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NC: Customer With Concealed Permit Stops 7-Eleven Armed Robbery, Kills Suspect

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Authorities in North Carolina say a customer armed with a concealed gun shot two robbery suspects at a 7-Eleven, killing one and injuring the other.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police spokeswoman Cindy A. Wallace said in a news release that two suspects held the customer at gunpoint and took his wallet early Thursday morning.

Biden Goes All In on the Race Issue

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Biden Goes All In on the Race Issue
Migrants have been crossing the Mexican border at a rate of 100,000 a month. If one had to choose a word to describe graphically what is going on, would it not be invasion?
Those who believed America’s racial divide would begin to close with the civil rights acts of the 1960s and the election of a black president in this century appear to have been overly optimistic.

The race divide seems deeper and wider than at any time in our lifetimes. Most of the aspiring leaders of the Democratic Party have apparently concluded that branding the president a “racist” and “white supremacist” is the strategy to pursue to win the nomination and the White House.

Why Pat Buchanan is My Hero

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President Nixon's career might have ended 45 years ago today, but his former top aide has inspired thousands.

It was 45 years ago today that Richard Nixon resigned the presidency amid the Watergate scandal. As with every year around this time, there will be stories rehashing the drama that led to this historic event—the first and only time a U.S. president has relinquished the highest office in the middle of his term.

Most of those who were closest to Mr. Nixon had their careers destroyed or at least greatly damaged, and several went to jail. Nixon was later pardoned by President Gerald Ford, his former vice president.

Iowa parade float depicts Hillary Clinton behind bars

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To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Arcadia Fire Department, the western Iowa town hosted a parade, party in the park and a water fight as the grand finale. The parade reportedly included a Hillary Clinton impersonator who rode as a prisoner, not a potential president.

The Daily Times Herald reported that Kyle Julin of Manilla, Iowa and his friend, Josh Reetz, crafted a wooden, barbed wire fence prison cell which was pulled behind an ATV. In it was Adam Corky, donning a Clinton look-a-like mask and a prison jump suit. The accompanying sign read "Hillary for Prison."

Friends of Julin passed out hundreds of water balloons and encouraged those watching the parade from the curbs to throw them at the makeshift prison cell, according to the Daily Times-Herald report.

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NH World War II Museum Declares Itself a Gun-Free Zone

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For many reasons these days, members of The Greatest Generation are likely rolling in their graves.

Over the past few decades, the Left has infected our country with a blight of Socialism, Marxism and absolute anti-Americanism not seen since the early 1900s.

WWII veterans gave their youth, their health and their lives to free us from a worldwide tyranny bent on enslaving the people of the United States.

Only to see us nearly give it all away in 75 short years.

But it gets worse.

The 2nd

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The Statue of Liberty is Falling to Pieces, and I’m Glad


I don’t like the thing. I hate what it stands for, and I respect the givers even less than I respect the gift. Most of the problems we face today can be traced to the Statue of Liberty. If we’d just send it back to the French, crime in the streets would disappear, we’d have a surplus in the federal treasury, and teenage pregnancies would be a thing of the past.

But instead of behaving in a sensible fashion we’re going to replace the torch and reinforce the joints and stress points. After we’ve finished the job the strengthened structure will probably last another hundred years. By then, however, the survivors of our civilization will be living under bridges like trolls, clubbing everybody who wants to cross the river, free at last, free at last.

This South does not need an Eulogy


We have come to the place were every year another noble Southern family dies out, never to return.

The effect that this renders is incalculable to us and incomprehensible to the mind not attuned to the appreciation of family and land. God grants land by providence and man’s chief method of glorifying God is by being a true husband and steward to the land which God has bestowed. Over the previous four centuries a particular people received a particular land. For many generations the land was loved, cared for; families grew and were loyal to what God had given them.

Like Naboth, the true Southerner looked over the head of his moment and peered into the future, he could not do otherwise. The close connection to the land and the deep impression left by one’s ancestors had driven home the point that life is fleeting and great works can only come into focus when viewed through the lense of decades, centuries, and generations. Today this inheritance is squandered and with every passing day a farm which was built up by generations goes fallow.

Grow Up! Baseball Bats, Golf Clubs, Swords Are Not Viable Self-Defense Tools


Almost everyone reading this column has made the decision to carry a firearm to defend themselves and their families against violent assault. I applaud you for this, but for those who do not employ a firearm to do so I have a very simple question: What’s the plan?

What is your Personal Protection Plan? Do you intend to use pepper spray? Empty-hand techniques? Maybe something a little more exotic? If you have to, put this magazine down and write out, specifically, what you would begin to do while dialing 911 when glass is smashing in the dark.

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Watch: Texas Police Officer Accidentally Shoots, Kills Woman While Trying to Shoot Dog

The Arlington, Tx., Police Department released this week the body cam footage from a recent incident in which an officer accidentally shot and killed a woman while trying to shoot her dog.

The 25-year-old officer, who had completed his field training only months before, had been dispatched to find a woman who was reportedly suffering from a medical emergency. He accidentally shot and killed 30-year-old Margarita Brooks after her dog began to run and bark at him.

6 0f the Top 10 Community Colleges in the Country are Located in NC: 2019

The Best Community Colleges in America – 2019

Congratulations to Coastal Carolina Community College for ranking in the top ten community colleges Smart Asset listed as the best in the country for 2019! And our state has even more to be proud of considering 6 of the top 10 list was comprised of schools from North Carolina! Pamlico Community College (#2), Catawba County Community College (#3), Blue Ridge Community College (#5), McDowell Technical Community College (#6), Coastal Carolina Community College (#9) and Johnston Community College (#10) all ranked in the top ten. The schools were ranked based on student to faculty ratio, graduation and transfer rate, and the cost of tuition.

Victor Davis Hanson: Why target Tucker Carlson? It's part of the left's war on the right

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 Weapons of Assault

The mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, have rightly shocked the nation. In our understandable collective furor over the senseless loss of life, all the old political divides are being revisited, now in a climate of often frightening blame, anger and distrust — from gun control to the role of extremist ideologies to mental health to responsibilities of political leaders not to inflame tensions.

Such reexamination is a fine and good thing.

But what is not is a different sort of outrage, one that leverages the deaths of innocents to destroy the reputations and careers of others.

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Mission Impossible

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