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FASTER, PLEASE: Another City Forced to Obey the Bill of Rights

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Park City, Utah, officials were the latest in a series of local governments that have been forced to respect the Constitution by the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF).   SAF has run up an impressive number of legal wins to protect second amendment rights.   It has become the ACLU of the gun culture.

In the Park City case, the city had adopted local laws in direct violation of the second amendment and Utah state preemption law.

The city law prohibited all use and possession of firearms; all carrying of concealed weapons; carrying of loaded guns inside a vehicle; showing a gun in an angry or threatening manner (no exceptions for justified use of force); and using a gun in a fight.

A city hall attorney, Tricia Lake, was clear about the illegality of the city's law.  From

Antebellum Abolition in North Carolina

The British colonial labor system of African slavery was on the wane after the Revolution, and North Carolinians were active in emancipation and colonization efforts. The latter operation desired a return of Africans to their homeland, from which they were removed by British and New England slavers.
Bernhard Thuersam,

Antebellum Abolition in North Carolina:

“So far as the records show, it was not until 1715 that the General Assembly acknowledged the existence of slavery in the [British] Province [of North Carolina] and gave it a definite legal status. In 1774 . . . the Assembly passed a law which made the willful and malicious killing of slaves punishable upon conviction in the Superior Court by twelve months imprisonment for the first offence, and death without benefit of clergy for the second.

This law was amended in 1791, so as to render one convicted of the willful and malicious killing of a slave guilty of murder for the first offence and subject to the same penalty as for the murder of a free man . . . in 1817, “the offence of killing a slave” was “denominated and considered homicide” [as in] common law.”

Trial by jury was not extended to slaves until 1793 . . . Crimes trivial in their nature, not deserving punishment greater than a whipping, were entrusted to a single magistrate; crimes partaking of a greater degree of turpitude were committed to the original and exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions . . . ”

F.L. Olmsted, perhaps the closest observer of the slave regime in the [1850’s], remarked that slavery in North Carolina had more of a patriarchal character than in any other State. The humanization of the slave code as regards his life and members of slaves may be attributed to numerous causes. In the first place, the increasing monetary value of the slave caused him to be an object of greater solicitude to his master.

In the second place . . . The Quakers [in North Carolina] were almost constantly importuning the legislature to provide more liberal emancipation laws. The American Colonization Society, with several branches in North Carolina, not only worked for the uplift of the free Negro, but after 1825 was equally interested in securing the emancipation of slaves for the purpose of colonizing them in Liberia. The work of the American Colonization Society was ably supplemented by the North Carolina Manumission Society until about 1834, when, as a result of abolition activity in the State this society ceased to exist.

From 1783 to 1830, it was not uncommon for distinguished North Carolinians to condemn slavery as a moral and economic blight and to express the desire of seeing it put in the way of ultimate extinction. James Iredell, speaking in behalf of ratifying the Federal Constitution in 1788, went as far as to say that the entire abolition of slavery would be “an event which must be pleasing to every generous mind and every friend of human nature.”

The editor of the Raleigh Register, in answering the query “Ought slavery to exist?” said: “We presume but few would answer in the affirmative, and still fewer would be found to advocate the practice as being right in itself or to justify it except on the broad plea of necessity. That it would conduce equally to the interest and happiness of the slaveholding States to get rid of this part of our population none will deny.”

Humanizing the Slave Code, R.H. Taylor, North Carolina Historical Review, July, 1925, pp. 323-330)

1969 Chevrolet COPO Camaro 427/425 HP, Experimental Automatic


- 1969 COPO Camaro

- Nut and bolt restoration

- Documented by the COPO Connection

- Numbers matching 427/425 HP

- Experimental 400 Turbo Hydra-Matic

- 4.10 ratio Positraction rear end

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Victim of Looters in Kentucky

General Humphrey was a nephew of abolitionist James Birney and served as a colonel of the First Kentucky cavalry in the Mexican War. He served as a United States Congressman, United States Minister to China, and endeavored to have Kentucky remain neutral in the sectional controversy of 1860-1861.
Bernhard Thuersam,

Victim of Looters in Kentucky:

Diary entry, June 29, [1863]:

“General Humphrey Marshall, with whom I had a long conversation tonight, told me that the Yankees stole his library (which he estimated to be worth $12,000) and sold it at auction in Cincinnati, sending him a copy of the notice of sale; also that they arrested one of his sons on his riding horse at the village of Warsaw and whipped the horse to death in the street, because it was his!

(Inside the Confederate Government, The Diary of Robert Garlick Hill Kean, LSU Press, 1993, page 77)

Who Suffers? Race Riots, Then And Now

The fire in the streets of Ferguson is reminiscent of the urban riots that burned nearly all major U.S. cities in the 1960s. Black rioters burning down black neighborhoods. Once again, there is a false assertion that the rioting is an expression of outrage against “the system.” Sadly, there has been a lack of police or National Guard protection for the real victims of rioting, then and now: small business owners, including many African American business owners and their employees.

Today’s “warrior cops” are better armed with military gear and riot control training, yet the urban policy remains the same: “it is better to let them loot than shoot.” As long as this is the policy of city leaders, riots will continue whenever there is an excuse for young people to loot pharmacies and liquor stores, torch hair salons or furniture stores and wipe out the livelihoods of their neighbors. We have learned nothing from the well-documented tragedies of the 1960s.

Liberal Black Detroit Police Chief on Fergustan: “No Black Outcry When Black Cops Kill Blacks”

Via comment by Sioux on NBA Star Charles Barkley on Ferguson: "I can’t bel...


Yesterday, Black Detroit Police Chief James Craig told CNN that Blacks show no outrage when Black police officers shoot and kill fellow Blacks. He made the comments in connection with the ongoing protests over the grand jury’s non-indictment of former Fergustan police officer Darren Wilson. His comments aren’t news to you or me, but when a Black public figure–especially Detroit’s Police Chief–has the guts to point that out in this era of racial group-think, it’s a good thing.

Terrorists reportedly plot passenger jet attacks over Europe

A new report claims terrorists are plotting to blow up five jets bound for European cities before Christmas, in what one analyst said is a sign Al Qaeda is competing with the Islamic State for influence.

Britain's Sunday Express newspaper reported that, according to unnamed security experts, Al Qaeda terrorists are plotting a Christmas "spectacular." The threat reportedly is taken seriously enough that it led officials to consider banning hand luggage.

"We've been told that five planes are being targeted in a high profile hit before Christmas. They've been waiting for the big one," one unnamed airport security source told the newspaper.

The Department of Homeland Security has not yet responded to a request from for comment.

More @ Fox

Watch your ‘six’



As a long-time firearms and self-defense trainer, I often observe people who seem utterly oblivious to what is going on around them. I’ve seen both men and women walking to or from a car in a dark parking lot or strolling along a path in the woods, who take no notice of others in their immediate vicinity.

With all of those scary YouTube videos of young thugs engaged in the “knock-out” game, you’d think that people would be more wary than ever. But practically every week, we read about someone who wound up getting stitches in the emergency room because they weren’t paying attention.

"No Enemy Will Have the Flag of the Forty-Fourth North Carolina"

At the battle of Burgess' Mill (or Hatcher’s Run) in October 1864, Brigadier-General MacRae of Wilmington assaulted an entire enemy corps, eight to ten thousand men, with his force of 1,050; all but 525 were lost as casualties in the action.
Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"Unsurpassed Valor, Courage and Devotion to Liberty"
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

“No Enemy Will Have the Flag of the Forty-Fourth North Carolina”

"[At Burgess' Mill] . . . on the 27th of October 1864, General [William] MacRae was ordered to attack, with the understanding that he should be promptly reinforced by one or more brigades. Reconnoitering the enemy's position, he pointed out at once the weak part of their line to several officers who were with him and ordered his brigade to the assault. It bore down everything in its front, capturing a battery of artillery and dividing the corps which it had assailed.

The Federal commander, seeing that MacRae was not supported, closed in upon his ranks and attacked with great vigor. Undismayed by the large force which surrounded him, and unwilling to surrender the prize of victory already within his grasp, MacRae formed a portion of his command obliquely to his main line of battle, driving back the foe at every point . . . although every man [of his brigade] knew their situation to be critical, and their loss had already been great.  Awaiting reinforcements, which long since ought to have been with him, he held his vantage ground at all hazards and against enormous odds. No help came whilst his men toiled, bled and died.

Approaching night told him that the safety of his brigade demanded that he return to his original position. Facing his men about, they cut their way through a new line of battle which had partially formed in their rear. In this encounter the Forty-fourth North Carolina bore a brilliant part; it drove the Federal line, everywhere in its front, steadily to the rear.  Lt. R. W. Stedman of Company A, with less than fifty men, charged and captured a battery of artillery which was supported by a considerable force of infantry. The battery was disabled and left, as it was impossible to bring it off the field when the regiment was ordered to return to the position it occupied at the commencement of the fight.

From Burgess' Mill the regiment again returned to its old position in the entrenchments at Petersburg. On the 2nd of April 1865, the Confederate lines having been pierced and broken through, the regiment under orders commenced its retreat toward Amelia Courthouse, which place it reached on the 4th of April. Its line of march was marked by constant and bloody engagements with the Federal troops, which followed in close pursuit but who were entirely unable to produce the slightest demoralization or panic.

The esprit de corps of the regiment was of the very highest order. Neither disease, famine nor scenes of horror well-calculated to freeze the hearts of the bravest ever conquered its iron spirit. The small remnant who survived the trials of the retreat from Petersburg, and who left a trail of blood along their weary march . . . were as eager and ready for the fray on that last memorable day as when with full ranks and abundant support they drove the Federals before them in headlong flight on other fields.

The new battle flag (the old had been shot away so badly it could not be distinctly seen) was carried by Color Sergeant George Barber of Company G, until the night of April 1st, 1865, when crossing the Appomattox, he wrapped a stone in it and dropped it in the river, saying to his comrades about him: "No enemy can ever have a flag of the Forty-fourth North Carolina Regiment."

(The Forty-fourth NC Infantry, Southern Historical Papers, Vol. XXV, R.A. Brock, 1897, pp. 344-345)

Inside Kobani: A Look Into A War Zone

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'Go vote again tomorrow': Video shows Louisiana mayor whose son is Sen. Mary Landrieu's chief of staff encouraging voter fraud

Via Bill

A Louisiana mayor whose son is Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu's chief of staff told voters at a private event to vote twice, speaking to a partisan crowd 24 hours before Election Day last month.

Video of Opelousas, Louisiana Mayor Don Cravins Sr.'s Nov. 3 remarks show him telling a crowd in his home town that 'if you "early voted," go vote again tomorrow. One more time’s not going to hurt.'

Louisianans, like Americans in many states, had the option of either voting 'early' or showing up on Election Day. Taking advantage of both options would be a crime.

And for voters worried about criminal fraud charges, Cravins said he had an insurance policy – the re-election of a Democratic district attorney.

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Big Oil, Airplanes and the Automobile – Robert Yarnall Richie Photographs

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Robert Yarnall Richie was an amazing talent who worked as a freelance commercial and industrial photographer. He used his artistic talents and the knowledge of photography, light and color along with the human element to produce some extraordinary images. Over the years Richie worked for the press, corporations and businesses between 1932 and 1975 that were located around the world.

This is the first of several sets of his work that we are going to share with you that relate to the transportation and oil industries. His work is some of the best we have seen and now, years down the road it is also useful for the documentary information it contains. All of the photos in this series were taken in the states of Texas and Oklahoma. Images courtesy of SMU Central University Libraries.

NBA Star Charles Barkley on Ferguson: "I can’t believe anything I hear on television anymore."

Outspoken Former NBA Star Charles Barkley called out the media for “jumping to conclusions in the Michael Brown shooting, because the media love race stories.” Barkley made these comments on Tuesday in a radio interview with Mike Missanelli on 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia.
When asked about the Ferguson decision, and why “Black America” doesn’t trust the ruling, Barkley said that “the true story came out from the grand jury testimony," adding that he was made aware of "key forensic evidence, and several black witnesses that supported Officer Darren Wilson’s story for the first time Monday Night. I can’t believe anything I hear on television anymore. And, that’s why I don’t like talking about race issues with the media anymore, because they (the media) love this stuff, and lead people to jump to conclusions. The media shouldn’t do that. They never do that when black people kill each other”

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MSNBC host Joe Scarborough calls 'B.S.' on Ferguson media coverage

'I can't take it anymore'


MSNBC host Joe Scarborough is scorching the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, and their coverage by American news agencies – including his own – as “B.S.”

“I have sat here quietly and listened to B.S. being spewed all over this network and all over other networks. I can’t take it anymore,” a frustrated Scarborough said on Monday’s “Morning Joe” program.

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The Saint Louis Murder of Zemir Begic – Not Random At All… Moments Earlier: “F**k the white people, kill the white people.”

Via comment by Sioux on Man beaten to death with hammers in St. Louis, pol...


Buried deep, intentionally deep, inside a Saint Louis Post dispatch article outlining the arrest of a 3rd suspect in the brutal murder of Zemir Begic you find the following passage:
[…] Seldin Dzananovic, 24, said the teens with the hammers approached him farther north on Gravois about an hour before the attack on Begic. He said he was able to fight them off, suffering only cuts to his hands and neck.
“I’m just lucky,” he said. “God is on my side.”
What’s that?

You mean the other white guy whose head was smashed by a group of “unarmed teens” wielding hammers was not the first subject of their collective interest that day?  Nothing to see here, move along, move along…

Obama Wants $263 Million For Federal Response To Ferguson….

Via comment by Sioux on Do not rebuild in Ferguson

 The Anger Games

U.S. President Barack Obama asked Congress on Monday for $263 million for the federal response to the civil rights upheaval in Ferguson, Missouri, and is setting up a task force to study how to improve modern-day policing.

The funds would pay for body cameras for police officers to use and expand training for law enforcement in an attempt to build trust in communities such as Ferguson, where a grand jury decided not to indict a white police officer in the August shooting death of an unarmed black teenager, the White House said.

Rich Lowry Tells Truth About Michael Brown, Makes NBC Liberals Upset

Over the weekend National Review editor and Fox News contributor Rich Lowry made an appearance on NBC's Meet the Press to discuss the controversy in Ferguson. By telling the truth about the lesson learned from the killing of Michael Brown in self defense by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, he seemed to upset the panel.

"Let's not pretend this particular incident was something that it wasn't. If you look at the most credible evidence the lessons are really basic. Don’t rob a convenience store. Don’t fight with a policeman when he stops you and try to take his gun. And when he yells at you to stop with his gun drawn, just stop," Lowry said. "The physical evidence backs up Officer Wilson's version." 
"Gasp," said Andrea Mitchell.

More with videos @ Townhall

Record-Level Of Support For Guns In The Home


Score this one as a victory for the judgment of the American people.

For decades, anti-gun groups have been trying to scare Americans into getting rid of their guns, with the claim that you’re more likely to have a problem if you have guns in your home, than if you don’t.

But whatever they’ve been doing all these years apparently hasn’t been working.  Not only have Americans been acquiring guns at record levels, Gallup recently reported that 63 percent of Americans now believe that having guns at home makes them safer, nearly double the percentage reporting the same belief 14 years ago.

Do not rebuild in Ferguson


From a kid who survived the Hough Riots in Cleveland nearly a half century ago, some unsolicited advice to the business owners in Ferguson, Missouri: Do not bother rebuilding. Your customers do not want you. They tore up your stores -- twice. And after one of them robbed a store. These are not protests. They are pogroms aimed at the middle class. Take the insurance money and run.

Police officers, too, should leave. Why risk a criminal trial or worse for doing your job?

Homeowners, too. Black, white, Asian, Hispanic -- it does not matter. You are middle class. They do not want you. Leave.

It is pretty ugly in Ferguson. Deliberately so. The chaos visited upon the town by those who are aching for a race war has damaged the target of liberalism in the 21st century: The middle class. Witness the targets of this vicious and violent protest.
Backed by looters and violent people, liberals are telling the American middle class they do not want you. They want an America where you are either a billionaire knocking down tax subsidies, or jobless and on federal assistance. This is why Obama is importing 5 million more poverty cases illegally from Mexico and points south.

Chinese Immigrant Against Common Core

When I was growing up under Mao’s regime in China, we were told to chant everyday in the government run public schools, “Long Live Chairman Mao, Long Live Communist Party.” We were required to write in our dairies every day and turn them in for teachers to review. In the dairies, we were supposed to confess our incorrect thoughts to Mao or do self criticism, or report anything bad we heard or saw from other students, family, and friends. We would memorize Mao’s Quotations and recite them aloud during class. For school fun activities, we would dress up as Chinese minority people in their costumes to sing and dance, thanking Mao and Communist Party from saving them from poverty, or dressed up like soldiers to fight for new China. Mao was like a god to me. I would see him rising from the stove fire or talking to me from the clouds.

Scale model of the US Government

Via Doug

Very complex, makes a lot of noise. Does nothing useful.

FBI Bulletin Warns of Islamic State Terrorist Attacks Targeting Homeland Military Community

Via Joe

The FBI issued a strong warning to U.S. military personnel Sunday, urging current and former members of the military to review their social media accounts and exercise “operational security” online to avoid tracking by the Islamic State.

ABC reported that the intelligence bulletin, issued by the FBI and DHS overnight, recommended “current and former members of the military review their online social media accounts for any information that might serve to attract the attention of ISIL and its supporters.”

Man beaten to death with hammers in St. Louis, police say

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I don't care if you've got quad fifties, it's better to try and break the encounter.  Guess he wasn't armed either.

Two juveniles are in custody Sunday, suspected in the death of a man beaten with hammers on a St. Louis street.

The victim, 32-year-old Zemir Begic, suffered injuries to his head, abdomen, face and mouth, according to police.

He was unconscious by the time officers arrived. Begic was taken to an area hospital, where he was pronounced dead, police said.

More with video @ CNN

"Thank you to the guys and gals like this wonderful man, protecting me and my bakery"