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BREAKING: @Pfizer Scientists: ‘Your [COVID] Antibodies are Probably Better than the [Pfizer] Vaccination’

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AG Merrick Garland Instructs FBI to Mobilize Against Parents Who Oppose Critical Race Theory, Covid Mandates in Public Schools

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Covid 19: 3.3K Comments 8.1K Shares

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Running from the enemy 1972, 1975, 2021

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Global Warming Shock. Antarctica Posts Coldest Winter Since Records Began

Penguins play before mating at Chile's military base Presidente Eduardo Frei, in the King George island, in Antarctica, on March 13, 2014. AFP PHOTO / VANDERLEI ALMEIDA (Photo credit should read VANDERLEI ALMEIDA/AFP/Getty Images)

Antarctica has posted its coldest winter since records began in 1957 with average temperatures of -61.1 ° C. The previous record was -60.6°C in 1976.

According to a shocked Washington Post:

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Michael Flynn Warns of 17 ‘Major Issues Bombarding America’s Psyche’ & Causing ‘Confusion and Chaos’

Retired Army Lieutenant General Michael Flynn listed seventeen “major issues” that he feels are “bombarding America’s psyche” and causing “confusion and chaos.”

The former NSA and DIA Director also urged Republican leaders to “stand up for American values and principles, and our God-given constitutional rights.”

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Covid 19 Missouri: 3rd Billboard Up Located on Highway 61!

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Sidney Powell Alleges She Found Patents That Allow Election Meddling, Filed in 2006


Sidney Powell appeared on Brannon Howse Live on LindellTV to discuss the patents she found involving algorithms designed to rig elections.

Brannon Howse: “I reached out to you and said, Oh my, there’s so much going on, particularly because last night, we had Seth Keshel on. And Seth said, I think you need to get Sidney back on. I think she’s got some breaking news. And you also sent out an email alert today. You do have some breaking news tonight, right, Sidney?”

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Once Upon a Time


The following is an excerpt from an article by a man named Troy Cauley. It is titled “Hindsight” and was first printed in the Southern Partisan over 30 years ago. If one can appreciate anything beyond “modernity” as to life’s heart such as: family, tradition, manners, love, friendship and at the same time cease worshipping gold, silver, technology, “industrial revolutions” and the Federal Reserve (The Devil’s  gatekeeper for man) this excerpt is, while not an elixir, a wonderful description and a light salve for life as perhaps God meant it to be lived, as on-this-earth flawed and sinful man.

This concept is for conservatives who truly “conserve” and understand characteristics such as Jeffersonianism’s heartbeat of localism and self- governing. Conservatism is not Ayn Rand and/or foreign wars.

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The word 'Christian' triggered the censorship: Liberty Counsel

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case involving Boston, the Christian flag – and outright hostility towards religion, says a legal group.

Early next year, the high court will hear oral arguments in what a Christian group known as Camp Constitution describes as government censorship and a violation of the First Amendment.

"Boston has an expressed policy by which it invites all of its community groups and private individuals to come and display their flags on one of the flag poles outside of its city hall," explains attorney Harry Mihet of Liberty Counsel, the law firm representing Camp Constitution in this case.

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Outrage Erupts After Leftists Chase Sinema Into Bathroom, Record Her: ‘This Is Insane

US Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) walks through the Senate at the US Capitol in Washington, DC on September 30, 2021. - US lawmakers were set to approve a stopgap funding bill Thursday to avert a crippling government shutdown as Democratic leaders struggle to get their members in line behind President Joe Biden's agenda.

Christina Pushaw, press secretary for Ron DeSantis: “Only in America would an illegal alien be able to attend a taxpayer funded university, chase a US Senator into a bathroom to harass her, brag about it publicly, and be praised rather than instantly deported. Seriously, if an American went to any foreign country and tried something like this, they would be arrested and deported. And that would be fair. Also, the illegal immigration activists in this video are saying that they knocked on doors to get Sinema elected in the first place. How is that NOT foreign election interference, if they aren’t citizens? Did they vote?”

Outrage erupted on Sunday afternoon after a group of leftists chased Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) into a bathroom and recorded her while they demanded that she pass Biden’s agenda.

The far-left activists repeatedly pushed Democrat President Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda while harassing Sinema in the bathroom.

Top responses online to the incident included:

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Black History Month Website Labels White People “Genetically Defective Descendants of Albino Mutants” in Taxpayer Fund Ads

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As the UK celebrates its 34th year of Black History Month with a theme “Proud to Be”,  a taxpayer-funded advertisement featured on a prominent website labeled white people “genetically defective descendants of albino mutants”.

The Black History Month website that called white people genetically defective mutants has since deleted its anti-white propaganda after The Telegraph contacted them for a comment. It was later discovered that the website is managed by Ian Thomas, a white man. How ironic.

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FBI Admits It Doesn't Track Leftist Violence

FBI Admits It Doesn't Track Leftist Violence

During the misnamed "Summer of Love," riots, looting, vandalism, and political violence was carried out by radical leftists under the (often literal) Antifa and Black Lives Matter banners. The violent leftists besieged federal property, private businesses, law enforcement, and private citizens with costly, deadly, and devastating outcomes.

Joe Biden and other Democrats turned a blind eye to the violence for political reasons in a stunning show of hypocritical double standards. In too many cases, Democrats even encouraged more leftist violence. As it turns out, the Federal Bureau of Investigation turned a blind eye to those carrying out the riots and looting too.

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China Sends Largest Incursion Ever Into Taiwan Air Space, Taiwan Asks For Help Preparing For War

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 Chinese fighter jets escort an aircraft carrying the remains of Chinese People's Volunteers CPV martyrs in Shenyang, northeast China's Liaoning Province, Sept. 2, 2021. The remains of 109 CPV martyrs killed in the 1950-53 Korean War and 1,226 related relics were returned to China on Thursday from South Korea in the eighth repatriation of its kind since 2014. 

“The defense of Taiwan is in our own hands, and we are absolutely committed to that,” Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu told Australia’s ABC. “If China is going to launch a war against Taiwan we will fight to the end, and that is our commitment. I’m sure that if China is going to launch an attack against Taiwan, I think they are going to suffer tremendously as well.” Wu warned that one of the things that Taiwan needs to prepare for is that China may try to impose a blockade around Taiwan, which he suggested would be an even bigger problem than if China were to launch an invasion.

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Jessica Berg Wilson 1983 - 2021

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 Jessica Berg Wilson
Oct. 29, 1983 - Sept. 7, 2021

During the last weeks of her life, however, the world turned dark with heavy-handed vaccine mandates. Local and state governments were determined to strip away her right to consult her wisdom and enjoy her freedom. She had been vehemently opposed to taking the vaccine, knowing she was in good health and of a young age and thus not at risk for serious illness. In her mind, the known and unknown risks of the unproven vaccine were more of a threat. But, slowly, day by day, her freedom to choose was stripped away. Her passion to be actively involved in her children's education—which included being a Room Mom—was, once again, blocked by government mandate. Ultimately, those who closed doors and separated mothers from their children prevailed. It cost Jessica her life. It cost her children the loving embrace of their caring mother. And it cost her husband the sacred love of his devoted wife. It cost God's Kingdom on earth a very special soul who was just making her love felt in the hearts of so many.

Jessica Berg Wilson, 37, of Seattle, Wash., passed away unexpectedly Sept. 7, 2021 from COVID-19 Vaccine-Induced Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia (VITT) surrounded by her loving family. Jessica was an exceptionally healthy and vibrant 37-year-old young mother with no underlying health conditions.

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