poor things, how about being sent back from where you came?

More @ RT

America’s Toxic Brew: “Diversity”

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During the first Republican debate Donald Trump struck a huge chord with the “silent majority” of this nation by saying that America’s biggest problem is, “being politically correct.”
The Donald’s succinct summation was more than just a quick soundbite - it resonated with millions of everyday people in all walks of life who believe that politicians are a bunch of mealy-mouthed establishment lackeys who are completely tone deaf when it comes to the real world that the rest of us are forced to navigate. Regardless of the reasons for the inside-the-beltway crowd’s flippant view of middle-class Americans, (be it indifference, or they’re bought and paid for by lobbyists, or just plain old cowardice) 

Mr. Trump has tapped into an angry disgust with the way that our government functions (or doesn’t). As a result – despite every prediction of establishment politicians and pundits of Trump’s impending implosion – Trump keeps rising in the polls, and is doing so across demographic lines, much to their consternation.

A perfect example of the arrogance that pervades the elitists’ thinking is Jeb Bush’s recent row with Trump on the immigration issue. Poll after poll reveals that Americans want the flood of illegals coming into our country stopped. So how did good ‘ol Jebbie respond to Trump’s plain speaking? He attacked Trump by claiming that he is “not a conservative” – in Spanish!


Via comment by Quartermain on WATCH: The End Of America: “We Are All Witnessing 

City streets across the Western world will be filling in the coming weeks with throngs of penitents. The sin they repent of is the death of a child, a tragedy broadcast across the globe. As penance, Western lands have a great task ahead of them: the opening of borders to hundreds of thousands – and eventually many millions – of displaced masses from Africa and the Middle East.

This piece has a simple message: your penance is unnecessary, your absolution unneeded.

How can I say this? After all, the actions of Western leaders are what has caused the instability and descent into chaos of this region of the world. True enough. Our sense of justice cries out for satisfaction and for these people to be held to account.

Every journalist who incited their audiences to wars in lands they knew nothing about.

Every talking head whose propaganda convinced the ignorant that Arab and African Muslims would welcome White “crusaders” with open arms.

Popular Conservative Sen. Jeff Sessions Meets With Donald Trump – Releases Pro-Trump Statement

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Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) met with Donald Trump again today while he was in Washington DC for the rally against Obama’s Iranian nuclear giveaway.

Senator Sessions, Chairman of the Immigration Subcommittee on the National Interest, released the following statement following their meeting:

Finland in World War II

62-year-old Finnish-American volunteer soldier Hyvönen going to the front, in Mikkeli, Finland, on September 4, 1941

May 23, 2013

Last month the Finnish Defence Forces put an archive of 160,000 WWII-era photographs online. The images record the war years from 1939 to 1945, spanning three conflicts the Finns recognize as the Winter War (against an invading Soviet Union), the Continuation War (striking against the Soviets alongside the Germans) and the Lapland War (against the Germans for control of Lapland). After spending hours poring through this fascinating archive, I've gathered this collection, just a glimpse of what was made available.

A couple of notes on the images -- the swastika was used as the official national marking of the Finnish Air Force and Tank Corps between 1918 and 1945, and all captions were relatively brief, and written in Finnish, so please let me know in the comments if there are any mistakes, or if you can elaborate on what is pictured.

See also World War II in Photos on in Focus.

More @ The Atlantic

Strategic Lying and Obama

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 Image result for Strategic Lying and Obama

In the chapter entitled "The Arts of Selling" from 1958's Brave New World Revisited, Aldous Huxley wrote that "[t]he survival of democracy depends on the ability of large numbers of people to make realistic choices in the light of adequate information. A dictatorship, on the other hand, maintains itself by censoring or distorting the facts, and by appealing, not to reason, not to enlightened self-interest, but to passion and prejudice [.]" 

Which is why under the soft dictatorship of Barack Hussein Obama, the American people may be hard pressed to make realistic choices since they are far too susceptible to the distortions of language.

Logical fallacies are really "weaponized irrationality" gussied up to catch people unaware. Ad hominem attacks against an individual instead of the merit of an idea have been a hallmark of this administration. In 2014 when attempting to persuade the country on his immigration policy, Obama utilized the ergo decedo fallacy by attacking Republicans for their party position rather than for their argument. 

Logical fallacies have long been the lifeblood of dishonest politicians and in Obama, we find an abundance of them.

How many rounds can an AK fire before it breaks down?

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 battlefield vegas

Ron from the Las Vegas gun range Battlefield Vegas, where, like many Vegas range’s they only allow their rental guns to be used,  shared some thoughts on how different AK rifles fail after tens after thousands of rounds (the above photo shows 30 days worth of 7.62x39mm steel shot at their range, of which 80% would have been fired by AKs). Ron writes at …

– The one thing I can say about the AK’s is that they hold up MUCH BETTER than the RPD’s. I thought for sure that RPD’s would last so much longer because of the milled receivers but the receivers only last about half the life (if that) of a Romanian WASR.

 – Every single stamped receiver has suffered from a cracked trunion. This includes Saiga, Arsenal (Bulgarian), Norinco (Chinese), Arsenal (Russian stamped), WASR, Hungarian, Polish (vintage kits), Yugo (vintage and PAP-series) and new Polish (from Royal Tiger imports).

 – We have every type of AK available to shoot except for Cuban, Vietnamese or North Korean.

 – US (Century), Bulgarian and Chinese milled receivers have yet to fail.

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Labor Day 2015: 93.7 million American adults aren’t working & aren’t trying

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 Scott's Run, West Virginia. Unemployed bachelor, US National Archives, March 19, 1937

Besides the officially “unemployed,” 93 million other Americans aren’t working and aren’t looking for jobs
If it seems like you’re running into more people who aren’t working and don’t appear to be trying to find jobs…it’s not your imagination.

According to the U.S. government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the labor participation rate has hit 62.6 percent. That’s the worst in 38 years, since the dog days of 1977. The “labor participation rate” measures the percentage of people age 16 or older who are working or actively looking for a job.

2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat - 13 Miles, Supercharged 6.2/707 HP

Once upon a time, any 200 MPH car powered by a blown Hemi engine had a single, rudimentary aluminum seat, a roll cage and a parachute, and was designed only to go in a straight line. Not so today, thanks to the Street and Racing Technology team at Chrysler-Fiat, who doubled down on their third generation Dodge Challenger to produce the Hellcat, a supercharged 707 HP bomb that the company claims is the fastest, most powerful muscle car ever.

The Hellcat backs up that claim with some astonishing numbers: zero to 60 in 3.5 launch-controlled seconds, a quarter mile time of 11.2 on factory tires and a top speed of 200 MPH.

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WATCH: The End Of America: “We Are All Witnessing The Death Of A Country”

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With Europe’s immigrant crisis coming to a head and similar events having played out in the United States last summer, it should be clear that what’s happening is an orchestrated detonation of First World nations.

A new must-see micro documentary from Future Money Trends highlights the insane policies behind the mass migrations and how, as millions of undocumented illegal aliens enter our country through the southern border, we are seeing the very death of a once great nation right before our eyes.

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Trump BLASTS #BlackLivesMatter – Says Democrats Who Support Them “Are Not Fit to Run for Office” (VIDEO)

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trump oreilly

“I think they’re trouble. I think they’re looking for trouble. I looked at a couple of the people who were interviewed from the group. I saw them with hate coming down the street last week talking about cops and police and what should be done to them. I think that it’s a disgrace that they’re getting away with it. I think it’s disgraceful how they are being catered to by the Democrats.

New Zealand Political Leader: Send the Male Syrian Refugees Back Home to Fight ISIS

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isis army
(Common sense will get you nowhere these days.)
New Zealand First political leader Winston Peters suggested his country accept only women and children refugees from Syria and send the men back to fight ISIS.

Peters said if New Zealand was going to fight for their freedom then some of the men ought to go back home and fight for their own country’s freedom too.

Zee News reported, via Religion of Peace

Black Man Suffers Another Racist Beating & The Rest Of The Story

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Another black man is the victim of another racist beating — for no reason whatsoever. Or so the media would have us believe.

This time in Oakland. And we know that because of what the CBS affiliate called an “unprovoked violent beatdown” was witnessed by one of the world’s top authorities on black victimization, Dr. Zoe Marks.      

And she is spreading this story around the globe.

The violent encounter happened last Thursday. CBS news in San Francisco started the tsunami of coverage by calling for the arrest of the security guard who administered the beating on a black man who was doing nothing more than just trying to buy a few groceries.

Soon hundreds of news sites around the world picked up the story:

The 5 Awkward Questions They Won’t Answer About The Drowned Boy, Syria And Our ‘Moral Duty’

Via comment by Quartermain  on Merkel finally admits that pseudo-refugees will ch...

 Drowned boy

1. What’s the truth behind the story of the drowned boy Aylan Kurdi?

There’s just so much that doesn’t add up. Starting with the fact that the boy’s name is actually Alan Shenu. His father Abdullah claims he and his family were fleeing the fighting in his ‘home town’ Kobani.

Yet according to the Guardian they have been living in Turkey for three years – long before the fighting in Kobani started or indeed ISIS really existed – and before that in Damascus.

In Turkey, their rent appears to have been paid for by a sister in Canada and they had over $4,400 in cash so they were in no immediate danger. Abdullah’s accounts of his motives, of his intentions and what actually happened are wildly inconsistent. In some versions he was heading for Sweden.

More with video @ Breitbart

The Phoney Refugee Crisis

Via comment by Quartermain  on Merkel finally admits that pseudo-refugees will ch...

A wave of brutal emotion suddenly submerged the populations of the NATO countries. 

People suddenly realised the drama of the refugees in the Mediterranean – a tragedy that has been going on for years to their complete indifference.

This change of attitude is due to the publication of a photograph showing a drowned child washed up on a Turkish beach. It doesn’t matter that this photo is staged – the sea washes up bodies parallel to the waves, never perpendicular. It doesn’t matter that in less than two days, it was instantly reproduced on the front pages of almost all the newspapers in the NATO zone You have already been advised that the Western Press is free and pluralist.

Continuing in the same vein, television channels multiplied reports on the exodus of thousands of Syrians who were crossing the Balkans on foot. Particular attention was given to the crossing of Hungary, which first of all built a completely pointless barbed-wire fence, then made a number of contradictory decisions which allowed the filming of crowds walking along the railway lines and mobbing their way onto trains.

More @ WND

Police: 'Anarchists' (Useful Fools) beat Air Force pilot flying Confederate flags on motorcycle

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An Air Force pilot from Join Base Lewis-McChord was attacked Sept. 5 during a protest in Olympia, Washington, according to local police.

Olympia police said they are searching for two men who are believed to be part of a "local hate group" that describe themselves as "anarchists," Air Force Times reported. Police said the men were taking part in a protest around 10 p.m. when they saw two Confederate flag on the back of the victim's motorcycle, surrounded him and tried to knock him down.

The suspects then sprayed the victim in the face with mace, hit him on the back with a baseball bat and then struck him with a glass bottle filled with red paint. Police have not identified the victim, who suffered injuries to his eyes, shoulder and back. A witness who tried to help the man was also sprayed in the face with mace.

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