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If the Russians and Chinese do not expect a pre-emptive nuclear attack from Washington, they will be destroyed.



I had been wanting to interview Paul Craig Roberts for a long time already. For many years I have been following his writings and interviews and every time I read what he had to say I was hoping that one day I would have the privilege do interview him about the nature of the US deep state and the Empire. Recently, I emailed him and asked for such an interview, and he very kindly agreed. I am very grateful to him for this opportunity.

The Saker


The Saker:  It has become rather obvious to many, if not most, people that the USA is not a democracy or a republic, but rather a plutocracy run by a small elite which some call “the 1%”.

Others speak of the “deep state”.  So my first question to you is the following.  Could you please take the time to assess the influence and power of each of the following entities one by one.  In particular, can you specify for each of the following whether it has a decision-making “top” position, or a decision-implementing “middle” position in the real structure of power (listed in no specific order)
  • Federal Reserve
  • Big Banking
  • Bilderberg
  • Council on Foreign Relations
  • Skull & Bones
  • CIA
  • Goldman Sachs and top banks
  • “Top 100 families” (Rothschild, Rockefeller, Dutch Royal Family, British Royal Family, etc.)
  • Israel Lobby
  • Freemasons and their lodges
  • Big Business: Big Oil, Military Industrial Complex, etc.
  • Other people or organizations not listed above?
Who, which group, what entity would you consider is really at the apex of power in the current US polity?

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DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson remarks on the Quran’s ‘quintessentially American values’

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“The reading of the reminded me of 2 things that MLK said a lot, which are quintessentially American values" @DHSgov Sec. Jeh Johnson
Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson was honored by the Muslim Public Affairs Council last week for “for his dedication to and personal investment in engagement with Muslim American communities across the United States” and this happened during his post-award remarks:

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Tonight was one of those dreadful nights again. I had to sit down again and update the stats on all the white murders committed against innocent whites across the country for the Month of March 2015. Like so many months before- it again is the same rhetoric  as always- same murdering faces, same modus operandi- same motives- same pictures-and same outcome.

BUT what caught my attention was one murder in particular- a gruesome murder that really has no motive other than a hate crime. About every murder committed against whites in South Africa is a hate crime or a murder for the sake of stealing. Our attentions are permanently focused on farm murders- but yet murders on city whites outnumber the farm murders- yet we do not highlight those murders. Thus I also focused on suburban white genocide in South Africa.

As I go through all these disgusting unnecessary slaughter of my kinsfolk- my attention was again caught with one murder in particular- and that also  happen to be a farm murder- the murder of an innocent young white farmer which has shocked the white community in South Africa this past week. This horrendous murder made headlines in most of the social sites this week- because of it’s brutality with which the wretches that committed it. This was the murder of Jake Van Deventer of  Warmbaths South Africa- a young innocent productive farmer that was murdered in the most atrocious and loathsome way possible.

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Feminist Reporter: Take Away White Men’s Guns

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 PHOTO: Andrea Grimes, Twitter


Still think liberal feminist journalists aren’t racist man-haters? (RELATED: Men Should Avoid Progressive Women For Their Own Safety).

Andrea Grimes, senior political reporter at the lefty women’s site RH Reality Check, sank to a disgusting new low Thursday by saying that guns should be confiscated only from white men.

“Suggestion: we don’t have to vaporize all the guns. Let’s just vaporize white men’s guns,” Grimes tweeted, linking to an article about Arizona shooter Ryan Giroux.

“White guys cannot be trusted to use guns responsibly. It is time to stop giving guns to white guys,” Grimes added. ”I mean, it’s time to stop giving guns to everybody, but we can start with the white guys.”

Kurds unite to build Kurdistan in defiance of Islamic State

Young women guard the Asayish (Kurdish intelligence agency) headquarters in Tel Tamer, where Islamic State militants had earlier attacked a string of Assyrian villages along the Khabur River, kidnapping at least 220. 
Young women guard the Asayish (Kurdish intelligence agency) headquarters in Tel Tamer, where Islamic State militants (ISIS) had earlier attacked a string of Assyrian villages along the Khabur River, kidnapping at least 220. 

 "Welcome to Rojava," the border official says as she hands back my passport and offers me a sweet-smelling jonquil plucked from the small vase on her counter. Along with a family of refugees, I have just crossed the border from Iraqi Kurdistan into north-eastern Syria, taking a boat across the fast-flowing Tigris River that forms the frontier between the two countries.

Neat Ideas

Roundabout via Tom

Traffic lights with countdown indicators.

Vermont – The Fourteenth Colony

Vermont flag

There is no doubt among Americans that there were thirteen colonies engaged in the struggle with Great Britain just over two hundred years ago. Most will recognize names such as the Green Mountain Boys, Ethan Allen and the Battle of Bennington. Few, however, recognize the role played by this isolated area in our quest for independence.

Vermont, geographically nestled between New York and New Hampshire, was, without a doubt, part of the number that cast off British control of the colonies. Both geographically and evidenced by their full participation, they were as much a colony, that arose from the conflict as, any of other thirteen colonies.

In an area known as the New Hampshire Grants, in lands which were disputed between New York and New Hampshire, lay some rugged and mountainous terrain. The people carved their niches and felt no allegiance to either of the two colonies. After their declaration of independence from Great Britain, they also declared themselves free from New York and New Hampshire.

The North Carolina Refugee Assistance Program

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 Collage of pictures

The North Carolina Refugee Assistance Program (NC-RAP) is a short-term transitional program that is intended to produce early economic self-sufficiency for refugees and other eligible populations. (Of course, welfare is available if you choose........)

NC-RAP consists of two primary service areas – Refugee Public Assistance and Refugee Social Services.  NC-RAP also includes other discretionary grant funded programs, such as:
Assistance to public schools for educational support to refugee children (School Impact Program); 
Targeted employment assistance in Guilford and Mecklenburg counties (Targeted Assistance Program – Formula); 
Targeted assistance funding in areas other than Guilford/Mecklenburg counties aimed at improving self-sufficiency and social adjustment outcomes (Targeted Assistance Program – Discretionary) 
Aging services to older refugees (Services to Older Refugees Program); 
Social services targeted to certain populations (Cuban/Haitian Program); and 
Preventive health screening (i.e. Domestic Health Assessment/Screening, 
Immunizations, and Referral for treatment of any identified health conditions)

Obama’s Nat’l Security Advisor So Incompetent She is Fooled By Internet Hoax About Africa

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Barack Obama’s incompetent top expert on Africa is so ill-informed about the continent that she was fooled by a fake Internet hoax about the death of a famous Nigerian writer.

Obama’s National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, was for years the State Department’s top expert on Africa. But she has proven herself so uninformed about the very place she is supposed to be an expert on that she made herself look stupid on Twitter this week.

Unplanned Target

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Body Armor Musings (and Some Testing) Why do some US politicians want us to be less free than China?

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Body armor has been around since the dawn of history. The first defensive garments were leather and wood, then metal and silk, and most recently synthetic fibers and ceramic plates. While most Americans don’t own ballistic armor, most of us have some protective garment, helmet or glove for such tasks as riding motorcycles or horses, doing farm work or playing sports. Ballistic armor, unneeded for most daily tasks for people living outside of the socialist paradises like Detroit, is legal to own and wear. Yet every year, one of the usual suspects who presume to rule America try to ban all or some of the armor for non-government use.

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Harry Reid, Senior DHS Official Implicated in Scheme to Approve Visas for Non-Qualified Foreigners

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Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 3.05.12 PM

The number two official at the Department of Homeland Security on Tuesday was accused of creating an appearance of “favoritism and special access” in decisions on whether to grant visas to certain foreigners — including in one case pushed by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and his staff — according to a report released by the DHS Office of Inspector General.

The OIG report said Deputy DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas took extraordinary steps in three cases to help these non-citizens win green cards, under a program that gives people access to these cards if they invest $500,000 in the United States. That program hands out so-called EB-5 visas, but it has been under scrutiny for the last several months for possible abuse.

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Jade Helm 15 - the low down

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Liberal Logic 101

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NC: Whitegenocide Signs Asheville

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 Must have been a slow news day, Little Goody two-shoes.

Swallowing the Dog

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Frank Bussey

In the South, the term “swallowing the dog” meant pledging allegiance to the United States
For Confederate veterans, the term “swallowing the dog” meant being forced to repeatedly pledge allegiance to the United States whose military forces were occupying the Confederacy. This became an early version of the pledge of allegiance (1892).

“It was the most despised word in the South. A few took it “as if it was nothing more than a Glass of Lemonade.” Others refused as if it were arsenic. It forced people to reexamine their priorities:
principles or bread? They reconsidered what it meant to give their word of honor. For loyal Confederates, it was likened to “swallowing the (family) dog.”

The Oath of Allegiance to the United States became a staple of the Confederate diet. In exchange for the privilege to vote, to transact business, to acquire rations, to perform marriage ceremonies, or even get married. Rebels were forced to gulp down their pride and utter these words: “I do solemnly swear that I hereby renounce all countenance, support and allegiance to the so-called Confederate States of America.

For a people left crushed a crippled, the requirement of the oath was like pouring salt into an open wound. “I think the exaction of this oath cannot be justified on any grounds whatever whether as of admonition and warning for the future or as punishment for the past,” wrote Henry William Ravenel from South Carolina. “It is simply an arbitrary and tyrannical exercise of power.”

The Western Democrat in Charlotte summed up the situation for most ex-Confederates. “Those who expect to follow any occupation in the country have no alternative but to take the oath.” …

No matter how many times they swallowed the dog, the taste was always foul, and compelling Southerners to swear allegiance over and over required great ingenuity. There was seemingly no end to the inducements Federals contrived to coerce the oath taking. In Columbus, Georgia, ladies were initially required to take the oath in order to receive their mail. Elsewhere in Georgia, letters were opened, in order to test the sincerity of Rebels who had taken the oath. …

In the minds of Southerners, it was doubly insulting to exchange the oath for food. “It was most heart-rending,” observed Cornelia Spencer, “to see daily crowds of country people, from three score and ten down to the unconscious infant carried in its mother’s arms, coming into town to beg for food and shelter, to ask alms from those who had despoiled them.” One poorly educated woman in this circumstance went to the local provost and inquired if she could draw rations. The officer asked if she would take the oath. “Thank you, sir,” said the lady, “there is my cart – please put it in that.” …

Southerners were forced to swear the oath for spiritual food, as well. Even their God had been supplanted by a cold and distant Northern deity, at whose alter they resentfully laid sacrifices. At Richmond, ministers could not perform wedding ceremonies unless they had taken the oath. And couples could not marry without first swearing allegiance.

Given the situation, working in the ranks of the clergy became a high risk occupation. Reading of events unfolding in Missouri, Washingtonian William Owner was outraged that five Catholic priests were arrested and thrown into a cell “with burglars and a nigger ravisher.” Again, their only crime was refusing to swear the oath. …

Like their Catholic counterparts, when Protestant preachers in Missouri failed to pray for Lincoln, they were arrested and their churches were closed …

In various denominations, the hierarchy took it upon itself to discipline those clergymen in its ranks who had chosen the wrong side. The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church met in Pittsburgh and passed a series of resolutions “practically upending all … ministers until they had repented of the sin of rebellion.”

“As those in the South, almost to a man were strong supporters of the Confederacy,” explained a devout Tennessean, “this action declared every pulpit vacant and meant that the North had the right to take over our churches with their property.” …

Having the oath forced upon them was not the only form of humiliation suffered by former Confederates. Most melancholy to Southerners was the supplanting of their banner with the federal flag. “The saddest moment of my life,” recalled Myrta Avary, “was when I saw that Southern Cross dragged down and the Stars and Stripes run up … I saw it torn down from the height where valor had kept it waving for so long and at such cost.”

“Never before,” added another woman, “had we realized how entirely our hearts had been turned away from that what was once our whole country, till we felt the bitterness aroused by the sight of that flag shaking out its red and white folds over us.” …

Throughout the South, many deeply offended widows crossed the street rather than pass under an American flag, draped over the sidewalk. . .

For returning Rebel soldiers, the order to remove or cover CSA buttons from their uniforms seemed to be rubbing their faces in defeat. Just how strictly these rules were enforced depended upon the fiat of each commanding officer. At New Orleans, Gen. Nathaniel Banks was in charge. Confederates believed that the officer from Massachusetts was particularly vindictive in peace because he had “never won a battle” in war and had been derisively tagged “Stonewall Jackson’s Commissary.”

Rebel soldiers in the city were not permitted to congregate in groups of three or more, and black troops were delegated to cut the buttons from their coats. “I saw squads of them dispersing gatherings of Confederates,” recalled a paroled prisoner,” and I saw coats from which the buttons had been cut.” …
Thus, one by one, the victors took possession – body and soul – of the vanquished. Forced to swear loyalty to a hated enemy, their private thoughts censored, their public thoughts punished, the symbols of their nationhood outlawed, their religion and prayers policed – there seemed no haven or sacred ground.”

In the mind of many southerner's, an oath of allegiance extracted by threat of force or of deprivation was in so many words, no more binding that a contract signed under threat of murder or a confession extracted with a rubber hose. They smiled at the ba$tard$ and lied to’em.

Whenever they heard some know it all espouse Lincoln as the “great emancipator” they simply wanted to explode. They referred to him as the Old Buzzard till the day they died. These last men to die for Liberty, wore gray.

This kind of humiliation extended everywhere, it was not until WW-II began that more modern trains were allowed to travel into the South, and finally; all the stored cotton was used up making web gear for Yankee soldiers!

The first hand stories of how many soldiers and prisoners were killed just trying to return home was heart wrenching. Those of us who grew up in the South heard similar stories from our parents and grandparents and have no doubt as to why they still hated the Damn Yankees and the old Buzzard Lincoln.

Bobby Edwards Frank, Excellent Post. At the end of March, 1865 and the 1st Week or so of April, the Captured Confederates in Virginia were taken to City Point, where they were Given a Speech by one of the Yankee Officers, who mentioned that Lee had surrendered at A...

See More Marc S. Allen "To preserve the Union and end slavery" indeed. Reconstruction was nothing more than the military occupation of the South. So onerous were the actions of the US Army, that the US Congress passed the Posse Commitatus Act in 1877, forbidding the use of the US military in enforcing civilian law.

Six Primitive Traps For Catching Food In The Woods

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 How To Build a Matchless Fire

Small-game snares can be made from the interior strands of parachute cord, braided strands of sinew, or fishing line. Snares stout enough to secure game as large as deer need to be made of rawhide or parachute cord.

Ground Snare

Position the snare at head height and tie off the end to a tree, a stake in the ground, or a log that the animal can only drag a short distance.

Budapest Airshow 2014 Highlights

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The Muslim Brotherhood in America: The Subversion of National Security: Part 3 of a Series

Mike Scruggs

On February 10, 2011, President Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, testified before the House Committee on Intelligence, saying:

“The term ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ is an umbrella term for a variety of movements. In the case of Egypt, a very heterogeneous group, largely secular, which has eschewed violence and has decried al-Qaeda as a perversion of Islam.  They have pursued social ends, betterment of the political order in Egypt.”

Those who watched his televised testimony and know the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and its sponsorship of the Hamas terrorists in Palestine and their connections to al-Qaeda thought the U.S. intelligence services had suffered from some contagious neural dysfunction.  The next day, longtime U.S. ally, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, was forced out of office for lack of American support. This was despite Israel’s warning that Mubarak’s ouster would lead to Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt. Just as most knowledgeable observers outside of the left-liberal Obama dreamland thought, Israel was right.  Twelve months of Muslim Brotherhood radicalism and tyranny, including severe persecution of Coptic Christians, led to massive public demonstrations. Fortunately, the Egyptian Army was able to restore order and oust Muslim Brother Mohamed Morsi.   

This afternoon, Sunday, March 22, 2015, I watched the Fox News interview of CIA Director John Brennan by Chris Wallace.  Brennan constantly parroted the Obama party line that ISIS is not the true Islam, although they operate very close to the philosophy and deeds of the Prophet as written in their most sacred doctrinal standards, the Koran and supporting “Hadiths.”  The Hadiths are the explanatory traditions and teachings of Muhammad.  The Koran and teachings of Muhammad often exhort the killing of unbelievers, including beheading and burning.  ISIS does seem a bit more psychopathic, but Hamas also kills civilians, sometimes even targeting children for terroristic affect by rockets and suicide bombs that kill, burn, and maim.

According to former Marine officer and anti-terrorist FBI agent, John Guandolo, U.S. CIA Director Brennan actually converted to Islam, while serving in Saudi Arabia, in the 1990s. This is dismissed by liberal media, but Guandolo will not back down on the assertion. Whether or not Brennan is a certified Muslim (all it takes is a verbal confession), Brennan speaks the party line of President Obama that the true Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. I do not know what zombie drug Clapper and Brennan are on to constantly repeat such counterfactual dogma about the Muslim Brotherhood and Islam. They are remarkably consistent, not only with the beliefs of the President, but also Muslim Brotherhood propaganda strategy.  This propaganda is frequently repeated by left-liberal academics and clueless liberal clergy and media personalities. It is prevalent among Democrat politicians and uncomfortably common among establishment Republicans.

An extremely common public error in the U.S. and Britain is to confuse what individual Muslims believe or practice with what the Koran and the Hadiths say.  Islam cannot be defined by what academics or individual Muslims say or would like to believe about it, but only by what the Koran and the Hadiths say about it.  We must face the unfortunate fact that ISIS, Hamas, and al-Qaeda are quoting and interpreting the Koran and Muhammad in agreement with the original companions and associates of Muhammad.  Similarly, Christianity is not defined by what people, even Christians, say about it. Christianity is defined by what the Bible, says about it.  The Koran and Muhammad are the standards of true Islam, and the Bible and Christ is the standard of true Christianity.

Here is an important distinction: There are many moderate Muslims, but there is  NO moderate Islam true to the Koran.

Clapper and Brennan are defending a fanciful Islam that does not exist. Again, Islam must follow the Koran, or it is not Islam. Christianity must follow the authority of the Bible, or it is not Christianity. One thing that strikes those knowledgeable about Islam’s history and worldview is how little the chief intelligence officers appointed by Obama know about Islam.  They simply parrot his party line and bury any intelligence that contradicts it. This is an extremely dangerous situation for U.S. national security and public safely.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s chief propaganda front in the U.S. is the Council for American and Islamic Relations (CAIR).  CAIR spokesmen frequently appear on national television and radio networks, including Fox, proclaiming the drum beat that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance or that Islam is a noble religion hijacked by terrorists.  CAIR naturally attacked former FBI agent Guandolo’s assertion that Brennan is a Muslim convert.

Guandolo, however, has impeccable credibility, while CAIR was named by the Dallas U.S. District Attorney as an unindicted conspirator in the 2007 Holy Land Foundation (HLF) Trial. There was overwhelming evidence that HLF funds were being funneled to Hamas terrorists engaged in violent Jihad against Israel and that CAIR, as a major Muslim Brotherhood front, was involved. Again, deception is a major Muslim Brotherhood tool for “civilization Jihad.”   CAIR is extremely well funded by oil money. They can repeat a lie often enough to make it widely believed, especially with a truth-negligent American media, the prevalence of hysterical multiculturalist political correctness, and loads of “dark money” flowing into Democrat and Republican establishment political campaigns.

In addition to Clapper and Brennan, we must remember that the most powerful advisory influence on President Obama is Valerie Jarrett, an Iranian born Muslim with a decidedly radical left-liberal worldview

Most MB subversion and propaganda techniques are strikingly similar to Cold War Communist and New Left methodology. It would be easy to conclude that Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals must be almost as popular as the teachings of Muhammad with MB ideologues. The techniques of leftist “community organization” are also prominent: unremitting claims of victimization, continual escalation of demands, a constant stream of lawsuits (lawfare), and relentless smearing of critics with almost automatic charges racism, bigotry, xenophobia, and Islamophobia.

The American public’s greatest vulnerability to Muslim Brotherhood deception is its declining understanding of Biblical truth, resulting in terribly diminished rational and spiritual discernment of lies and counterfeits. We are left defenseless against ravening wolves.

Judicial Watch: Homeland Security Releases 165,900 Illegals

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Judicial Watch on Monday released documents showing that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) released 165,900 illegal aliens, some of whom had been convicted of violent crimes.

The release of 76 pages of documents showed that as of April 26, 2014, the illegal aliens had been released throughout the United States. Crimes included such serious offenses as homicide, sexual assault, kidnapping, and aggravated assault.

That number, added to another 30,000 released in the past fiscal year, brings the total to 195,900.
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The FCC Delivers the Latest Dose of Obama Cronyism

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The FCC Delivers the Latest Dose of Obama Cronyism

The huge-er government gets – the greater its ability to deliver cronyism goodies. The bigger the wallet government has – the larger the regulatory hammer it wields – the more Crony Socialism it can dispense.

Remember when President Barack Obama said this?
“We’re going to punish our enemies and reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us.”
The Obama Administration is excellent at both. The punishing:

Lawmaker: ‘Developments in bullet propellants, coatings and materials’ make bullet bans necessary

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ammo on u.s. flag

Angry Democrats and an embarrassed Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are poised to launch a renewed assault on the 2nd Amendment.

Conservatives and 2nd Amendment advocates rejoiced earlier this month when the ATF opted to rethink a proposed ban on popular AR-15 ammunition and current Director B. Todd Jones announced his resignation. But new threats to gun rights are emerging as congressional Democrats vow new ammo regulations and increased anti-gun pressure on incoming ATF Director Thomas Brandon.

12,509 illegal kids already over border in second wave, just 1 in 6 returned

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The next explosion of illegal teen border crossing is in full swing, but just one-in-six are being sent home, with most of the rest settled in the United States, according to new government figures.

The U.S. Border Patrol agency reported that they have seized 12,509 illegals under age 18 since October, making it the second biggest surge in history after last year's unprecedented movement of unaccompanied youths across the nation's southern border.

However, when compared to the numbers of illegal kids turned over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, it is clear that most are being "booked in" to U.S. facilities and then released — not sent home.

More with video @ Washington Examiner