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A Case for Men

I am a mom. I am my son's teacher. I teach him responsibility, work ethic and compassion. I teach him the value of a dollar, how to put others before himself and how to respect his elders. But there is one thing I cannot teach my son. I cannot teach him how to be a man.

We live in a world that has ceased to value men. They are a throwaway commodity - a necessary evil. Men are viewed as little more than overgrown children, seeking their own gratification, rather than the providers and protectors that God created them to be.

Over the past couple of weeks, as Sir Knight has battled illness, I have come to realize the true value of a man. Men provide. Men protect. Men leave the home so that their wife can make the home. Men do the hard, dirty, undesirable jobs so their wives' don't have to. Men provide an infrastructure of support so that women can tend to the business of family. Men do the jobs of men so that women can do the jobs of women.

Whooping Cough could have threatened the perfect balance of our family had my husband not been about the business of teaching our son to be a man. The reality is that it is much easier to do things yourself rather than teaching your children. Changing the oil in the generator is quick when you are working by yourself, but can be more than a little time consuming when you are teaching your son. It takes twice the time to troubleshoot an electrical system when your son is working and learning by your side, as you show him how to read a schematic and splice wires. But, when a crisis arises (and it will) your investment will be handsomely rewarded.

I guess the majority must be braindead

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"........what if the Altamira cave paintings depict not only our past but also our future?"

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I recall when I was small
How I spent my days alone
The busy world was not for me
So I went and found my own
I would climb the garden wall
With a candle in my hand
I'd hide inside a hole of rock and sand

On the stone an ancient hand
In a faded yellow-green
Made alive a worldly wonder
Often told but never seen
Now and ever bound to labor
On the sea and in the sky
Every man and beast appeared
A friend as real as I

Before the fall
When they wrote it on the wall
When there wasn't even any Hollywood
They heard the call
And they wrote it on the wall
For you and me, and we understood

Can it be this sad design
Could be the very same
A woolly man without a face
And a beast without a name
Nothin' here but history
Can you see what has been done
Memory rush over me
Now I step into the sun


(Walter Becker and Donald Fagen, "The Caves of Altamira")

Many speak of "the writing on the wall" in the sense of a harbinger, warning those with wit enough to read it of dire things to come. But in Steely Dan's opus quoted above, what the discoverer of the cave paintings is viewing is not what's to come but what's already passed: an epoch in history whose denizens suffered a crude and brutal existence.

It's difficult to put ourselves, imaginatively, in the place of the cave painters, but when we succeed, we can't help but be aware of the enormous gulf between them and us of the 21st Century:

  • No technology.
  • No entertainment.
  • No means of communication other than the human voice.
  • No medicine.
  • Caves their only shelter from the elements.
  • Very limited food supply.
  • Probable death in the mid-thirties.

Clearly, the life of the Cro-Magnon was no picnic. We present-day softies would fare poorly under those conditions. The hell with the time-machine project; let's see if there's a Real Housewives of New Jersey rerun on the idiot box.


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Patient Power - Cash Based Practice

We've certainly regressed since my country doctor father took eggs, chickens, whatever or nothing. All he wanted on his tombstone was "A Country Doctor."

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Absolutely wonderful

Pat Buchanan on Third Parties

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141st Anniversary of Robert E. Lee’s Death

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October 12, 1870

The headline from a Richmond newspaper read,:

"News of the death of Robert E. Lee, beloved chieftain of the Southern army, whose strategy mainly was responsible for the surprising fight staged by the Confederacy, brought a two-day halt to Richmond's business activities."

General Lee died at his home at Lexington, Virginia at 9:30 AM on Wednesday, October 12, 1870. His last great deed came after the War Between the States when he accepted the presidency of Washington College, now Washington and Lee University. He saved the financially troubled college and helped many young folks further their education.

Some write that Robert E. Lee suffered a cerebral hemorrhage on September 28, 1870, but was thought to greatly improve until October 12th, when he took a turn for the worse. His condition seemed more hopeless when his doctor told him, "General you must make haste and get well---Traveller---has been standing too long in his stable and needs exercise."

Virginia Military Institute (VMI) Cadet William Nalle said in a letter home to his mother, dated October 16, 1870, :

"I suppose of course that you have all read full accounts of Gen Lee's death in the papers. He died on the morning of the 12th at about half past nine. All business was suspended at once all over the country and town, and all duties, military and academic suspended at the Institute, and all the black crape and all similar black material in Lexington, was used up at once, and they had to send on to Lynchburg for more. Every cadet had black crape issued to him, and an order was published at once requiring us to wear it as a badge of mourning for six months."

Read entire letter on The Virginia Military Institute's website.

The rains and flooding were the worst in Virginia's history on the day General Lee died. On Wednesday, October 12, 1870, in the presence of his family, Lee quietly passed away.

The church bells rang as the sad news passed through Washington College, Virginia Military Institute, the town of Lexington and the nation. Cadets from VMI College carried the remains of the old soldier to Lee Chapel where he laid in state.

Memorial meetings were held throughout the South and as far North as New York. At Washington College in Lexington eulogies were delivered by: Reverend Pemberton, Reverend W.S. White--Stonewall Jackson's Pastor and Reverend J. William Jones. Former Confederate President Jefferson Davis brought the eulogy in Richmond, Virginia. Lee was also eulogized in Great Britain.

Many thousands witnessed Lee's funeral procession marching through the town of Lexington, Virginia, with muffled drums and the artillery firing as the hearse was driven to the school's chapel where he was laid to rest.

Booker T. Washington, America’s great Black-American Educator wrote in 1910, “The first white people in America, certainly the first in the South to exhibit their interest in the reaching of the Negro and saving his soul through the medium of the Sunday-school were Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson.”

141st Anniversary of Robert E. Lee’s Death

They Want a Bloody Revolution

Godfather PoliticsLinkVERBATIM POST

A number of social activists on the Left are calling for violence as the only way to fundamentally change “the system.” Here’s an example:

Occupy L.A. Speaker: “One of the speakers said the solution is nonviolent movement. No, my friend. I’ll give you two examples: French Revolution, and Indian so-called Revolution. Gandhi, Gandhi today is, with respect to all of you, Gandhi today is a tumor that the ruling class is using constantly to mislead us. [The] French Revolution made fundamental transformation. But it was bloody. India, the result of Gandhi, is 600 million people living in maximum poverty. So, ultimately, the bourgeoisie won’t go without violent means. Revolution! Yes, revolution that is led by the working class. Long live revolution! Long live socialism!”

Crowd: [Cheers.]

The French Revolution is still celebrated in France and is often compared to our War for Independence, although without the Guillotine and the massive bloodletting. “Bastille Day,” normally called La FĂȘte Nationale (The National Celebration), is celebrated on July 14th as a national holiday. Festivities and official ceremonies are held all over France. It is also celebrated in Belgium, Hungary, South Africa (naturally), the United Kingdom, and in more than 50 cities across the United States.

The murdering mobs that attacked the nearly empty Bastille (at the time of the siege there were only seven non-political prisoners) believed their actions were for a better France, similar to what today’s social revolutionaries have in mind. The storming of the Bastille was a catalyst for what became known as the “reign of terror.” These Wall Street protestors have no idea what they’re getting into. “French society underwent an epic transformation as feudal, aristocratic and religious privileges evaporated under a sustained assault from left-wing political groups and the masses on the streets.” How bad was it?

Internally, popular sentiments radicalized the Revolution significantly, culminating in the rise of Maximilien Robespierre and the Jacobins and virtual dictatorship by the Committee of Public Safety during the Reign of Terror from 1793 until 1794 during which between 16,000 and 40,000 people were killed.

Did you get that? Between 16,000 and 40,000 French citizens were killed for a better France, and these flea-bagging nutballs want a repeat of the French Revolution. Consider the following:

Ordered by the king [Louis XVI] to surrender, more than 600 Swiss guards were savagely murdered. The mobs ripped them to shreds and mutilated their corpses. “Women, lost to all sense of shame,” said one surviving witness, “were committing the most indecent mutilations on the dead bodies from which they tore pieces of flesh and carried them off in triumph.” Children played kickball with the guards’ heads. Every living thing in the Tuileries [royal palace in Paris] was butchered or thrown from the windows by the hooligans. Women were raped before being hacked to death.

The Jacobin club . . . demanded that the piles of rotting, defiled corpses surrounding the Tuileries be left to putrefy in the street for days afterward as a warning to the people of the power of the extreme left.

This bestial attack, it was later decreed, would be celebrated every year as “the festival of the unity and indivisibility of the republic.” It would be as if families across America delighted in the annual TV special “A Manson Family Christmas.”[1]

In time, the just cause of the revolutionary mobs got out of hand, and people began to notice. “During the Reign of Terror, extreme efforts of de-Christianization ensued, including the imprisonment and massacre of priests and destruction of churches and religious images throughout France. An effort was made to replace the Catholic Church altogether, with civic festivals replacing religious ones. The establishment of the Cult of Reason was the final step of radical de-Christianization.” It was at this point that the people became disillusioned with the revolutionary ways of the radicals, but not before more atrocities were committed for the salvation of the people and the nation. As revolutionary leader Jean-Paul Marat declared, “Let the blood of the traitors flow! That is the only way to save the country.”

Once the mob starts down the road of violence to justify the first “just cause,” there is no way to stop the radical remedy because there’s always one more thing that needs to be changed. They already had killed tens of thousands, what’s ten thousand more?

It was the right wing that opposed the revolution. Its leaders wanted to organize France along lines similar to the British constitutional model. Keep in mind that revolutionaries are left wingers. Socialism is leftwing. Communism is leftwing. Nazism (National Socialism) is leftwing. Modern-day liberals are left wingers. They understand the connection so well that they now call themselves “Progressives.” When you hear “Progressive politics,” think left wing, think socialism, think French revolutionaries. The radicals of the 1960s were leftwing agitators who had a truck load of “just causes” that led to mob violence, blowing up buildings, and calls for the violent overthrow of the “system.”

Defenders of the French Revolution tell us that it was these “just causes” that legitimized the actions of the French mobs. At the moment, the flea-baggers are just an irritant. But there are enough extremists out there who will take advantage of these ideological lemmings who believe the best way to change what’s wrong is to blow it up.

Lacking a knowledge of history, these lemmings need to realize that bloody revolutions have a nasty habit of eating their own.

Ex-Indiana governor: That's not my signature on Obama petition

Via The Dorkfish Express
Former Gov. Joe Kernan says a signature on a petition to place Barack Obama's name on Indiana's 2008 primary ballot isn't his, putting him among dozens of dubious signatures found in a newspaper's investigation.

Kernan, a Democrat who campaigned for Hillary Clinton during the 2008 primary, told the South Bend Tribune that he didn't sign the Obama document. "No, not at all," the former South Bend mayor said when asked whether the signature next to his name on the Obama petition looked like his own. "Nor does the printing look like mine."

The Tribune reported Wednesday that it has talked with more than 40 people who say they didn't sign ballot petitions submitted in St. Joseph County for Obama or Clinton, despite their names appearing on the documents.

State Republican Party Chairman Eric Holcomb has called for a federal investigation into the matter.

"How deep does this problem go?" Holcomb said. "Is it isolated to St. Joseph County, or was it a broader, coordinated effort across the state? ... Who forged the signatures and why?"

Triple Tragedy: Three Ohio Bucks Found Drowned With Antlers Locked

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Old, but first time I've seen it.
WARNING: The photos in this gallery are graphic in nature and may disturb some readers, but we feel they are necessary to tell the story of this rare natural occurance. - The Eds

Forester Jason Good was surveying timber in Meigs County, Ohio, on November 12 when he stumbled upon a bizarre sight that made the hair on the back of his neck stand up: In a waist-deep pool of Leading Creek, nose-to-nose like fish on a stringer, floated three whitetail deer.

The experienced woodsman needed a few minutes to puzzle out exactly what he was seeing—a trio of mature bucks that had locked horns in a battle to the death, illustrating, in the starkest terms, the potential ferocity and brutality of the whitetail rut.

WWI SS Mantola WWI shipwreck reveals silver haul

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A ship torpedoed during World War I while carrying a shipment of silver has been discovered 2,500m beneath the surface of the North Atlantic.

The SS Mantola sank in 1917, after being hit by German submarine U-81.

US firm Odyssey Marine Exploration located it off the south west coast of the Republic of Ireland, about 100 miles (160km) from where it found the SS Gairsoppa shipwreck last month.

It is estimated the Mantola is carrying more than 600,000 ounces of silver.

The silver would be worth about £12m at current market values.

The Gairsoppa contained an estimated seven million ounces of silver, said to be worth about £150m - the largest haul of precious metal ever discovered at sea.

It was during the recent expedition to search for the Gairsoppa, commissioned by the Department for Transport, that the Mantola was found.

The 450ft British flag steamer sailed from London on 4 February, 1917, bound for Calcutta in India. It was carrying 165 crew and 18 passengers, and the consignment of silver was among its general cargo.

It was torpedoed by German submarine U-81 on 8 February. All of those on board survived, apart from seven people who died when their lifeboat capsized.

An unsuccessful attempt was made to tow the Mantola before she eventually sank on 9 February, less than a year after she was launched.

Gun Safety Class at an Indiana School, 1956

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The Holder Subpoena Goes Out

The sound of a bus rumbling to life beneath the White House may well be heard, and Eric Holder’s family should prepare for the possibility that he’ll be spending a lot more time with them.


House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) has issued his much-anticipated subpoena to Attorney General Eric Holder regarding Operation Fast and Furious, the “gun walking” program that sent American guns across the border into the eager hands of Mexican drug cartels. Some thought the subpoena would go out yesterday, but apparently it took Issa a while to finish writing it. It’s the double-meat foot-long subpoena.

“Top Justice Department officials, including Attorney General Holder, know more about Operation Fast and Furious than they have publicly acknowledged,” Issa stated. “The documents this subpoena demands will provide answers to questions that Justice officials have tried to avoid since this investigation began eight months ago. It’s time we know the whole truth.”

To that end, Holder is required to produce virtually every communication anyone associated with the Justice Department or ATF ever sent to anyone regarding Operation Fast and Furious, or “any Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force firearms trafficking case based in Phoenix, Arizona.” The subpoena specifically names no less than 16 DOJ officials, including Holder, his deputy James Cole, Assistant Attorneys General Lanny Breuer and Ronald Weich, and Deputy Assistant Attorney General Kenneth Blanco, among other names familiar to students of the Fast and Furious scandal.


Judge Napolitano on Ron Paul

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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 10-11-11

Injustice Everywhere
  • Little Rock AR police are being sued by the family of a 67yr-old man who was fatally shot by 2 cops who got into a confrontation with the man when they entered his apartment without a warrant because they claim his door was open and his apartment looked messy. [0]
  • Parkersburg WV settled suit for $100k to a man claiming 3 cops beat him, used anti-gay slurs and falsely arrested him. This is the 3rd suit settled by that town of 32,000 (and 61 officers) this year including a $70k brutality suit settlement and a $2,500 settlement for an incident where a man’s dog was shot. [0]
  • Mountain View CO cop is under investigation after being accused of verbally and physically abusing 2 men during a traffic stop over tinted windows. It’s alleged that another cop arrived and told the officer to calm down, to which he allegedly replied “This is my fucking prisoner, I’ll do whatever the fuck I want.” [1]
  • Marksville LA cop has been indicted on 2 counts of aggravated rape after an investigation into complaint made back in February of this year. [1]
  • University of Massachusets in Lowell police officer was caught on video threatening to slap a student for recording a group of cops that he was with. (via @MassCopBlock) [3]
  • New York NY cop was recorded using verbal abuse, racist and sexist rants when he arrested 3 teens for nothing more than what appears to be contempt of cop. The cop apparently started his racist diatribe after hearing the kids speak Russian. [3]
  • Union County TN sheriff’s sergeant was fired for unspecified reasons after a questionable off-duty incident where he shot a fleeing car he claims contained people who robbed him when he was meeting a female “informant” at a hotel parking lot. [2]
  • Arlington TX cop is accused of overreacting when he shot a family’s basset hound/rottwiler mix to death in front of kids and their dad. [1]
  • Philadelphia PA cop was suspended after arrested on allegations he was stealing credit cards from people he arrested and using them to buy gasoline and other personal items before destroying them. [0]
  • Spokane WA was forced to revoke their ombudsman’s power to independently investigate police misconduct after an arbitrator ruled in favor of a challenge by the police union opposing independent investigations. [0]
  • New Brunswick NJ internal affairs sergeant was charged with obstruction & record tampering for mishandling 81 investigations into alleged misconduct. [0]
  • 3 Miami Beach FL supervisors and a number of other officers face discipline for partying while on-duty and a lack of oversight before drunk cop’s ATV crash [0]
  • Patterson NJ police lieutenant was arrested on an aggravated assault charge for allegedly pointing a gun at his girlfriend then dragging her out of his home. [0]
  • Carteret NJ cop who heads police union arrested for simple assault of live-in girlfriend & her 19-year-old son in a domestic dispute [0]
  • 3 Helena-West Helena AR cops & 2 Marvell AR cops were arrested as part of a federal drug trafficking investigation on allegations that they were protecting drug shipments that were crossing state lines. [0]
  • Riverside Co CA deputy who is already being sued for shooting his friend in the leg after a night out drinking pleads guilty to DUI for a freeway construction zone crash [2]
  • Doraville GA cop arrested on DUI & other charges after testing .151 BAC following crash that injured 69yr-old [0]
  • Macon GA cop suspended pending termination after arrested for drunk driving at county DUI checkpoint [0]

Obama Tells Advisers To Find How To Approve Stimulus Projects "Without Additional Congressional Authorization"

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Remarkable bird shot

For Occupants to blame the actual perpetrators would take both brains and brass nuggets, neither of which they possess.

The left is desperate to have Occupy Wall Street ripple into a movement to challenge the Tea Party. The problem is that this movement’s “Occupants” are as relevant as navel lint.

The Occupants say one reason they need a movement is to go after banks [wink] who may have taken advantage of some of the people who lost their homes. The premise sounds noble and is meant to elicit outrage from mindless drones.

Even though the vast majority of people who got subprime loans knew they really couldn’t afford their homes, I don’t necessarily blame them for taking advantage of the credit loopholes that gave them a chance at ownership. If liberal politicians were willing to provide a shortcut to that small piece of the American Dream, why not give it a shot?

So I blame liberal politicians. They changed the rules to help uncreditworthy folks take a shortcut to their dreams. As with most shortcuts, the relaxed rules led to worse credit and false hope for millions of poor people. Subprime loans did for homeownership what the Hindenburg did for travel. The harsh reality is that your home is not your home until you possess the clear deed; until then you are a renter who gets a tax break.

Don’t expect the Occupants to actually connect the dots and blame Jimmy Carter, a white racist Democrat who got all this started with the Community Reinvestment Act, an attempt to assuage his guilty conscience. Nor will Occupants blame Bill Clinton and ultimately Barack Obama, John Kerry, Barney Frank, and about all other powerful Democrats in office at the time who took bribes to “help the poor.”

Punishing the successful.

"I am against any system that achieves overall mediocrity by punishing the successful and, at the same time, rewards the unsuccessful.
The successful are unmotivated to continue successful efforts because they are punished more for achieving those efforts. They reach a “balance point” (an apex) to where any further movement forward (towards more success) will actually result in a loss and any movement backwards will also result in a loss. So, it is best for them to stay put at the apex.

The unsuccessful are rewarded with handouts so much so that they become dependent upon them and any further movement forward by them (towards success) will actually punish them by making them ineligible for further handouts, thus demotivating them from wanting to better themselves, because it is cheaper for them to languish at or near the bottom and have somebody else pay for these freebies than it is to get successful, lose the freebies and start having to pay for those items (the lost freebies) out of their own pockets."

This is a very good description explaining how both handouts can create a limit or drag on an economy AND how taxes and regulations can do so.

In the former case, the person on public assistance is penalized for trying to better their position by the generosity of the handouts. In the latter case, a business of a businessman is penalized for making the jump to a larger business model or size. For example adding headcount reaches an arbitrary threshold of increased regulation and compliance costs for health care, benefits and other requirements mandated by government.

Troy, NC Dog & Guns

This has been out for quite awhile, and I've finally gotten around to posting it.

Montgomery Community College


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