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Amash Faces Primary Challenger After Trump Impeachment Tweets & Has Personal Business Interests In China

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The choir of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Augusta, GA & The Hastings College Choir Sing Dixie

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George Wallace at Willie Wilburn’s

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When Jesse Jackson ran for president, former Alabama Governor George Wallace approved of Jackson’s ideas to “stir up the economy,” to seek more than just a service economy.” Plus he admired Jackson’s charisma and speaking abilities, stating further that “if anyone can bridge the gap between black and white, you can.”

Wallace ran for president in 1968 with Gen. Curtis “Bombs Away” LeMay as his running mate.  The Great American Political Divide

George Wallace at Willie Wilburn’s

“In Florida [during the presidential campaign] (and later, in Michigan and a few other States) school busing was a key issue. At Vero Beach, Wallace said: “Now, on this busing, I said many years ago, if we don’t stop the federal takeover of the schools, there’d be chaos. Well, what have we got? Chaos. This thing they’ve come up with of busing little children to schools is the most asinine, atrocious, callous thing I’ve ever heard of in the whole history of the United States.

Why, when President Nixon was in China, so I hear, he and Mao Tse-tung spent half their time talking about busing. And I hear Mao Tse-tung told him, “Well, over here in China, if we take a notion to bus ‘em, we bus ‘em, whether they like it or not.” Well, Mr. Nixon could have told him that we [are] about to do the same thing over here.”

Being against busing, he insisted, was not being for segregation or against the blacks. He was fond of telling the story of when an NBC crew headed by the correspondent Sander Vanocur was doing a story on Wallace’s hometown of Clio:

“We drove by Willie Wilburn’s. That’s a black nightspot in Barbour County. And I said, “Let’s pull up here.” And some of them New York boys, they didn’t want to stop because there’s three or four young blacks, tough-looking with mustaches, standing outside. But I walk up and smile and they shake my hand, and then Willie comes running out and hugs my neck and says, “Governor, I thought you were never coming back after they sent you up yonder,” and he turns and hollers, “Louise, come see Governor Wallace” – Louise, that’s his wife. Shoot, them New York boys like to died. I said, “Now, when I’m in New York, you gonna take me to see some of your black nightspots?” And they said, “No sir, We’re liable to get killed.”

In a post-primary interview on the “CBS Morning News,” not only did [Hubert] Humphrey refuse to reject Wallace as a prospective running mate, he made comments on busing that might have been scripted by the Alabama governor: “People don’t want their children to be bused hither and yon,” Humphrey said, from a good school to a bad school, from a good neighborhood to a neighborhood filled with crime.”

Two days after the election, the president of the United States declared on national television that people do “not want their children bused across the city to an inferior school just to meet some social planner’s concept of what is considered to be the correct racial balance.”

(George Wallace: American Populist, Stephan Lesher, Addison-Wesley Publishing, 1994, excerpts pp. 473-476)

Democrats are running out of stunts to pull from impeachment playbook

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As I noted to the committee, the subpoena, which is the very basis for the earlier contempt vote, was demanding an unlawful act from Barr, and the committee then held him in contempt for not committing that unlawful act.

Democratic leaders in Congress proved the perils of “jumping the shark” this month. The phrase comes from the 1977 episode of the television comedy “Happy Days” in which one of its leading characters, the “Fonz,” jumped over a shark in a water skiing stunt in swim trunks along with his signature leather jacket. That moment was viewed as a desperate ratings stunt by a dying television series struggling to keep viewers engaged. Today, the phrase has come to define similar instances of desperation.

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Americans are done buying into Democratic spin on immigration

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Americans are done buying into Democratic spin on immigration

The obstructionist strategy of the Democrats pretending that the crisis on the southern border does not exist has officially failed. According to a new Harvard Harris Poll, about two out of three adults say they do not support releasing undocumented migrants into the United States while they wait for asylum. Moreover, 68 percent agree that these border crossers should be sent back to Mexico, which the administration has already been doing.

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MEADOWS: ‘President Trump is Serious, Declassification is Right Around the Corner’

Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) said Monday morning on Fox & Friends that there is information showing President Trump was set up by FBI and DOJ brass and declassification is right around the corner.

Former Congressman Trey Gowdy recently appeared on Fox News and said there are likely transcripts of the conversations FBI informants had with Trump campaign foreign policy advisor George Papadopoulos, calling the information in the transcripts a “game-changer.”

The Corwin Constitutional Amendment: Contradicting the Union Myth of a Holy Cause

The Great Seal of the Confederate States of America

Ludwell H. Johnson used the descriptive comparison, The American Iliad, in the subtitle of his comprehensive book on the American Civil War: North against South. The Iliad analogy is very appropriate. The War was a traumatic, bloody, and nation changing event.  The enormous casualties and destruction alone would sear its battles, personalities, and tales of heroism into American memory. But what most Americans know about the causes of the Civil War is a pious myth.

Unfortunately, far too many Americans seem to prefer whitewashed myth to truth.

Know Your Rights: If You Disclose You Are Carrying Do You Consent to be Searched?

The U.S. Supreme Court invented the “stop and frisk” when it decided Terry vs. Ohio

In a previous article, we examined whether you should disclose you are carrying a firearm when a law enforcement officer detains you for a traffic stop.  Generally, the advice was that you should voluntarily disclose you are carrying even if the law does not require you to do so.  A logical follow-up question is: If you voluntarily disclose that you are carrying, have you given permission for the police officer to search you or your car?

The question is not an easy one to answer due to the current state of the law.  There is a split among the different jurisdictions in the United States with respect to whether someone who is carrying a gun is automatically considered “dangerous” and subject to search if a law enforcement officer reasonably believes the person is engaged in criminal activity.  In order to understand the issue, it is important to briefly discuss the history of the law related to an officer’s ability to “stop and frisk.”

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UK’s Spy Confession is a Lie and We Caught Them – Kavalec Notes Prove UK Was Spying on Trump Earlier Than Reported

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Today’s piece in the British Telegraph newspaper revealing the Brits only knew of Christopher Steele’s junk Trump-Russia dossier after the 2016 election is a lie.

The Gateway Pundit has put together evidence that the Brits knew earlier than they are letting on.
The article released today in the Daily Telegraph states that the Brits only found out about their former spy Christopher Steele’s bogus dossier after the 2016 election.  Their efforts were to ward off embarrassing news that might be released with the Carter Page FISA application.  The problem is they lie in their report.

Blithering Idiot Gillibrand: I Wouldn’t Detain Any Illegal Aliens, I'd Free Them All Into the US

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Gillibrand: I Wouldn’t Detain Any Illegal Aliens, I'd Free Them All Into the US

That's a sure way to get defeated.

New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, a Democratic presidential candidate, said if she were elected president she would do away with the detention system for illegal immigrants.

"As president of the United States, I wouldn’t use the detention system at all," Gillibrand told host Margaret Brennan on CBS’s "Face the Nation."

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Why Our Business Insurance Was Cancelled on the 4th of July

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We will be cancelling any additional Hartford insurance policies. This policy was not cancelled for selling firearms: it was cancelled for laser etching unloaded firearms. The 4th of July cancellation date was just icing on the cake for them.

I hope that other readers consider the implications of this policy cancellation and pass it on.

David DeGerolamo