Saturday, October 2, 2021

A Happy Day Spent in Sunday's Dresses

 Reminds me of Mrs' Browns dresses for Emily and Virginia

 Leach family reunion around 1977, Littleton, NC.

(Some of JPL's great grandchildren, and great, great grandchildren. The two girls in white on the right bottom are my two oldest children, Emily Michael, and Virginia Pippen. They are wearing Mrs Brown's white dresses. Mrs. Brown was an elderly seamstress in Marshall, Virginia. [Salem during the War] and I visited her with my mother many times as a child. BT) Unfortunately the link to the picture is bad so I will  download it again.

Joe Chi Minh is loved by all....

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                May be an image of outdoors and text that says 'CGEX FODER 1809 From gang bangers to football stadiums.... Joe is loved by all...'

Elmira, The Death Camp Of The North (My Great Uncle)

Via 4 Branch Hellmira: The Union's Most Infamous Civil War Prison Camp -  Elmira, NY: Emerging Civil War Series (Audible Audio Edition): Derek  Maxfield, Andrew Rowe, Savas Beatie LLC: Audible Books & Originals

Elmira, The Death Camp Of The North (My Great Uncle)

  Elmira POW Prison, NY  

Reminiscences Of My Great, Great Grandfather's Slaves

Elmira POW Prison, NY

The most notorious camp of the North was located in Elmira, New York where one of the 4 camps that made up the western New York Union Army rendezvous was refitted for use as a prisoner of war camp. Originally known as Camp Rathbun and designated as Camp No. 3, this camp during the course of its existence from the summer of 1864 until the end of the war housed approximately 12, 000 Confederate enlisted men. Of this number, approximately 3,000 died. The camp was located facing West Water Street between Hoffman and Guinnip Avenue. The rear of the camp was almost to the banks of the Chemung River.

Confederate prisoners were transported mostly from the prison at Point Lookout, Maryland by rail to Elmira. Some groups came from Old Capitol Prison in Washington and some from as far away as Louisiana. For the most part their physical condition on arrival was poor, and their numbers soon overwhelmed the facilities at the camp.

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"I Got The Jab"

I got the jab, I also got my first BS degree in biochem, so I knew how to do the research and compare the risks to other vaccines I've taken. I also made sure my children got as few "bundled vaccines" during early childhood as possible, in order to avoid an overactive immune response. I've gotten flak from both sides of the vaccine debate, for both actions.

In 2003 I also got the experimental/"not approved for civilian use" Anthrax vaccine.  And yearly boosters for that ever since...

The 82d Airborne has a mission, and that could be to drop into the middle of a war zone where everyone has COVID. And we can't have 25% of the fighting force become ineffective due to flu like symptoms. Intuitively we know this, the from a military perspective, having 1 to 20 in 10,000 paratroopers have an adverse reaction at Fort Bragg, than having 200 to 1000 paratroopers from a task force go down on a no notice mission.

From the cold logical perspective of military readiness requirements, the vaccine is a no brainer.  If you are in the service, legally you don't get a choice about vaccination unless you are medically exempted (undergoing immune suppression, or allergic to a component).

As far a civilian mandates go, I am absolutely against. Soldiers give up freedoms, accept UCMJ as a system of law outside the normal civil liberties of the United States. But civilians do not. The government has no business demanding citizens inject anything into their bodies. And this is why the vaccine has become such a topic in the "culture wars."  The statists want the government to have the power to mandate and force people into compliance, the liberty oriented just want to be left alone.

It is what it is, and the reality is that somehow the Democrats took the White House and enough of Congress to be a serious threat to your body autonomy.
~~George  Strong

Biden approval rating at 38 percent in North Carolina & Independents Nationwide and Independents Falling to 37%

President Biden’s approval rating is at 38 percent in the battleground state of North Carolina, while about a quarter of respondents think the country is on the right track, according to a new poll.

The survey, conducted by High Point University, found that 38 percent of North Carolinians polled approve of the way Biden is handling his job as president, compared to 48 percent who disapprove. Fourteen percent of respondents said they do not know or refused to respond.

A majority of North Carolinians also said they believe things in the country have gotten off track: 60 percent of respondents said the U.S. is on the wrong track, with only 28 percent saying the country is headed in the right direction.

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Biden sees support from independents drop

Fairfield County, CT Duo Set Standard for Cat Burglars


They could hear the barking of dogs closing in on them and finally decided to just sit back and wait for the inevitable. It was long overdue.

“It was cold—there was snow on the ground and we were in a box,” said Dominick Latella, recalling his capture following the last cat burglary he attempted with partner Pete Salerno. “I looked at Pete and said, ‘this is it.’ So we sat with our backs against a tree until the dogs came.”

It was the end of a 30-year run—a string of high-end burglaries that finally landed Latella and Salerno in prison — but not before stealing an estimated $75 - $150 million in cash and jewelry from some of the nation’s wealthiest families including the DuPonts, Gimbels, Macys and Pillsburys, taking on average a quarter-million dollars per job. Dubbed by the press as the “Dinner Set Gang” and the “Fat Cat Burglars”, the pair was finally brought to justice on January 21, 1992, on Clapboard Hill Road, in Westport.

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Trump Sues Twitter, Seeks Reinstatement Ahead of 2022 Midterms

Trump Sues Twitter, Seeks Reinstatement Ahead of 2022 Midterms

Taking advantage of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ new anti-social media censorship law, Former President Trump has filed a lawsuit against Twitter and its CEO Jack Dorsey, demanding that a federal judge force the social media platform to reinstate his account.

In a detailed 38-page motion for preliminary injunction, filed in the Southern District of Florida on Friday, Trump alleged that Twitter is being “coerced” into enacting the ban by members of Congress who were “operating under an unconstitutional immunity granted by a permissive federal statute, and acting directly with federal officials.”

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‘Lymphocyte riot’: Pathologists investigate deaths after Corona vaccination

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The findings confirm the statement made by Prof. Dr. Peter Schirmacher that in more than 40 autopsied corpses that died within two weeks after the Covid-19 vaccination, around a third died from the vaccination. As part of the live streamed press conference, microscopic details of the tissue changes were shown.

Anyone who followed the press conference of German pathology professors Arne Burkhardt and Walter Lang must be wondering how long the Covid-19 vaccines will still be on the market. The autopsy of ten people who died after Corona vaccinations speak for themselves.

If you don’t get vaccinated against Covid-19, you have to face harsh consequences, politicians claim. On September 20, Dr. Arne Burkhardt listed insights into the pathological findings of ten autopsied people over the age of 50 who died at different intervals after a Covid-19 vaccination.

Over the past few months, the pathologist from Reutlingen and Professor Walter Lang have examined tissue material from the deceased microscopically. The material was made available to them by other forensic doctors and pathologists from German-speaking countries.

The list of pathologists contained specific information on persons, vaccinations and time of death.

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Judicial Watch Lawsuit Sues Justice Department for Records About Killing of Ashli Babbitt

Judicial Watch announced today that it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Justice seeking records related to the shooting death of Ashli Babbitt on January 6, 2021, in the U.S. Capitol Building

Babbitt was shot and killed as she climbed through a broken interior window in the United State Capitol. She was unarmed, and a 14-year Air Force veteran. The identity of the shooter was kept secret by Congress as well as federal and local authorities for eight months until U.S. Capitol Police officer Michael Byrd went public to try to defend his killing of Ms. Babbitt.

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School Boards Ask Biden Admin to Treat Parents’ Protests as ‘Domestic Terrorism’

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Families protest any potential mask mandates before the Hillsborough County Schools Board meeting held at the district office on July 27, 2021 in Tampa, Florida. (Octavio Jones/Getty Images) 

They ain't seen nuttin' yet.

The national organization of public school boards is calling on the Biden administration to protect its members from “angry mobs” of parents who protest against COVID-19 restrictions placed on students and the teaching of critical race theory, characterizing the protests as “domestic terrorism.”

The National School Boards Association (NSBA), which represents more than 90,000 school board members in the United States, wrote in a Sept. 29 letter (pdf) to President Joe Biden that the federal government must “deal with the growing number of threats of violence and acts of intimidation occurring across the nation.”

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