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50 states worth of Harry Reid’s liars

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Liberty Candidate Tim Donnelly Is California Gov. Frontrunner

Last weekend the California Republican Convention wrapped up, and liberty candidate Tim Donnelly is the clear front-runner to unseat Gov. Jerry Brown, the Democrat seeking a fourth term.

The message posted on Donnelly’s campaign web site was optimistic: “Together, we rocked the entire California Republican Party convention over the weekend, leaving zero doubt who the clear front-runner in the primary for Governor is.”

Local media also agreed.

The LA Times headline read, “Tim Donnelly gets unofficial endorsement at GOP convention”, and the article called it a “resounding” decision.

The Sacramento Bee echoed similarly.

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Court rules states can make voters prove citizenship: Election commission can’t stop voter ID laws


A U.S. District Court judge ruled Wednesday that Arizona and Kansas can require anyone registering to vote to prove their citizenship and the federal Election Assistance Commission cannot block them.

The ruling is a boost for states’ rights and marks a setback for President Obama and other liberals who fought stiffer voter ID checks with an argument that they reduce voter turnout. “This is a huge victory for me, personally, for the states of Kansas and Arizona, and for the whole cause of states’ rights,” said Kansas Secretary of State Kris W. Kobach, who led the challenge. “We’ve seen so many defeats recently in areas where the federal government has been encroaching on states’ authorities, and this time the good guys won.

NC: University stung by jury verdict over religious retaliation

 My Two Cent Check Is Returned


A jury in North Carolina has decided that a university retaliated against a professor who got accolades from colleagues when, as an atheist, he was hired, but then faced retaliation when he became a Christian.

The damages for Mike Adams, a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington, will be determined later.

But officials from two major legal teams, the the Alliance Defending Freedom and the American Center for Law and Justice, agreed it was a significant finding.

ADF represented Adams together with lead counsel David French, who began the case with ADF and now litigates for the ACLJ.

A former atheist, Adams frequently received praise from his colleagues after the university hired him as an assistant professor in 1993 and promoted him to associate professor in 1998.

But some of his views on political and social issues soon reflected his adoption of Christianity in 2000, and the legal teams reported subsequently, the university subjected Adams to a campaign of academic persecution, including intrusive investigations, baseless accusations and other factors that culminated in his denial of promotion to full professor, despite an award-winning record of teaching, research, and service.  

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Can Beer stop a .50 Cal Bullet?

Great Story: 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe Unrestored with 2,996 Miles

 S128 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe Unrestored with 2,996 Miles Photo 1

In the fall of 1966, 30-year-old Don McNamara of Colorado Springs, Colorado, celebrated his retirement from the United States Marine Corps with a trip to Las Vegas. It was the one and only time he would visit Sin City, and it proved fortuitous when Lady Luck intervened and a slot machine Don was playing paid out the massive sum of $5,000. By the time he returned to his parents’ home where he lived, he knew what he would do with his winnings. He asked his father, a car salesman, to take the money and buy a new Corvette.

At first glance, Don’s dream car appeared to be just out of reach; the features he specified pushed the price tag more than $500 past the $5,000 mark, but his father’s persistence paid off when he found a dealership in Lamar, Colorado, about 125 miles away, that agreed to sell a 427 coupe for under $5,000. Built on May 10, 1967, and delivered to McNamara on May 20 by Ray Motor Co. in Lamar, the Corvette coupe was exactly as Don had ordered, with the L36 427/390 HP engine, M20 4-speed manual transmission and 3.36 Positraction rear end; tinted glass, telescopic steering wheel, AM/FM radio, side exhaust and bolt-on aluminum wheels. Don’s innate patriotism influenced his choice of colors: Ermine White paint, Red Stinger stripe and Red interior – a matchup he completed by replacing the factory Black wall rubber with a set of double White-and-Blue stripe tires.

Don drove his new Corvette only sparingly for the first several months, until it inexplicably disappeared.

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"Sanctions War" Begins: Russia Targets U.S. Officials

Ain't no way in hell Crimea is going back to the Ukraine.  Just a waste of time and money babbling about it.

Katie noted earlier today that the White House is imposing additional sanctions on Russian leaders and parts of the Russian economy. But additional sanctions levied from the White House have not gone unnoticed or unreciprocated, it seems; the Kremlin is firing back:

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Moscow signals concern for Russians in Estonia

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                                   Harald Nugiseks, estonian Knight's Cross holder                                                                  Harald Nugiseks
                                                         The Battle of the European SS 
Russia signaled concern on Wednesday at Estonia's treatment of its large ethnic Russian minority, comparing language policy in the Baltic state with what it said was a call in Ukraine to prevent the use of Russian.

Russia has defended its annexation of Ukraine's Crimea peninsula by arguing it has the right to protect Russian-speakers outside its borders, so the reference to linguistic tensions in another former Soviet republic comes at a highly sensitive moment.

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McAuliffe Uses First Veto to Kill Gun Bill

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Virginia Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe used his first official veto to strike down a gun rights bill that he had unsuccessfully tried to weaken through an amendment.

The Virginia-Pilot reports that McAuliffe’s veto, while “more symbolic than substantive,” is a clear message to both sides of the gun debate on where he stands:

If Historic Pa. Senate Race Has Any National Implications, Democrats — and Some Republicans — Should Start Worrying

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 Scott Wagner (Facebook)

Republican businessman Scott Wagner dealt a stunning blow to both Democrats and Republicans in Pennsylvania by becoming the first person ever to win a state Senate seat as a write-in candidate.

Many are now wondering if the election has some national implications for the 2014 midterm elections.

The tea party candidate defeated both of his party-endorsed opponents, Republican Ron Miller and Democrat Linda Small. He received 48 percent of the vote to Small’s 26 percent and Miller’s 27 percent. In other words, it wasn’t even close.

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Cambridge University college forced to drop 'racist' Gone With The Wind ball theme after complaints

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Change of plan: St Edmund's College, Cambridge, has dropped plans for a Gone With The Wind themed summer ball after complaints it was racist


A Cambridge University college was forced to drop plans for a 'racist' Gone With The Wind themed ball after complaints from students.

St Edmund's College had planned to theme its annual summer ball around the 1939 Oscar-winning film staring Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable.

However, organisers have been forced to abandon their original plans, and instead re-brand the event the Journey Through The Seasons ball after concerns were raised over the racism in the film.

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Reporter: WH Press Secretary Gets Questions from Reporters Before Press Briefing

No surprise, I am sure.

A CBS reporter from Arizona reveals that President Obama's press secretary, Jay Carney, receives questions from the press in advance of his daily press briefing. In fact, she says, the reporters often receive the answers in advance of the briefing, too.

According to the reporter, Jay Carney told her this yesterday at the White House:

"It was a very busy day. We started here shortly after 8 o'clock with a coffee with press secretary Jay Carney inside his office in the West Wing," says the reporter.

"And this was the off-the-record so we were able to ask him all about some of the preparation that he does on a regular basis for talking to the press in his daily press briefings. He showed us a very long list of items that he has to be well versed on every single day.

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Pickle Boy Steps Up

]Now, about this Crimea thing: What I figure is, the top part of the Feddle Gummint got dropped on its head when it was little, and the rest is just asleep, or might as well be. We look to be ruled by a bus-station of dumb-ass rich brats in a constant state of martial priapism. I can’t understand it. Out of three hundred million Americans, and lots of them went to school and can pretty much read, we get a slick minor pol out of Chicago for President and Pickle-Boy Kerry for Secretary of State, God knows why. Before that, we had Hillary, former First Housewife. Even god couldn’t explain that. And they throw their weight around just like they had some.

Now Obama’s threatening Russia about the Crimea. He may know where it is. I admit the possibility. We live in a strange world, and unexpected things can happen. What I can’t see is, why he thinks the Ukraine is Washington’s business. Last I heard, the Crimea was hung off into the Black Sea by the Isthmus of Perekop, like a hornet’s nest from a peach tree.

Why do we care about it? I guess if it gets to be part of Russia, Arkansas is next to go.

A Conservative Defense Budget Should be A Conservative Cause

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Admiral Mike Mullen, the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, asserts that the “most significant threat to our national security is our debt.”

The money we spend on weaponry — and the fingers that fire them — is staggering. For example, the 2012 Department of Defense budget (more than the annual defense budgets of the 10 next largest military spenders combined, including Russia and China) was almost 100 percent of the U.S. deficit that year.

Neo-con foreign policy is expensive — we are shooting a quarter million bullets for each dead Afghani and Iraqi insurgent — however those military excursions “only” cost Uncle Sam about $90 billion in 2013, and these war-making expenditures fall outside of Defense Department budget accounting.

At first look, spending on defense and homeland security appears to be about 20 percent of the government’s budget, or about $552 billion in 2013. But wait, there’s more.

'Animals' raped paramedic - Zuma

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Johannesburg - The men who attacked two female paramedics attending to a burnt toddler, behaved like animals, President Jacob Zuma said on Sunday.

One of the women was raped.

"It was very disturbing to hear that people providing a service to the community were violated in such a cruel manner... Those criminals behaved like animals," he said addressing Roodepoort fire station staff and a crowd who gathered inside and outside the station.

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Pay Our Pensions Or We'll Throw You In Jail: The Legalization Of Looting

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Rather than deal forthrightly with the reality that unrealistic promises made to their employees cannot be honored, local government has pursued a strategy of legalizing looting.

The gradual erosion of civil liberties, legal rights and government ethics are connected: our rights don't just vanish into thin air, they are expropriated by government: Federal, state and local. Though much is written about the loss of civil liberties at the Federal level, many of the most blatantly illegal power grabs are occurring in local government.

This expropriation is under the radar of the average citizen because the process slowly chips away the fundamentals of legality and justice: bit by bit, due process and the rights of the individual have been eroded by state and local governments until the fundamental Constitutional protections simply cease to exist.

When local government looting is legalized, the entire system is illegal. Here are three recent examples of blatantly illegal looting by local governments.

First up: privatizing the collection of traffic fines and probation to create a modernized debtor's prison. We turn to The Nation for the story:
The Town That Turned Poverty Into a Prison Sentence Most states shut down their debtors’ prisons more than 100 years ago; in 2005, Harpersville, Alabama, opened one back up.

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Demography Is Destiny—In Crimea And In The U.S.

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In regions like Crimea, Donestk, and Luhansk, more than two-thirds consider Russian to be their native tongue.

Demography is destiny not just in American politics, but global geopolitics. Mysteriously, the American Main Stream Media is suddenly capable of understanding the consequences of ethnic identity, mass immigration, and demographic displacement—but only when analyzing Politically Incorrect subjects like Putin’s Russia. The true importance of this foreign quarrel, however, is not that we need root for one side or the other in the Ukraine, but rather must understand that the forces at work also apply here—for example, in the rapidly-Mexicanizing American Southwest.

The results are in in from the Crimea. Anywhere from 93 to 95 percent of the voters have chosen to reunite with the Rodina. [Crimeans vote in referendum on whether to break away from Ukraine, join Russia, by Carol Morello, Pamela Constable, and Anthony Faiola, Washington Post, March 16, 2014] While the high percentage may suggest fraud, it may be actually legitimate—after all, as Slate’s Dave Weigel argued, in 2012 Barack Obama quite literally won 100% of the vote in some black districts. [If We Lose, It Was Stolen, by David Weigel, Slate, November 14, 2012]

The MSM has savagely turned on Russia ever since Vladimir Putin imposed restrictions on homosexual activism directed at children, prompting what Steve Sailer has called “World War G.” Thus, the coverage is mostly negative—a startling contrast to the celebratory tone about the secession of Kosovo from Orthodox Serbia.  [The Media’s War Against the Serbs, by Stella Jatras,, January 15, 2001]

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