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Abolitionists and Illuminists Campaigning for One World Government

Image result for William Lloyd Garrison and Giuseppe Mazzini: Abolition, Democracy, and Radical Reform (Conflicting Worlds: New Dimensions of the American Civil War

In the most recent article we made some connections between abolitionists and Illuminists (Illuminati), between William Lloyd Garrison, the Northern radical abolitionist (as opposed to sensible Southern abolitionists) and Giuseppi Mazzini the Illuminist.

Arthur Thompson notes in his To the Victors Go the Myths and Monuments on page 187 that: “A popular opinion in the early 1800s was that the abolitionists were agents of England, and there were a few that viewed them as an extension of the Illuminati. The masthead of the Liberator, William Lloyd Garrison’s newspaper, reinforced this latter idea. The initial slogan of the paper was: ‘Our Country is the world–Our Countrymen are Mankind’.” Whatever one might think, the radical abolitionists had an ongoing vision for an agenda that went well beyond the slavery issue. Another issue Garrison was big on was “Women’s rights.”

The Proximate Cause of All Our Woes Is: Civilizational Apoptosis

The Camaleon, Ajijic, Mexico

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang said during a recent talk that Asians will be the next minority group oppressed in the United States, going as far as to claim that he thinks white Americans are going to be "shooting up a bunch of Asians."

Today all manner of curiosities, as I once called them, propose that whites pay reparations for slavery. For example, our Democratic presidential candidates. Well, I am joining them. Yes. I am for reparations. It is only just.

Once I lived in moral darkness, and thought reparations was crazy as Aunt Sally, that we kept in the attic because she kept trying to eat the carpet downstairs. I wondered where we got such a daft Congress. I figured saturation mutagenesis, or somebody put brain softener in the water.

I am a poor sinner, but I have reformed. Bring on reparations. I believe that everyone who has been a slave should be paid a vast sum of money, to be paid by those who enslaved him. No exceptions. I do not kid around about reparations.

Democrat Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang: 'One Generation Away From Americans Shooting Asians'

Should be confined to Bellevue as my mother would say. :)

'Presidential Harassers': Trump Slams New York Governor Andrew Cuomo In Tweet

"So now that I'm running for president like I've learned more about the Asian-American place in society and one thing that scares the heck out of me is that this country is heading towards becoming majority-minority by 2045, that's 27 years from now," Yang said. "And so there's a very happy notion in some quarters that the country will just become more tolerant as it gets more diverse."

List of people charged in college-admissions cheating scandal & 50 most underrated colleges in America

lori loughlin felicity huffman
list of people charged and how they were described in charging documents.

The Department of Justice on Tuesday charged 50 people with participating in a scheme to get students into colleges by cheating on entrance exams or bribing athletic coaches.

The parents charged include the actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, as well as executives at prominent companies, venture-capital firms, and law offices.

Coaches and test administrators were also among the people charged.

The Department of Justice unsealed documents on Tuesday charging 50 people with participating in a scheme involving bribery, money laundering, and document fabrication to unfairly get students admitted to elite colleges.

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Australian Senator: Real Cause of NZ Bloodshed is “The Immigration Program that Allowed Muslim Fanatics to Migrate to New Zealand”

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There was a shooting at a Christchurch mosque in New Zealand on Friday afternoon.

Several people are injured.

Hospitals are expecting 40-50 victims.

The witnesses describe a man in military uniform is responsible for the shooting.

Shadow Soldier free for two days on Kindle

Shadow Soldier by [Davis, T.L.]

The damning proof of innocence that FBI likely withheld in Russian probe

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My reporting suggests a much bigger scandal — the intentional misleading of the nation’s federal intelligence court — soon may eclipse the Russia narrative that has dominated the media the past two years.
The fastest way to know if that storm is on the horizon is for Trump to declassify the documents showing exactly how the FBI behaved in this case.

If President Trump declassifies evidence in the Russia investigation, Carter Page’s summer bike ride to a Virginia farm and George Papadopoulos’s hasty academic jaunt to London may emerge as linchpin proof of FBI surveillance abuses during the 2016 election.

The two trips have received scant attention. But growing evidence suggests both Trump campaign advisers made exculpatory statements — at the very start of the FBI’s investigation — that undercut the Trump-Russia collusion theory peddled to agents by Democratic sources.

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Unique Fish Trap

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Jussie Smollett Pleads Not Guilty To 16 Counts Of Lying To Police As It's Revealed His Family Enlisted Michelle Obama's Former Aide To Try To Persuade Chicago Prosecutors To Hand His Case Over To The FBI HOURS After 'Hoax Attack'

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Image result for Jussie Smollett Pleads Not Guilty To 16 Counts Of Lying To Police As It's Revealed His Family Enlisted Michelle Obama's Former Aide To Try To Persuade Chicago Prosecutors To Hand His Case Over To The FBI HOURS After 'Hoax Attack'

Jussie Smollett has pleaded not guilty to 16 felony counts of disorderly conduct for allegedly lying to police about being attacked and will now stand trial.

The 36-year-old actor will return to court in April and will be allowed to travel between New York City and Los Angeles to meet with lawyers.

He was accompanied by some but not all of his family and said nothing as he strode quickly into the courthouse wearing a pair of sunglasses.

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Firearm: Any Idea?

Excellent: Leave Confederate Statues Alone

In 1965 Texas novelist William Humphrey wrote:
If the Civil War is more alive to the Southerner than the Northerner it is because all of the past is, and this is so because the Southerner has a sense of having been present there himself in the person of one or more of his ancestors. The war filled merely a chapter in his… [family history] … transmitted orally from father to son [as] the proverbs, prophecies, legends, laws, traditions-of-origin and tales-of-wanderings of his own tribe…. It is this feeling of identity with the dead (who are past) which characterizes and explains the Southerner.

“An American Business”

Image result for African Squadron: The US Navy and the Slave Trade, 1842-1861, Donald L. Canney,

In 1821, after sailing to the proposed site of the colony at Cape Mesurado, present-day Monrovia, Lt. Robert Stockton and Reverend Eli Ayers journeyed twenty miles inland to “convince the most powerful of the native leaders, “King Peter,” to discuss terms to sell the land.

The Africans objected to the intruders and accused them of “kidnapping Africans,” and “destroying the slave trade” – the first was the African tribe’s primary business, the second the African tribe did not want to happen.

Americans were trying to eliminate the slave trade from Africa and provide repatriation for Africans freed in the US – but working against these humanitarian efforts were an increasingly complex slave trade, New England-built slave ships and cotton mills (the latter made profitable by Massachusetts inventor Eli Whitney’s invention), and New York merchants and banks hungry for profits. It is noteworthy that none of the slave ships sailed under the Confederate Battle Flag.
Bernhard Thuersam,   The Great American Political Divide

“An American Business”

“[In] mid-1799 Secretary of the Treasury Oliver Wolcott wrote the customs collector at Boston that “Captain Decatur of the Navy during his late cruise . . . near Cuba, met with the brig Dolphin of Boston, William White [the] Master, with 140 to 150 slaves for sale [and] procured on the coast of Africa.”

Wolcott directed the collector to “take requisite measures to enforce the law.”

And, in April 1800, the Secretary of the Navy passed along to the treasury secretary a short list, sent along by Captain Bainbridge of the USS Norfolk, of suspected slavers who recently returned from Cuban waters to Philadelphia.

With the enactment of the 1800 statute, the Navy immediately began seizing suspected slavers and sending them in for adjudication. The first three were captured in the space of a month. The sloop Betsey of Boston takes the honor of being the first slave-trading vessel captured by the US Navy.

Meanwhile, other factors encouraged the trade, among them the wide use of the cotton gin and the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. The former vastly increased production, and the latter moved the slave economy westward to new lands.

[After the war of 1812] the slave trade became logistically complex. The selected American-registered vessel was chartered in Cuba or Brazil by a slave dealer and sailed to Britain or elsewhere to load a cargo particularly suited for the African coast trade: cheap muskets, rum, etc.

[Often] the vessel needed to hover off the coast while the agents ashore gathered the human cargo . . . And once the Africans were gathered and the night was dark, canoes were loaded with the slaves and rowed from shore to ship. Then the ship was “sold” on the spot and became Spanish, Portuguese or Brazilian . . . [and] made passage back to the Western Hemisphere with the slave cargo.

Thus, given fast, American-built vessels; immunity from search; and growing profits, the trade was becoming an “American business.” Though it should be kept in mind that the major markets in this era were Brazil and Cuba, and rarely were slave cargoes brought directly to the United States.

By all accounts the last half of the 1830s marked a quickening of the slave trade, particularly to Cuba, fed by high prices and minimum interference from American cruisers.

The British Mixed Commission at Havana reported the arrival of 240 illegal slavers during the years 1836 through 1839, fifty-eight of which were under American colors. And it was reported that a New York mercantile house had taken in $240,000 in profits on the trade in the space of fourteen months, and that slaves had brought ten times their purchase price at Havana in the same period.”

(African Squadron: The US Navy and the Slave Trade, 1842-1861, Donald L. Canney, Potomac Books, 2006, excerpts pp. 2-4; 21-23)