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Tucker: The left doesn't want Joe Biden to debate President Trump

Welcome to Year Zero of the Cultural Revolution: The Seventeenth Amendment and the Siren Song of Democracy


A Review of The Road to Mass Democracy: Original Intent and the Seventeenth Amendment (Routledge, 2017) by C.H. Hoebeke

On April 8, 1913, the requisite three quarters of the State legislatures kneecapped themselves, surrendering to “the people” their authority to elect Senators of the United States. The ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment, which provided for the direct popular election of Senators, was officially declared on May 31, and with it one of the final ramparts of the original Constitution fell to the rising tide of egalitarian mass democracy. Though the Seventeenth Amendment is by no means the worst or the final depredation upon States’ Rights, it is indeed extremely significant, a great contribution to the revolutionization and overthrow of the America our forefathers bequeathed us; notwithstanding this significance, however, the Seventeenth Amendment remained largely unexamined until C.H. Hoebeke’s informative study, The Road to Mass Democracy.

Woodpile Reports: A Tribute to Remus

Via David

Ol Remus of the Woodpile Report is a legend. 

As of June 2020 our legend  Ol Remus has gone off air so to speak.

We do not know his identity in real life.    

These are the Vintage and recent Articles and Woodpile Reports from Ol'Remus.

I  started these legacy files in September 2018 but left off because I could not reliably bring across links. and because to a large extent vintage files were no longer available.

However, luckily Remus has such a reputation that many of his vintage reports are available still on other web sites.    I bring them across regularly, as I find them.   .                                                                             
If you knocked on a door somewhere in North Carolina Ol' Remus would have answered. .  He would look something like the man in the photo here. 

Unless you coaxed him, or as we say down here> twisted his arm <, you would leave not knowing you had met a legend.

I will refine this writing until that legend is read about by many people. His archetype is as a hero father figure to good men. That is some accomplishment. 

He is a father figure to grown men. Read Remus anywhere, you will not find embittered antagonism to the insane socialism and totalitarians of the left, but an acerbic wry commentary on the state of his country.

NC: Homeschool requests overload state government website

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The N.C. Department of Administration website as it appeared Wednesday evening.

RALEIGH – Wednesday evening, the website for the N.C Department of Administration’s Notice of Intent to Establish a Home School was not available due to volume.

The website around 9:20 p.m. read, “The system is not currently available due to an overwhelming submission of Notices of Intent (NOI). It will be back online as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience as we work to process NOIs as quickly as possible.”

Classical Conversations Inc. CEO Robert Bortins, responding to the site being down, told NSJ, “Families are uncertain if the public schools will be able to serve their families needs for school this fall. The pandemic schooling at home gave them the opportunity to see that they could homeschool, and now they are choosing to do it intentionally.

Earlier today, Gov. Roy Cooper delayed his expected announcement on the plan to reopen schools for the 2020-21 school year, saying his administration needed more time to study the data, trends, and achieve buy in from parents and teachers.

The website message archived and can be viewed here.

The homeschool movement has grown exponentially in the past two decades in North Carolina, now with more homeschool students than private school students.

Southern Rock for the Apocalypse, Charlie Daniels Edition

Charlie Daniels is dead. Just a shade over three years ago, I wrote this piece in honor of his birthday.

The South has lost one of its greatest bards, and Dixie is worse for it.

Daniels recorded arguably his best album, Fire on the Mountain, at Capricorn studios, the Peach State’s famous recording studio in Macon. Unlike FAME or Muscle Shoals in Alabama, Capricorn focused mostly on Southern rock. Daniels understood what was at stake, even in 1974. He was once interviewed about Capricorn and its mission in preserving an authentic Southern sound. He spit in his dip cup and said while important, it might not amount to much.

At the time, that might have been an understatement, but in the current climate of American stupidity, Daniels was probably right. When “Dixie” means “racism,” the entire fabric of American society is being torn to shreds. We’ve already added several Charlie Daniels tunes in this series, and there are a few more in the piece I linked above, so here are eighteen more great Charlie Daniels Band songs to pass the time and remember when. God speed Charlie, and I hope the angels played Dixie as you died.

Senator & M.D.Scott Jensen: If it can happen to me, it can happen to you.

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269 Companies (NAMES) Supporting - Antifa - BLM- Democrat Marxist Party


Most are the same companies that are still advertising with the Democrats ‘left-wing’ Media.. ATT-CNN, Amazon-Washington Post, NY ‘Slimes’, MSNBC!

Protesters Storm Baptist Church, Harass Children, Assault Parishioners: ‘How’s Your Head Feel, Pastor?’

 On Sunday, June 7, thousands gathered at the Riverfront Park in Troy, New York to take a peaceful stand against police brutality.

Videos posted on social media show parishioners, both black and white, being harassed and physically assaulted at Grace Baptist Church in Troy, New York.

The protesters, repeatedly shouting “Black Lives Matter,” even harassed and blocked churchgoers while they were with their young children, using a megaphone to scream at the families, shaming and threatening their parents with calls to CPS, or Child Protective Services.

BLM’s Leftist Agenda Has Little to Do With Black Lives | The Heritage Foundation

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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

More Deadly Than War – A Lecture by G. Edward Griffin: The Communist Revolution in America

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...The Blueprint for Revolution in America.... This address by G. Edward Griffin, given in 1968, is as current as today's headlines. Mr. Griffin shows that the Leninist strategy for conquest involves two kinds of revolution: One is violent; the other is non-violent. While most people think only of violent revolution, the non-violent phase is where most of the action has been in the United States. Leninists call it the Proletarian Revolution and it involves the gradual transition to Marxism (which is merely one form of collectivism) by use of the ballot box. Control is achieved through economic pressures rather than guns and executions. This program shows how Leninists utilize mass-membership organizations, politicians, and the parliamentary process to bring about totalitarianism with little opposition from those who are being subjugated.

Northam urges education leaders to remove Confederate names from schools


Gov. Ralph Northam (D) wants school systems across Virginia to change the names of schools honoring Confederate leaders.

In a July 6 letter to the heads of school boards in the state, Northam says the names and mascots have a "traumatizing impact on students, families, teachers and staff of all backgrounds."

"When our public schools are named after individuals who advanced slavery and systemic racism, and we allow those names to remain on school property, we tacitly endorse their values as our own," Northam wrote. "This is no longer acceptable.

Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetery to be Renamed

Via Brandon "Fill this out and just write in Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetery for the "new" name."

 Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetery - Wikipedia

Couple Who Painted Over “Black Lives Matter” Street Mural Were Just Charged With a “Hate Crime”

 Couple filmed painting over Black Lives Matter mural in Contra ...

It's now against the law to oppose Black Lives Matter

I am one of the many people who care a great deal about black lives, but do not support “Black Lives Matter.”

I care about my fellow Americans, and I want to see black Americans succeed and it hurts me to know that many have been in a jam because they were cast out of society for years and then neglected by their political party.

More @ WD

Hong Kong Businessman: Joe Biden Election Would Mean Chinese Communists ‘Won Against Free World’ — ‘Game Over’

 (L-R) US Vice President Joe Biden, Chinese President Xi Jinping and US Secretary of State John Kerry make a toast during a State Luncheon for China hosted by Kerry on September 25, 2015 at the Department of State in Washington, DC. AFP PHOTO/PAUL J. RICHARDS (Photo credit should read PAUL …
“It would be hopeless” if Biden won in November, Yuen said.“If he gets elected it will be hopeless for Hong Kong, hopeless for Taiwan, and hopeless for the free world because that would mean the PRC would have won against the free world,” he said, “and it’s over. Game over.”In June, Yuen told the Epoch Times he believed the Chinese Communist Party should be designated a “criminal organization.”

A Hong Kong businessman issued a dire warning on Monday, saying a Joe Biden win would be a win for the Chinese communists and a loss for the free world.

Elmer Yuen told the Polish show Against the Tide TV a Biden presidential victory would be disastrous for freedom.`

More @ Breitbart

AAP: This Fall, Get the Children Back in School & Guest-Workers Suspended

  Pupils learn about physical distancing at a reopened school in Kranj, Slovenia

Pupils learn about physical distancing at a reopened school in Kranj, Slovenia, on 18 May

This Fall, Get the Children Back in School

“The American Academy of Pediatrics [AAP] has released a needed opinion that is strongly in favor of getting children back to school this fall,” the Washington Examiner editorial board writes.

“The AAP strongly advocates that all policy considerations for the coming school year should start with a goal of having students physically present in school,” a statement from the group reads. President Trump is hosting a National Dialogue on Safely Reopening America’s Schools event at the White House today.

Click here to read more. 

“President Trump just suspended nearly all guest-worker programs for the rest of the year. This historic executive order will open up more than 500,000 jobs to Americans—and it’ll disproportionately help Black citizens. These reforms aren’t mere rhetoric. They’re tangible proof that Donald Trump believes Black workers matter,” writes Tom Broadwater, an advocate for minority and other workers, in The Washington Times.

Cases Are Up, Let’s Celebrate

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Coronavirus – The Politics of Duh


Florida is a great example of what happens when people are put into isolation for months and then suddenly allowed to mingle in bars, beaches, restaurants and other public places.


In isolation, the body’s immune system stops functioning properly. (For more on this, Science Alert details what happens to the brain and body in isolation.)

Deaths in Florida over the last two weeks varied from about 25 per day to a high of 68 per day. When you look at these figures, they’re not very high in a state with a population of nearly 22,000,000 people. In addition, many of the people who tragically died were not even tested for COVID-19 yet classified as COVID-19 deaths because their doctors suspected it. (Yes, the classification is that hazy and unscientific.)

Law Commentary Supreme Court’s ‘Faithless Electors’ Decision Safeguards Electoral College

Via Cousin John

In a decision issued Monday, the Supreme Court ruled that states can punish presidential electors who break their pledge to support the presidential candidate preferred by the citizens of their states.

The ruling affirms the Electoral College as an important part of our constitutional structure—one that balances popular sovereignty with the benefits of a federal system in which state governments play a vital role.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp To Deploy 1,000 National Guard Troops To Atlanta After Democrat Mayor Keisha Bottoms Fails To Stop Violence

 Brian Kemp, governor of Georgia, speaks during a 'Wear A Mask' tour stop in Dalton, Georgia, U.S., on Thursday, July 2, 2020. Governor Kemp on Wednesday expressed his skepticism about the need for a statewide mask mandate and his reluctance to impose one, calling it an issue he feels is "overpoliticized."

Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp on Monday authorized up to 1,000 National Guard troops to be deployed to Atlanta after the city’s mayor, Democrat Keisha Lance Bottoms, failed to stop the escalating violence in her city.

“Peaceful protests were hijacked by criminals with a dangerous, destructive agenda. Now, innocent Georgians are being targeted, shot, and left for dead,” Kemp said in a statement. “This lawlessness must be stopped and order restored in our capital city. I have declared a State of Emergency and called up the Georgia Guard because the safety of our citizens comes first. This measure will allow troops to protect state property and dispatch state law enforcement officers to patrol our streets.

Enough with the tough talk. We must protect the lives and livelihoods of all Georgians.”

Daily New COVID Deaths

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.......the "media" is only focused on new cases, and never mentions the steep declines in deaths which, despite all the increase in cases, are now only at 10% of the highest levels in April. THAT IS A NINETY PERCENT DECLINE.

Have you seen that on the 'news?'

Someday, hopefully soon, Americans WILL DEMAND an honest press/media. Our newsrooms are largely filled with ideological Bernie Madoffs operating a journalistic Ponzi scheme that hasn't yet crashed.

We cannot survive as an integrated society until honesty returns to America's newsrooms.

Now we can all see that the current fear mongering by the leftmedia is an amped-up political ploy used to damage Donald Trump's reelection chances relying upon lies and lots of gullible people ready, even anxious, to believe those lies."


Monday, July 6, 2020

Washington and Lee faculty vote to change the university's name

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 Washington and Lee University campus

Washington and Lee University faculty passed a motion to remove Robert E. Lee from the name of the small liberal arts college in Lexington.

The motion — the first time for W&L faculty to make such a recommendation — will be sent to the board of trustees.

W&L President Will Dudley called a special meeting to discuss the motion at the request of the faculty affairs committee. More than 260 faculty members attended the virtual meeting late Monday afternoon and 79% of them voted for the motion.

America on the Edge of a Nightmare: Political Shadows of Cultural Madness and Freedom’s Loss

The huge banner that still waved. On September 14, 1814,  Fort McHenry, Baltimore. 
The huge banner that still waved  September 14, 1814, Fort McHenry, Baltimore.

The November 2020 Election could effectively end the Constitutional Republic declared on July 4, 1776, and also close forever any chance of recovering it. The Democrat Party has become so thoroughly dominated by radical Marxist ideology that they are an extreme danger to freedom, future American prosperity, any resemblance to just government, and even national survival.
I do not believe Joe Biden will be the Democrat Presidential nominee. His increasing loss of mental competence is likely to result in his convenient replacement at the Democrat Convention or shortly thereafter.  The Democrats and their allied media are clearly making Trump-hatred their central issue, accompanied by opportunities to stir up racial tensions and white guilt. The less time the public gets to vet his replacement, the better for the Democrats.

Leave Calhoun Alone


Perhaps no American thinker has suffered more in recent days than John C. Calhoun, whose work and personage are often dismissed by his critics for a single phrase attributed to him, diminishing the careful and complicated analysis he deserves. Critics of Calhoun simplistically suggest his statecraft and thought, as well as his critique of America, serve a single purpose: the protection of his native South, especially the institution of slavery.

In our current climate, when all things Southern can be attacked and dismissed regardless of the accuracy of the criticisms, comes Professor Christian Anderson, a professor of education (not an historian or social scientist) at the University of South Carolina, who offers a strangely misguided and inaccurate diatribe against the Great Carolinian.  In his manifesto against all things Calhounian entitled “Dismantling John C. Calhoun’s Racist Legacy,” Anderson essentially credits Calhoun as the source of all the ills of modern America.[1] He is very proud of his article, having submitted and published the article in three different leftist (and “in house”) publications.

African Cardinal Blasts BLM for Betraying Black Community

 In this file picture,Head of the Catholic Church in South Africa Cardinal Wilfrid Napier comemmorates the late Archbishop Denis Hurley's 9th death anniversary at the Emmanuel Cathedral Church in Durban on 10 February 2013. If Catholic cardinals want the next pope to embody the complexities and contradictions of the modern …

A South African cardinal has denounced the hijacking of Black Lives Matter (BLM), which is now “committed to dismantling the very values, structure and institutions” central to a healthy society.

Cardinal Wilfrid Fox Napier, the archbishop of Durban, South Africa, tweeted this weekend that a brief study of the founding statement of Black Lives Matter “indicates the movement is being hijacked by the interests and parties committed to dismantling the very values, structure and institutions which have over the centuries undergird the best civilisations and cultures!”

More @ Breitbart

Atlanta Mayor On Death Of 8-Year-Old Girl: ‘We Are Doing Each Other More Harm Than Any Police Officer On This Force’

Via Old Tech

 Secoriea Turner

There isn't a single one of those cowards that has the balls to come forward and take responsibility. Not the one who pulled the trigger and not one of the low life parasites who witnessed this. If no one comes forward, then why not label all BLMs as accessory to murder and drag every one in for questioning - a month's worth?

Now, as a politician, are these the same people you wish to be known as associated with? Are you proud these same killers are the ones who support you? If so, then sacrifice your own kids and grand-kids first!

Mike Huckabee: Farewell, Charlie Daniels -- you lived a life done well

His career spanned almost 70 years and touched virtually every genre of music. 

A message hit my inbox on Monday morning that shook my world. It was an email from Charlie Daniels' publicist who told me Charlie had passed away unexpectedly from a stroke. I was numb for a few minutes trying to process it.

Charlie had been a guest on my weekend TBN show just a couple of weeks ago. He talked passionately about his projects for veterans. No one loved them more than the legendary singer, songwriter and musician, Charlie Daniels.

His career spanned almost 70 years and touched virtually every genre of music from pop, southern rock, country and blues. He was an unmatched musician, capable of playing every instrument on the stage and doing it better than anyone else on that stage.

More @ Fox

I Support LGBT

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1950 VS 2020: The Price of Guns and Ammo

a chart comparing the cost of guns and ammo 1950 vs 2020

Many Americans old enough to remember the postwar 1950s think of those years with great fondness. After all, these were peaceful times when conformity and uniformity were common, and every family portrayed on television–families in which men worked and women tended the house and children–had smaller problems and plenty of support to get through them.

Jobs were plentiful, and many goods were made in the USA and affordable. Think about this: you could buy a brand-new Ford automobile for around $2,000, and the gasoline that fueled it was $.20 per gallon. The median home value was about $8,000, and you could enjoy a Philco TV in the living room for under $200!

Although much of the culture of the 1950s has been popularized via film and television, many still consider them to be the “Happy Days,” as shown in the popular 1970s sitcom. And many Americans continue to insist that it was also cheaper to live in those good old days. But was it really a more affordable time?

As gun owners, let’s travel through time through the decades to answer the question that has relevance for us:  Is it more or less expensive to own guns and buy ammo in 2020 than it was in 1950? The answers might surprise you:

More @ Wideners

On Freedom

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 Ben Franklin: Any society that will give up a...

 Dear Citizens of Eagar,Over the past several weeks I have been asked repeatedly what the Town of Eagar plans to do about Covid19, masks, visitors, riots, etc. It is somewhat alarminghow many expect and almost invite a more drastic infringement on theirfreedoms. My response from the onset of the Covid19 pandemic has been that we will erron the side of freedom. When riots began to riddle the country and our governor took the drastic measure of a statewide curfew, again, I maintainedthat we will erron the side of freedom. I have received numerous phone calls from reporters, citizens, visitors, and complete strangers to our area asking why the Town of Eagar has not cancelled upcoming rodeos andour 4thof July parade. Again,my response isthat Eagar will erron the side of freedom. What authority doesthe Town of Eagar, or any other state or local government,have to infringe on the rights of healthy law-abiding citizens?

More @ Eagar AZ

The New Minutemen

I took part in a "protest" on July 4th in Westcliffe, CO. They didn't need me. In a town of about 800, I was one of 1000 protesters. This protest replaced the Independence Day parade that was made too difficult to hold due to Covid 19, but everyone knows that Covid is not spread via protest, so it was a protest.

Over the past five years, Westcliffe has held the biggest "open carry" contingent to its 4th of July parade in the state, an aggravating fact to the communists in public office. The protesters fought back and prevailed as did the citizens of Alamosa, a town just over the Sangre de Cristo mountains from Westcliffe. As did citizens in a neighboring county. This is push back and it gives a sense of the power of the people to take back their lives and traditions from those who want to destroy it. But, it does not solve the problem.

More @ 12 Round

Atlanta Mayor On Death Of 8-Year-Old Girl: ‘We Are Doing Each Other More Harm Than Any Police Officer On This Force’ & Father Of 8-Year-Old Killed Near Atlanta Wendy’s: ‘They Say Black Lives Matter. You Killed Your Own.’

 NEW ORLEANS, LA - JULY 07: Mayor of Atlanta Keisha Lance Bottoms speaks onstage during the 2018 Essence Festival presented by Coca-Cola at Ernest N. Morial Convention Center on July 7, 2018 in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Atlanta Mayor On Death Of 8-Year-Old Girl: ‘We Are Doing Each Other More Harm Than Any Police Officer On This Force’

ATLANTA, USA - JUNE 13: Demonstrators set on fire a restaurant during the protest after an Atlanta police officer shot and killed Rayshard Brooks, 27, at a Wendy's fast food restaurant drive-thru Friday night in Atlanta, United States on June 13, 2020. As nationwide protests slowed in the death of George Floyd, anger again erupted Saturday in the US over the fatal shooting of another black man. Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms announced Atlanta Police Chief Ericka Shields voluntarily stepped down from the department earlier in the day.
Father Of 8-Year-Old Killed Near Atlanta Wendy’s: ‘They Say Black Lives Matter. You Killed Your Own.’

Dr. Bartlett Covid19 Press Conference - Cancer Patients Makes 100% Recovery With Inhaled Budesonide

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Sunday, July 5, 2020



White and Black Slaves in the Sugar Plantations of Barbados. None of the Irish victims ever made it back to their homeland to describe their ordeal. These are the lost slaves; the ones that time and biased history books conveniently forgot.

The first slaves imported into the American colonies were 100 White children. They arrived during Easter, 1619, four months before the arrival of a the first shipment of Black slaves.Mainstream histories refer to these laborers as indentured servants, not slaves, because many agreed to work for a set period of time in exchange for land and rights.

More @ Radio 2 Hot

Shootings surge in NYC after the plainclothes anti-crime unit was disbanded: WATCH: NYPD Seeks Man Caught on Video Shooting Pedestrians

 Earlier this morning, police officers from the 73rd Precinct responded to a 911 call of a male and female shot in front of 41 New Lots Avenue. When they arrived, they discovered a male with a gunshot wound to the head and a female with multiple gunshot wounds.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) is looking for a man who opened fire on two innocents July 3, on a sidewalk at 41 New Lots Avenue in New York City (NYC).

Fox News reported that the shooting occurred just before 7 p.m. A female was shot and wounded in the incident and a male was shot and killed.

More @ Breitbart

Star Spangled Steel

Via Cousin Jonan

#enough bidding at every turn. It is time to shut them down. #enough
Enough killing babies.
Enough riots and vandalism.
Enough trying to erase the history of this great country.
Enough moronic reporters using their creative writing skills instead of actual journalism.
Enough pushing their corrupt, Obama leftover candidate who clearly suffers from dementia.
Enough racism and socialism, they are using them to tear us apart from within.
Enough impeachment witch hunts lead by the wicked witch herself.
Enough bs polling trying to get us to believe Trump will lose.
And enough blaming someone who clearly wants what is best for this country for every wrong done ever.
As for my family and I, we will be voting Trump-Pence in 2020. 🇺🇸❤️

July 4th Protest: 1000?:) Armed Blacks March on Stone Mountain

Via Skynet
1000? This is barely over 100 people 

Why do people think that a "show of force" helps ease racial tensions? The only thing it did was cause the III%er's to go on High Alert and they were there in the 1000's(?) Outside of the Park waiting to act and assist Law Enforcement IF anything went down BUT they were happy that nothing happened and things ended without incident

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Southern Rock for the Apocalypse, Dixie Version

A good one for my funeral and afterwards a rousing Dixie!

The Orwellian nightmare known as 2020 continues. Not only are Confederate monuments and symbols under attack, seemingly benign references to anything Southern are now considered “racist.” Real estate listings that use the term “master bedroom” are being changed because the term is a reference to slavery, as does the word “plantation.” The State of Rhode Island is considering changing its official name by dropping “Providence Plantations” because it might make people feel uncomfortable. And then there’s Dixie, not just the song, but the word itself. Dixie State University in Utah is considering a name change, Dixie Brewing Company in Louisiana has dropped the name, and rumors swirled that Winn-Dixie grocery stores were thinking about removing Dixie from its brand.

This is insane. No reader of the Abbeville Institute needs a lesson on the history of the term or why merely mentioning “Dixie” has nothing to do with race–and never has–but we live in strange times.
 The tune Dixie is certainly forbidden in any respectable public gathering and will become, like the Scottish bagpipes after 1745, an outlawed tune if the woke social justice warriors gain ascendancy.

I thought it would be worthwhile to provide several fine examples of Dixie. Our regular series on Southern rock will return in the near future, but like Mickey Newbury who wrote “An American Trilogy”–famously performed by Elvis–to heal the United States during the Civil Rights movement, perhaps a generous round of Dixieland will soothe the soul in these times of troubles.

Protesters Claim Cops Shot Unarmed Man in Back - but Here's Video of What Really Happened

Via John

Lately, it seems protest mobs are just waiting to pounce any time a police officer fires his weapon, always ready to instantly vilify the officer while canonizing the suspected criminal.

Such was the case after San Diego police shot Leonardo Hurtado Ibarra on Saturday, sparking anti-police protests in the area, according to The San Diego Union-Tribune.

The two officers involved in the shooting were driving in the city Saturday evening when they spotted Ibarra, whose face tattoos fit the description of a suspect in a robbery days prior, as he emerged from a building.

More @ WJ

Trump At Mount Rushmore: ‘Left-Wing Cultural Revolution Is Designed To Overthrow The American Revolution’

 US President Donald Trump gestures as he speaks during the Independence Day events at Mount Rushmore National Memorial in Keystone, South Dakota, July 3, 2020.
“There is a new far-left fascism that demands absolute allegiance. If you do not speak its language, perform its rituals, recite its mantras, and follow its commandments, then you will be censored, banished, blacklisted, persecuted, and punished,” said Trump.
President Donald Trump traveled to Mount Rushmore on Friday to give an Independence Day speech ahead of the Fourth of July weekend. During the speech, he praised the founding principles of the United States and the enduring spirit of the American people.

Trump challenged the left-wing totalitarian impulse threatening schools, corporate board rooms, newsrooms, and the “American way of life” itself.

Everywhere Statues Are Torn Down By The Mob, History Promises People Are Next

Via G.W. Long 


The promise of bloodshed coming alongside or following shortly after is an historic certainty. The symbols of a people never satisfy: People themselves must always come next. 

For millennia, King Mob has targeted societies’ icons with varied goals and to varied ends, and few things are more foreboding than his desecration of civic art. Just as the targets have ranged from rulers to clergy, from tyrants to helpless, and from the guilty to the innocent, the outcomes have ranged from victory to defeat depending on the society’s strength and will. The promise of bloodshed coming alongside or following shortly after, however, is an historic certainty. The symbols of a people never satisfy: People themselves must always come next.

Elon Musk: COVID not as deadly as originally reported - cites Nobel Prize Stanford scientist

Via Richard

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk, is challenging the latest news about rising numbers of COVID cases.
On June 30, Tesla CEO Elon Musk shared a powerful video of Pulitzer Prize-winning scientist and Stanford professor Michael Levitt, who blasted scientists for their reckless, politically motivated response to COVID. “The scientists are more panicked and scared of reality than anybody else,” Levitt said. Dr. Levitt explained that scientists have failed younger generation, “We let economics and politics dictate the science,” he said, adding, that almost all of the data that was being shared was “wrong” including from the WHO, adding, “We had Facebook censoring the WHO’s contrary views.” “For political reasons, we as scientists, let our views be corrupted,” Dr. Levitt added, adding that anyone who challenged the data was told to “stop talking like that.”

More @ 100% Fed Up

Friday, July 3, 2020

Southern Poets and Poems, Part X


A series by Clyde Wilson

EDGAR ALLAN POE (1809–1849) of Virginia was the great creative genius of 19th century American literature in poetry, fiction, and criticism. Although accidentally born in Boston and spending part of his foreshortened life earning a living in New York, Poe was, and unequivocally considered himself to be, a Southerner. In all his career he was in combat with the New England literary establishment, which he openly ridiculed as “the Frog-pondians,” writers who imagined that their little empire in Boston was the center of the world.

While the celebrated authors of New England were writing ditties about “barefoot boys with cheeks of tan,” sleigh rides to grandma’s house, and an imaginary Indian named Hiawatha, not to mention Emerson’s conceited secular sermons, Poe was expanding the musical potential of the English language and the frontiers of human imagination. The great Irish poet William Butler Yeats wrote that Poe was “certainly the greatest of American poets, and always and for every land, a great lyric poet.” Like some other Southern writers, notably Faulkner, Poe’s genius was appreciated in Europe when his reputation was ignored or slandered in Northeastern literary circles. It is possible to give only a slight but hopefully suggestive sample from his large body of poetic work.

Part 1:

Black Lives Matter: "We Are Trained Marxists" - Part I


Black Lives Matter is a Marxist revolutionary movement aimed at transforming the United States into a communist dystopia. BLM states that it wants to abolish the nuclear family, police, prisons and capitalism. BLM leaders have threatened to "burn down the system" if their demands are not met. They are also training militias.

 "Cutting the LAPD budget means longer responses to 911 emergency calls, officers calling for backup won't get it, and rape, murder and assault investigations won't occur or will take forever to initiate, let alone complete." — Los Angeles Police Protective League, the city's police union.

 "White people are so confused in America.... If there is systematic racism today it is a racism against white people, in the sense that white people are told that they are responsible for all the evils in the world...." — Dr. Carol M. Swain, university professor and advisory board member of Black Voices for Trump.

 "We are all human beings in God's image. Black Lives Matter and Antifa and organizations like that will not help us transcend racism and classism and the 'isms' that they are concerned with. There are things that can be done in the black community, but the most important thing is helping people realize to how important their own attitudes are..." — Dr. Carol M. Swain.

Impeach & Remove Roy Cooper as Governor of North Carolina


The Citizens of North Carolina acknowledge the Governor of the State of NC has failed to uphold his oath of office under Article III Section 4 by grossly violating the Constitution of North Carolina and the Constitution of the United States of America.

The Impeachable acts of Roy Cooper include:

1. Violating ARTICLE I Section 1. of the NC Constitution by denying liberty, the enjoyment of the fruits of their own labor, and the pursuit of happiness.

2. Violated the NC Emergency Powers Act § 166A-19.30. Additional powers of the Governor during state of emergency, by issuing executive orders without concurrence of the Council of State.

3. He is communicating illegal Executive Orders to the public.

4. He has restricted interstate commerce.

More @ Go Petition

College Coach Takes $1M Pay Cut for Wearing OAN Shirt & Woke Panic! Boeing Exec Resigns Over *1987* Op-Ed Opposing Women in Combat

 Mike Gundy

Emissions from Boeing B 747 (pictured) contain a mixture of pollutants (carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, methane, sulfates), soot and water vapor. The latter forms icy contrail clouds. Photo by JOKER/Hady Khandani/ullstein bild via Getty Images)

The 12 deadliest US states for Covid-19.

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"Did you notice that every one of them is controlled by ineffectual Democrats?"

Biden, Trump contributions: The President received twice as many individual contributions


Interesting in that it bodes well for the Trump turnout. 

 Marshall — $295 (2) Biden, $1,504 (5) Trump. (Where I grew up from the age of 5 until Vietnam.)

Total Fauquier County financial contributions to the presidential campaigns of Joe Biden (D) and Donald Trump (R) from Nov. 1, 2019, through May 31, 2020, according to the Virginia Public Access Project.

VPAP compiled the statistics from Federal Election Commission reports.

In Fauquier Mr. Biden received $41,850 during that period to $31,492 for Mr. Trump.        

The president, however, received almost twice as many individual contributions, 116 to 59 for the challenger.

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Acting U.S. Attorney: We’ve Charged 150 Cases, Assisted with ‘Hundreds’ of Local Cases on Recent Violence

We've Charged 150 Cases, Assisted with 'Hundreds' of Local Cases ...

On Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” acting U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Michael Sherwin said that U.S. attorney’s offices have charged 150 cases related to property destruction and other crimes, and there have been hundreds of other cases brought on local charges through federal assistance with local officials in relation to recent violence in the country.

Sherwin said, “[P]eople can’t unilaterally decide what is right and what is wrong. And if those people do make that decision on their own and take the law into their own hands, the law will come after them and the United States will use federal resources to charge you if you’re inciting violence or destroying these monuments. That being said, under the leadership of President Trump, and the direction of the attorney general, the United States attorney’s offices across the United States have charged, to date, 150 federal cases related to, not only the destruction of federal property, but also a litany of other crimes that are really — have been lost in the shuffle.”

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Courtroom portraits removed

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Thomas Bragg 1.jpg

The walls of the Superior Courtroom inside the Northampton County Courthouse are now bare.

Following a closed session on June 29, the Northampton County Board of Commissioners returned to open session to unanimously vote to remove all the portraits that previously adorned the walls inside the courtroom, to include the English nobleman for whom the county was named in 1741.

The motion was made by Commissioner Nicole Boone and seconded by Commissioner Kelvin Edwards.

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Thursday, July 2, 2020

The Man who Correctly Predicted President Trump’s 2016 Win Predicts President Trump has a 91% Chance of Being Reelected in 2020

President Trump's Executive Order Protecting American Monuments

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I can not WAIT to celebrate the 4th of July this year!

I have always loved the 4th but this year it has special meaning as my personal protest against the hate-America mob that has wreaked havoc across the country in recent weeks.

I am going to think about every veteran who has ever served and especially our Confederate veterans who had the right to secede from what was, at that time, a tyrannical wealth-sucking government dominated by a region that sent terrorists into the South to murder Southerners.

They seceded with the greatest expression of democracy and self-government ever conducted on American soil, by conventions of the people which, like the ratifying conventions of the Constitution, were there to debate one issue: Secession.

NFL to play Black anthem before national anthem beginning in 2020 season

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“Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing” will be performed live or played before “The Star-Spangled Banner” prior to each NFL game during Week 1 and the league is considering putting names of victims of police brutality on helmet decals or jersey patches, a person familiar with the discussions told The Associated Press.

The person said the league is working collaboratively with players to recognize victims of systemic racism throughout the season in a variety of ways. The person spoke to the AP on Thursday on condition of anonymity because discussions between the league and the NFL Players Association are ongoing.

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Jackson Falls as Richmond Mayor Orders the Destruction of Historic Monument Avenue

 The Virginia Flaggers: Jackson Falls as Richmond Mayor Orders the ...

The destruction of the “Grandest Avenue in the South” has begun. Just moments after Richmond Mayor Lamar Stoney announced that he had ordered every Confederate monument removed, a giant crane arrived and began the task of removing the magnificent Stonewall Jackson statue from the massive monument on which is sat, quietly watching over the city, for just a few months shy of 100 years.

Virginia Democrats Seek to Reduce Assault on Cops to Misdemeanor

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RICHMOND, VA - JUNE 14: Police look on as protesters surround the police head quarters to protest against police brutality, the killing of George Floyd and were calling for the firing of the police officers involved in the hit-and-run of several protesters the night before, on June 14, 2020 in …

Virginia Democrats are eager to declare open season on law enforcement by downgrading an assault on a police officer from a felony to a misdemeanor.

Fox 5:

According to a document shared by multiple local reporters and retweeted by the Virginia Senate Democrats, the proposals include downgrading the charge of assault on a police officer from a felony to a misdemeanor.[…]

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Blowout: The U.S. Economy Added 4.8 Million Jobs in June

American flag blowing in the wind against beautiful sunset.

“The economy has added around 7.3 million jobs in the past two months. The increase in the ranks of employed workers shows that companies ramped up hiring as the economy reopened and consumers came back to stores, restaurants, and other businesses that had been shuttered,” John Carney writes for Breitbart.

“The Trump administration’s aid programs appear to be working.”

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“The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is deploying a special federal unit across the country for the July 4 weekend in order to protect federal monuments and statues from a possible fresh wave of vandalism . . . The move marks an aggressive response by the Trump administration to push back against the violence and vandalism seen aimed at monuments in recent weeks,” Adam Shaw reports for Fox News.

Republicans told to unite behind Trump or face 'radicalized future': 'Left poses an existential threat to our society'

Real Clear Politics

It’s time for all Republican lawmakers to unite behind President Trump unequivocally, especially as it is clearer than ever that the radical left poses an existential threat to our society that can only be defeated by a unified political movement this November.

While most establishment politicians get nervous around big elections, Donald Trump is not the type of leader who will compromise on his principles because of opinion polls and focus groups. For the past 3 ½ years, this president has done everything he can to empower American workers — and that is exactly what he will continue doing for four more years.

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The Coming Collapse of the Republic

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Russian View Of The Coming US Collapse

“We’re just one election away from full-blown socialism,” a man recently said to me during a short conversation. This sentiment has become increa

In keeping with President Reagan’s observation, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction,” being one election away from tyranny means that not enough people notice .

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

[Photos] A Walk on the Streets of Quaint 1966-1967 Da Nang


Like its namesake river, the Han Market remains a bustling destination attracting visitors and casual shoppers to the area today, just as it did decades ago.

Taken over the span of two years, 1966 and 1967, this collection of film photos brings us back to the small-town charm of Da Nang before it became the most dynamic metropolis in Central Vietnam, as we know it today. The photos’ author, Ron Holder, used to be part of the US Navy Support Activity Da Nang, and took these during his time based in the coastal town.

On the streets of Da Nang in the 1960s, áo dài was a mainstay for ladies of all ages; xích lô and xe lam (Lambretta) roamed freely, while personal vehicles were predominantly bicycles.

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