Tuesday, December 28, 2021

This HEMI-Powered 'Cuda Drag Car is SAVED After 40 Years in Storage

Firestone Walker 805: Storied Vintage Beer Aged in Premium Spirit Barrels.




I had two last night and thought the best I ever tasted.

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Did you have an Omicron Christmas this year?


We sure didn't. We spent a glorious weekend enjoying family, roasting meat, and roasting Joe Biden. But we did have a very China Christmas. Sadly in the midst of the global pandemic and supply chain shortage largely due to fallout from the Chinese virus, it has become more clear than ever that in a Judeo-Christian nation like the United States, we are still somewhat dependent on the massive Communist nation to get all of our stuff. And those of us with children are constantly getting gifted stuff, whether we need it or not.

But China isn't merely exerting its influence on us through plastic toys: enter TikTok, the viral short video platform that seems to be designed almost perfectly to get ADD-minded young people hooked. It has overtaken Google as the most popular global web domain. So, as America's big tech companies have become more international, China's quintessential media brand is taking over the world and with Beijing in control. The TikTok addiction is real; many parents have reported horror stories. But we are most concerned with what this could mean for our values and our productivity if young Americans continue to waste countless millions of hours because we've been enslaved by Chinese tech.

And we know which nation benefits the most if we raise generations of social-media crack heads.

Checking in on the Omicron hysteria: global messaging on the virus is hitting a new level of schizophrenia. President Joey Biden has now abandoned the "shut down the virus" rhetoric and is passing the buck to individual states. Dr. Fauci wants vax mandates on planes, despite the fact that planes have been a remarkably safe place to be during the pandemic due to their state-of-the-art ventilation systems. Bernie Sanders wants mass distribution of N95 masks. If that strategy is going to work, why are we just hearing about it now? We knew about N95 masks 21 months ago when we began lockdowns. The CDC has also shortened the COVID-19 isolation time to five days, but thousands upon thousands of flights have been canceled. More transport workers are expected to quit, which will likely strain the supply chain even more. All of this is leaving Americans either confused or checked out. We are increasingly of the mind that a bifurcated America with some areas free and other areas in a semi-permanent state of "light" lockdown might be the new normal for a while. At least the chaos could benefit markets because any clear pandemic policy that harms Wall Street has not emerged.

– Alex Marlow & John Carney
Breitbart News Network