Monday, December 1, 2014

Do not rebuild in Ferguson


From a kid who survived the Hough Riots in Cleveland nearly a half century ago, some unsolicited advice to the business owners in Ferguson, Missouri: Do not bother rebuilding. Your customers do not want you. They tore up your stores -- twice. And after one of them robbed a store. These are not protests. They are pogroms aimed at the middle class. Take the insurance money and run.

Police officers, too, should leave. Why risk a criminal trial or worse for doing your job?

Homeowners, too. Black, white, Asian, Hispanic -- it does not matter. You are middle class. They do not want you. Leave.

It is pretty ugly in Ferguson. Deliberately so. The chaos visited upon the town by those who are aching for a race war has damaged the target of liberalism in the 21st century: The middle class. Witness the targets of this vicious and violent protest.
Backed by looters and violent people, liberals are telling the American middle class they do not want you. They want an America where you are either a billionaire knocking down tax subsidies, or jobless and on federal assistance. This is why Obama is importing 5 million more poverty cases illegally from Mexico and points south.


  1. Good advice - for the ones who cannot or will not leave, at least your PINO has you covered - pretty cool. Obama and Holder makes sure everything gets torched, and then they can spend our money to do something that is the State of Missouri's responsibiility: