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The Obama Timeline

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Obama the Enigma: Click on the image to learn more about Obama he does not want you to know.

Nothing that we don't know already know, but........

"For The Children"



“Let Us Fight Like Men for Our Firesides”


Four Tarheel Quotes

 51. “I was canvassing for the Union with all my strength; I was addressing a large and excited crowd, large numbers of whom were armed, and literally had my hand extended upward in pleading for peace and the Union of our Fathers, when the telegraphic news was announced of the firing on Ft. Sumter and the President’s call for 75,000 volunteers. When my hand came down from that impassioned gesticulation, it fell slowly and sadly by the side of a secessionist. I immediately, with altered voice and manner, called upon the assembled multitude to volunteer not to fight against, but for South Carolina. I said, if war must come, I prefer to be with my own people. If I had to shed blood I preferred to shed Northern blood rather then Southern blood. If we had to slay I had rather slay strangers than my own kindred and neighbors.”
--N.C. Gov. Zebulon Vance, April 1861 on Lincoln’s call for troops

52. “We are in the midst of war and revolution. North Carolina would have stood by the Union but for the conduct of the national administration (Lincoln’s) which for the folly and simplicity exceeds anything in modern history.
-- May 30, 1861 Jonathan Worth (Future governor, Quaker, and avid Unionist, he believed that his state was driven out of the Union by the actions of Lincoln, which was trying to force North Carolinians to not only violate the Constitution, but also wage war on a neighboring State.

53. “This State is a unit against the Lincoln Government. It is one great military camp. Some ten thousand troops are in the field. The old Union men are as determined as the original secessionists. The State is totally alienated from the Lincoln Government and will fight to extermination before they reunite with the North.”
-- Future N.C. gov. Jonathan Worth Dec. 7, 1861

54. “I regard the levy of troops made by the administration for the purpose of subjugating the States of the South as in violation of the Constitution and a gross usurpation of power. I can be no party to this wicked violation of the laws of the country, and to this war upon the liberties of a free people. You can get no troops from North Carolina.”
-- N.C. Gov. Ellis- In response to Lincoln’s Sec. of War call for troops to invade South Carolina.


By refusing to compromise or discuss alternatives to secession with Southern legislators, and as President-elect endorse the cooling-off period Southern Unionists in North Carolina and the rest of the South desired, Lincoln drove a reluctant North Carolina and Virginia into the Southern Confederacy to protect their liberties in a more perfect union.
Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"Unsurpassed Valor, Courage and Devotion to Liberty"
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

“Let Us Fight Like Men for Our Firesides”

“In [North Carolina] wrote [Jonathan] Worth, the Union sentiment was largely in the ascendant and gaining strength until Lincoln prostrated us. Congress having refused to pass the force bill [against South Carolina], we felt that the President could abandon Sumter and Pickens without any sacrifice of his principles, but in conformity with the Legislative will.  He induced the whole South so to believe. 

The assurance of [Secretary of State William] Seward to Judge [and Supreme Court Justice John A.] Campbell seems to have been made with deliberate duplicity . . . He [Lincoln] did more than all the secessionists to break up the Union, but whether he did this, not being statesman enough to comprehend the effect of his measures; or whether his purpose was to drive all the slave States into rebellion, thinking he could bring against us men enough, with the aid of servile insurrection, to overthrow us and abolish Slavery, we are in doubt . . . I infer . . . that Lincoln’s measures have united the North.  The[y] have certainly united North Carolina [for secession].”

“[Worth added a short time later that the] voice of reason is silenced.  Furious passion and thirst for blood consume the air . . . the very women and children are for war. I think the annals of the world furnish no instance of so groundless a war – but . . . let us fight like men for our own firesides.”

(The Civil War and Reconstruction, J. G. Randall, D.C. Heath and Company, 1937, pp. 256-257)

ISIS luring U.S. women with cash-for-babies promises


Islamic State terrorists are recruiting women from Western countries to fly to the Middle East, marry jihadists and bear their children in a “cash-for-babies” scheme.

The depravity of ISIS Muslims already has been well-documented, with their torture and murder of children in Iraq, their crucifixions of adults and their use of women as sex slaves. But observers are saying the latest report, how ISIS is luring American women by promising money in return for bearing children for militants, takes the jihadist group to a whole new level.

Some Western women are recruited through a magazine called al-Shamikha, known as the “Jihad Cosmo.” At least three women left Minnesota in recent weeks to join ISIS militants.

“They are selling them this mystical sisterhood of going to the caliphate and being able to be a Muslim in this idealized, utopian society,” warned Mia Bloom, a professor at the center for terrorism and security studies at the University of Massachusetts. “They are targeting these young girls in a very predatory way – the way child sex abusers target young children.”

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Obama uses war on ISIS to overthrow Syria’s Assad

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One of the things that has intrigued me about the Obama administration’s alleged strategy to combat ISIS is the degree to which it focuses on Syria. Not only are airstrikes within Syria contemplated but another attempt will be made by the administration to arm the Syrian opposition forces. To me this seems counterintuitive.

 Not only is he heartland of ISIS in Iraq but expanding our efforts into Syria diffuses those efforts while making building a coalition much more difficult. For instance, Turkey, which unlike Saudi Arabia does have an extensive frontier with Iraq and Syria, is reluctant to take part in operations to reduce ISIS in Syria because it wants to be rid of Assad. Fighting ISIS in Syria requires the United States to either openly collaborate with Assad and with al-Qaeda as well as attempting to develop the imaginary force that is the Free Syrian Army. In fact, the Free Syrian Army has made it clear that it will not be part of the US effort against ISIS.

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Priceless comment below. :)
The real fundamental problem with Syria is a leader who is morally bankrupt, ideologically driven, personally narcissistic, has surrounded himself with criminals and lowlifes, is of indeterminate religious affiliation, has zero regard for western civilization, no respect for our potential coalition allies who also hold him in the lowest regard and has ruled for years with unchallenged dictatorial power. As such, until Obama is gone, nothing is going to get resolved in Syria or anywhere else for that matter.

Confederate soldiers buried as 'unknowns' identified

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The names of 350 Confederate soldiers buried as “Unknowns” in the Confederate Cemetery here will now be forever emblazoned on memorial walls facing their graves as a result of the work of a local historian.

A bronze statue of a Confederate soldier will be erected there soon as well.

Brown Park now has four granite walls commemorating 1,150 Confederate soldiers buried in the adjacent Marietta Confederate Cemetery after two new memorial walls were installed Monday.

The new walls were needed when a local historian, Brad Quinlin, and Betty Hunter, president of the Marietta Confederate Cemetery Foundation, worked together to discover the names of 350 soldiers known to be buried in the cemetery.

Those 350 were then added to the 800 names already displayed on the two granite walls that have been in the park since August 2013.

Four walls face the cemetery estimated to hold 3,000 Confederate soldiers, but Hunter said she is proud to have identified more than one-third of those “buried heroes” now.

The search for the names of soldiers who died and were buried in Marietta lasted two years, Hunter said.

Combat Vet Flanks, Kills Attempted Murderer

 vet shooting 2

Repeat after me, “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is…”

District Attorney Ed Marsico said 23-year-old Craig Everette II had a right to defend others when he shot and killed 60-year-old Todd Eugene Taylor.

Taylor, 60, of Halifax, went to his estranged wife’s home in the 200 block of Kempton Avenue to confront her boyfriend.

Police said he fired several rounds in front of the house and yelled for the boyfriend, Lawrence Gaul, to come outside.

Taylor was armed with a shotgun and two handguns when he then broke into the home and fired into a bathroom door, wounding Gaul as he tried to take shelter with his girlfriend.

Taylor then went outside to reload the shotgun, went back in the home and began firing through the door.

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Ex-French Hostage: ISIS Captives Don't Know They're About to Die

 Image: Ex-French Hostage: ISIS Captives Don't Know They're About to Die

The American captives shown in Islamic State (ISIS) videos just prior to their executions appear "calm" because they are unaware they are about to be murdered, said a released French hostage, the Daily Mail reported.

French journalist Didier Francois, 53, who works for Paris radio station Europe 1, was held for 10 months by ISIS in Syria before he was released in April, according to the BBC.

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'Benghazi Alumni Group’ Now Wields ‘Diabolical’ Influence at K Street Firm, Witness Attorney Charges

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In recent months, State Department whistleblowers have come forward with stories of harassment, demotions and politicized cover-ups. They fear their professional credibility will be forever tarnished by “twisted half-truths” conjured up by corrupt foreign service officials and say they are fearful that their families will also be targeted for scrutiny and financial penalties.

And that’s just what they’re willing to say when they aren’t hiding in fear of harsher retribution.

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Bill Bennett paid to pimp for Marxist Core

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Family Research Council Hosts Voter Values Summit

Last week Reagan administration Secretary of Education Bill Bennett appeared on the op-ed page of the Wall Street Journal called The Conservative Case for Common Core.
That’s the fundamental idea behind a core curriculum: preserving and emphasizing what’s essential, in fields like literature and math, to a worthwhile education. It is also, by the way, a conservative idea.
In the op-ed, Bennett dangles a bewildering series of non-sequiturs before the reader:

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'Extremely dangerous' survivalist named suspect in Pennsylvania state trooper ambush

Oh boy, we're never going to hear the end of this white, snaggle-toothed, retarded Hillbilly, Confederate lovin' Southerner? who probably was a member of the evil militia.........Of course, if he had been black, nary a picture would be available.

The suspect in the killing of a trooper and the critical wounding of another outside a rural barracks is a survivalist who has expressed a desire to kill law enforcement officers and commit mass murder, state police said Tuesday.

Eric Matthew Frein, 31, of Canadensis, Pa., is still armed with the .308-caliber rifle that he used to open fire on the barracks late Friday, State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan said at a news conference where he revealed the suspect's name.

Noonan called Frein "extremely dangerous."

"He has made statements about wanting to kill law enforcement officers and also to commit mass acts of murder," Noonan said. "What his reasons are, we don't know. But he has very strong feelings about law enforcement and seems to be very angry with a lot of things that go on in our society."

On the Partial and Observable Breakdown of Society

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Commentary for 1 September 2014
(75th anniversary of the start of World War II)

I say that the modern 'clerks' [intellectuals] have preached that the State should be strong and care nothing about being just....
                    -Julien Benda, The Treason of the Intellectuals, p. 107

We must organize the intellectuals.
                   -Willi Munzenberg, communist organizer, 1919

The present situation may be characterized as follows: All our institutions are breaking down, and social chaos rises on every side: (1) the breakdown of the family, of motherhood and fatherhood; (2) the breakdown of morality, especially honesty; (3) the breakdown of Constitutional government and of national security, the phenomenon of the imposter president, cowardly legislators, careerist generals, intelligence officials who are double agents; (4) an educational system that is anti-patriotic; (5) epidemic narcissism, selfishness, entertainment culture and materialism. From all of this we also see the breakdown of the individual into madness – as expressed in the social reinforcement of the above. 

The breakdown of integrity signifies a breakdown of hope, and of will power. As Nietzsche once put it, “Man’s bow is unstrung.” What is needed, of course, is renewal; that is, a re-establishment of man and woman, parent and child, and of the sacred. From this may come, once more, community and nation, constitution and leadership. But who will begin this process of regneration? It is a general proposition that this beginning can only occur in the context of a massive catastrophe. Such an event overtakes all arguments, and crushes all resistance by the change it produces within the human heart. The old Biblical term for this is - chastisement.

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"They Fought Like Demons" (Confederate Female Soldiers)

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In a letter dated June 3, 1864, Robert Ardry of the 111TH Illinois. Inf. Co. B wrote concerning a battle that had taken place on May 26.

"They fought like demons and we cut them down like dogs.....I saw 3 or 4 rebel women soldiers in the heap of bodies....All had been shot down during the final rebel charge upon our works. One Secesh woman charged to within several rods of our works waving the traitor flag and screaming vulgarities at us. She was shot three times but still on she came. She was finally killed by two shots fired almost simultaneously by our boys. Another She-Devil shot her way to our breastworks with two large revolvers dealing death all in her path... she pulled out the largest pig-sticker I ever seen...When the Corporal tried to shoot her she kicked him in the face smashing it quite severely. Then she stabbed three boys and was about to decapitate a fourth when the Lieutenant killed her. Without doubt this gal inflicted more damage to our line than any other reb.

If Gen. Lee were to field a brigade of such fighters, I think that the Union prospects would be very gloomy indeed for it would be hard to equal their ferocity and pluck. 


"A Woman's War: Southern Women, Civil War, and the Confederate Legacy to accompany an exhibition organized by the Museum of the Confederacy on the occasion of its centennial"- Campbell, D. C. and Kym Rice Ed.- Charlottesville, VA: The University Press of Virginia, © 1996 pp. 92-93 Robert Ardry letter

Army Rangers want female volunteers, female training advisors

Whatever happened to boys will be boys and girls will be girls.....?

A final decision will be made in January on whether or not to actually conduct the one-time assessment, officials said. Since the Army needs to identify, select and begin training for potential participants, two “All Army Activity” or ALARACT messages are being sent to the field asking for volunteers.
The Ranger assessment course would train men and women together in order to help prepare institutions, schools and leaders for future integration decisions, according to Army G-1 officials at the Pentagon.

The assessment course would be open to all women in the ranks of specialist to major, if they can meet the physical qualifications and prerequisites.

Female observers would also be needed to serve as advisors to the Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade. Staff sergeants to master sergeants would be eligible, along with chief warrant officers 2 and 3, first lieutenants, captains and majors. The deadline to submit selection packets is Oct. 10. Potential students and observers will be identified in December.

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ATF Approves Post-86 Machine Gun Form 1

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A while back we blogged about an individual who took the Prince Law Office’s determination that, as a result of the ATF clarifying that “unincorporated trusts” are not “persons” under the Gun Control Act, it may have opened a way for trusts to manufacture new Post-86 machine guns. As I have written about before, machine guns are and have always been legal in the US, but those made and registered after 1986 are not legal for civilians to own, so we may only keep trading the ones already on the market.

Well a member of ar15.com submitted a form 1 for a machine gun (application for registration of an NFA firearm one produces) and it was approved… but don’t rejoice yet.

On September 10th, 2014 the stamp came back approved, bearing that green and all too familiar $200 stamp that would allow for a new machine gun to be made, but the man was immediately contacted by the ATF and was told that he must return the stamp and that it was/is not valid. The applicant says he is taking the issue to court, which could be very interesting for the NFA community. The man says the following in the massive thread:

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1966 Chevrolet Nova SS 327/350 HP, 4-Speed

-Frame-off rotisserie restoration

- Factory correct Regal Red with bright Red interior

- Documented L79 Nova SS

- Original owners manual and factory shipping documents to original dealer in Shelby, NC

- M21 close-ratio 4-speed manual transmission

- 12 bolt 3.73 Positraction rear end

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Man arrested in connection to St. Albans, WV murder

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Michael Benbow was arrested and charged in connection to the murder of Micah Burdette.
 Michael Benbow, of Huntersville, NC


 Better late than never.
“For our protection, for my wife's protection, I'm just going to carry a gun,” said Chris Wooton, who walks his dogs through the park everyday.

Acting on tips from law enforcement and the public, one man has been arrested in connection with the murder of Micah Burdette on Tuesday September 9th.

According to a news release issued by the St. Albans Police, an arrest warrant was served on 24-year-old Michael Benbow, of Huntersville, NC, Friday, September 12, with the assistance from the Charleston Police Department and their SWAT team.

According to a criminal complaint issued by the Kanawha County Magistrate Court, police found a phone at the Saint Albans City Park, believed to have been in the possession of Burdette, who according to an autopsy, was shot in the head, and a bullet was recovered from his body.

The phone contained text messages from someone called "Smoov", which is a name Benbow is known for.  The messages indicated that he was planning to meet Burdette on the evening of the murder.  When police reviewed mobile phone records of the number that sent the messages to Burdette's phone, they found it was in the area of the Saint Albans City Park around the time of the murder.

More with video @ WOWK

Obama’s Islamic Fantasyland: Sugarcoated Islam versus Reality

The defeat of regular Syrian forces and the removal of the Assad regime would seriously threaten the lives of the Christian and Alawite minorities in Syria, each about 10 percent of the population.
 Mike Scruggs

When President Obama says that ISIS, which now calls itself the Islamic State, is not Islamic, perhaps he is trying to tell us that because ISIS is violent and fanatical, it is not the ”true Islam.” Unfortunately, the President’s benevolent “true Islam” is the fantasyland of Muslim Brotherhood propaganda, thoroughly deceived liberal academics and media personalities, and politicians more concerned with political correctness than thorough homework and reality. Sadly, this counter-factual version of Islam is the so-called religion of peace and tolerance exuberantly praised by Bill and Hillary Clinton, Tony Blair, and George W. Bush.  This deceptive sugarcoated version of Islam differs sharply from the Islam of the Koran and the example and teachings of Muhammad. Moreover, it conflicts with Islam’s 1400-year record of fanatical violence, despotism, and expansion by coercion, sword, and terror. Undoubtedly, vast Middle Eastern petroleum reserves and billions of petro-dollars have lent foreign affairs credibility to the fantasy that Islam is peaceful and tolerant.

But perhaps the President is well aware of the doctrinal justifications for violence, deception, despotism, and Holy War against non-Muslims found in the Koran and teachings of Muhammad.   He appears to have a strong cultural affinity to Islam, and his administrative actions are indisputably hostile to any form of orthodox or evangelical Christianity, the Jews, and the nation of Israel. In foreign and domestic affairs he consistently lines up with the objectives of the Muslim Brotherhood and their many front organizations.  His administration is thoroughly infiltrated with Muslim Brotherhood influence in Homeland Security, intelligence agencies, and critical domestic policy positions.

He is systematically weakening our Armed Forces through budget and weapons cuts, purging conservative generals and admirals, promoting military and intelligence yes-men, and imposing perversity-friendly regulations on our Armed Forces that are hurting morale, retention, recruitment, combat effectiveness, and military preparedness. Conservative military chaplains are frequently persecuted and marginalized. The religious liberty of our troops, even the wounded, is being substantially infringed. He refuses to acknowledge any connection between Islam and terrorism, even though terrorist incidents are overwhelmingly associated with Muslim perpetrators. At the request of the Muslim Brotherhood, thousands of FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, and military records associating Islam with terrorism are being redacted or altered. He also insisted on classifying the massacre of 13 American soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas, in November 2009, by Army Major Nidal Hasan, as “workplace violence” rather than terrorism. Yet Hasan openly confesses that his action was an act of jihad (Holy War) against the enemies of Islam.  It is no wonder that our intelligence agencies, now subjected to Muslim Brotherhood subversion by command of the President, are frequently surprised by events in the Middle East.

On September 10, President Obama called for the destruction of ISIS, but the next day Secretary of State Kerry confused that resolve. Instead, Obama is lobbying Congress to support Syrian rebels, who are essentially Hamas and al-Qaeda agents engaged in the Muslim Brotherhood’s long-term objective of overthrowing the religiously moderate Assad regime. Cleansing Muslim lands of secular Muslim rulers, Jews, Christians, and heretical (and generally more peaceful) sects of Islam, like the Alawites, has long been a central objective of the Muslim Brotherhood and its terrorist branches. Recently, the Syrian rebels and ISIS declared a mutual cease-fire. This is hardly surprising since both are terrorist franchises of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.

The defeat of regular Syrian forces and the removal of the Assad regime would seriously threaten the lives of the Christian and Alawite minorities in Syria, each about 10 percent of the population

So far, Obama’s bombing of ISIS has been limited, irresolute, and dilatory.  Implementation of more intensive and resolute bombing of ISIS forces may be quietly abandoned and turned upon the Assad forces, with dire consequences for Christians and the heretically moderate Alawite Muslims. The Alawites have absorbed many Christian religious and cultural traditions, and have been protective of the Christian minority, with whom they have become economically interdependent. Yes, Mr. President, ISIS is killing Muslims, but they are members of dissident minority sects or anyone who opposes fundamentalist Islam. 

Perhaps the President is just another political dupe of Muslim Brotherhood propaganda, but there appears to be more to it. His relentless and strenuous efforts to cover up any connection between Islam and terrorism despite tremendous evidence speak loudly of strong cultural and religious loyalties to Islam. This can be seen in the ordered redaction of FBI, CIA, and other intelligence documents tying Muslim organizations to terrorism around the world and in the grim comedy of his classification of the murder of 13 American soldiers by confessed jihadist Nidal Hasan as “workplace violence.”

The United Nations sub-organization of 57 Muslim nations, called the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has been mounting a campaign over several years to make “islamophobia,” essentially any criticism of or perceived insult to Islam, a hate crime punished by civil and criminal penalties. The UN has already passed a sympathetic resolution, but the important step is for the United States and other Western nations to criminalize and enforce UN and national laws against islamophobia or any criticism of Islam. Ten months before Benghazi, Hillary Clinton was working with the OIC in behalf of President Obama to implement this plan. To pass such a law in the U.S., however, would probably require some emotional event to justify it as a necessity for civil rights, public safety, or favorable diplomacy and world opinion.
Once passed, Civilization Jihad could occur on an enormous scale of immigration, national security, and public safety abuses, and any contrary opinion or resistance could be punished as a criminal action in violation of islamophobia laws. 

Years of multiculturalist and reality-blind liberal indoctrination have placed America between the jaws of its own corrupt, foolish, and weak immigration policies and the ravaging sword of jihadist Islam.

“Men of Harlech, quit your dreaming, can’t you see their spear points gleaming.”—from the Welsh Battle Hymn, Men of Harlech.