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The Harassment of the Hammonds Act II – Decade of the Nineties Scene 3 – February 28, 1997 – May 21, 1997


This series is not about the two fires and subsequent conviction of Dwight and Steven Hammond.  It is about the abuse, by government agencies, in the two decades prior to the first fire.

Note: Numbers shown thus, {nn} refer to PDF page numbers in the “Hammond Legal Trailing File Part II” pdf file.

So, now that R. S. 2477 has been brought to their attention, FWS Portland has to deal with this significant disruption to their plans. On February 28, 1997, a cover sheet and draft opinion {97-102} directed to Forrest Cameron at Malheur. The draft was prepared by “Chief, Division of Realty”, in Portland. It has notations, apparently made by those at Malheur.  I think that the entire “draft opinion” is worthy of our attention.


To: Refuge Manager, Malheur NWR

Through: Refuge Supervisor, OR/WA/ID

From: Chief, Division of Realty

Subject: Malheur NWR Realty Opinion No.  2  Hammond Ranch Stock Driveway: A Revised Statute (RS.) 2477 Claim ?

You asked for an opinion whether Hammond Ranch (Ranch) has a right to move livestock (cattle) over Refuge lands based on an R.S. 2477 claim or assertion.

NY Lawmaker: Donald Trump Will Win 1,270 Delegates and Win Nomination by July

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Collins and several Republican lawmakers met with the Trump campaign in Washington DC.
Rep. Chris Collins: We’re heading into a lot of big delegates for Donald Trump in the next week and a half… There’s no question we need to get to 1,237. Today we went through the back of the envelope calculation. We came up with a relatively doable 1,265 delegates. And certainly it’s going to come down to California, there’s no question. But as he rolls into California with 1,100 plus delegates I think it’s a done deal.

$15.00 An Hour Or Else!

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$15.00 an hour or else! Such is the latest theme or should I say threat coming from the perpetually ignorant left. If one were to examine photographs from the protests you will see a crowd of predomanantly black faces with a few poorly educated alleged white college students mixed in.  It is almost guaranteed that they never took, nor could pass a basic class in economics.

As always, observation and consideration of unintended consequences is the furthest thing from their minds.  That's not to say that their aren't raftloads of spinless politicians who will either cater to their demands or buckle under the pressure. After all the city of Seattle and the state of California have already done so.

Numerous companies have already announced that they have computerized robotic systems ready to go that can cook and prepare fast food items quicker and more efficiently than any high school drop out. They have the added benefit of $0.00 per hour pay, zero benifits, they won't take the day off for Cinco de Mayo or Martin Luther King Jr. day and they won't spit in your food! If any of these dimwits think that some of these same companies aren't working on robotic janitors and hotel maids, well they're dimwits. I'd say maybe they could also work on robotic Street protesters but I think the NEA has about got that covered.

World's Fastest Shotgun: Fostech Origin 12


Russia: Vodka and guns

 Live murder.

Murder suspect fled the scene and trying to escape from the police chase, rammed a car traffic police. The quarrel between the two bars visitors Galenko village near Vladivostok ended in tragedy. According to LifeNews law enforcement source, the young people are in a state of extreme intoxication, they began to sort things out among themselves. When the conflict began to escalate into a fight, 17-year-old Sergei A. left the restaurant and went home for the gun. According to the preliminary version, some time later the young man returned to the bar with a hunting shotgun 16 caliber and shot in the head the offender. 28-year-old Maxim G. from his injuries died on the spot. -

The cause of a quarrel between the young people to establish at the moment it is not possible, as the suspect is in an extreme degree of intoxication and can not really explain what happened, - said a source in law enforcement bodies . According to reports, after the crime the suspect got behind the wheel of the car "Nissan", which took without permission from his relative, and fled the scene of an incident. Police have received a message about the incident, we noticed Sergey A. car and tried to stop it, but the driver did not respond to the demands of law enforcement. Young people, moving away from the chase, even rammed a car traffic police. Stop the car guards of the order it was only after they were fired from government-issue weapons. 

At the moment, 17-year-old boy arrested, investigators are working with him. The murder prosecuted. - On this fact the investigating authorities RF IC in the Primorsky Territory criminal case on grounds of crime under Part 1 of Art.. "Murder" of the Criminal Code 105. The suspect 17-year-old young man was detained, the question of election of crossing measures. Appointed judicial examination, examine witnesses - said senior assistant director of SU RF IC in the Primorsky Territory Media Relations Roman Aurora.

NC: Across the country, school districts are quietly arming teachers for the next shooting

Teachers, it is said, have some of the hardest jobs in the world. The hours are long, and the rewards often intangible. In addition to designing and executing lesson plans, grading homework and coordinating extracurricular activities, teachers are expected to be surrogate parents, offering children personal comfort and protection over the course of a long school day.

In recent years, teachers have also had to contend with a devastating reality: the increasing threat of school shootings.
More with video @ Gaston Gazette

A Little Something For The Progressive Crowd.

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It seems all the progressive world has hand their knickers in a twist over North Carolina's state legislature reaffirming it's authority over the limits of power as relates to local city councils. Never mind that Mayor Roberts was told before the fact that it was beyond the legal authority of the city council to require private businesses to convert their bathrooms and locker rooms to a gender neutral format, and that if she persued passage of the ordinance it would be overturned by the Legislature, even if it required the calling of a special session.

In spite of this she and the Democrats controlling the city council decided to stick their collective finger into the eye of the Republican controlled legislature. That this is a clear demonstration that their real intent was to create a political issue where none had existed and not for any altruistic or "civil rights" concern for what might generously be considered .03% of the population.

Donald Trump: ‘I’m Greatly Honored’ Thousands of ‘Professional Agitators’ and ‘Paid Protesters’ From Left Targeting Me

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Trump Albany NY  Eduardo Munoz Alvarez Getty

Ha! :)

Thousands of progressive protesters intend to swarm New York City tonight to protest 2016 GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, but the frontrunner says he isn’t worried.

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News on Thursday afternoon, he said he’s “greatly honored” they’re targeting him as he thinks that’s proof he’s the only Republican who can win the general election.

“It’s Hillary and Bernie teaming up because the last person they want to run against is Donald Trump,” Trump told Breitbart News.

More @ Breitbart

Franklin Graham: Zero hope Democratic or Republican Party have answers to the nation's problems.

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Evangelist Franklin Graham issued political marching orders today to thousands gathered for prayers at the Alabama State Capitol, telling them to study candidates and issues, vote in every election and consider running for office themselves.

Graham spoke for about a half hour to a cheering audience waving small American flags and holding hands for prayers.

More @ AL

North Carolina’s Diversity Universities

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From Business North Carolina Magazine, April 2016:

“On February 9, current and former trustees, students and local leaders gathered on the UNC Asheville campus to celebrate the rechristening of New Hall.  “Our students believed our buildings’ names were missing diversity,” says Chancellor Mary Grant.  “At the same time, our board of trustees was discussing how we should recognize people who have contributed to the university.”

When combined, those two factors produced an obvious namesake for the academic building:  Alfred Whitesides, Jr.  Al serves as a connector between the city and the university,” Grant said. “He’s just a very special guy.”

Whitesides, who grew up in the city in the 1950s, recalls a time when African-Americans weren’t so celebrated.  At segregated Stephens-Lee High School, he joined the Asheville Student Committee on Racial Equality, and while attending historically black North Carolina Central University in Durham, Whitesides was arrested multiple times for participating in sit-ins.

In Whitesides Hall, built in 2006, students learn about history, literature and philosophy. Grant hopes the name will inspire them to build on Whitesides’ legacy. The chancellor plans to bolster that effort with scholarships for students who otherwise couldn’t afford a college education.

Whiteside, 71, wants that, too, but he also hopes his name continues to connect students with the tragedies of the civil Rights Movement: “A lot of people had to die to get my name on the building.  We can’t forget them.”

(NC Trend, “Plaudits for a Protestor,” Business North Carolina, April 2016, excerpts, pg. 40)


From High Point University Magazine, Winter 2016 (excerpts):

“Roxy Daneman, Madison Jordan and Ashley Siebeneichen danced, sang and shared their talents in the San Jose National Theater and several other venues in Costa Rica after receiving an exclusive invitation to perform there.” (page 49)

“Brokaw Delivers Bold Challenge to Class of 2015.  “Don’t be afraid to be disruptive,” Brokaw said to the nearly 1,000 graduates and a crowd of 10,000 at HPU. “Find new ways to do the conventional and the useful; and don’t run from big and bold challenges.” (page 59)

“Every aspect of the campus has been engineered to teach and inspire, including outdoor spaces surrounding the academic buildings. For example, assistant professor of political science Dr. Martin Kifer frames an entire class on civil rights history around the bronze figures [on park benches].  He takes students on a guided walk around the Promenade, stopping at the sculptures of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, Mahatma Ghandi, and more. It engages students on an intellectual, out-of-classroom discussion about how these leaders changed the course of history.” (page 73)

“The class, “College Writing and Public Life” with Dr. Karen Summers, was a service learning course focused on enhancing students’ understanding of the immigrants and refugee population. Through reading and writing, students learned history and theory, but through volunteerism at the nearby Macedonia Family Resource Center, they put names and faces to the people they read about by tutoring children of immigrant and refugee families.

The sense of care, responsibility and leadership through service is exactly what our caring community at High Point University is all about.” (page 93)

“Students collected 2,000 pounds of food to honor fallen Muslim students from UNC-Chapel Hill. (page 97)

TRUMP RALLY! Warrior shouts down beta-leftist!

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List of Republicans Who Will Not Oppose of Obama's Executive Amnesty

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Traitors, all.

The ELEVEN Republicans who chose not to sign the Amicus Brief include:
  • Kelly Ayotte (R-NH)
  • Richard Burr (R-NC)
  • Susan Collins (R-ME)
  • Joni Ernst (R-IA)
  • Jeff Flake 
  • Cory Gardner (R-CO)
  • Dean Heller (R-NV)
  • Mark Kirk (R-IL)
  • Lisa Murkowski (R-AK)
  • Rob Portman (R-OH)
  • Pat Toomey (R-PA)

Florida Prosecutors: Michelle Fields WAS WARNED But Broke Into Trump’s “Protective Bubble” Anyway

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“She’s going in. This is where she goes into the protective area that she’s not allowed to be in, basically… You can see when she gets next to him she touches him. And you can see Mr. Trump recoil his arm.

New: The OATH 12ga TSR Slug: The highly evolved self-defense solution

OATH Ammunition company of Rockledge, Florida just made their long-anticipated Tango Shotgun Round available for pre-purchase. OATH specializes in highly expanding pistol ammunition, and now they applied their expertise in projectile and case manufacturing to the mighty 12 gauge.

This new cartridge is optimized for one specific task: stopping aggressive hominids on impact. Let’s look at the specifics.

More @ All Outdoors

Lewandowski Will Not Be Charged by FL Court for HOAX MICHELLE FIELDS ATTACK

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fields lies on hoax 

What a farce.

More @ The Gateway Pundit

Thomas Jefferson is born

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Future President Thomas Jefferson, drafter of the Declaration of Independence and the nation’s preeminent political theorist, is born on this day in 1743.

Historian and biographer Joseph Ellis has called Jefferson, who had a monumental role in shaping American politics, the American sphinx for his enigmatic character. Since his terms in office, presidents and politicians from both ends of the political spectrum have borrowed from Jefferson’s political philosophy in an attempt to link their own leadership with this most influential and admired founding father.

Jefferson’s character–as a man or a president–defies definition in black and white. He was at once an intellectual, architect, philosopher, musician and essayist. His fascination with science prompted his study and collection of fossils. He projected a down-to-earth, relaxed and unconventional attitude and his desire to be seen as a common man was reflected in his penchant for receiving White House visitors in a robe and slippers. Jefferson denounced oppressive government and was a fierce proponent of freedom of speech and religion. He worried that fellow founding fathers George Washington, John Adams and Alexander Hamilton had designs to fashion the American presidency after a monarchy. When Washington and Hamilton proposed a national bank and state assumption of national debt, Jefferson resigned from Washington’s cabinet in protest. He adamantly rejected Hamilton’s plan to build a strong federal military, fearing it might be used by a tyrannical leader against American citizens.

Though Jefferson was highly principled, he was not above using smear tactics against political opponents. He anonymously assailed his victims in print under a pseudonym and helped to fund the anti-Federalist press.

Although in theory Jefferson desired the abolition of slavery, it is a fact that Jefferson owned other human beings who worked his plantation. Historical accounts indicate Jefferson treated his slaves well within the context of the times. It has long been rumored–and debated by historians–that one of his slaves, Sally Hemings, was Jefferson’s lover. She bore a son, named Eston, in 1808. For 200 years, the Hemings affair and Eston’s paternity were the focus of intense scholarly analysis. In 1998, DNA testing proved that a Jefferson was Eston’s biological father, which many took to mean that he was indeed Thomas Jefferson’s son, a fact backed up by the oral tradition of the Hemings family. However, other scholars have disagreed with this conclusion and it remains a topic of fervent debate.

Jefferson, a widower since the death of his wife Martha in 1782, is also thought to have had a relationship with Maria Cosway, a beautiful (and married) British painter and musician whom he met while serving as minister to France. Jefferson’s relationship with Cosway inspired him to write the romantic essay A Dialogue Between the Head and Heart in October 1786. One historical account of their affair paints Jefferson as a lovesick schoolboy–as he and Cosway shared a romantic walk in the countryside near Paris, Jefferson attempted to leap over a fence, fell and broke his wrist.

Jefferson’s anti-federalist policies and personal attacks on John Adams caused a huge falling-out between the two former friends. After retirement, though, Adams and Jefferson rekindled their personal connection. The last two original revolutionaries living, Jefferson and Adams, died on the same day: July 4, 1826.

More Yankee stupidity from the Washington Post

Via Bill"Another example of how the lamestream media is stacked against us, and why we must have a heritage protection bill passed in every Southern state. Currently Alabama's monument protection act is stalled in the house where all it needs is to be brought up for a vote! Alabamaians please call or email your Rep. today and encourage them to get bill # SB13 on the house floor for a vote!"

What a POS.  Ignorance reigns supreme.

KA fraternity Tulane Frat Builds “Trump Wall” in Front of House

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 tulane wall

My fraternity at Randolph-Macon back when it was a boy's school and still sane. :)


The Kappa Alpha fraternity is supporting Donald Trump this election cycle To show their support the young men built a Trump wall in front of their fraternity house.

 But not everyone liked the Trump wall.
The Hayride posted video of black activists, possibly members of the football team, illegally destroying the wall.

No doubt, this vandalism will be allowed at Tulane.

More @ with video @ The Gateway Pundit