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The Worst Hard Time: The Untold Story of Those Who Survived the Great American Dust Bowl

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........I just finished reading The Worst Hard Time: The Untold Story of Those Who Survived the Great American Dust Bowl.

The book is an historical account of the Dust Bowl days centered around 'no mans land' of the Oklahoma Panhandle, the north Texas Panhandle, southeastern Colorado and southwestern Kansas.

This is one of the most fascinating books I have read in many years.
You better keep a box of kleenex handy.

The descriptions of the dust pneumonia deaths and the hardships will bring tears to you regularly.

This was an environmental war against humans.

Caused primarily by the regular cycles of drought coinciding with the plowing up of the prairie to meet the demands of an expanding wheat market that paid huge profits.

Then the whole ecosystem of the high plains collapsed.

With no grass to hold the soil and persistent winds 'saltation' of soil began.
Once the soil begins to move with the wind it builds downwind into great storms of dirt that last for hours.

Many many miles wide and extending up to 20,000 feet high.

Want to read about what hard times are about?

Read about these people's bug out plans.

The Last Man Standing Club.

Jackrabbit roundups.

That is another whole story.

I personally experienced two jackrabbit roundup's in Kansas in the late 1950s.
These roundups were held SE of Rush Center, Kansas.

The killing frenzy of men with the trapped rabbits in a large enclosure is hell on earth.

The enclosure where I witnessed this killing contained between 2,000 and 2,500 rabbits.

There is no description of words that can describe the chaos, the death sounds of the rabbits, the movement of rabbits in an enclosure with moving rabbit bodies continually in motion 6 to 8 feet high, the blood, wounded rabbits stuck in the fence, rabbit hair floating in the breeze and the absolute maniacal insanity of the killing frenzy of humans after those rabbits.

Then throw in 2 or 3 or 4 coyotes in the pen mixed in for more excitement.
The rabbits were sold for mink farm food and shipped out of state in box cars.

During the Dust Bowl days they canned the rabbit meat for survival.
There was life in the dugout and simple wooden frame homes.
No amount of sealing could keep out the dust.
It was life with dust in everything you owned.
Cars shorted out in the static electricity and stopped running.
Vehicles had a chain over the rear axle dragging on the ground to discharge the static electricity.
People could not shake hands nor touch each other in a dust storm because the discharge of electricity would knock you down or cause you pain.
Dust was in what you ate, what you wore, your nose openings had to be covered in vaseline to keep the dust out of the lungs and it was in your bed.
Buildings were covered in dunes of dust.
Homes were shoveled out, not swept out.
Automobiles, farm implements, whole gardens, chicken houses, the outhouse all were subject to disappearing under mounds of dirt.
Some of these mounds collected into 50 ft. drifts over the years.
Fence lines were buried with only [the top of] the fence post above the dirt.

People caught out in the open when a dust storm came up frequently never survived.
Cattle, horses and pigs chocked to death on dirt.

The story of these peoples endurance, spirit and love of the land is without equal.

There is more.....

Here is raw survival at its best.

There is no fiction that can better this story.

I recommend this book highly.

A regular reader, - J.W.C.

John Hawkins – Another Paul Hater

Well said, indeed.


Conservative Heritage Times

I am going to highlight typical Paul critics, as I did below with Judson Phillips, when I run across them and have the time. I am on A LOT of e-mail lists. (If I ever don’t reply to your e-mail it is probably because it got buried under a bunch of e-mails before I got to it.) One site that sends me e-mails is Conservative Byte. Normally it is typical stuff, but yesterday I got one that caught my attention. The subject line read “The Conservative Case Against Ron Paul” so I clicked on it. The Conservative Byte’s story is an excerpt from a TownHall column by John Hawkins. The column looked familiar to me, which it was because it is from 2007, and I am sure I saw it at that time. My first question was why is Conservative Byte sending an e-mail touting a column from 2007? To me that suggests an agenda.

To be clear, Ron Paul is not above criticism. As a conservative of the paleo persuasion, I think there are a lot of problems with philosophical libertarianism, but I also recognize them as co-belligerents against a common enemy, the modern state. But it should be pointed out by fair critics that Paul’s brand of paleolibertarianism is more compatible with authentic conservatism than is other forms of often God rejecting libertarianism. And the political application of Paul’s paleolibertarianism, which is rigorous Constitutionalism, is entirely conservative in effect.

It would take considerable time to respond to Hawkin’s article point by point so here is what I wrote in the comments section. Some additional thoughts follow.

First of all, this article is from 2007. Why is Conservative Byte highlighting it now?

Second, Hawkins should be ashamed of himself. NO SELF-RESPECTING CONSERVATIVE should ever play grandstanding liberal Political Correctness thought enforcer as Hawkins does in #4. I expect that kind of Cultural Marxist nonsense from the SPLC, not from alleged “conservatives.”

Third, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I have less use for grandstanding anti-conspiracy theorists than I do the most outrageous conspiracy theorists. This is a shameless mainstream establishment attempt to purge and shut down wayward thought. Heaven forbid somebody somewhere have a stray non-establishment approved thought. It is the same dynamic that motivates the PC grandstanding on race I mentioned above. And memo to Mr. Hawkins: the North American Union is not a conspiracy. It is a documented fact. This is easily discovered by this thing some of us call research.

Forth, interventionism IS NOT conservative. Non-interventionism is the foreign policy that flows from an authentic conservative mindset. Mr. Hawkins needs a lesson in political philosophy 101.

Even if I was a PC anti-racist ideologue and conspiracy phobic, I could never bring myself to publicly grandstand about it. Playing thought enforcer for the establishment just feels icky to me. I’m sure Hawkins is a decent guy. I’m sure we agree on much. He is even my Facebook friend. I just don’t see how anyone who imagines himself as against the establishment, as mainstream conservatives usually do, could think it is helpful to play thought policer for said establishment.

Also, I am not a philosophical libertarian so I do not agree with the idea that people have an inherent ”right” to use drugs or utilize prostitutes. I think legalizing drugs would have disastrous consequences. But it is not enough for conservative critics of Paul to simply say he is a libertarian and wants to legalize drugs. The political application of Paul’s libertarianism, as I state above, is rigorous Constitutionalism. Therefore the effect of Paul’s politics would be to return drug laws to the state and local level where they should be. The Constitution nowhere authorizes drug laws at the federal level. This is why we had to amend the Constitution to ban alcohol. Any conservative who supports federal drug laws despite no Constitutional authority for them can not call themselves a Constitutionalist and has not right to object to the individual mandates in Obamacare, for example, on enumerated powers grounds.

My first recall of Hawkins, who runs Right Wing News, was a debate I had with him and others at Right Wing News about Lincoln, the War Between the States, and secession. I don’t recall the exact context, but I recall those topics being debated. Predictably Hawkins was pro-Union, pro-Lincoln and anti-secession. This centralist mindset goes along entirely with Hawkin’s interventionism. You see, how could the US play its “role” as global maintainer of order if it was divided into two or more parts? A Lincoln style central Union is essential to the interventionist enterprise. This mindset is consistent. It makes sense. It flows together. There is just one problem for Hawkins. It is NOT CONSERVATIVE. As I said, Hawkins needs a lesson in political philosophy 101. Non-interventionism is the foreign policy that naturally flows from an authentic conservative mindset. The idea that the US is uniquely responsible for maintaining global order is an ideological imposition that has more in common with Jacobins or global Marxist ideologues than it does with conservatives.

Also, at the time of this posting the Conservative Byte article is up to 458 comments. On course not all of them are supportive of Paul. Paul brings out the haters as well as his supporters. But many of them are supportive. This illustrates the dynamic I mentioned with Judson Phillips below. Mainstream conservatives who think they can brush aside Paul with simple-minded hit-pieces are mistaken. It is no longer 2007, and the conservative playing field has changed.

Dallas Morning News: Editorial: Details only get worse from ATF’s Fast and Furious fiasco

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Finding someone to stand up and take responsibility for the feds’ ill-advised gun-walk-to-Mexico program has been anything but fast. Only the denying, obfuscating and bus-throwing-under has been furious.

Months into a congressional investigation into Project Gunrunner and its Arizona-led wing, Operation Fast and Furious, we know only a little more. In large part, this is because Attorney General Eric Holder and his Department of Justice have expended far more energy covering up than coming clean.

Gunrunner, conceived and approved somewhere by someone around October 2009, was tasked to the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. The goal was to allow “straw man” gun purchases in the U.S. and track the high-powered weapons to their expected destination, Mexico’s violent drug cartels.

In practice, this proved a logistical and public relations disaster. This became clear in North Texas earlier this year, when a gun used to kill a U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agent in Mexico traced back to two brothers from a Dallas suburb under Gunrunner surveillance. ICE Agent Jamie Zapata’s slaying followed by two months the death of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry near Nogales, Ariz. The gun that killed him also was to have been under ATF monitoring.

Even as Justice Department officials have stalled and stonewalled, what new details have emerged are alarming.

Assistant Attorney General Ronald Welch’s letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee concedes that Fast and Furious guns have turned up at 11 other violent crime scenes in the U.S. The Welch letter also says 1,418 firearms were circulated under the program — and it’s not clear how many remain missing.

Almost improbably, three key Fast and Furious supervisors have been given new management positions at ATF’s Washington headquarters. William G. McMahon had been deputy director of operations in the West; William D. Newell and David Voth were field supervisors who oversaw Fast and Furious out of the Phoenix office.


Bon Voyage !

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RTC: Post-Rally Flash


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Russian Air/ground show

Papers please!


One Sunday afternoon, a group of five friends visited *Kiryas Joel, New York. Within an hour, two of us were in handcuffs, and according to a New York State Police officer, under arrest for "obstructing government administration" after declining to provide identification when stopped for the "suspicious activity" of taking photographs (mind you, never of people, only a few snaps of the land and buildings).

*Kiryas Joel, New York
Kiryas Joel
(also known as Kiryas Yo'el or KJ) (Hebrew: קרית יואל, "Town of Joel") is a village within the town of Monroe in Orange County, New York, United States. The great majority of its residents are Hasidic Jews who strictly observe the Torah and its commandments, and belong to the worldwide Satmar Hasidic dynasty.

Most of the village's residents speak Yiddish as their first language. The village has the youngest median age (15.0) of any population center of over 5,000 residents in the United States.[1] Residents of Kiryas Joel, like those of other Haredi Jewish communities, typically have large families. Kiryas Joel is the place in the United States with the highest percentage of people who reported Hungarian ancestry, as 18.9% of the population reported Hungarian ancestry in 2000.[2]

Kiryas Joel is part of the PoughkeepsieNewburghMiddletown, NY Metropolitan Statistical Area as well as the larger New YorkNewarkBridgeport, NY-NJ-CT-PA Combined Statistical Area.

According to 2008 census figures, the village has the highest poverty rate in the nation. More than two-thirds of residents live below the federal poverty line and 40% receive food stamps.[3]

Bank of America's Dead Drop To Rick Perry: "We Will Help You Out"

Should we be surprised, frightened, disgusted or simply say "we knew it", that in the informal mixer just after Texas Governor and Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry spoke at a Politics and Eggs breakfast in Bedford, New Hampshire, an unknown gentlemen approaches a casual Perry like an Ian Flemming character, and proceeds to dead drop the following: "Bank of America... We will help you out"... and silently moves on. At least we know now who is funding what, and whose interests potential future president Perry will be paid to defend.

And for those who believe the man is a plant, we believe it is James Mahoney, Director of Public Policy for BoA. You can see a photo of him here. He's on the board of directors for the New England Council, the sponsors of yesterday's Politics and Eggs breakfast.

Naturally, we would be delighted for Bank of America to refute this assumption.

Harrison's Bed

I learned something new today while reading Fields of Honor by Edwin C. Bearss. On page 336 in discussing the Petersburg maneuvering mentions the subject and states that

"bed is a name used locally for streams or runs."

Repeal Dangerous ‘Gun-free Zones’; Help Protect All Citizens

There probably isn’t a person on the planet with a reasonable amount of mental capacity who doesn’t know that murder is wrong and, except when somehow sanctioned and excused by government officials, also illegal. Logically then, gun-free zone signs are useless for providing any amount of safety whatsoever; all the signs in the world will never stop the murderous attacks of the deranged, psychopaths, or those who are consumed with hatred.

In actuality, gun-free zones embolden criminals by assuring that no one in the immediate area could possibly counter their attacks and assaults, giving them free rein to commit their heinous atrocities. “Gun-free zone” signs are a notice to all that law-abiding folks have been disarmed. So, guaranteeing the right to keep and bear arms everywhere, particularly on school campuses where the majority of mass shootings and rampages have taken place in the last couple of decades, would certainly eliminate what is in reality a government-guaranteed safe zone for criminals. And that’s just what Congressman Ron Paul’s (R-Texas) newly introduced legislation would do.

The Citizens Protection Act of 2011, H.R. 2613, would see the end of these no-risk environments for those who don’t respect life, the law, or signage, and leave armed citizens to resist or even prevent violence if necessary. The H.R. 2613 bill would repeal the Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990 and make it possible for permit individuals, including teachers, to carry firearms. Once-vulnerable citizens would no longer be sitting ducks with law-abiding and armed folks on hand.

The federal government has, since the 1990 Act, overridden individual states’ concealed carry permits, and constitutional carry as well, with the criminal statute, so another benefit of H.R. 2613 passage would be the elimination of the federal crime statute for those states that permit carry/concealed carry through the gun-free zones. Currently those who carry through the gun-free zones can be subject to fines and jail time if they forget to leave their usual weapon of protection at home when just driving through, or dropping the kids off or picking them up again.

Imagine the difference at Columbine, Fort Hood, Virginia Tech or more recently in Ohio if even one armed citizen had been at the scene from the beginning. And imagine the difference the presence of firearms would have made at an event like the Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee, where an unruly mob attacked families for no reason. Perhaps even the sight of a gun would have been a deterrent to the beatings and assaults that took place while those who summoned police waited for them to respond and help.

Congressman Paul’s H.R. 2613 has no co-sponsors and is sitting in the House Judiciary Committee, So, it will take enormous grassroots pressure to bring this one out of committee. Contact your representatives in both the House and the Senate and get them to co-sponsor and support this logical proposal that upholds the constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms. To avoid any more shooter crises the only response is to neutralize the shooter, at the scene and with at least equal force.


Your friends at The John Birch Society

Chart of flash mob attacks

Via Billy

Date City # of Participants Description/Damage Source

8/7/11 Little Rock 7-10 Man attacked until unconscious, robbed of cell phone and wallet
8/6/11 Chicago "Group"
Teens attack person on the ground
8/5/11 Richmond, VA
Fighting, 5 arrests at First Fridays event

8/4/11 Milwaukee
Dozens to Hundreds
Mayhem and multiple assaults at Wisconsin State Fair
8/3/11 Madison, WI 4 Two incidents - Teen gang-bangers attack and rob victims, strategy is called "point 'em out, knock 'em out"
8/2/11 Toronto, ON 12 Woman assaulted and robbed
7/31/11 Philadelphia
4-5 Bicyclist attacked, skull fractured in three places
7/31/11 Pittsburgh ~100 Teens causing mayhem and fighting swarm McDonalds, Trader Joe's, and a Target store
7/29/11 Philadelphia 30-40 Teens assault and rob pedestrians, damage property
7/29/11 Philadelphia 7 Teens attack innocent pedestrian in Society Hill
7/28/11 Oklahoma City 7 Teens assault elderly couple during home invasion robbery
7/28/11 Denver 4-10 Third baseball bat attack/robbery in Capitol Hill area. See 7/16 and 6/26 for others
7/26/11 Winfield, NJ 150 Fighting and arrests at firefighters carnival
7/25/11 Washington DC
Victoria's Secret store in Georgetown looted midday

7/23/11 Greensboro, NC Hundreds Man assaulted in park, former mayor's business vandalized
7/23/11 Ottawa, ON 35-40 Convenience store ransacked, $800 in merchandise taken
7/21/11 Los Angeles 5 Smash and grab robbery at jewelry store by gangbangers
7/17/11 NYC 5 Assailants assault and rob subway passenger
7/16/11 Denver 4-5 Baseball-bat wielding thugs hit couple in the head, rob purse (same M.O. as Denver 6/26 attack)
7/15/11 St. Louis 5 Smash and grab robbery at RadioShack
7/8/11 Redford, MI 15-20 Convenience store ransacked
7/7/11 Minneapolis Unknown Mother and daughters assaulted
7/5/11 Atlantic City 100 15 men fighting, 2 shot
7/4/11 Shaker Heights, OH 500-1000 Teens converge on fireworks, cause disturbance, broken jaw
7/4/11 Milwaukee 15-20
Gas station convenience store ransacked, employee assaulted
7/3/11 Milwaukee Unknown
Armed robberies in Kilbourn Reservoir Park
7/3/11 Chicago ~10 Assault with stabbing
7/3/11 Bayonne, NJ 13-20 Young man brutally assaulted
7/?/11 Dallas Dozens Convenience store ransacked
6/28/11 Atlanta 30-35 $15k in high end merchandise stolen from Sole boutique
6/28/11 Fairfield, CA 5 Convenience store robbed, owner assaulted and killed
6/27/11 San Francisco 4 Teens rob one man of camera, iPod, and bicycle. Twenty minutes later, same teens stab another man and steal his backpack
6/26/11 Denver 4-5 Couple assaulted with baseball bat, purse stolen
6/26/11 Cleveland 75-100 Fighting at Coventry Street Arts Festival
6/26/11 Jackson, MS "Group" Teens run over 49 year old man with truck, killing him
6/25/11 Washington DC Dozens Fighting after Caribbean Carnival
6/25/11 Philadelphia 30-40 Several assaulted
6/24/11 Peoria 50-70 Mayhem in residential neighborhood
6/23/11 Upper Darby, PA
35-50 Sears store ransacked
6/23/11 St. Louis 5 Teens assault and rob man near MetroLink station
6/21/11 Chicago 50 Walgreens store ransacked
6/20/11 Columbia, SC 8 18 year old brutally assaulted
6/18/11 Northern VA 5 Two incidents of robbery + assaults
6/15/11 Kansas City 25-30 Mayhem in residential neighborhood
6/15/11 Solon, OH 5 Teens threaten and chase victim after he declines to give them a cigar
6/15/11 Vancouver, BC
Thousands 140 injured and $5M CAD in property damage after Stanley Cup game
6/7/11 Chicago 15 Mob stormed CTA buses, stole electronic devices - Two separate attacks
6/6/11 Bessemer, AL Dozens Fighting at amusement park
6/4/11 Chicago 15-20 Harassing, refusing to let pedestrians go past on sidewalk
6/4/11 Chicago 15-20 68 year old man robbed while sitting on bench
6/4/11 Chicago 15-20 Man robbed of his iPod on bicycle path, then a bicyclist assaulted and robbed of wallet, bike, and iPhone
6/4/11 Chicago 15-20 Man assaulted while sitting on his scooter
NYC Hundreds Fighting
5/30/11 Chicago Unknown Fighting, harassing
5/30/11 Nashville Hundreds Crowd causing mayhem shuts down water park
5/30/11 Boston <1000 Fighting
5/22/11 NYC 15-20 Dunkin Donuts store ransacked
5/1/11 Las Vegas 35 Convenience store ransacked
4/29/11 Washington DC 20-30 Clothing store robbery
4/19/11 Harrisburg 8 Bicyclist assaulted
4/17/11 Atlanta 20-30 Delta employees assaulted on MARTA train
4/16/11 St. Louis 4 72 year old man walking with wife is beaten to death by teens playing the "knockout game" which targets innocent victims
4/16/11 Los Angeles Hundreds One man shot on the Venice Beach boardwalk
4/10/11 Chicago 70 Mayhem at McDonalds
4/9/11 Rock Hill, SC 8 Group attacks gay man outside of convenience store
4/?/11 Chicago 100 Bicyclists assaulted
4/?/11 Washington DC 20-25 Clothing store robbery at Georgetown Tee's
3/4/11 Redwood City, CA 9-15 47 year old man attacked at Caltrain station
2/28/11 Irvington, NJ 5 High school students attack math teacher
2/23/11 St. Paul 30-50 Convenience store ransacked
2/20/11 Sacramento 6-8 Local news reporter and photographer assaulted
2/13/11 South Orange, NJ 500 Mayhem in suburb
1/26/11 Memphis ~10 Photojournalist assaulted, camera damaged
1/21/11 Richmond 6-7 Two men attacked and robbed in Shockoe Bottom
1/21/11 NYC 5 Teenage girls attack Wendy's cashier after she asks them to behave or leave (they were fighting and throwing food)
1/2/11 Milwaukee Dozens Mayhem at Mayfair Mall
1/2/11 Washington DC unknown Man attacked at L'enfant Plaza Metro station platform
1/?/11 Chicago 11 The North Face, Filene’s Basement, Express, and AX Armani Exchange store robberies
12/25/10 Bradenton, FL Dozens Marine and wife assaulted at theater
12/3/10 Birmingham 6 Convenience store ransacked, store owners assaulted
11/19/10 Seattle 5 Teenage girls attack pregnant girl on bus
11/17/10 Madison, WI 4 Teens chase, assault, and rob teenager
10/23/10 Buffalo 5 Teens beat and robbed five University of Buffalo students
10/9/10 Harrisburg > Dozen Husband, wife, and two friends assaulted near Restaurant Row
10/?/10 St. Paul 20 BP convenience store ransacked, store clerk assaulted
See video at 1:18 mark
9/24/10 Monroe, OH 5 Teen girls shoplift over $1,600 in merchandise from mall
9/23/10 Champaign, IL 4 Man assaulted
8/21/10 Des Moines 30-40 Assaults at Iowa State Fairgrounds
7/12/10 Silver Spring, MD ~15 Teens accost and assault innocent pedestrians
6/17/10 Cleveland Dozens Fighting at Coventry Street Arts Festival
6/14/10 Pittsburgh 8 26 year old bicyclist attacked and robbed of backpack
5/22/10 Clairton, PA 100-200 Fighting/rioting after high school after-prom party
5/8/10 New Orleans 6 Two men assaulted and robbed near French Quarter
4/24/10 Chattanooga 250 Five people shot, no fatalities
4/10/10 Kansas City 700-900 Assaults on the Country Club Plaza
4/4/10 NYC >100 Four people shot in Times Square
3/2?/10 Cleveland 6-7 Teens pull 73 year old man from car, viciously assault man and passenger
3/20/10 Philadelphia <1000 Assaults
3/5/10 St. Louis 9 Two unprovoked attacks by teens, including one on an 82 year old man
3/3/10 Philadelphia 50-100 Fighting
2/16/10 Philadelphia 150 Macy's store vandalized
2/13/10 Cleveland Heights, OH 100+ Juveniles causing mayhem inside Walmart and movie theater, 6 girls arrested,1 police officer sent to hospital
1/17/10 Atlanta 9 Three cars stolen, then $50k in jeans stolen during smash-and-grab from Focus Clothing in downtown Atlanta, then another smash and grab at convenience store
1/10/10 Atlanta 4 Smash-and-grab robbery at liquor store
12/18/09 Philadelphia 70-100 Assaults
12/3/09 Philadelphia 70 30 Asian students assaulted by fellow black students
9/24/09 Chicago Dozens 16 year old beaten to death with wooden plank
8/1/09 Stockton, CA 20-25 Convenience store ransacked
7/4/09 Akron <50 Family assaulted after watching fireworks
7/09 - 11/09
32 (collectively)
26 times over 5 month period, member of two gangs assaulted and robbed innocent pedestrians
7/?/09 Stockton, CA 20-25 Convenience store ransacked
6/6/09 Columbia, MO 7 Man brutally attacked in parking garage
5/30/09 Philadelphia >100 One male severely beaten, cars damaged (taxi stolen), convenience store ransacked, other individuals assaulted
5/20/09 Atlanta 4 For third time in a month, optical store is victimized by smash-and-grab robbery; this time $50K in designer eyeglass frames are stolen
5/13/09 Washington DC 9 Clothing store robbery
2/12/09 Kalamazoo, MI 40-50 Bicyclist hit in the head with bottle, attacked and punched
1/21/09 Mission Viejo, CA 4 Two pedestrians attacked with baseball bats and robbed by cruising teenagers
10/26/08 NYC 5 Teens beat and rob subway passenger for iPod and mobile phone
10/25/08 Seattle 5 Five teens beat beloved Tuba Man to death
7/26/08 St. Louis >20 Family of five returning home from airport attacked near MetroLink parking lot
6/10/08 Unknown ~100 Convenience store ransacked
6/1/08 Mt Clemens, MI 12-20 Group beats man unconscious, assaults another - Later, group robs and assaults man at gas station
4/14/08 Maywood, IL 5 Chicago women rob clothing store, crash car
4/?/08 Polk County, FL 8 Teenagers beat up student to post video on MySpace and YouTube
3/26/08 Philadelphia 5 Five teenagers beat innocent SEPTA passenger, trigger asthma attack which kills him
11/23/07 Tucson 100 Convenience store ransacked
6/19/07 Milwaukee Hundreds Juneteenth Celebration mayhem - Innocent man dragged out of car and beaten, fighting
4/1/06 NYC 4 Teenagers attempt to rob college student, chase him into street where he is hit by a car and killed
3/30/05 Columbus 30 Four girls assaulted and verbally accosted
9/29/02 Milwaukee 16 Man beaten to death after confronting youngsters who threw an egg at him
4/20/02 Santa Clara, CA Dozens Fighting, convenience store ransacked

Miami Beach 15 Retail store ransacked
Unknown Unknown >50 Convenience store ransacked
Unknown Unknown 10 Retail store ransacked

Davis Mauldin
"I can win an argument on any topic, against any opponent.
People know this, and steer clear of me at parties. Often,
as a sign of their great respect, they don't even invite me."
Dave Barry