Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The North Carolina Refugee Assistance Program

Via comment by SunwolfNC on  NC: Whitegenocide Signs Asheville

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The North Carolina Refugee Assistance Program (NC-RAP) is a short-term transitional program that is intended to produce early economic self-sufficiency for refugees and other eligible populations. (Of course, welfare is available if you choose........)

NC-RAP consists of two primary service areas – Refugee Public Assistance and Refugee Social Services.  NC-RAP also includes other discretionary grant funded programs, such as:
Assistance to public schools for educational support to refugee children (School Impact Program); 
Targeted employment assistance in Guilford and Mecklenburg counties (Targeted Assistance Program – Formula); 
Targeted assistance funding in areas other than Guilford/Mecklenburg counties aimed at improving self-sufficiency and social adjustment outcomes (Targeted Assistance Program – Discretionary) 
Aging services to older refugees (Services to Older Refugees Program); 
Social services targeted to certain populations (Cuban/Haitian Program); and 
Preventive health screening (i.e. Domestic Health Assessment/Screening, 
Immunizations, and Referral for treatment of any identified health conditions)


  1. http://wfdd.org/post/north-carolina-may-provide-haven-syrian-refugees

    Obviously they can't all be evil but when the religion they follow calls for the outright murder of those that are not of your religion - I'm a little leery...know what I'm sayin?

  2. Your only defense from NGO's that are funded and financed by tax dollars and contributions is to require they be licensed and bonded by the state. If they create settlements in your state those who are settled should be self sufficient without relying on welfare or assistance programs or else hold the NGO liable for repaying those costs and hold the NGO officers liable as well. There was a time when immigrants had to be self sufficient or could not enter the country and any sponsors of these immigrants were held liable for their settlement costs. Time to hold them to the same standards as in the past instead of sending all the bills to the taxpayer.

    1. had to be self sufficient or could not enter the country and any sponsors of these immigrants were held liable for their settlement costs.

      Well, it's that way now for regular immigrants. I doubt if it is for refugees though. I don't remember any country I have ever checked that didn't regular you to have a certain income in order to move there.