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Repel the Enemies of North Carolina!

The Greensboro Patriot of early 1861 was a leading Unionist newspaper in North Carolina and thought to be the expression of former Governor John M. Morehead, though not his official organ.  The editor “plainly expressed the doctrines of James Madison that, while not allowing the right of secession, except as revolution, that the Constitution gave no power of coercion” to the federal government, and sure that “a million and a half strong Union men” in the North would oppose Lincoln’s invasion of the South. He went on to “outline reconstruction after victory” over Lincoln’s usurpations and that one treaty condition should be that “North Carolina is a free and independent sovereign State,” and [will] determine whether she wishes to reconstruct the Union or join the Confederacy.” 

Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Repel the Enemies of North Carolina!:

“On April 17th Virginia, in secret action, seceded, and on the same day, Governor [John W.] Ellis of North Carolina, drew his call for a special meeting of the [General] Assembly for May 1, 1861; but Virginia did not announce her action until April 24 and Ellis’s proclamation was published in the [Greensboro] Patriot of April 25th.  He also called upon the militia and among those who responded were the Guilford Grays and Minute Men under Captain W.S. Hill. 

The arsenal at Fayetteville was captured by a thousand volunteers. “On Tuesday” (23d April] said the Patriot, “our streets were filled with an excited crowd. They were addressed by Mr. J.W. Thomas of Davidson, [former] Governor [John M.] Morehead, Hon. R.C. Puryear, Hon. J.A. Gilmer, Ralph Gorrell, Esq., Samuel P. Hill, J.R. McLean, R.P. Dick, Thomas Settle and perhaps others. 

The speeches of all these gentlemen all breathed the true spirit of resistance to tyrants, and that the time had come for North Carolina to make common cause with her brethren in the South in driving back the Abolition horde. North Carolina may rest assured that the people of Guilford are all right.”  

The Guilford Grays, under Capt. John Sloan, were at Fort Macon on duty. Two other companies were organizing…..A company of Home guards, also, under Capt. Jos. A. Houston, was organized and the ladies forming organizations to provide supplies and hospital appurtenances. 

It is a curious fact that when the Guilford Grays started for Goldsboro on the first call, both Senator Gilmer and Judge Dick – Whig and Democrat – and Richard Sterling, as well, said to them substantially: “Go! Defend your State! Carry with you the Stars and Stripes, and fight under that banner! Repel any armed force that puts foot on North Carolina soil – whether it comes from South Carolina, Virginia, or Yankeedom!”

On the 27th of May, 1861, President [Jefferson] Davis proclaimed North Carolina a part of the Confederacy.”

“John Motley Morehead and the Development of North Carolina, 1796-1866, Burton Alva Konkle, W.J. Campbell Publisher, 1922, pp. 390-391)

The Stainless Banner


Stephen Colbert Hit-piece On Nullification And State Sovereignty



Some points in reaction to the video:

1.) Lincoln was not a founder of our nation and had no regard for the U.S. Constitution. Killing people and forcing your will upon them does not solve a debate on any topic.

2.) Nullification does indeed work. Just ask the fourteen plus states that now have medical marijuana laws on the books and the two states that have legalized Marijuana outright–with many more planning to do the same. Northern states used nullification to fight slavery by refusing to comply with the Fugitive Slave Act. States have also refused to implement the Read ID Act and the list of nullification successes goes on. Nullification works and is only picking up steam as the Federal government continues to violate the U.S. Constitution.

3.) Article Six (the supremacy clause) of the United States Constitution actually says:
This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.

Our friend Cliff Sloan is lying through his teeth. He leaves out “This Constitution, and the Laws made in Pursuance thereof; shall be the supreme Law of the Land” when he quotes the constitution. Read correctly the meaning is clearly that only constitutional laws are the supreme law of the land, NOT that all laws made by the Federal Government are the supreme law of the land.

4.) Thomas Jefferson, who actually made our system and actually knows how it works said, “Where powers are assumed (by the Federal Government) which have not been delegated, a nullification of the act is the rightful remedy.” –Thomas Jefferson: Kentucky Resolutions, 1798.

You don’t file a case with the Federal Government to undo an unconstitutional law as Cliff Sloan suggests, you nullify the law.

5.) Article Three of the United States Constitution actually says:

The judicial Power of the United States, shall be vested in one supreme Court, and in such inferior Courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish. The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good Behavior, and shall, at stated Times, receive for their Services a Compensation which shall not be diminished during their Continuance in Office.

Notice the article says “The Judicial power of the United States..”. What is the United States? It is the Federal Government. Remember that the constitution is a legal contract, agreed upon by the states, that formed the Federal Government. And so, when the constitution (a document that created the Federal Government of the United States) speaks to the power of the United States, it is only speaking of the power of the Federal Government. In other words, article three only speaks to the Federal Government and its own Federal legal system. It does not speak to the relationship between the Federal Government and the individual states that created it.
* * *
It would be nice if the media would stop perpetuating lies, but that seems unlikely to happen any time soon. While it’s tough to win an argument when the ‘other side’ can lie to millions of people repeatedly and with ease via the media machine, we have the internet, we’re fighting back, and they know it.

"My God! I Pity Your City!"
 Columbia, South Carolina,
as it looked the morning after a visit from sherman's fire fiends. "
by John T. Trowbridge
Northern journalist

Early in the evening [of February 17] as the inhabitants, quieted by General Sherman's assurances, were about retiring to their beds, a rocket went up in the lower part of the city. Another in the center, and a third in the upper part of town, succeeded. Dr. R.W. Gibbes was in the street near one of the Federal guards, who exclaimed on seeing the signals, "My God! I pity your city!" Mr. Goodwyn, who was mayor at the time, reports a similar remark from an Iowa soldier. "Your city is doomed! These rockets are the signal!" Immediately afterwards fires broke out in twenty different places.

The dwellings of Confederate Treasury Secretary George A. Trenholm and General Wade Hampton were among the first to burst into flames. Soldiers went from house to house, spreading the conflagration. Fireballs, composed of cotton saturated with turpentine, were thrown in at doors and windows. Many houses were entered and fired by means of combustible liquids poured upon beds and clothing, ignited by wads of burning cotton, or by matches from a soldier's pocket. The fire department came out in force, but the hose-pipes were cut to pieces and the men driven from the streets. At the same time universal plundering and robbery began.

The burning of the house of R.W. Gibbes, an eminent physician, well-known to the scientific world, was thus described to me by his son:

"He had a guard at the front door; but some soldiers climbed in at the rear of the house, got into the parlor, heaped together sheets, poured turpentine over them, piled chairs on them, and set them on fire. As he remonstrated with them, they laughed at him. The guard at the front door could do nothing, for if he left his post, other soldiers would come in that way.

Columbia, south carolina, as it looked the morning after a visit from sherman's fire fiends. "The guard had a disabled foot, and my father had dressed it for him. He appeared very grateful for the favor, and earnestly advised my father to save all his valuables. The house was full of costly paintings, and curiosities of art and natural history, and my father did not know what to save and what to leave behind. He finally tied up in a bedquilt a quantity of silver and gems. As he was going out the door the house was already on fire behind him -- the guard said, 'Is that all you can save?" "It is all I can carry,' said my father. 'Leave that with me,' said the guard; 'I will take charge of it, while you go back and get another bundle.' My father thought he was very kind. He went back for another bundles, and while he was gone, the guard ran off on his lame leg with all the gems and silver."

The soldiers, in their march through Georgia, and thus far into South Carolina, had a wonderful skill in finding treasures. They had two kinds of divining-rods," negroes and bayonets. What the unfaithful servants of the rich failed to reveal, the other instruments, by thorough and constant practice, were generally able to discover. On the night of the fire, a thousand men could be seen in the yards and gardens of Columbia by the glare of the flames, probing the earth with bayonets.

The dismay and terror of the inhabitants can scarcely be conceived. They had two enemies, the fire in their house and the soldiery without. Many who attempted to bear away portions of their goods were robbed by the way. Trunks and bundles were snatched from the hands of hurrying fugitives, broken open, rifled, and then hurled into the flames. Ornaments were plucked from the necks and arms of ladies, and caskets from their hands. Even children and negroes were robbed.

Fortunately the streets of Columbia were broad, else many of the fugitives must have perished in the flames which met them on all sides. The exodus of homeless families, flying between walls of fire, was a terrible and piteous spectacle. Some fled to the parks; others to the open ground without the city; numbers sought refuge in the graveyards. Isolated and unburned dwellings were crowded to excess with fugitives.

Three-fifths of the city in bulk, and four-fifths in value, were destroyed. The loss of property is estimated at thirty millions. No more respect seems to have been shown for buildings commonly deemed sacred, than for any others. The churches were pillaged, and afterwards burned. St. Mary's College, a Catholic institution, shared their fate. The Catholic Convent, to which had been confided for safety many young ladies, not nuns, and stores of treasure, was ruthlessly sacked. The soldiers drank the sacramental wine, and profaned with fiery draughts of vulgar whiskey the goblets of the communion services. Some went off reeling under the weight of priestly robes, holy vessels and candlesticks.

Yet the army of Sherman did not in its wildest orgies forget its splendid discipline. "When will these horrors cease?" asked a lady of an officer at her house. "You will hear the bugles at sunrise," he replied; "then they will cease, and not till then." He prophesied truly. "At daybreak, on Saturday morning," said Gibbes, "I saw two men galloping through the streets, blowing horns. Not a dwelling was fired after that; immediately the town became quiet."

Some curious incidents occurred. One man's treasure, concealed by his garden fence, escaped the soldiers' divining-rods, but was afterwards discovered by a hitched horse pawing the earth from the buried box. Some hidden guns had defied the most diligent search, until a chicken, chased by a soldier ran into a hole beneath the house. The soldier, crawling after and putting in his hand for the chicken, found the guns.

A soldier, passing in the streets and seeing some children playing with a beautiful little greyhound, amused himself by beating its brains out. Some treasures were buried in cemeteries, but they did not always escape the search of the soldiers, who showed a strong distrust of new-made graves.

Of the desolation and horrors our army left behind it, no description can be given. Here is a single instance: At a factory on the Congaree, just out of Columbia, there remained for six weeks a pile of sixty-five dead horses and mules, shot by Sherman's men. It was impossible to bury them, all the shovels, spades, and other farming implements of the kind having been carried off or destroyed.

Columbia must have been a beautiful city, judging by its ruins. Many fine residences still remain on the outskirts, but the entire heart of the city is a wilderness of crumbling walls, naked chimneys, and trees killed by the flames. The fountains of the desolated gardens are dry, the basins cracked; the pillars of the houses are dismantled, or overthrown; the marble steps are broken. All these attest to the wealth and elegance which one night of fire and orgies sufficed to destroy.

GRNC AR-15 Give Away! Sign-up FREE to win what Obama/Biden/Pelosi want to ban!


Gun Rights Supporters:

As Grass Roots North Carolina meets the gun grabbers in both Raleigh and Washington head on, to stop attacks on our Second Amendment rights, we need to increase the size of our grassroots army. 
As part of that process, it gives me great pleasure to announce that GRNC is giving away a FREE AR-15 rifle!

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That’s why Grass Roots North Carolina is giving away a brand new AR-15, generously supplied by C&E Gun Shows. It is an M4-configured carbine with OD green collapsible stock, hand guard, and pistol grip. It has a flat top with forward assist, and was built on a DPMS receiver by Tony's Customs. It comes with a soft case and two new 30-round magazines. 

So the next time you go to one of C&E’s gun shows throughout North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, stop by the promoter’s desk and offer thanks to Steve Elliott for being the patriot he is.

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Please accept my personal thanks for defending our rights—and make sure to tell ALL of your friends!

Armatissimi e liberissimi,
F. Paul Valone
President, Grass Roots North Carolina

GRNC is pleased to give away an AR-15 to one lucky winner on March 2.

The ONLY way you can get registered for this giveaway is by signing up below.
Drawing will take place on Saturday, March 2, 2013. Not paid for at taxpayer expense. Grass Roots North Carolina, is a non-profit advocacy organization registered with the North Carolina Secretary of State.

No purchase or donation necessary to win. Void where prohibited. Firearms prizes must be claimed through a licensed firearms dealer in accordance with federal and state law.

Firearms prize winners must meet all legal requirements and will be subject to a dealer’s background check.

Why I gave up my guns

Via Gun Rights For Us

An AR-15 with a high-capacity magazine, seen in 2004.

Because with 100's of hours on the range I couldn't chamber a round which already should have been anyway.  Maybe you are better off not being near them.

Late one night in the spring of 2008, I was jolted awake by the sound of yet another a burglar trying to break into my Atlanta home. We’d already had a series of scary close calls, but this time I was ready: I had staged my shotgun and a box of shells in a broom closet right by the back door, next to the umbrellas.

While my girlfriend called the police, I ran into the kitchen and looked out the window just in time to see a human form rush to hide in the shadows behind my car. I grabbed the gun and fumbled for the ammunition in the half-light, spilling most on the ground, but finally found one cartridge I was able to slide into the chamber.

I worked the action furiously, once, twice, and again, realizing dimly as I did that in doing so I was actually ejecting the shell, unspent, and basically unloading the weapon. But the unmistakable sound of the pump carried to the backyard, and, in a flash, the prowler was gone — a blur of raggedy jeans and tattered flannel sliding across the hood of my car and vaulting over the picket fence into the night.

I couldn’t make out his face or tell if he was armed. The next moment I was in the bathroom, vomiting hot puke all over the floor and toilet, water from the bowl splashing my face and eyes. Later, my girlfriend told me I had made her feel safe, protected. I just felt ill.

More hogwash @ New York Daily News

Twisted ghouls descend on murder victim, American hero Chris Kyle

Via dixieconvert

Unbelievable.  Because to some on the anti-gun Left, the terrible murder of an American military hero is an opportunity to LOL, score political points about gun control, and talk about “karma.” What is wrong with these people?!

 Craig @Executnr
All u hypocrites can miss me with the Chris Kyle American Sniper sympathy bullshit, I call his death karma. Feel for his family not him.

 Michael Crook @Michael_Crook
I am absolutely against guns being used for any reason, but in the matter of Chris Kyle, I'd have to say it was poetic justice.

 iraqjustice @iraqjustice
Chris Kyle - sharpshooter star that killed 255 -s was killed in Texas by fellow american maniac

 Patricia @onepoliceplazza
Chris Kyle was killed at a gun how ironic lol live by the gun die by the gun now I really believe he had it coming to him
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Don't miss this: Sandy Hook Student’s Father: You’ll Have To Take My Gun From My Cold Dead Hands!

Going Home McGavock Confederate Cemetery Franklin, TN

For Terry

 Going Home - McGavock Confederate Cemetery 4:52

 Carnton Plantation - Historic Franklin, TN 1:57

 Tour the Carnton Plantation with Robert Hicks 2:52

 Bloodstains on the Carnton floors :30

Baker Faces State Investigation After Refusing To Make Lesbian Wedding Cake

Green Mountain Dems reject gun ban

Via Don

Green Mountain Dems reject gun ban

This week, gun restriction advocates suffered a defeat in the Democratic controlled state of Vermont. Both houses of the legislature have been planning to introduce new gun control bills.  The Senate’s proposal was to go further than the House until this week when Democrats withdrew a ban on assault weapons.

The State House’s legislation, H. 124, cosponsored by 11 Democrats and one Independent, seeks to ban high-capacity magazines, require background checks, and require a firearm safety course for all those who carry a concealed weapon.

Vermont has the oldest unrestricted concealed carry laws in the nation; similar laws have recently been adopted in Wyoming, Alaska and Arizona.

The author of the House bill, Rep. Linda Waite-Simpson (D-Essex Junction) does give a little to gun advocates by removing the state’s ban on silencers.  The bill also has a provision that addresses mental health.

The Senate bill that was withdrawn by Senate Majority Leader Philip Baruth (D- Burlington) would have made it a crime to manufacture, posses or transfer semi-automatic weapons and large capacity ammunitions.

But even Baruth could not find the support in a Democratic controlled State Senate, where Republicans make up only 23 percent of the body.

Californian finds Chinese relative buried in Carnton’s Confederate Cemetery

Via Carl

After more than 140 years, there are still many stories told and untold stories about the Battle of Franklin being uncovered.

What began as a trip to Nashville for Fan Fair in 2005 became a life-changing event for Los Angeles resident Martin Chang.

Chang’s life has been a series of changes leading to an evolution and an understanding of purpose and self, but the discovery of an ancestor buried in the Confederate Cemetery at Carnton also redirected the quiet, unassuming young man to a clearer understanding of purpose.

“To me, Charles Chon must have had a purpose,” Chang said of the great- great uncle he discovered buried at Carnton. “He was a common soldier, he was captured (by the Union Army) at the Battle of Ark Post and spent time in a federal prison. When he was released, he reenlisted.”

Martin has uncovered tidbits of information about his ancestor, but there are still many questions unanswered about Charles Chon and the road that led a young Chinese man to Tennessee and the unusual discovery.

The Chang family, Chinese by descent, retreated to Taiwan when the Communists took over their country. They moved to California when Martin was in his early teens.

As the teenager grew and became Americanized, he acquired an interest in country music. It was that interest that eventually led him to change his religion from Buddhism to Christianity.

“I always preferred to listen to music I can connect with,” he said. “”To me, country music is the music of this country. There is a different culture that leaves room for God.”

The interest in country music also spurred an unusual interest in the South and the Civil War, specifically from the Southern point of view. There weren’t many people of Chinese descent involved in the Civil War, especially in the South.

“I was interested in the Civil War for some reason,” he said. “I didn’t even know there were Chinese in the war. I thought the Chinese came during the Gold Rush after the war.”

While visiting Music City in 2005, Chang, a computer information technology professional who works on large business computer networks, was drawn to Franklin to visit the Carter House, Carnton Plantation and Confederate Cemetery.

“First I came to the Carter House, took the tour, took some pictures,” he said. “It was late in the day when I went to Carnton – too late for a tour so I walked the grounds and walked the cemetery. When I was there I felt like I was on hallowed ground. I could feel honor there.”

On I-65 heading back to Nashville, Chang was compelled to turn around and head back to the cemetery to pray, even though darkness was fast approaching.

“That experience, to go back to pray at the cemetery, was very strange, especially because it was getting dark,” he said. “There was something familiar in the cemetery and I didn’t know why.”

He prayed at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, not knowing he had an ancestor buried nearby.

“I didn’t know Charles was in the war, I just needed to pray at the cemetery,” he said.

A couple months later, while surfing the Internet, Chang stumbled on a listing about Chinese in the Civil War by a Chinese member of a Civil War roundtable who researched and visited several Civil War battlefields.

“There were a lot of Chinese who fought for the Union, but most were in the Navy,” Chang said. “An entry mentioned a Chinese man buried at Carnton.”

That man was Martin’s great-great uncle, Charles Chon (the spelling has changed slightly over time and distance.)

“He is in a grave with a clearly marked headstone – number 66 with C. C. in the Texas Regiment.”

The discovery gave Martin Chang a new purpose, and an understanding of the direction he been led. He now wanted to know and understand his ancestor – the brother of his great-great grandfather.

To do so, he needed to do some walking in Charles Chon’s shoes, so he joined the Sons of Confederate Veterans, became a Confederate reenactor and a detective unraveling the story of his mysterious uncle who was a stone mason in Guangdong Province but landed in Shanghai where he disappeared.

“Hired by an American merchant,” Chang speculated.

The disappearance was around the time of the Taiping rebellion. When the Ch’ing Dynasty took over they killed 20 million Christians, Martin said.

“He may have been a Christian and escaped to avoid being killed,” Chang further speculates.

The next place he showed up was South Texas. He signed the papers to join the Texas Cavalry in York and died at the age of 22 at the Battle of Franklin.

Questions like how Charles landed in the United States – there are no records of his arrival, how he landed in Texas and in the notoriously tough Texas regiment that was a cavalry before taking to foot travel, and why he reenlisted, all remain a mystery.

“One thing for sure, he was tougher than nails,” said Thomas Cartwright, a historian at the Carter House. “Texans were tough. They brought the level up very high.”

There is a part of Martin Chang’s Chinese culture that lures him to be close to his ancestors, but the Christian he has become encourages him to connect with that ancestor.

“He left home, fought in a foreign war and died. He disappeared and140 years later I found him. I should do something for him.”

For now, Chang would like to get the aging headstone fixed and honor his great-great uncle in reenacting the Battle of Franklin and other Civil War battles in an effort to keep the memory alive.

Obama's range target

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Gallup: Conservatives Outnumber Liberals in 47 Out of 50 States


& many voted for Obama?

The percentage of individuals who identify as conservative in 2012 outnumber those who identify as liberal in 47 out of the 50 states, in addition to the District of Columbia (D.C.) according to a Gallup poll released on Feb. 1.

Nationally, the amount of self-identified conservatives (38 percent) still outnumbers liberals (23 percent). The disparity between conservatives and liberals has remained consistent since Gallup began its tracking in 2008.

More @ CNS

The Pretender and His Minions

Via Terry

I have to admit it - I miss the good old days.  You know the ones - the days when we spent time cataloging our gear and equipment, testing new survival skills and preparing for every "what if" we could think of.  Back in those days, life was pretty secure.  Everything we planned for was in some unknown future.  We had time.  We could live life to its fullest as we prepared for future uncertainty.  Survivalism was a hobby.

Sometime, when we weren't looking, that "unknown" future caught up with us.  And it isn't pretty.  Suddenly (or not so suddenly), we have been thrust into the reality of a nation that is spiraling the drain, not only economically, but also morally.  A pretender is on the throne and his minions are at our door.  And we have flung the door wide open.

We are no longer dealing with a theoretical, "what if" scenario - we are now balancing precariously on the precipice of a full-fledged, all-out battle.  And the resounding clash of arms is getting closer.  Truth be told, gun stores and gun shows aren't being sold out because people think there is a gun ban coming - they are being sold out because the United States population is gearing up.  People aren't running scared - they are preparing for insurrection.

The battles we are facing are not battles against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities.  We are not fighting to keep our guns or choose if we want to vaccinate our children, we are battling to live our lives as free men - "So then, brethren, we are not children of a bondswoman, but of the free woman" Galatians 4:31.

The enemy has breached the gate - are you ready for the battle?

"....choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell; but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord".
                                              Joshua 24:15

Cheapened citizenship

Via Carl

Just a few years ago, an outraged American people managed to prevent Congress from passing “comprehensive immigration reform” that amounted to amnesty.

But now it’s more likely to pass – not because the legalities or moralities have changed, but because the politics have. Democrats, who see 11 million illegals as potential Democratic voters, hold the White House, the upper house and the upper hand. And Republicans, if they ever want to win another national election, pretty much have to swallow their principles and go along.

Demagoguery has won the day. If you’re against illegal immigration or blanket amnesty for illegals, you’re supposedly anti-immigrant. All immigration is the same, whether legal or not, we’re supposed to believe, and regardless of whether there’s any assimilation involved or any true desire to become American.

Those of us who have been privileged to be involved in naturalization ceremonies – for which legal immigrants study our country and its history and swear their allegiance to it – have seen what a beautiful, moving, meaningful process it is. It provides us with grateful, knowledgeable new Americans, the same way Ellis Island did.

Illegal immigration, meanwhile, manufactures workers, whose identities, allegiances, whereabouts and tax contributions are largely unknown, whose wages are often sent out of the country, and who, to accomplish all this, have jumped the border to cut in front of those who wait patiently in line to come here legally.

By all means, let’s reward that!

D.C. "Conservative" Station Shuts Down Political Speech on Gun Rights

A Washington, D.C., conservative radio station has refused to sell airtime for a political statement from the writer-actor-singer who performed for years as television’s Buck Howdy – deeming it too “controversial.”

“How sad that we live in a time when a message supporting the Constitution is deemed too controversial,” Grammy-winning musician Steve Vaus, creator of the Buck Howdy character, told WND today.

He has recorded a song that defies those advocating gun confiscation with one of the slogans of the Texas Revolution, “Come and take it.”

Detroit High School Basketball Coach Shoots Two Attackers On School Property

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Police sources tell 7 Action News that a women's basketball coach from Martin Luther King, Jr. Senior High School shot two men who attacked him as he was walking two basketball players to their cars in the school parking lot.

Police sources say the coach was walking the two girls to their cars when two men allegedly approached and one pulled out a gun and grabbed him by his chain necklace. The coach then pulled out his gun and shot both of them, according to sources.

The man who shot the attackers was 70 years old, according to police.

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